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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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October 2016

Welcome Back

We hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable half term break. This second autumn half term runs until we break up for Christmas on Friday 16th December 2016.

Halloween Disco This Thursday
The Halloween disco is on Thursday this week from 3.15pm till 4.15pm.
It is £1 TO GET IN, and for this, pupils will also get a glow stick.
Each child may ALSO bring a maximum of £1 spending money for Hot dogs, drinks and sweets.
If you child wants to go to the disco in fancy dress, then please send this in a bag so they may change into their costume at the end of the school day.

Academy Conversion
We stated in the summer that Stepney Primary School would be converting to an academy on 1st September 2016. Owing to delays in the legal process, this was put back. It seems to be that the majority of schools who convert to academies have delays with the land transfer documents and we were no exception to this. Fortunately, the various local authority departments/solicitors etc have sorted the legal processes and we will be converting tomorrow on 1st November 2016.

Made In Hull Display
We had a 'Made In Hull'-themed week before half term. Time was against us on the last Friday of the term to complete the display. Classes managed to get some large versions of the letters spelling Hull finished but didn't get them up on display. We've done that today in our school hall, as you will see from photo below. Year 5 & 6 based the letter H on landmarks and buildings in the city; Year 3 & 4 did the letter U celebrating Clive Sullivan, Amy Johnson, William Wilberforce and Philip Larkin; Year 1 & 2 chose a sporting theme for their letter L and our Nursery & Reception classes created a 'Deep'-inspired L. As you may gather, comparing the letters with the height of the doors in the hall, they are quite prominent!

Harvest Festival Donations
This year, we have donated all our harvest festival collection to Hull Women's Aid. We like to choose a different charity every year and this is a very worthwhile one. Lauren Couplan-Oxley popped into school today to receive our donations. She explained that families who seek refuge often need emergency foods. This charity relies heavily on the kindness of others donating such things. We were glad to help. Our year 5 and 6 school councillors, Maliik, Fatima, Sarah and Sonny, helped Mr Browning to load bags of produce into Lauren's car for her. She was very grateful. We would also like to thank everyone who donated for their kindness and generosity.

Star Readers Assembly
This week's winners were:
Year 1 - Shania
Year 2 - Judyta
Year 3 - Lawand
Year 4 - Tony
Year 5 - Carla
Year 6 - Faye
Priscilla from year 5 presented a wonderful powerpoint on her favourite author, Jacqueline Wilson.

Half Term Holiday

Next week, we are all on holiday for the half term break. School resumes on Monday 31st October. We hope you all have a good week off. All the pupils have started back with great learning attitudes and behaviour. It was been a brilliant first half term.

Stars Of The Week
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Julia                         
Year 1 - Aisha                        
Year 2 - Daniel & Kawther    
Year 3 - Lawand
Year 4 - Jackson                   
Year 5 - Zara           
Year 6 - Piotr

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We have started the term with less than 95% but hope this is mainly due to pupils returning to school later during the week after prolonged holidays. After a good week, some of our younger pupils have been affected by a nasty sickness bug this week, which has swept through Key Stage 1 in particular. 
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 90% 
Year 1: 73.33%
Year 2: 83.33%
Year 3: 76.66%
Year 4: 75.86%
Year 5: 79.31% 
Year 6: 89.65%
Whole School Average: 81.16% 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 95.22%
Year 1: 88.33%
Year 2: 93.00%
Year 3: 96.67%
Year 4: 92.76%
Year 5: 92.41%
Year 6: 94.33%
Whole School Average: 94.48%

Breakfast Club Appeal
We have places available in our Breakfast club at the moment. This opens at 8am with cereals, toast and drink being provided. If you wish to use this facility, please bring your child along at 8am any morning and see our staff in the hall.

Hull City of Culture 2017

Our school hall is having a makeover. The flags have all been taken down to be washed as many are looking decidedly dirty and dusty. At the back of the hall, we have removed an old banner that had been made a few years ago with Foredyke Primary School. In it's place a brand new display is being prepared. To mark the first season of the Hull City of Culture 2017 year, each phase of the school has created a letter to spell out the word 'Hull'. As part of the 'Made in Hull' theme each letter is decorated with an important aspect of our city. Phase 5/6 have adorned the letter H with sketches of famous landmarks in the city; phase 3/4's letter U shows images of Amy Johnson, Clive Sullivan, William Wilberforce and Philip Larkin; while the two 'L's have sporting images on (from phase 1/2) and motives from The Deep (EYFS).

Brand New Menus
Starting on Monday 31st October, we are having some brand new menus. Pupils have been commenting favourably about the service that our new school kitchen is offering and we are confident that the revamped menu will provide even more choice. Please click here to go to the menus page of this website.

