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September 2011

Attendance Figures !

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 95%
Class 1: 97.7%*
Class 2/3A: 98.3%*
Class 2/3B: 99.3%*
Class 4/5 98.6%*
Class 4/5B: 98.6%*
Class 6A: 95.9%
Class 6B: 94.7%
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 96.6%, with the Year 1 class in first place with 99.3% and class 2/3B in second place with 97.7%. The attendance has risen dramatically this week. On one day, we only had 1 pupil absent, which was phenomenal. Also, there have been other pupils who have not returned to school after the summer holiday. After checking that they had moved school, without telling us, we have been able to take them off our registers.

Mr Readman Visits Stepney
This morning, we had visit from a very important member of the local authority. Mr John Readman is the Director of Children’s and Young People’s Services for the local authority. Mr Browning showed him around the school, introducing him to staff and pupils. He was extremely impressed by the friendliness and work ethic of everyone and the appearance of all our children plus the building itself. He commented on how it was great to see even the youngest children in school uniform.

PGCE Students
Mr Readman’s visit coincided with the arrival of 31 PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) student teachers from Hull University. This is an annual occurrence, whereby Miss Atkinson takes the students through our intensive Phonics Programme. Mr Readman hadn’t realised that such a programme takes place and was delighted by it. He enthused about the links that we have developed with the university. Over three days, Miss Atkinson actually teachers 90 adults—a very different challenge from teaching children!

New Parent Governors Appointed
We are delighted to announce that we have two new parents governors, Mrs Brodie and Miss Barke. We would like to welcome both ladies and we are looking forward to working with them.

African Assembly
We were treated to a brilliant assembly from our phase 2/3 pupils as they told us about the community work they are doing as a class and their theme for this term. They are studying the African continent, learning about its geography, language, music and culture. Many thanks to everyone who made this another memorable Stepney event.

Places Available at Mrs Crichton's Sewing Club
Mrs Crichton's sewing club has two spare places. If there are any year 5 pupils, who would like to join, please see Mrs Crichton.

First Football Match Looming plus Football Boots Needed !

We have been really excited by our new football coach, our new goals, and our new school football kit. We are currently organising the first match, which we hope to go ahead in the next week or two with Thoresby Primary School. We are anticipating a hard contest as they have some good players. For the last few years, Thoresby have had a 3G floodlit pitch and have had extensive coaching and training so we know we will have to play our best to compete. In 2010-2011, when we were getting the team together again for the first time in years, many of our players only had trainers. This was a definite drawback as the pupils were slipping on the grass pitches. May we urge all those who attend the after school football training on Wednesday nights to purchase a pair of studded football boots. These may be bought quite cheaply at Sports Direct or similar shops. Both molded or screw-ins studs are acceptable. We would also encourage shin pads to be worn.

Teachers Going to Sierra Leone !
On October 14th, Mr Burton and Miss Pullen will be joining a contingent of 17 teachers from various schools in Hull, travelling to Freetown in Sierra Leone. They will be working in the schools on Waste Management issues as well as having a chance to experience what life if like for the pupils growing up over there. They will be working in our twin school of the Industrial and Cooperative Preparatory School (ICoPs), which Mr Browning visited in March 2010. (Click here to read about that trip)

Pupil Council Meeting !
Mrs Rodgers and her pupil councillors held another meeting today. Please click here to see the minutes.

New Parent Governors !

We now have two new parent governors, who were elected today. Once they have been informed we will let you know who the successful candidates were.

PE Kit Available !

We have a number of spare '5-6 years' sized PE kits. For anyone who has not ordered a kit from us, please go to the school office if you wish to do so. Now that parents/carers have had a chance to purchase the new kit, either from us or local shops, we will be having a big push on ensuring children are wearing plain white T shirts and red shorts for their PE lessons. If lessons are being held outside and the weather is cold or wet, then we will encourage pupils to bring suitable outdoor PE kit, including a trainers.

Closing Date for Parent Governors Nominations!
Tomorrow is the closing date for nominations for the two parent governor vacancies. If you would like to be considered for one of these posts then please complete the attachment form, which is available by clicking here and put into the box at the school office.

Attendance figures!

