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September 2010

Year 4-5 at Fort Paull
As part of their thematic work on WWII, all the pupils in years 4 and 5 travelled to Fort Paull to look at their displays on the war. Taking notes as they went, pupils researched the different jobs that people did, including the Land Army, the Wrens and Medical staff. They sampled life in the trenches and explored the fantastic Blackburn Beverley aeroplane. Blessed with beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies it made a welcome break from the rain, which had been threatening to spoil the visit. As usual, all the pupils were perfectly behaved and a credit to us all.

Fort Paull The Blackburn Beverley at Fort Paull

Book Bonanza
We had a great book sale at the end of the school day. We were selling books from our own school library as well from the schools' library service. Next week, we will continue with this - there are still a number of boxes full of books. These will be up for sale at playtimes, priced 10p or 20p each.

Year 2&3 Togetherness
What a great assembly from the year 2-3 children and infront of a packed house! We had over forty parents and carers present. The pupils inspired us all with their wonderful collage - a beautiful piece of artwork which celebrates how our very diverse school community joins together...

The Togetherness Banner A great deal of work has gone into the year 2-3 banner! What a great piece of artwork

In its final position! Looking very good!

The children also told us about their class contracts and their motto: to cooperate, concentrate and communicate:

We need to cooperate It's important to concentrate We are good at communicating

The pieces of the jigsaw fit together!

A tremendous amount of work had gone into today's assembly - many thanks to all concerned. For more information on this and other work by year 2-3 click here.

Book Sale & Fort Paull
Tomorrow, we will be having our booksale in the school hall at 3pm.
Also, a reminder that the year 4-5 children are visiting Fort Paull, as part of their thematic work on WWII. As it looks like rain, please send appropriate clothing.

Harvest Festival
Next Thursday (7th October) the year 4/5 children will be presenting their Harvest Festival class assembly. As part of this, we would be grateful if you would spare some food produce to send into school. If everyone brought in a couple of items, such as some tins or packets of produce then we would be able to make a good collection. This will then be distributed to local residential homes in the area. We feel that this is a very important part of school life as it gives children the time to think about others and to be able to share food with some of our older residents in the community. It is always very much appreciated and we usually have a tremendous response from the school. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Cookery Club is Full Up!
Mrs Heidstra would like to thank all the children who have put their names down for the cookery club. There is a limit on the number of children who can be accommodated in the six week sessions that are run. We therefore have these sessions running throughout the whole year. It has been so popular that we are already fully booked up for the whole of this academic year.

The New Surface is taking shape!
Another day of cold and rain, but the surfacing continues, unabated!
Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Click here for larger image

Much Needed Rubber Surface Replaces Bark Chippings
We have finally had our bark chippings removed from around the play equipment and the adventure area. Instead, special new rubber flooring is being laid, which will be ready for use, early next week. Despite buying bags of new bark over the years, it had definitely seen better days. Furthermore, the local cats had taken a liking to it so it had to go!

The bark chippings are gone! The Adventure Trail! No more bark! Ready for the surfacing!

Foundation Stage toys
May we ask parents/carers, who bring children to the nursery entrance to help us. While you are waiting to come into school in the morning, please will you ensure your children don’t play with the equipment that has been set out. This has been arranged by staff for the morning  teaching  session. After spending some considerable time setting this up, they are now having to rush to get it set up again.

Bonanza Book Sale
On Thursday 30th September we will be holding a bonanza book sale in the hall. These are a mixture of old books we no longer need in our library plus books for sale from the Schools Library Service. Books will mainly be priced at 20p, so please come along and see what's on offer.

Responsible Year 6 Pupils
We are very proud of the way our year six pupils always take on special responsibilities for other children in the school. As well as the House Captains, the following children have been appointed:
Librarians: Sanjidah, Lucy and Paulina, 
Sports Ambassadors: Hope and Akeem and
Junior Road Safety Officers: David and Megan.
We would like to congratulate these children on their new roles and wish them the best for the next year.

Once again we have been working with Natasha Dawson from the Humber Education Buiness Partnership. Today, Natasha has been working with the year 5/6 class on this simluation exercise. Eurogateau is an activity which aims to focus on the skills needed in the world of work - communication, co-operation, problem solving in a team. The pupils had to pretend they were setting up a French bakery and create as many 'virtual' cakes as they could in 45 minutes! At the end of it they had to calculate how much profit they had made and evaluate their performance. All had a thoroughly absorbing learning experience!

These are some views from the children:
"On Monday afternoon, year six had a fun filled time with a lady called Natasha They had to make their own cake business, using Euros. They decided on  job roles, buying and selling ingredients and cakes to balance their profit out with the things they bought and sold. They named their own bakeries. In the end it was a successful afternoon for everyone"
"It was bit of a twist because there was a bit of French as well"

"I called my group 'La Boulangerie Hollywood' because we like Hollywood as it has expensive stuff and famous people but as well as that it is posh, which my table liked. But, it wasn't just about winning, it was about taking part and being responsible"

Wider Opportunities
Mrs Phelps-Jones' class have started working with Louise Emms, from the Schools Music Service as part of the wider opportunities scheme. Last year, we had Tom Lawrence, working with us on steel drumming throughout the year. Louise is working on developing the children's musical skills using our Glockenspiels.