Harvest Festival Assembly

Our nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2 pupils presented our Harvest Festival assembly this morning to a packed hall of parents, staff and other pupils. It was great to hear the children's clear voices as they told us what farmers do at harvest time and when they sang and danced to 'A Dingle Dangle Scarecrow' and 'Cauliflowers Fluffy...'
We have had some generous donations of food products, which we will pass on to a charity.

A Grand Reopening
Our local Aldi store on Beverley Road has just had a major refurbishment. At the reopening this morning, we were invited to join Rosanna James from Hull Children's University. Mr Browning accompanied Megan, Narelle, Sarah and Stelina from year 6. Sarah's younger brother, Sarkar, from year 3 came along as well and was allowed to cut the red ribbon for the photographer. All the pupils received a goody bag of Aldi products and the profound thanks of the Aldi Store managers.

Local Governing Body Meeting

This evening, the first Local Governing Body of the new term took place. Owing to delays in the land transfer legal process, the conversion of all the schools in our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) did not take place on the 1st September. We will convert on 1st November instead. This sort of a delay is common for conversions. Nevertheless it was a chance for the new governing body to meet, alongside Sarah Smythe, the CEO of the MAT, Richard Grantham from Kelvin Hall and our new clerk.

A Brilliant London Trip

We've been checking the weather forecast in London for the last week and it hasn't looked very promising - raining up till 2pm. Usually the BBC weather service is accurate. Thank goodness they weren't today, because we had sun and gorgeous conditions all day.
We all met at 6.30am at Paragon Station and left on the 6.45am train to King's Cross Station in the capital. Then followed a journey on the Underground to the Embankment, with a quick walk to the London Eye. Before boarding our pods, we visited the 4D London Eye experience which wetted our appetites for the real thing. We were in two pods and enjoyed eating our packed lunch while taking in the awesome sights from this amazing London attraction. We could see for miles as conditions were crystal clear! We walked to Horse Guards' parade next to see the changing of the guard at 1pm. Looking along Whitehall to Trafalgar Square, we could see the crowds growing to welcome the official homecoming for our Olympic and Paralympic competitors. Then it was on to Downing Street, the home of Prime Minister Theresa May, where a jovial policeman joked with the children.

We then went to look around the Houses of Parliament, A lady showed us into the public gallery, where an interesting debate about the BBC was going on. The pupils were told about key events in the history of the building including stories about the suffragettes. Of special interest was the 'Votes for Women' scarf that Emily Dickinson had tried to put around the King's horse in the Derby, when she was knocked down and died.
We went into another room to have a workshop about how to make laws. Everyone enjoyed our debate.

As the sun continued to shine, we crossed St. James Park, past the Pelicans to Buckingham Palace. The Coldstream Guardsmen were on special duty as the Queen was in residence to welcome the Olympians and Paralympians. Across Green Park to the tube station, everyone enjoyed their last underground ride back to King's Cross, to buy souvenirs and catch the train home.
We arrived back at Paragon Station at 9.26pm to be warmly welcomed by parents.

It's not often that you say the words 'It was a perfect day' but that's the only way to describe yesterday's visit to London. Trains on time; no delays; no illness; impeccably well-behaved pupils; London Eye, 4D Eye, Houses of Parliament all went brilliantly.

For many of our pupils, they had not been on a train, nor been to the capital. It was an awesome day!
Mick, from the Children's University, led his team as flawlessly as ever; all the helpers were smashin'; their newest recruit, Lisa, didn't stop smiling all day and was tremendous with the children. They even made quite a good job of the colouring-in competition as well!

Stepney Station Meeting
This afternoon, Mr Browning and Mr Cameron met with officials from the Local Authority for a site visit at Stepney Station. Everyone was really interested in the art sculpture installlation that we are planning for Hull City of Culture 2017.

Harvest Festival Appeal
Next week,  EYFS and years 1 and 2 are leading our Harvest Festival. Over the years, we have used this to collect food to donate to local charities including the Salvation Army, Homeless Charities and Residential Care Homes. These are always very genuinely appreciated by the recipients. It is important to give pupils an appreciation of people less fortunate than themselves.
So… if you have any items of food that you would be willing to donate, then please will you send these in with your children next week. These include tins and cans of food, non-perishables, packets of soup, biscuits, etc. Anything that has a short shelf-life including fresh food etc is not suitable. If every child could bring in a couple of items then we would certainly have a tremendous collection.

Sirius North Gifted & Talented Day
Mrs Wilde took four of her year 6 pupils to a day of English and Maths activities and challenges at Sirius North Academy. Although the tasks they had to do were difficult, all of the pupils enjoyed the day and they won prizes for their work.

Diarrhoea and Sickness Bug
Unfortunately we have got a Diarrhoea and Sickness bug in the school.  If your child has either of the symptom’s please telephone the school to inform us and keep your child at home for 48 hours. Your child should be well enough after two days. If in doubt please contact the school again.

