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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
Here is the News...
September 2016

Dance Workshops
We have had a change to our usual Friday schedule with Lizzy Jaques undertaking dance workshops with years 3, 4, 5 & 6 and then leading an assembly at the end of the day. The pupils were delighted to be involved in some modern dance techniques.

Class Assemblies
There wasn’t a ‘Star of the Week’ assembly this week, due to the dance workshops taking place. Next week, we have the first of our class assemblies.
At 10.15am on Thursday 6th October, it is the Year 3 & 4 Phase Assembly.
Thursday 13th October—Phase 5/6
Thursday 20th October—EYFS & Phase 1/2 Harvest Festival Assembly

Year 6 Secondary School Forms Reminder
May we remind parents of year 6 pupils that the forms for secondary school choices need emailing off before the half term holiday.

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We have started the term with less than 95% but hope this is mainly due to pupils returning to school later during the week after prolonged holidays. 
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 86.20% (4 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Year 1: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't)
Year 2: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't)
Year 3: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't)
Year 4: 82.75% (5 pupils didn't)
Year 5: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't) 
Year 6: 96.66% (1 pupil didn't)
Whole School Average: 90.16% (20 didn't have 100% attendance) 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 95.76%
Year 1: 97.18%
Year 2: 98.33%
Year 3: 98.60%
Year 4: 94.14%
Year 5: 95.52%
Year 6: 98.63%
Whole School Average: 95.12%

NSPCC Talks & Workshops

Today, we had two ladies from the NSPCC, who presented assemblies to all our pupils then led on workshops with some of our oldest year groups. They explained the work this charity does and told our pupils about some of the conditions that children in this country may find themselves in.

International Pupil Council
One of our new year 6 responsibilities is to represent our school at the International Pupil Council meetings. This is a council that was set up in 2010 by Mr Browning and Mr Mason from Sierra Leone. It includes pupils from schools in both Hull and Freetown. Ellis and Stelina joined the first meeting of the new school year at Thoresby Primary School on Thursday afternoon. They sampled food from around the world and planned events for this next school year.

Privacy Notice

By law, we have to display the Privacy Notice for Pupils from the Data Protection Act of 1998. Please click here to view it.

Smith & Nephew Visit Stepney

"This Tuesday, we had employees from Smith & Nephew for Y5/6 to tell us about their company for our subject called 'Made in Hull'. We had an amazing time! They had first explained what their company was about. Smith & Nephew started out as a small pharmacy 160 years ago and had built up to a big, global industry. This company was very successful and has a good reputation. They supply things like joint replacements, wound protection etc. We were able to have a feel on one of the gauzes from WW1 and 2 (one of the 5 in the world). At the end, we were set a task to use some of the supplies we were given to create something to put on our body. Children had put on slings, bandages and soft plasters. They had enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, they eventually had to leave. I am sure people had enjoyed it very much." Mahdiyah

Year 6 Responsibilities
This year we have decided to stop our House system. As with all good things, they need to be altered and a fresh approach taken. This has meant that we are not having our house captains. Instead, we have given every member of the year 6 a special responsibility. We were proud to present enamel badges out to our oldest pupils this afternoon. We have been delighted with the brilliant way that all of them have started the new year.


Year 6 Responsibilities


Maths Buddy


Book Bags & Letters Monitor


International Pupil Council


Digital Ambassador


Office Monitor


Office Monitor


School Councillor


Maths Buddy


Classroom Monitor




Eco Warrior


Sports Ambassador


Class Rewards Monitor


Sports Ambassador


School Councillor


Office Monitor


Classroom Monitor  Fruit Monitor


School Ambassador


Book Bags & Letters Monitor


Eco Warrior


Book Bags & Letters Monitor


International Pupil Council


School Ambassador


Attendance Ambassadors


Fruit Monitor




Digital Ambassador


Attendance Ambassador


Classroom Monitor
























New On-Entry System

We are really pleased with the extra space that we have created for the school admin offices. These rooms have given us a much better area for our office staff. It has also provided a bigger reception to welcome parents and other visitors to the school, as well as tightening our school security arrangements. As part of this, we have a new computerised on-entry system. Whether staff, parents or visitors, all adults now have to 'sign in' via a computer console. All visitors will be asked to enter their details onto a touch-screen monitor, their photo taken and a visitor sticker given out. In this way, we will know exactly who is in our building at any given time.

