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Summer 2016 Alterations !

In 2015, the local authority approached the school and said it would fund alterations to the school kitchens. Stepney was one of only three schools in the city of Hull to have its school dinners cooked in the kitchens of another school. We have only been able to reheat the dinners in our school. Therefore, plans were drawn up for this, which required our big year 6 classroom to be converted into a new 'cooking' kitchen. At the same time, we decided to address the issues with our school entrance. For many years, we have wanted to extend this area to allow for better access for visitors. Back in 2004, when Mr Ali was the headteacher, plans were being drawn up but funding didn't allow anything to be done. This year, we thought that the relocation of the kitchen was the ideal time to have some work done. The entrance to the school and the offices for the admin staff and the school business manager have been relocated to the building housing the school hall. This will improve access and security to the school building. A running record of the work has been recorded in the daily diary pages of this website. The work has taken place over several months and these have been copied and pasted into this page in chronological order, starting in June, when work started on converting a classroom and toilets into the new admin offices.

Building Work Commences
Work has started today on converting two rooms behind the school hall into the new administration and business manager's offices. From September, the new main entrance to our school will be via the door further along Stepney Lane (opposite the netball court). The Mick Jordan construction company is undertaking this work. The year 6 toilets have been removed along with plumbing so that work may start on the offices. Meanwhile, work has started on building a ramp outside the outside door.  

A hole has been knocked through from the old year 6 toilets, which will be the new school business manager's office, into the room which will be home to the admin team.

An old hatch is being reopened up and will be enlarged to form the reception desk of the new school entrance.
This is a view looking from the admin office into the business manager's office.

Building Work Update

The contractors have been working on the hatches today...
The reception hatch is being made in the place where a previous hatch was, when this area of the school was used as a community centre.

The new hatch will have a counter on two levels, the lower one for disabled access. Lintels have been put in above this one and also above the alcove into the School Business Manager's office.

Today's Building Updates

On Friday, the contractors were working on building a slope up to the new front door of the school. After laying the concrete, the rain started in earnest which spoiled the top layer and they had to come back on Saturday morning to fix it.

As we have a grade II listed building, we always have to adhere to the what the Listed Building Officer says. There weren't too many conditions we have had to stick to this time, but the outside gate was one of them. We would have liked to shorten this so that it could still open above the new slope but this hasn't been allowed by the Listed Building Planning Consent. This gate will have to remain closed from now on.

The slope means there will be mobility access to the school. We have a number of slopes around the building to allow people of all abilities or disabilities to enter this old Victorian school.

The Slope is finished!

Work has been taking place inside and outside. The welcome counter is being constructed inside the entrance...

and work also started on the link to the business manager's office.

Outside, a step has been added near to the new front door...

and the last section in the slope has been finished.

Work in the Playground

As the toilets in the year 6 area are being converted into the business manager's office, we are having one of the rooms along the link corridor made into another toilet. This is why part of the front playground was cordoned off today, so they could start preparing some extra drainage systems.

Window work, plumbing removed and counters prepared

Work has started on the removal of bricks in the side wall of the business manager's new office. This will eventually be a window, looking out onto the front playground to create a natural light source.

Work is continuing on the reception counter and hatchway...

The boiler and pipework are being removed...

Electrical Trunking Day!

As well as doing some more filling around the new reception hatch...

... the electricians have been putting in the trunking for the sockets.

Wiring in the New Offices
The contractors are currently putting in the electrical wiring for the power sockets...

ICT Cabling  
Primary Tec, the company we employ for our ICT needs, were working in the new offices today. They were putting in the cabling for the computers and the new electronic signing-in system we are having installed.

Office Furniture

Mr Browning, Mr Coles and Mr Morfitt have moved all our new office furniture out of our container into the PPA room. Once the offices are ready, these will be moved in.

Radiators All Plumbed In

The plumbers have now fitted three new radiators into the new admin offices. These rooms used to be quite cool in winter.

Building Work Continues

Mr Morfitt and Mr Coles have been busy taking down the cupboards from the old year 6 room and moving them to the new admin office...

First, the cupboards needing cleaning

Then, they were put up in the new admin offices.

The finished cupboards.

At 3.15pm, just as we were all starting our summer holidays, the contractors arrived to begin turning our year 6 classroom into a new kitchen, Miss Baitson, Mr Browning, Mrs Codd, Mr Cameron, Mr Dear, Mr Ingram, and Mr Jones hurriedly moved all the furniture from this room so work could begin!

