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Welcome Parents and Carers!

We aim to be helpful and informative for all our parents and carers. For many years, our weekly newsletter, The Stepney Star has been the main channel for keeping you informed about the school.

Owing to the length of the Star we can't include all the information you need every week. This way we hope to give you the whole bundle: news, curriculum updates, prices, school uniform requirements, dates and details for forthcoming events, trips, open afternoons, parents' evenings, class assemblies, times, places and people.

Admissions Procedures have changed over the last few years. If you wish to transfer your child from or to Stepney, then please click here to access the appropriate transfer form. If your child is starting school for the first time, then click here to access the Common Application Form (CAF).

There may be items we've missed and you may think of other things that you would like us to include. If you wish to get in touch with us please click on the 'Getting in touch' tab.

It's not just about the school giving out information, we value your input into improving our school community to ensure we all give the children our very best.




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