Fire Alarm
Just as we were getting ready to activate our on-entry system the fire alarm was triggered. This was caused by a visitor pressing one of the fire alarm activation panels. May we ask all visitors to be careful when in the school. Many of the doors have to be operated by a special fob, which staff are issued with. Please do not press any other buttons or panels. There will be staff on hand to help you through the locked doors.
We are glad to say that our fire evacuation procedures worked like clockwork, with all pupils, staff and visitors exiting the school in a few minutes. Everyone was on the netball court, which is the designated rendezvous point, long before the fire brigade arrived to check the building through. All the pupils were calm and left in a orderly manner. The only time they got slightly excited was when the fire engine driver purposely gave them a special blast on his siren as they were leaving!

Attendance Figures

Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We have started the term with less than 95% but hope this is mainly due to pupils returning to school later during the week after prolonged holidays.
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the this week. . 
Foundation Stage: 89.28% (3 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Year 1: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't)
Year 2: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't)
Year 3: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't)
Year 4: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't)
Year 5: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't) 
Year 6: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't)
Whole School Average: 89.73% (21 didn't have 100% attendance) 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 93.00%
Year 1: 93.24%
Year 2: 95.83%
Year 3: 95.25%
Year 4: 92.32%
Year 5: 94.51%
Year 6: 94.08%
Whole School Average: 94.48%

Stars of the Week
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Asma                  
Year 1 - Rubaiya                     
Year 2 - Krystian
Year 3 - Dominik            
Year 4 - Mohammed               
Year 5 - Freddie          
Year 6 - Anton

Hull City of Culture Launch 2017
Stepney's Successful Bid

We are highly delighted to announce some truly exciting news for our school. Today is the launch of the first season of the Hull City of Culture 2017. As part of HCOC17, bids have been invited for 'Creative Community' grants. Over 650 bids were put in from across the city for a wide and varied selection of projects. Only 60 were successful and Stepney has been chosen as one of these 60! This is a major triumph for us.
So... what is the project we are going to undertake?

Stepney's Station Statues
We are going to produce a major art installation across the road at the site of the old Stepney Station.
For the last couple of years, Mr Browning has been on a board, which has successfully won a National Heritage lottery grant to help renovate buildings along Beverley Road between the Hull Daily Mail buildings on Blundell's Corner up to the junction with Queen's Road. One of these buildings is the old station building and the platforms, which have been overgrown with bushes and trees and have long been forgotten.
Inspired the wonderful Lissett Air Memorial Statue in the East Riding, we are going to produce life-size metal statues of people who worked on and used the railways and these are going to be installed on the platform, once it has been suitably cleared.
W. Campbell's of Harpings Road in Hull manufactured the Lissett Statue as well as other striking ones such as the Land Army statue in Inverness. They are going to produce the statues from our designs. Our pupils and staff are going to be responsible for researching the history of the station; producing work to go on new Heritage History Boards and then design the actual statues. All being well, this work should be finished for the second HCOC17 season, entitled 'Roots and Routes' in April-June 2017.

As Beverley Road is one of the main routes into Hull City Centre, the statue will be seen by thousands of people over the years as they travel to and from the centre and it will be a lasting legacy to the work of the pupils and staff of our school.

Stepney Station is a listed building, currently owned by the 'Anatolian Society' who we are working with on the Heritage Boards.

The amazing Lissett Air memorial is well worth a visit, if you are travelling along the A165 road to Bridington. This used to be a WWII airfield, but is now a Windfarm. Each of the huge wind turbines is named after one of the bombers, which were stationed at this most westerly airfield in the UK. It is a fitting tribute to the brave airmen who lost their lives in the war.

Both this and the Land Army memorial were manufactured by the same Hull company. Mr Browning and Mr Cameron have already visited the factory, which is next to 'Little Monkey's' to talk with the Managing Director, Brian Campbell. Once we've designed the statues, they will make them for us out of 6mm steel! Our designs will represent people who worked at the station and members of the public who used it. In the process, we are hoping to build up a picture of Stepney Station in it's heyday!

Call for Information
As the first part of this project, we would be interested in anyone who has stories, anecdotes, photos, pictures or objects from Stepney Station that they could share with us. We would like to tell their story!

Term Dates 2017-2018
The Hull Schools Calendar for 2017-2018 has now been released. Please click on the link below to access this.

Kitchen Inspection Given Full Marks

Today, we had an unannounced health and safety inspection of our new kitchen. The inspector was very pleased with our new set up and the thorough work that our chef Alex, and his team have been doing to ensure the hygiene in the kitchen is given top priority. We were awarded the top rating. What a start! Well done to Chef and the ladies.

Hull City of Culture 2017 Press Release
Today marks the start of an exciting time for the city and for Stepney. The following press release was issued this morning. Although more details will be announced on Thursday 22nd, suffice it to say that Stepney is involved in this. Watch this space for more details...

