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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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September 2013

Industrial Action, School Closed Tomorrow !
Just a reminder that the school will be closed tomorrow and will reopen on Wednesday.

Industrial Action, School Closed On Tuesday !
Owing to Industrial Action by members of the NASUWT and NUT teaching unions, the school will be closed to pupils on Tuesday 1st October. The parents’ consultation day for Miss Laybourne and Miss Hatfield’s classes will be rescheduled. This action is not aimed at this school but is in support of a national strike against pensions and condition. A separate letter has been sent out by the Chair to parents/carers.

Attendance Awards !
This week's figures for the percentage of pupils who got 100%:
Reception - 83% ( 5 children didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1 - 97% ( 1 child didn't achieve 100%)
Class 2/3a - 89% (  3 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 2/3b - 89% ( 3 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 4/5a - 91% ( 2 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 4/5b - 96% ( 1 child didn't achieve 100%)
Class 6a - 89% ( 2 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 6b - 100% 
Congratulations go to all pupils who had 100% for the week. Another tremendous effort!

School Attendance Total !
This school attendance for this academic year, so far is:

Stars of the Week! 
Foundation Stage: D’Niro
Year 1: Nikola
Year 2/3A: Denver
Year 2/3B:  Zara
Year 4/5A:   Klaudia
Year 4/5B:  Whole Class
Year 6A: Charlie
Year 6B: Mohsin

Distinction Awards! 
Foundation Stage: Jayden & Liam
Year 2/3A: Ahmad & Amira
Year 4/5A:  Precious & Rifath
Year 6A: Thevmini

Football Match !
Following a convincing away defeat last week, our football team played Pearson Primary tonight in the league. Although we lost again, Miss Northen reported that the team played much better and certainly enjoyed the match. Many thanks to Miss Northen, Mr Ingram and Mr Dear for helping and to Mr Foston for preparing the pitch and setting up the nets.

Phase 4/5 Assembly !
What a brilliant start to this year's assembly run! Our phase 4-5 pupils told us about climatic zones around the world, which linked into their thematic unit for the term, which is entitled 'Up the Humber and Down the Ganges', comparing Hull and England with India. We were all impressed by the clarity and volume of the year 4 and 5 pupils this morning. They were really good, considering it is only a few weeks into the new term. It was also pleasing to see the geographical skills being explained and the wonderful work that they had done with the ipads. As usual, it is clear that a great deal of preparation by staff and pupils had gone into this - it is much appreciated by the school!

Bogus Social Workers!
We have been told by the Local Authority to watch out for the fraudulent social workers. This is the message we received:
" I am alerting you to the fact that the we have been made aware of two
 separate incidents of bogus social worker visits to families this week.
The police are aware and are currently making enquiries. The descriptions of the "social workers" are: 2 x Female - late 40's, one has shoulder length blonde hair with a medium build and the other is dark "bob" hair style and again late 40's with a medium to large build."
If you have anyone knocking at your door with these descriptions, please contact the police.

London Bound!
We have had some brilliant news for classes 6A and 6B. At the end of the summer term, the staff at the Children's University were able to secure funding to pay for one of our cohorts to go to London for the day. Our oldest children and their teachers were chosen and will go down to the capital on Monday 14th October. Letters have gone home this week, explaining the arrangements. They will travel by train from Hull Paragon to London Kings Cross. First, they will have a tour of the Houses of Parliament in the morning and then, after lunch they will go on the London Eye. It promises to be a brilliant day. The school would like to thank the Children's University for kindly paying for this trip.

Mighty Maths Winners !
Another week of super maths work from all our pupils has seen the following producing some particularly excellent results:
Year 1 Lottie & Maria
Class 2/3a Sarah & Muna
Class 2/3b Casey & Julia
Class 4/5a Taran & Agnieszka
Class 4/5b Courtney & Rifath
Class 6a Morgan & Hilal
Class 6b  Mohsin & Patryk

Rainbow Writing Winners !
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Matthew & Maria
Class 2/3a Zainb & Liya 
Class 2/3b Stelina & Michelle
Class 4/5a Josh & Precious
Class 4/5b Edwin & Jayden
NB: Year 6 haven't done any Rainbow Writing as they have been busy undertaking their first Mock SATs of the term.

City of Hull Junior Choir !
We have received the following advertisement. It would be wonderful if some of our pupils joined:

If you love singing
City of Hull Junior Choir
Open to all pupils from year 3 upwards
Thursdays 6.15 pm – 7.15 pm
Starting 19th September at the
Albemarle Music Centre, Ferensway
To book a place, tel 318800

Year 6 on a Geography Fieldwork Trip !
Our oldest pupils ventured up Beverley Road to Beresford Avenue, to undertake surveys for their Geography project. Everyone worked well to survey the area.