Star of the Week Assembly
Our Stars of the Week Winners are:
EYFS - Konrad                       
Year 1 - Grace       
Year 2 - Kaewan                     
Year 3 - Martyna
Year 4 - Labiba                       
Year 5 - Taylor            
Year 6 – Mahdiyah

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We have started the term with less than 95% but hope this is mainly due to pupils returning to school later during the week after prolonged holidays. After a good week, some of our younger pupils have been affected by a nasty sickness bug this week, which has swept through Key Stage 1 in particular. 
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Year 1: 53.33% (14 pupils didn't)
Year 2: 63.33% (11 pupils didn't)
Year 3: 70.37% (8 pupils didn't)
Year 4: 75.86% (7 pupils didn't)
Year 5: 82.75% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 6: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't)
Whole School Average: 73.66% (54 didn't have 100% attendance) 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 91.86%
Year 1: 81.21%
Year 2: 90.00%
Year 3: 91.11%
Year 4: 95.17%
Year 5: 95.89%
Year 6: 95.33%
Whole School Average: 94.71%

Year 5/6 Environmental Assembly

This week’s phase assembly was from our oldest year groups. Their thematic unit this autumn is called ‘Extreme Environments’ and one of the books they have been studying is ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry, which highlights the problems caused by deforestation in the rainforests. The pupils performed brilliantly and gave us a very poignant message about who we need to care for our planet.

Click Clever
This afternoon, we had another theatre group in school, who presented a superb e-safety production. The actors showed two scenarios. The first was about someone getting a new phone, sharing photos and details about themselves on facebook with ensuing bad comments being put on by others. The second was warning about the dangers of giving too much personal information away on on-line gaming sites. We take the dangers of using the internet very seriously, so we are always grateful for theatre groups coming into school to show different ways of getting the e-safety message across to pupils. May we ask that our pupils’ parents and carers reinforce this message at home as well. 

Trousers Please

There are still some boys who are coming to school wearing tracksuit joggers. May we remind you that the school uniform stresses that they should wear trousers. Please ensure your child is wearing the correct school attire.

London Beckons!

Next Tuesday, year 6 are going on a visit, which has come to be one of the highlights of Stepney. We are taking them to London for the day. This will mean and early start to the day at Paragon Station, to catch the train to Kings Cross, followed by a day visiting the Houses of Parliament, seeing Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and going for a spin on the London Eye. This afternoon, Mick, from the Children's University came to explain how the day's events will go. It promises to be another memorable trip.

A Poem for Barry

On Friday at Mr Foston's retirement assembly, year 2 recited a poem that had been written for him. We are delighted to share it with you...

Take Care Now, Mr Foston    
From early morning till late at night,
Our caretaker is on the site.        
He walks so softly here and there; 
Quiet as a mouse, silent as a prayer.

Checking on windows, doors and locks;
Pops up if needed like Jack in the box
There's rubbish on the field every day  
But our Mr Foston will soon sweep it away

When the fence needs fixing,         
He's quickly on the scene            
And if it's safely mended            
You know that he has been.           

Thunder & lightning,                  
The clouds pour rain.                 
If the roof is leaking                
He'll mop it up again.                

In your retirement live long, live well
Mr Foston and your good wife,         
We bid you a fond farewell.  

Mr Foston's Farewell

Today has been a poignant one for all of us. Barry Foston, our sites and premises officer has taken retirement, so we had a special assembly for him this afternoon. Mr Foston first came to work at Stepney as part of the caretaker supply team for the local authority. When the existing caretaker left, Mr Foston took over in September 1997. At the time, Mrs Megan Murray was the head teacher and she was followed by Mr Amraz Ali and then Mr Browning. Throughout the intervening nineteen years, Mr Foston has been a stalwart of the school. As well as doing an admirable job of all his daily work, he has been a firm and faithful friend to everyone. Always willing to help people, Barry's kindness and generosity of spirit have brightened even the darkest of days. Teachers usually arrive at school an hour or so before the start of the school day. Mr Foston has been there to welcome them with his ever-smiling face and corny jokes! At the end of the day, especially when the dark nights have been upon us, he has safely escorted staff to the car park.
Over the years, we have had many changes and building work taking place in the school. Mr Foston has kept a careful eye on all proceedings and ensured that work has been completed properly. His helpfulness has been commented on by all our contractors. Apparently at some schools, the caretakers may be often grumpy but not with Mr Foston at Stepney.
All the pupils know him as Barry, and he has featured prominently in many people's lives. Over the past years, Barry has had illness issues to contend with and parents have always shown their concern for his well-being when he has been absent.
Along with Barry, his wife Pat, who has been a cleaner, lunchtime supervisor and reading assistant at school has also now retired. The family tradition has been strong at Stepney. In addition to his daughter, Zoe, who works at our school, numerous of Pat and Barry's grandchildren have passed through our school. We were delighted to welcome many of them to our assembly this afternoon.
We presented Barry with cards, gifts and recited poems and sang songs. As a lasting memory of Barry and Pat, we are delighted to announce that we have a new trophy to award to pupils. Named after Barry's more endearing trait, it is called 'The Foston Kindness Cup' and will be awarded to pupils who show outstanding friendship, respect and kindness to others.
Happy retirement Pat and Barry!