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 93.9%
Class 1: 97%*
Class 2/3A: 93.4%
Class 2/3B: 97%*
Class 4/5A: 93%
Class 4/5B: 95.1%
Class 6A: 96.8%
Class 6B: 99%*
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.5%, with the Year 1 class in first place with 98.3% and class 6A in second place with 97.7%.

Funny Bones Assembly!
This morning, our autumn term class assembly schedule got off to a rousing start with our Foundation Stage and Year 1 pupils presenting a brilliant assembly all about skeletons and funny bones. The children had produced some wonderful self-portraits and sang the ‘Dem Bones’ and ‘When you’re happy and you know it’ songs. Considering that some of these pupils only started school a couple of weeks ago, it was great to see the confidence that they already have. Well done to everyone who took part and to staff for ensuring this was another memorable event.

EYFS/Yr 1 Funny Bones Assembly

A Brand New Football Kit!
We have now received the brand new Stepney Primary Football Kit, sponsored by our local Tesco Express. We are indebted to the Tesco Manager, Gordon Henderson, who has helped secure this funding, which amounted to £400. We have also had our new football coach, James, training with Mr Burton and the players on Wednesday evening. James used to be on Hull City’s books and now plays for Bridlington Town. Together with Mr Burton, who also used to play for Bridlington Town, we now have a new kit, expert coaches, and new goals. All we need now is the success on the pitch!

Click here to see a large image of this photo, showing our new football kit.

Staff Security Badges!

Today, staff have been issued with new identity badges which, unlike the last ones, show a photo. We also have new 'visitor' and 'volunteer' badges. This will improve our safe guarding standards as all adults in the building will be wearing identification.

Parents Afternoons/Evenings
We now the dates for our parents/afternoon/evenings. These will be held after the autumn and spring half term holidays. Teachers will be making assessments on pupils before the half term holidays so they will be able to share the results of these with parents and carers at this time.
Autumn 2011
Wednesday 2nd November  - Foundation Stage, Yrs 1, 2 & 3
Thursday 3rd November—Yr 4, 5, 6

Spring 2012
Wednesday 29th February - Foundation Stage, Yrs 1, 2 & 3
Thursday 1st March —Yrs 4, 5 & 6

PE Kit Delivery !

We now have some of the school PE kit orders in. If you ordered your child's kit before last Friday then please come to the school office. We are also awaiting a further delivery in the next few days.

Parent Governors Wanted !
We have vacancies for some parent governors. If you would like to be considered for one of these posts then please complete the attachment form after clicking here.

New Ofsted Inspection Details!

We have received details of the changes to the Ofsted Inspection Regime. Please click here to see this and our last two Ofsted Inspection Reports.

Miss Northen’s Success in Lincoln!

Today, Miss Northen, and her horse Majenta, achieved a brilliant sixth place in the NAF National Championships at the Lincoln Showground. Miss Northen competed in the dressage event and her team also achieved a sixth place, overall. Very well done, Miss Northen!

Miss Northen and Magenta

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 95.7%
Class 1: 99.3%*
Class 2/3A: 93%
Class 2/3B: 97.8%*
Class 4/5A: 94.3%
Class 4/5B: 90.6%
Class 6A: 98.2%*
Class 6B: 99%*
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.4%, with the Year 1 class in first place with 99% and class 6A in second place with 98%.

Sweatshirts for Sale
In an attempt to introduce an easier system of selling school sweatshirts we are trialling a new tactic. Office staff will be selling sweatshirts on Monday mornings from 8.15am onwards in the pastoral room (next to the disabled toilet on the link corridor). If you require a sweatshirt for your child then please come along on a Monday morning.

Secondary School Forms
Year 6 parents/carers have until Friday October 21st to bring their completed secondary school forms in. These are vitally important. Anyone not returning their forms by this date will face problems in getting their first choice of school for their child.

Dogs and Cats
We are having problems with mess that has been left by our neighbourhood cats. May we warn everyone to be careful where they are walking on the playground. We are doing our best to keep on top of the problem but it is proving difficult to stop at the moment.
May we also remind parents/carers that dogs are not allowed on the school premises unless they are assistance dogs.