'60 new projects inspire creativity across the city as part of Hull 2017
People living in neighbourhoods across Hull are being encouraged to unleash their creativity and participate in a variety of cultural activity as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

60 new projects, ranging from photography exhibitions to music and food festivals and choral and orchestral concerts to audio-visual installations will receive funding as part of the Hull 2017 programme. These will see local artists, community groups, cultural and other organisations in the city working with local people of all ages to create new artistic work, events, installations and other activity throughout 2017, one of the most significant years in Hull's history.

The innovative scheme is the result of funding through the Hull 2017 Creative Communities Programme, which was set up to celebrate, nurture and support local talent and develop opportunities for emerging artists. A total of £750,000 is being invested in the programme.

Delivered in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund, a Principal Partner of Hull 2017, Hull 2017 invited individuals and organisations to come up with ideas for new projects that were creative at heart, celebrated arts and culture and would have a transformative effect, particularly within local communities around Hull.

The successful applicants are set to receive between £300 and £10,000 each to develop their proposals, which will be an important part of the Hull 2017 cultural programme. All projects put community involvement or participation at their heart, reflecting the diversity of the city and will appeal to people of all ages.

Martin Green, CEO and Director, Hull 2017, said: “The diversity and creativity of the 60 projects demonstrates that Hull is, and has always been a city of culture. We hope our funding will inspire and empower residents and communities to celebrate and participate in all this vibrant city has to offer and stimulate activity across the city to create a lifelong legacy.

"These and other activities we are supporting are going to bring inspirational new work and creativity to every corner of Hull throughout 2017. We are committed to ensuring people of all ages and backgrounds, wherever they live in the city, have the opportunity to take part in UK City of Culture.”

The programme forms part of Hull 2017's £5 million commitment to encourage participation at a local level, which also includes the volunteering programme and learning and engagement programme.

The Big Lottery Fund is also investing in the Hull 2017 volunteering programme.  Lyn Cole, Big Lottery Fund England grant making director said: “These awards celebrate and showcase what is special about communities in Hull, it is good to see the diversity of ideas and creativity that people bring.

One of the successful projects was Bransholme 50, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the largest housing estates in Britain. Artists from Bransholme Community Arts Enterprise will work with schools and community groups to create performances, exhibitions and permanent public art, reflecting and celebrating the history of the area.

Chris Smith, of Bransholme Community Arts Enterprise, said: “Created in 1967 to rehouse the trawling community after the industry’s demise, Bransholme represents an important part of Hull’s heritage. We are delighted to receive funding to be able to bring the stories of the people of Bransholme to life through arts, stories, photography, video and performance. We are looking forward to hearing about their experiences and aspirations across different generations to find out how some things change while others stay the same.”

In addition to cash from Hull 2017 and the Big Lottery Fund, the projects will receive staff support to build capacity in the arts sector, helping to create a legacy. The Creative Communities Programme is also being supported by Hull and East Riding Charitable Trust.  

Adrian M Horsley, Chairman, Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust, said: "The Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust is delighted to be supporting Hull as the UK City of Culture in 2017. We hope that our financial contribution will enable communities within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire to engage and benefit from their time in the national spotlight. Our involvement in this important event is consistent with the Trust's objectives to support, enrich and enhance the lives of the people of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We hope that this year as UK City of Culture will make a positive difference to the lives of people in our area and enhance the nation's perception of the city of Hull in 2017 and beyond." '

First Win of the Season
Our football team played against St. Vincent's Primary School tonight. Mr Ingram reported tthat we "lost the first match 2v1 although we definitely deserved something out of it, and won the second match 2v1. Much improved display compared with last week. 100% effort and attitude from the whole team."

After School Club Arrangements
This week has proven useful to us to see how the new school entrance works with after school clubs. The general consensus from parents and staff alike is that there is not enough room outside and parents are having to queue on either side of Stepney Lane. We will therefore be using the old main entrance gate for after school clubs. This will allow us to open up the playground so that parents may wait in safety, away from the road. It also will have the added bonus for those pupils with bicycles and scooters. They may wheel them through the school rather than over our newly renovated hall floor.

Stars of the Week
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Jessica                       
Year 1 - Zuzanna       
Year 2 - Sofia                         
Year 3 - Kamil
Year 4 - Jack                          
Year 5 - Carla           
Year 6 - Amelia

Hull Famous People
As part of the Hull City of Culture 2017, schools are being asked to study famous characters who have strong connections with Hull. In assembly this morning, Mr Browning explained that we will be finding out about many of these people in these weekly assemblies and then celebrating them around in the school in the display boards. Today, we looked at two figures who have been covered many times in our assemblies: Amy Johnson and Clive Sullivan. While Mr Browning showed the posters that he had produced for these displayed, he called upon pupils to produce homework about the two people, which could be displayed in these display boards. We are hoping that we get a good response.