David Andrews and the Ipads Invade Phase 4-5 !
David Andrews joined class 4/5a to work with the pupils and staff on using ipads. They had great fun and were able to be really creative with the ipads in creating movie trailers about their class book "Threads of Deceit". Tomorrow, he will be working with class 4/5b.

Attendance Awards !
This week's figures for the percentage of pupils who got 100%:
Reception - 90% ( 3 children didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1 - 86% ( 4 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 2/3a - 74%  ( 7 children didn't achieve 100%)                     
Class 2/3b - 82% ( 5 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 4/5a - 83% (4 children didn't achieve 100%)                     
Class 4/5b - 87% ( 3 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 6a - 83% ( 3 children didn't achieve 100%)                     
Class 6b - 94% ( 1 child didn't achieve 100%)                      
Congratulations go to all pupils who had 100% for the week. Another tremendous effort!

School Attendance Total !
This school attendance for this academic year, so far is:

Stars of the Week!
Foundation Stage: Bartek
Year 1: Mohammed
Year 2/3A: Wiktor
Year 2/3B:  Madiha
Year 4/5A:   Finley
Year 4/5B:  Jacob
Year 6A: Cole
Year 6B:  Alishia

Distinction Awards!
Year 1: Riwan & Maria
Year 2/3B: Al-Horr & Richard
Year 4/5B:  Taran & Connor
Year 6B:  Patryk

Parents’ Consultations! 

You will shortly be receiving a letter to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher. There has been a slight alteration to dates. Miss Hatfield (Nursery) and Miss Laybourne (2/3a) will be holding their consultation on Tuesday 1st October now. Please return your reply slip to us as soon as possible.

Autumn Parents'/Carers' Consultation Dates
October 2013
- EYFS, Years 1, 2 & 3
- Tues 1st—Nursery (Miss Hatfield) & 2/3a (Miss Laybourne)
- Wed 2nd—Reception (Mrs Warcup) , Year 1 (Mr Cameron) and 2/3b (Miss Baitson & Mr Ingram)
- Years 4, 5 & 6
- Thurs 3rd - 4/5a (Miss Atkinson & Ms Saint), 4/5b (Miss Northen), 6a (Miss Pattrick) and 6b (Mrs Brocklebank & Mrs Wilde)

Medical Appointments ! 
We are have already had a successful start with our new school nurse sessions on Tuesday mornings. She has been able to support a number of families this week whose children had  been absent through medical issues this term. One of the issues that has been raised was around medical appointments. If your child needs to attend a doctors, dentist, opticians, hospital or similar during the school week, please 1) make every effort to do this out of school hours, 2) bring your child in before hand if possible to get their attendance mark and 3) return your child to school after this appointment, unless s/he is ill. Just because your child may have to attend a medical professional in the morning is no reason for keeping them off for the rest of the day. If  this is the case, we will not authorise the afternoon absence. If your child is absent through medical issues, it will be likely that you are contacted by phone or home visit by our school nurse.

First Council Meeting of the Year!
Mrs Rodgers led our school councillors in their first meeting of the new school year today. Click here to see the minutes.

Mighty Maths Winners !
Another week of super maths work from all our pupils has seen the following producing some particularly excellent results:
Year 1 Jackson & Blake
Class 2/3a Helin & Ellie
Class 2/3b Ellis & Taylor
Class 4/5a Lee & Honya
Class 4/5b Dominik & Bartek
Class 6a George & Thevmini
Class 6b Rifa & Ellie

Rainbow Writing Winners !
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Marie & Gracie
Class 2/3a Maleeka & Michal 
Class 2/3b Piotr & Madiha
Class 4/5a Luke & Shakira
Class 4/5b Sinead & Sakila
Class 6a Cailey & Robert
Class 6b Chief & Therese

Ennerdale Leisure Centre Petition !
We have a petition that we would be grateful for people to sign if they wish. The petition is to keep Ennerdale Leisure Centre Open. Ennerdale Leisure Centre’s swimming pool is the only swimming facility serving the entire Hull area that is recognised by the Amateur Swimming Association as being of competition standard. Hull City Council is considering proposals to close Ennerdale’s swimming pool, due to the unfair level of local authority funding cuts that Hull is receiving from the Coalition Government, when compared to far less severe cuts being made to councils in wealthier areas of the country.
The Petitioners are requesting that the House of Commons urge the Government to request Hull councillors to work with
service users to find ways of saving Ennerdale swimming pool and provide Hull with a fairer deal on funding that will enable
Ennerdale swimming pool to remain open, alongside other valued sports and leisure facilities in Hull.
At Stepney, we have a number of pupils who undertake swimming lessons at Ennerdale and compete in swimming galas there. Many of the users of the pool live in the East Riding but it is important that the petition has Hull postcode address on it.
The petition is at our school office, if you would be willing to sign it.