House Captains Chosen !
Over the last week our year six pupils have been preparing their speeches for their 'House Captain' electoral campaigns. Our four houses have proven very popular over the years. We originally asked the pupils to suggest different names for these and they came up with using four significant local people: William Wilbeforce, Zachariah Pearson, Amy Johnson and Clive Sullivan. In this morning's assembly, we split the pupils up into their houses and they listened to speeches from the prospective candidates. Each pupil was then allowed to vote for one boy and one girl from each house to represent them.
The results were as follows:
Wilberforce House: Ronaldo & Nikola
Pearson House: Mimi and Zak
Johnson House: Wiktoria & Sam
Sullivan House: Jonathan and Rebecca

New School Goals !
As part of our preparations for the new football season, we assembled our new goals after school. We can't have premanent ones erected on the school as we fear that these will be vandalised but we have good quality, light-weight plastic ones which have now been taped together so they can be carried out and used within minutes. Next Wednesday, years 4&5 are having a football coach coming in to lead their games sessions, then he will be staying on after school to assist Mr Burton with the football team training sessions. Meanwhile, we await the return of our football kit, which is currently having numbers, emblems and sponsor names printed on them.

Extra Curricular Clubs Reminder !
We still need to have slips returned for those children wishing to take part in our extra-curricular clubs and activities. Mrs Heidstra and Miss Pullen have confirmed that all the places for the cookery club are taken up for the rest of the year. Children will be notified when their group will be taking part.

Drums In Place!
We have finally had the drums on our new outdoor musical equipment secured in place by the firm 'Handmade Places at Broxap'.
Meanwhile, we are having companies in to give us quotes for re-surfacing our Foundation Stage outdoor area. The last of the painting on our windows has been finished. The boiler house windows have been the last ones to be completed.
The Drums are fitted (13.9.11) Our new musical equipment is complete! (13.9.11)

Incorrect Assembly Dates!
We would like to apologise for incorrect assembly dates that were given out on last week's newsletter. The correct ones have now been entered on the 'Events & Dates' page of this website. Click here to see them.

Football Kits Arrive!
Our new school football team kits arrived today. They are now having numbers, emblem and the sponsor's name printed on them.

School Dinners' Cost!
May we remind you that the cost of school dinners is £1.30 per day.

Extra Curricular Clubs List & Reply Slips Now Available !
The Once again, we are offering a wide and varied selection of extr curricular clubs and activities. Please click here to see the letter that was sent home today, which contains all the necessary information. Please feel free to download this, complete the reply slips and return to school. All clubs will start during the week, beginning 19th September.
The Cookery club is always heavily subscribed. As there can only be a group of six pupils for each series of sessions, it'll be organised on a first come - first served basis. Mrs Heidstra and Miss Pullen will then compile a list of groups for the rest of the year.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 88.3%
Class 1: 98.7%*
Class 2/3A: 91.7%
Class 2/3B: 96.6%
Class 4/5A: 92.5%
Class 4/5B: 90.2%
Class 6A: 97.6%*
Class 6B: 95%
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94%, with the Year 1 class in first place with 98.7% and class 6A in second place with 97.6%.

Class Assembly & Exhibition List Now Available !

The schedule of Thursday class assembly and exhibition dates is now available on our events page. Click on the 'Events' tab above or here to view it.

Great News & Congratulations !
We are delighted to announce that our local Police Community Support Officer and school governor, Lana Walsham has had a baby girl. We have only just heard, as the baby was born in July. Our very best wishes go out to Ms Walsham.

Miss Northen’s Sporting Success!
On 18th July, we reported about Miss Northen's equestrian success. Miss Northen and her horse, Majenta, travelled up with the East Riding of Yorkshire team to Richmond in North Yorkshire. In spite of the driving rain, which saw all the riders wet through, Miss Northen came second in her class, which was a fantastic achievement. She has now heard that she has secured her a place in the national championships beginning on the 17th September in Lincoln!
Many congratulations, Miss Northen.

Miss Northen and Magenta

Super Police Kids Poster Competition !
We have just received details of a poster competition from the local Police Community Support Officers. Please click here for further details.

Click here for a larger copy of this advert.

Football Kit on Order !

We are delighted that Tesco Express are sponsoring a football kit for our school team. Today, Mr Browning and Mr Burton ordered the new kit, which should be here during the next week. Further details of the football team, plus other extra curricular clubs and activities will be available soon.