Stars of the Week
This week's winners were:
EYFS - Fadak                        
Year 1 - Brandon       
Year 2 - Brin                          
Year 3 - Annalise
Year 4 - Warren                     
Year 5 - Kareena           
Year 6 - Elena

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We have started the term with less than 95% but hope this is mainly due to pupils returning to school later during the week after prolonged holidays. 
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Year 1: 82.70% (5 pupils didn't)
Year 2: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't)
Year 3: 96.29% (1 pupil didn't)
Year 4: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't)
Year 5: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) 
Year 6: 80.00% (6 pupils didn't)
Whole School Average: 87.44% (25 didn't have 100% attendance) 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 94.81%
Year 1: 96.18%
Year 2: 95.33%
Year 3: 99.26%
Year 4: 97.24%
Year 5: 96.98%
Year 6: 95.17%
Whole School Average: 95.38%

Phase 3/4 Assembly

The first class assembly of the new school year was presented by years 3 and 4. Their thematic unit for this term is on Tourism. Complete with a powerpoint display, the pupils took us on a whistle-stop tour of famous sites near and far. We heard about attractions we may see in Hull as well as others in cities such as London. This was a fitting reminder to year 6, who will be visiting the capital in a week or two. They also told us about the literacy work they have been doing and shared some video clips of them reading out their latest literary creations. A packed hall with over thirty parents and the rest of the school was in awe of this wonderful assembly. Well done to all the pupils and staff in phase 3/4.

Sunshine House
Sunshine House, in Walker Street, Hull offers short breaks for children and young people with long term conditions, life-limiting conditions and/or complex health needs. Our teaching assistants have recently raised some money for this organisation. Every week, they bake for charity and choose a different organisation to donate the money to.
Miss Webb received the following letter a few days ago.

"Dear Miss Webb
On behalf of myself, the staff and the children and young people who use Sunshine House for shortbreaks. We would like to thank you and your colleagues for your very kind donation of £127 (Cheque). The monies will be spent on items for the children who use Sunshine House in particular towards buying garden equipment.
Your sincerely
Jayne Booth
Clinical Manager for Sunshine House"

Fire Covers

Owing to one of the fire alarms being accidentally triggered the other day, we have had plastic covers put over the break-glass alarm buttons. In case of a fire, these may be simply lifted up but they should at least prevent be set off by accident!

Trophy Cabinet

When we had the new hall doors created for our kitchen, we had to remove the three trophy cabinets which were in the hall. Mr Coles managed to fit one of them near to the old front door but this still was not enough room to house all the shields and cups. He has therefore turned the old office hatchway into a glass trophy cabinet. Our latest 'silverware' now looks resplendent in this new feature. The timing is perfect because on Friday, we will be announcing the introduction of a brand new cup. More details to follow...

Football Result

This afternoon, our football team played in their rearranged match from last week. Mr Ingram reported that 'We lost 2v0 and then won 1v0 against Adelaide tonight. We seemed to struggle in the first match after having a week without a match but the team did a good job to get back to winning ways in the second match.'

Class Assemblies
There wasn’t a ‘Star of the Week’ assembly this week, due to the dance workshops taking place. Next week, we have the first of our class assemblies.
At 10.15am on Thursday 6th October, it is the Year 3 & 4 Phase Assembly.
Thursday 13th October—Phase 5/6
Thursday 20th October—EYFS & Phase 1/2 Harvest Festival Assembly

Year 6 Secondary School Forms Reminder
May we remind parents of year 6 pupils that the forms for secondary school choices need emailing off before the half term holiday.

New On-Entry System

We are really pleased with the extra space that we have created for the school admin offices. These rooms have given us a much better area for our office staff. It has also provided a bigger reception to welcome parents and other visitors to the school, as well as tightening our school security arrangements. As part of this, we have a new computerised on-entry system. Whether staff, parents or visitors, all adults now have to 'sign in' via a computer console. All visitors will be asked to enter their details onto a touch-screen monitor, their photo taken and a visitor sticker given out. In this way, we will know exactly who is in our building at any given time.

Term Dates 2017-2018
The Hull Schools Calendar for 2017-2018 has now been released. Please click on the link below to access this.





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