Curriculum Summaries !
Each of the phase groups produces a 'Curriculum Summary' at the start of a new thematic unit to give pupils and parents an overview of what will be taught. These are given out at school but pdf versions are also available by clicking on the links below:
Early Years Foundation Stage - Curriculum Summary Autumn 2013
Year 1 - Curriculum Summary Autumn 2013
Phase 2-3 - Curriculum Summary Autumn 2013
Phase 4-5 - Curriculum Summary Autumn 2013
Year 6 - Curriculum Summary Autumn 2013

Attendance Awards !
We have been impressed by the commitment of pupils and parents towards the new attendance drive. There is a a renewed sense of wanting to get 100% in all classes through the school. Parents who have been taking pupils to dental appointments have ensured pupils come in first to school for lessons, if they then need to go out later. More are then bringing them back in later. This is appreciated by the school.
This week's figures for the percentage of pupils who got 100%:
Reception - 87% (4 children didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1 - 97% (1 child didn't achieve 100%)
Class 2/3a - 93%  (2 children didn't achieve 100%)                     
Class 2/3b - 86% (4 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 4/5a - 92% (2 children didn't achieve 100%)                     
Class 4/5b - 88% (3 children didn't achieve 100%)
Class 6a - 89% (3 children didn't achieve 100%)                     
Class 6b - 89% (3 children didn't achieve 100%)                      
Congratulations go to all pupils who had 100% for the week. Another tremendous effort!

Friday Awards Assembly !
Our first awards assembly of the term took place this morning at 9am. This has moved from being at the end of Friday afternoon to allow for Golden time. This week's winners are:

Stars of the Week
Foundation Stage: Martyna 
Year 1: Alex
Year 2/3A: Michal
Year 2/3B: Piotr 
Year 4/5A: Rahma 
Year 4/5B: Sakila
Year 6A: Robert 
Year 6B: Chief

Distinction Awards
Foundation Stage: Keyshia & Kamil
Year 2/3A: Owen & Sarah
Year 4/5A: Josh & Honya
Year 6A: Hilal

House Captains!
This morning, year 6 candidates for the role of House Captain made speeches to the other members of their house. We are delighted to announce that the following pupils were duly elected:
Johnson - Nazia & Cole
Pearson - Alicia & Bradley
Sullivan - Caitlin & David P.
Wilberforce - Rifa & David G.

Mighty Maths Arrives!
Our new superhero has arrived at Stepney. In addition to the 'Rainbow Writing' displays around the school, we now have 'Mighty Maths' around the school. As well as our Tuesday 'Rainbow Writing' assemblies, we are having a Wednesday 'Mighty Maths' one as well, celebrating those pupils who have worked outstandingly hard in maths and produced some brilliant results. Our first winners were:
Year 1 Gracie & Mathew
Class 2/3a Alanta & Brooke
Class 2/3b Mahdiyah & Denver
Class 4/5a AJ & Kerry
Class 4/5b Saimah & Adam
Class 6a Charlie & Tabarek
Class 6b Alisha & Rifa

Our New Hero

School Nurse Starts!
We are delighted to announce that on Tuesday mornings, our school nurse, Jakki Metcalfe, will be working in school. She will be here for general health issues, to help with individual health plans that some children have and to help with our new improved attendance drive, supporting pupils and their families. Mr Browning has already introduced her to all of the classes so that she could tell the pupils about some of the things she will be here to help them with.

Medical Conditions Information Required !
It is vital that we keep all records for your child up-to-date, particularly in the case of medical conditions that they may suffer from. We would therefore be grateful if you will advise us on the slip, which is going out today, if your child has any special medical needs e.g. asthma, allergies, epilepsy etc. Please also let us know on this slip if you would like to see Jakki Metcalfe, our school nurse, to discuss any medical issues relating to your child. Click here for a copy of the letter.

Asthma & Inhalers
In the case of asthma, we have a number of children listed with this condition who do not have an inhaler in school with them. If circumstances have changed and they no longer suffer from this, please advise us of this. Otherwise, please bring a spare inhaler into school for their teacher, clearly marked with their name.

Year 6 Assembly Alteration!
Please note that the year 6 assembly will now be on Thursday 24th October, and not the 17th, as previously advertised.

