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Getting in Touch with us

There are many reasons for getting in touch with us:

  • if you want to send your child to our school
  • change of address or telephone number
  • if your child is not going to be at school or if he/she is going to be late
  • worries or concerns
  • issues about special needs (Mrs Wilde is Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • suggestions
  • queries about trips, lunches, parents evenings, concerts
  • not sure about times, dates or prices
  • illnesses
  • changing school

We may be contacted by:

  • calling at the school office
  • telephone on 01482 343690
  • fax on 01482 348681
  • email to the office on admin@stepney.hull.sch.uk
  • post to...
    Stepney Primary School
    Beverley Road
    Kingston Upon Hull
    HU5 1JJ
    NB: If you wish to speak to a specific person, such as the Head Teacher or Special Educational Needs Coordinator please use the methods above and ask to be put in contact. The office staff will put you through immediately if that person is available or arrange an appointment.

    A map to help you find our school.

Getting in Touch with you

There are sometimes reasons for us to get in touch with you:

  • children who are ill
  • change in pick up times or details
  • needing information to update our records
  • issues about children's behaviour or progress

It is vital that we have contact numbers so we can reach parents/carers during the day. Sometimes children are suddenly taken ill or have accidents. In extreme instances we may need to call an ambulance for a child to go to hospital. We must, therefore, have telephone numbers and addresses so we can contact you immediately. If you change your address details please ensure we are told.

(NB the school has access to a texting service which may be used to back up phone calls)


Stepney Primary School
Beverley Road, HULL, HU5 1JJ.
Headteacher: Mr P Browning
Tel: 01482 343690
Fax: 01482 348681
E-mail: admin@stepney.hull.sch.uk
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