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Window Repairs!

As the school is a grade 2 listed building, this has implications for any repairs or alterations to the outside of the building. In 2010, it was clear that the wooden windows throughout the school were in urgent need of repair or replacement.Those in the ICT room were virtually falling out and, potentially, dangerous. Indeed, the wood was so rotten on some of them, that a screwdriver could be pushed right through the frames. Initial estimates for the whole building were in the region of £300,000. For any work carried out, the Local Authority provide the majority of extra funding with the school contributing 20% from the devolved capital allocation it receives.

Phase 1 - Summer 2010
It was decided to start with the Beverley Road (West) Elevation in July 2010. Scaffolding was erected for the whole of the summer holidays. The cost for this stage of the enterprise was £50,000.

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Phase 2 - Summer 2011
Following initial fears that there would not be any funding to continue the repairs, we were given the go-ahead to have the Stepney Lane (Southern) Evelation windows repaired.
Year 6 window repairs Windows in the end classroom undergoing repairs July 2011 Once again, there is a substantial amount of rotten wood! Inside the main year 6 classroom, the windows are being overhauled completely! Hopefully, these small windows should open for the first time in decades!All the Victorian windows require scaffolding! The top parts of the windows are removed. Note the rotten window sills! Plenty of work to do! Scaffolding on 11th August 2011Scaffolding City! (11.8.11) Repairs to the upstairs windows are long overdue! The exposed Stepney Lane elevation with scaffolding (11.8.11) Miss Northen's classroom (11.8.11) Scaffolding in the library (11.8.11)The Foundation Stage Unit windows are being repaired (11.8.11) Completed office and staff toilet windows (28.8.11) Office Windows (28.8.11) The Music Room windows are finished (28.8.11) Year 6 windows (28.8.11)Foundation Stage Windows (28.8.11) Year 6 windows (28.8.11) The Grills have been painted and are back on the year 6 windows (2.9.11) More grills and the year 6 windows are completed (2.9.11) The music room windows are all ready (2.9.11) Inside the year 6 classrooms with the blinds up again (2.9.11) Final touches to the painting in year 1 (2.9.11) Grills in place on the office windows (2.9.11) The railings have been given a coat of paint as well (2.9.11) Inside the EYFS classroom (2.9.11) The scaffolding is dismantled (2.9.11) The remaining scaffolding is taken apart (2.9.11) The scaffolding has gone and the windows look brilliant! (5.9.11) Many of the window sills have been renewed (5.9.11) The last windows to be repaired are the boiler house ones, which were rotten and needed to be completely replaced (5.9.11)The boiler house is open to the elements! (5.9.11)

Phase 3 - Summer 2012
Finally, the third year of our repairs and the end of all the work on the windows.
Scaffolding around the hall to repairs the cupola (27.7.12)
Much needed repairs to the hall cupola (27.7.12) TLC for the cupola! (27.7.12) The last phase of the window repairs taking place (27.7.12) The scaffolding is in place (27.7.12) A Scaffolding Jungle! (27.7.12) It's quite a high building to reach so scaffolding is essential! (27.7.12) A view from the phase 2/3 classrooms (27.7.12) A workman cleaning the woodwork in Miss Baitson's classroom (27.7.12) The View from the Library (27.7.12)



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