Halal Food
When pupils start school with us, parents put their food options and preferences on our forms. This tells us information such as whether a pupil eats Halal food or is a vegetarian. Pupils then pick up different coloured plates so the kitchen staff know which food they can and cannot have. However, some pupils are deciding to ignore this and take a white plate and then ask the kitchen staff for non-Halal or non-vegetarian options. With the number of pupils moving through the kitchen it is extremely difficult for our lunchtime supervisors to monitor what everyone is having. If your child should be eating Halal or vegetarian food, please ensure he/she knows this. We put the menu on the back of the newsletter every week, and it is on the website so there is always advance notice of the food options. Each days menu is then put up on the board in the hall.

Names in Sweatshirts

Everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather this week. It's been wonderful to see the pupils making the most of the sunshine at playtimes. It does mean that most are taking off their sweatshirts to cool down. However, only a few pupils seem to have their names written in their school clothing and tops end up getting mixed up. Please will you ensure your child's name is clearly written in the sweatshirt. Any pen will do but permanent markers are preferable.

First Football Match
Mr Ingram and Mr Jones took our football team to Collingwood for two match tonight. This was a new-look team with many 'new signings', i.e. it was the first ever football match for most of the team. In the first match, we were beaten 6 nil, but this did give us chance to start playing together and the second ended in a 1 all draw, which showed the determination of the team. Well done to all who took part.

Late Arrivals

We still have a number of school coming in late. All pupils should be on the back playground, ready to line up at 8.50am. Once inside, lessons begin straight away so if pupils are late, they will already be missing out on valuable lesson time.

Curriculum Maps
The curriculum maps, which list the themes and topics being studied this year, are being added to the school website this week. Please go to the tab marked 'The curriculum' at the top of this website or click here.

Bags Reminder

Some pupils are bringing large bags and rucksacks to school. We do not have enough storage space for these. The Victorians didn't plan for modern day rucksacks when they built the school 130 years ago. Pupils should bring their PE kit in a PE kit bag (which are available from the school office) and books in their school reading bag.

Sports Coach
On Mondays, we are having another sports coach to support our pupils PE needs. Mr Stewart Blaza is joining us from Kelvin Hall school. We are delighted to have him join us.

Stars of the Week
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Mishkat                     
Year 1 - Fabian       
Year 2 - Lily-May                  
Year 3 - Kyle
Year 4 - Lena                         
Year 5 - Priscilla            
Year 6 - Alanta

Attendance Figures

Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We have started the term with less than 95% but hope this is mainly due to pupils returning to school later during the week after prolonged holidays.
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the this week. . 
Foundation Stage: 89.28% (3 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Year 1: 89.25% (3 pupils didn't)
Year 2: 96.66% (1 pupil didn't)
Year 3: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't)
Year 4: 86.20% (4 pupils didn't)
Year 5: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) 
Year 6: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't)
Whole School Average: 90.57% (19 didn't have 100% attendance) 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 93.90%
Year 1: 93.97%
Year 2: 97.50%
Year 3: 93.94%
Year 4: 92.24%
Year 5: 95.00%
Year 6: 92.24%
Whole School Average: 94.14%

NSPCC Letters
We have sent out some letters about an NSPCC workshop for our older pupils. Please see copies of these by clicking here.

Media-Use and e-safety agreement letters
We take e-safety extremely seriously at Stepney. Today, we have sent home agreement letters to be signed. Please return these to the class teachers. If you have not received a copy then please click here to access one on-line.

Welcome Back
On behalf of everyone at Stepney, we would like to welcome everyone back to the new school year. All our pupils have returned looking very smart in their school uniforms and have immediately settled down into work mode. After six weeks off, it's always a challenge for both staff and pupils but everyone was quickly back into their routines.

Pupils say hello to the New Chef
In assembly, Mr Browning introduced Mr Alex Everett, our new school chef to the school. All pupils were really interested when they listened to Mr Everett explain what he does and then were excited to go in to the new kitchen to receive their school meals.

Final Preparations for 2016-17
Staff were in school today to prepare for the new year. This included the new chef, Mr Alex Everett and his team preparing the first lunch in our new kitchen. It was a great success and the team received a well-deserved round of applause.

School Ready for the New Academic Year

School reopens to pupils on Tuesday 6th September. Staff will be in on Monday 5th for a training day. If you have any queries, then please phone the school on 01482 343690.