Care with New Playground Equipment !
May we ask parents/carers to remind their children not to use the new musical playground as a climbing frame. Some children were seen climbing on it and pulling on the tubular bells yesterday. We hope that these new additions to our school will be here for many years to come, rather than broken within the first few months.

Welcome Back !

On behalf of everyone at Stepney, we would like to wish everyone a warm welcome back to the new term and the new school year. We have some new members of staff joining us. Miss Pattrick will be taking one of the year 6 classes and Miss Laybourne is our new GTP (Graduate Training Programme) student. Miss Laybourne will be working with Miss Atkinson in year 4/5.

TV Appearance !
A presenter from Calendar news came to school today to make a report on the first day for one of our new pupils, Freddie Selby. Freddie was born with a rare heart condition and the ITV station has been following his story as he begins school. Freddie, his sister and mum were featured as they prepared for his first day and then followed them to school. Mrs Bayley and Miss Pullen were also seen in the clip and Mr Browning was interviewed, along with Freddie's mum. There was also a report in the Hull Daily Mail last night.
A clip from today's programme showing Miss Pullen and her class!

The Story of Freddie Selby 5.9.11 (Hull Daily Mail)

Playground Alterations!

We would like to apologise to parents/carers and pupils for the current state of the playground and the entrance to the Foundation Stage area. As you may be aware, we are currently improving this area and we hope to have it completed as soon as possible. We also have a new recycling bin, which we've put in the back playground. There are sections in which to collect paper, plastic, cardboard and cans. Please feel free to use them appropriately.

Our brand new recycling bin!

To see what we have been doing during the summer click here.

New PE Kit Reminder!

As we informed parents/carers during the summer term, we are introducing a school PE kit. Pupils will need to have a plain white T-shirt (different from their classroom polo shirts), and red shorts. These may be purchased from various local stores or from the school office.

New Addresses and Telephone Numbers !

If you have moved housed or changed your phone number/s, then please will you inform the school office as soon as possible. We often have to contact parents during the school day for various reasons but mainly when children are unwell. It is vital that we are able to contact an adult for them.

Training Day!

Today is a training day for staff. Pupils begin their new term tomorrow.

Contractors Signing Off!!
Our contractors, 'Sangwins' officially signed off the summer window repairs this afternoon. There's just a little more work to finish off the windows on the boiler house, which had to be completely replaced. The building is looking much better!
The scaffolding has gone and the windows look brilliant! (5.9.11) Many of the window sills have been renewed (5.9.11) The last windows to be repaired are the boiler house ones, which were completely rotten and needed to be completely replaced (5.9.11) The boiler house is open to the elements! (5.9.11)

New Orders !
While Mrs McDonald was starting to arrange for bids by companies to re-tarmac the Foundation Stage outdoor area, Mr Browning, Miss Pullen and Mrs Carmichael ordered a playhouse and storage sheds for the area.

Final Work on the New Playground Equipment!

The final work has been taking place to fit the new equipment on the back playground. The safety surfacing has been renewed and checks made on all the apparatus.
(Click here to see a page dedicated to these alterations)

The surfacing around the glockenspiels has been completed (2.9.11) The safety surfacing has now been laid around the adventure trail (2.9.11) The new adventure trail is ready for action! (2.9.11)

Removing the Scaffolding!
The last work has also been taking place to ensure the Stepney Lane windows are ready for the contractors to hand back to the school on Monday 5th September. The deadline for the work had been to finish in time for the school reopening and this has been achieved. The repaired windows are looking really good. We now have the windows facing onto the back playground to repair, which will hopefully take place next summer. The scaffolding was being taken down today.
(Click here to see a page dedicated to these alterations)

The Grills have been painted and are back on the year 6 windows (2.9.11) More grills and the year 6 windows are completed (2.9.11) The music room windows are all ready (2.9.11) Inside the year 6 classrooms with the blinds up again (2.9.11) Final touches to the painting in year 1 (2.9.11) Grills in place on the office windows (2.9.11) The railings have been given a coat of paint as well (2.9.11) Inside the EYFS classroom (2.9.11) The scaffolding is dismantled (2.9.11) The remaining scaffolding is taken apart (2.9.11)




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