Rainbow Writing Recommences!

In 2012-13, we saw that our new rainbow writing programme, with it's increased emphasis on more writing opportunities for the pupils, was helping to improve writing across the school. With pupils writing more extended pieces of work, with a big emphasis on quality and quantity, pupils were not only making greater progress, but taking a greater pride in their work. Not everyone has had the chance for a rainbow writing session yet, (some were taking place today for the first time this term), but we did have some promising examples of work this week. While year 6 pupils produced their rainbow writing (they are already in preparation for SATs mode!), phase 2/3 had been doing some of their quick writes and showed us some wonderful efforts. These are twenty minute writes, which had been introduced in 2012-13.
Our first weekly winners were:
Year 1 Labiba
Class 2/3a Ahmad & Muna
Class 2/3b Michelle & Karolina
Class 4/5b Andrew & Bartek
Class 6a Jayden & Milena
Class 6b Martin & Kallum

Attendance Awards for last week!
We have started a different system for rewarding pupils with 100% attendance. As well as rewards on a Friday afternoon, when staff announce to their class who has been at school all week, we will present the attendance cup on a Monday to the class or classes with the highest percentage of one hundred percenters! (If there is a tie, the cup will be shared around the classes during the week)
Last Weeks figures were thus:
Reception - 100%
Year 1 - 96%
Class 2/3a - 100%
Class 2/3b - 83%
Class 4/5a - 92%
Class 4/5b - 96%
Class 6a - 89%
Class 6b - 94%
Congratulations go to all pupils who had 100% for the week - that was a great start and particularly to Reception and Class 2/3a who had 100% for the whole class.

Awards Assembly & Golden Time
We are making a change to the Friday Awards Assembly time. Instead of being at 2.45pm, we are holding it at the start of the day. If your child is going to receive a ‘Star of the Week’ or ‘Distinction Award’ you will be invited to attend at this time. The assembly will commence at approximately 9.05am and finish at 9.20pm. This change is to allow us to hold a ‘Golden Time’ session for pupils at 2.45pm, which is aimed at rewarding pupils for hard work during the week. One of the criteria for pupils being able to access the activities during this time is not to have had 2 detentions during the week. We have had a number of pupils who end up in detentions on a regular basis and we believe this will be an incentive for better behaviour on their part.

Outstanding Attendance
Instead of the virtual cheques that we have been issuing to classes who have over 97% attendance each week, we are using a new system this year. On a Friday afternoon, all the children who have had 100% attendance for that week, will be rewarded for this. On Monday assemblies, the attendance cup will be presented to the class which has the highest percentage of pupils with 100% for the week.

Dinner Money Reminder
May we remind you that dinner money needs to be handed into the class teacher each Monday for banking purposes. School Dinners cost £1 each day.

Morrison’s Vouchers
We are collecting Morrison’s vouchers. If you have any to spare, please bring them into school for us.

Welcome Back
We hope everyone has had a great summer holiday and enjoyed the
brilliant weather this year. We are delighted to welcome some new members of staff.
Mr Ingram (one of  our GTP students from last year) has been employed as a full time teacher in phase 2/3. Miss Pullen and Miss Dawson have joined us as teaching assistants and Miss England and Miss Brodie are our new lunchtime supervisors.

While we have a new Miss Pullen joining us, our congratulations go out to our other Miss Pullen (no relation!)  who got married during the summer and is now Mrs Warcup.

Phone Numbers & Contact Details
Please inform us of any changes to your phone numbers of addresses. It is vital that we can contact parents and carers in the case of an emergency.

Healthy Schools Meals
May we remind you that pupils should not be bringing any sweets to school, whether for playtimes or in their packed lunches. We are also encouraging them to bring a piece of fruit to school every day.

School Nurse Service
We are excited to have a new service starting at Stepney this year. On Tuesday mornings, Mrs Metcalf, our school nurse, will be based in school. She will be helping our pupils and parents on a variety of things,
including attendance issues.

School Starts on Wednesday !
Just to remind you that the first two days of this week are staff training days. School resumes for pupils on Wednesday 4th September. We hope that everyone has had a great summer holiday.
To see a full list of this year's term dates, please click here or on the 'Events & Dates' tab at the top of this page. Similarly, if you wish to view the dates for events this year, including the full list of class assemblies and exhibitions, please click here.

Hull Heritage Open Days 12th-15th September !
We have received the following poster advertising a variety of exciting events for children as part of the Hull Heritage initiative. Please click here or on the image below to see the full poster.

Please click here to see the full poster







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