Phone Numbers and New Addresses
We realise this message goes out all the time but please will you let us know if any of your telephone numbers or your home address has changed during the last few months. We often have difficulty contacting parents and sometimes we need to get in touch with people immediately. Although we regard our school as a very safe environment, accidents do happen and we have had to take pupils to hospital without being able to get in touch with parents. This can obviously be worrying for parents when none of their contact phone numbers work and we can't locate them until when they come to school at home time!

Free School Meal & Pupil Premium Letters 
We would like to remind you about registering for Free School Meals for your child/ren. The school receives Pupil Premium funding for all pupils who are accepted for Free School Meals, to support learning and welfare needs within school. For every child who is accepted to have Free School Meals, we will be supplying them with a free school sweatshirt and free book bag. Please visit the school office for a form and then return it to the address given on the top of the form. In this way, we will be sent the list of who has been granted Free School Meals. 
Once we have confirmation that you have been accepted for a free meal, you can claim your sweater and  book bag from the school office. If you have any queries regarding this, or with help to fill out the form, then please contact our school office.

Uniform for Sale
The school uniform will be on sale in the hall from 8.30am on Tuesday 6th September. The cost of the uniform is as follows. Sweatshirts £8, PE kits £8 and Book bags £4. Please ensure you have the correct change.

New Staff
We are delighted to welcome two new teachers to our Early Years' team. This year, Mrs Andrea Stamp and Mrs Sally Cameron will be joining Mrs Stimpson in the Nursery and Reception Classes. Our classes and teachers are as follows:
Nursery: Mrs Stamp
Reception: Mrs Cameron & Mrs Stimpson
Year 1: Mr Cameron & Mrs Carmichael
Year 2: Mrs Smart
Year 3: Mr Ingram
Year 4: Miss Baitson
Year 5: Miss Aktinson & Ms Saint
Year 6: Mrs Brocklebank & Mrs Wilde
PE Coach: Mr Jones
These teachers are supported by a strong and highly experienced team of teaching assistants.

New Entrance, Kitchen and Office Reshuffles!
When we re-open on Tuesday, pupils need to meet on the back playground as usual.
For any office enquiries, we have moved! The new entrance to the school and the reception office is further along Stepney Lane. There is no access via the Stepney lane front playground in the mornings. Please make you way along the part of the school which houses the school hall. The entrance is here. Please go up the new slope to the new front door of the school. We are waiting for the new signage to arrive so that this is clear.

Over the summer holidays, we have had lots of building work undertaken, resulting in a new state-of-the-art kitchen, complete with a newly-appointed chef. The kitchen staff will be cooking our school meals rather than reheating meals that have been cooked off-site. We have recorded the building work as it has progressed and this can be seen by looking at our recent daily diary pages or going to the 'Summer Alterations 2016' page by clicking here.

Meanwhile, Mrs Codd, our school business manager has a new office near to the new school entrance and Mr Browning, the head teacher has relocated from his old office to the suite of rooms, formerly used by our office staff.

Term Dates for the 2016-2017 Academic Year
You may find the term dates by scrolling down on this page or clicking on the page labelled 'Term Dates'

Autumn First Half Term
Tuesday, 6th September 2016 to Friday, 21st October 2016

Half Term Holiday
Monday, 24th October 2016 to Friday, 28th October 2016

Autumn Second Half Term
Monday, 31st October 2016 to Friday, 16th December 2016

Yorkshire & Humber Cooperative Learning Trust (YHCLT) Training Day
Date to be confirmed

Spring First Half Term
Tuesday, 3rd January 2017 to Friday, 17th February 2017

YHCLT Spring Training Day
Friday, 13th January 2017

Half Term Holiday
Monday, 20th February 2017 to Friday, 24th February 2017

Spring Second Half Term
Monday, 27th February 2017 to Friday, 7th April 2017


Summer First Half Term
Monday, 24th April 2017 to Friday, 26th May 2017

May Day Holiday
Monday 1st May 2017

Half Term Holiday
Monday, 29th May 2017 to Friday, 2nd June 2017

Summer Second Half Term
Monday, 5th June 2017 to Friday, 21st July 2017

*There are staff training days on Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th July and the school is closed to pupils.

Extra Days when the school is closed for Staff Training
There are five staff training days which have been allocated for the school year:
Monday 5th September 2016
Date to be arranged for another day in the Autumn term 2017
Friday 13th January 2017
Monday 23rd July 2017
Tuesday 24th July 2017

Please click on the links below to the Yearly timetables that are issued by the Local Authority: (NB. Schools are allocated additional training days to the ones shown in the following timetables)





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