Building Transformation Starts

Since breaking up at 3.15pm on Friday, builders have been hard at work over the weekend, stripping out the large year 6 classroom, removing the suspended ceiling and cutting two new door openings in the south internal wall of the hall.

A wooden frame work has been constructed to protect old Victorian tiles in preparation for new linings to be added.

The two new doorways will be used for pupils entering and leaving the kitchen at lunchtimes.

The high Victorian ceilings may be seen again, now the suspended ceiling has been removed. A new one will be soon be fitted.

Meanwhile, Mrs Codd and the office staff have been busy putting their files into boxes in readiness for the move to their new offices when they are finished.

The Pastoral room is being turned into new toilets.

Painting & Further Preparations

Mr Coles and Mr Morfitt have been decorating in the new office rooms.

In the old year 6 classroom, plaster boards have been fixed to the wooden framework...

In the hall, all of the materials for the new kitchen are starting to be gathered together...

Plumbing is being put into the pastoral room, so that it can be turned into new toilets.

Plastering in the New Kitchen
Work is continuing at pace, with the plasterers in today.

Weather conditions were just right for the plaster to set. Not too hot!

The new kitchen has necessitated upgrading and increasing the electricity supply to the whole school. Work began on trenches to house the new cables.

Building Updates
Since the last update, the building work has been proceeding well. Here are photos of the site at the moment.

The old kitchen has now been cleared of the sinks, cupboards and dishwashers. This will be used for storage of the tables and chairs and also serve as a delivery and storage area for food.

As we have lost our year 6 toilets because this room is becoming the Business Manager's office, the inclusion room is being turned into pupil toilets to ensure we have the correct ratio of toilets per pupils.

The floor in the new admin office has been skimmed and floor tiles laid.

The sliding glass partitions have been put into the new admin office.

In the new Business Manager's office, a new window has been created to give a much needed natural light source.

This is the new window, as seen from the front playground.

New Railings have been installed for the new slope.

Moving In
Mr Browning, Mr Cameron and Mr Morfitt were in school today moving the furniture into the new Business Manager's and Admin offices today.

The 'white rock' panelling has been installed in the new kitchen.

There is still wiring to do and panels to be added in the suspended ceiling.

Desks have been put into the Business Manager's office.

Desks were also brought into the new admin office.

They are still a little dusty!

Floor Refurbishment
The actual building work has now been completed. We are just waiting for the kitchen equipment to be installed, which will begin next week. Our hall floor has been in need of some 'Tender Loving Care' for some time so workmen have been busy stipping off the old vanish and laquer so that it can be treated and given a new breath of life. Also, a grill has been fixed to the new Business Manager's Office, to make this secure.

A new grill should prevent damages to the Business Manager's office window from any wayward footballs!

The hall floor has had it's vanish removed to leave a lovely pinkish coloured wood effect. This will now be revanished and laquered, ready for the new school year.

One of the workmen may be seen tackling the tricky bits beneath the radiators!

Kitchen Equipment Arrives

Today, the new kitchen equipment has started to arrive!

Fitting Out Commences

The rest of the new kitchen equipment has just arrived...

and it looks great, even though it's still under wraps!

The fitters have started fixing it in place!

It's taking shape really quickly, now!

Meanwhile, in the hall, the floor has had a coat of colouring. This will be added to and then varnished over the next couple of weeks.

The old admin offices have been cleared of some of their furniture. These will become the new head teacher's office with room for Mr Browning to work plus extra room for meetings and workstations. This is certainly a departure as the office used by the head up to now has been the same since the school opened its doors 130 years ago!

Following redecoration and the purchase of a new meeting table, this should give this old admin office a new lease of life!

Kitchen Handover

We had a meeting this morning to finally receive the handover of the new kitchen construction from the contractors. We have been really pleased with the high quality of the work that has been undertaken.

The new equipment looks shiny, new and state-of-the-art.

Meanwhile, Mr Coles has been painting the framework around the new Reception hatch, which has got it's counter in place.

Shiny & New

We are ready for the start of term with our building work completed ahead of time! As well as the new kitchen and offices, the floor specialists have been popping in to sand, treat and add layers of varnish to our floor, which now shines!

In the kitchen, all the furnishing are now in place and have been connected up.




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