Attendance this week
This week the overall attendance has risen to 94%. Congratulations to year 1, class 4/5B and class 5/6 for having over 97% and well done to 4/5B for leading after week 2.

Extra curricular clubs will start on the week beginning 27th September. These are as follows
Steel Drums (Mr Browning)
Thursday at 12.30pm—year 6
Board Games 1 (Miss Atkinson and Miss Baitson)
Monday 3.15-4.15pm—years 2 and 3
Board Games 2  (Ms Saint)
Wednesday 12.30pm years 4, 5 & 6
Football (Mr Burton)
Monday or Thursday lunch—years 4, 5 and 6
Reading Buddies (Mrs McIlwaine and Miss Northen
Wednesday lunch—all welcome
Study Club (Mrs Brocklebank and Mrs Wilde)
Monday and Thursday lunch—year 6
Cookery Club (Mrs Heidstra, Miss Pullen and Mrs Hudson)
Wednesday 3.15-4.15
Choir (Mrs Phelps-Jones)
Monday 12.30pm

One of the most important jobs of each school year is to decide the house captains. As always, the children in Mrs Brocklebank’s and Mrs Wilde’s class were asked to volunteer for the posts. They had to write a speech and then deliver it to the rest of the house at a special assembly on Thursday morning.   In a truly democratic process, each member of the house was allowed to cast their vote for a boy and girl to be their captains. The results of this hotly contested event were:
Pearson House
Bartek & Tegan
Johnson House
Milana & Keegan
Sullivan House
Sharmina & Bryton
Wilberforce House
Ronaldo & Amber
Many congratulations to these pupils and well done to all the other candidates for presenting super speeches.

The school nurse, Mrs Metcalfe, has asked us to pass on the latest NHS school bulletin. Please click here to view it.

Family Funday and Football/Rugby Tournament
We have been asked to give details of an event at the Haworth Rugby Club on the 26th September. There is a funfair and raffle etc. Doors open at 9.30am. If anyone has anything they wish to donate for the raffle, please leave donations at the school office.

Nursery Menus
Now that some of the afternoon nursery children have the chance to stay for lunch, we have asked their parents to tell us, in advance, which days they wish to have a meal. As they need to tell us on Friday morning and the menus don’t go out on this newsletter until the end of the day, parents will not know what to order. From now on we will label our menus either Menu 1 or Menu 2 as they rotate. This coming week will be Menu 1 again and the week after Menu 2 etc. We hope this helps!

Class Assemblies for this half term:
EYFS and Year 1— 23rd Sept
Year 2/3 classes—30th Sept
Year 4/5 classes—7th October
Year 5/6— 14th October

Telephone Numbers
It is essential that we have up-to-date contact details for every child. We have quite a number of incidents each year when we can’t get hold of any parents/carers for a child. On a few occasions this has been when a child has required immediate medical attention including being taken to hospital.
Please let us know of phone numbers which we can contact you on, either by calling or using our school-to-parents texting service.

Miss Baitson's class carried off in the same style as her previous class with the top attendance mark for the week.

Parents of year six pupils should have received letters from the local authority containing secondary school admission forms. It is vital that these are completed and returned so that places can be allocated at the secondary schools for pupils. If you have not received a form you must speak to the office staff or contact the local authority. Completed forms may be brought back to our office staff or parents can go online—details will be in the letters

Goodbye to the Scaffolding!
The contractors have finally removed the scaffolding. The windows look much cleaner, the woodwork new and free from decay! Also, the old opening mechanisms have been replaced by modern ones so there should be much fewer draughts!

Competition Winner
Last year our pupils submitted poster designs for a competition run by the local authority’s ‘Healthy Schools’ Team’. During the summer these were judged and Luke Brodie’s entry won. This will now be made into a sign which will be erected outside our school. Many congratulations to Luke.

Just a reminder that school starts at 8.55am today.

As usual, all our pupils have returned to school with an excellent attitude! Behaviour is always good but still seems to improve each year. There is no doubt that they are a tribute to parents/carers. Once again, we are immediately back into work mode. Staff have been planning and preparing exciting and stimulating themed work for the year. Through all of this we are still concentrating on developing literacy and numeracy skills. Of course, it is very much a partnership between home and school. If you have any worries or concerns please contact us immediately.

We're delighted to welcome some members of staff back to school. Mrs Brocklebank, Mrs Hudson and Ms Saint are returning after their maternity leave.
We also have a new member of staff. Miss Pullen is joining our Early Years Foundation Stage team. This is to cover Mrs Heidstra, who will be leaving at the next half term holiday as she is expecting a baby. Our best wishes go to all these teachers.


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