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October 2012

Pink Friday!
Our staff have been supporting one of the cancer research charities with an event called 'Pink Friday'. They sold buns in school for 20p each, much to the delight of the pupils and raised £134.20 to send to the charity as well. There were even plenty of buns left to sell to parents at the end of the school day.

Half Term Holiday!
Today was the last day of the first half term of the autumn. We start back to school on Monday 5th November.

School Disco!
We had a brilliant Halloween disco this evening. As always, it proved to be one of the more popular discos of the year with everyone dressing up and joining in with the fun.

Christmas Shoe Boxes Reminder!
Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child
May we remind you about the Christmas Shoe Box project. They will be collected on Wednesday 14th November, which means we need to have them back in by the end of the first week back after the half term holiday. Last year, we had a tremendous response. We would be grateful for as much help as we can this year as well.

Stepney Community Choir!
We are delighted to announce the start of another initiative at Stepney. This year, we are employing the services of the 'Music Academy for Schools and Communities' to lead on our music provision at school. This specialist help is already having a big impact on our school. One of the teachers, Mrs Rice, who is a former local authority music advisor, is going to start a community choir. This was requested by our school pupil council. It is open to pupils from years 2 to 6 by themselves or with their parents. We would be delighted for brave parents/carers to join their children for what promises to be an exciting project. The first rehearsal will begin on Wednesday 14th November from 3.15pm to 4.15pm and will be held in the large year 6 classroom. If you wish to attend, please will you return the permission slip on the letter home as soon as possible.

Poppy Appeal!
Our year 6 pupils are starting to bring around the poppies for sale. We also have some rubber wrist bands. The Royal British Legion have asked that pupils pay £1 for these. We have decided that if pupils pay £1 for the band, they will get a poppy as well. It may well be a good time to start collecting rubber wrist bands. We had special Stepney 125 celebration bands made for us last year and gave these out free to pupils. As well as the poppy ones, we are also selling wrist bands for Children in Need day and giving away some free 'Anti-bullying Week' ones.

Parents/Carers Consultation Days
Letter have gone home regarding the consulation days for parents and carers. These are taking place on Wednesday 7th November for Nursery, Reception, and years 1, 2 & 3. Thursday 8th November is the designated day for years 4, 5 & 6. Please return the supply slip this week to help us guarantee you a place.

New PE Coach Visits!
All the pupils were delighted to meet Mr Rookyard today. Mr Browning took him around the school to meet everyone. Mr Rookyard will be starting after the half term holiday. He will be taking lunchtime sports clubs, then leading the teaching of PE in the afternoons across the school, followed by a range of afterschool clubs, including the return of the school football team. In the first few weeks, he will be working with Miss Northen, our PE coordinator, to finalise his timetable and lesson plans. This is an exciting new venture for us and we are all looking forward to developing the sporting potential of our pupils.

Beware Bikes!
We are delighted to see so many pupils travelling to school on their bicycles. However, we are having some issues at the start and end of the school day. There have been some very near misses, involving the older pupils on their bikes and our youngest pupils. Please will parents/carers remind their children that once they are on the school premises they need to get off their bikes and walk with them.

Endeavour Enterprises!
All term, our year 6 pupils have been going to Endeavour school to use their design and technology facilities. This afternoon, some made clay Halloween models, and others baked cookies.

Our six pupils have now completed their bikeability safety course. Thirteen brought their bikes and pass the level 1 course with twelve of these progressing to achieve a level 2. They will be presented with certicates, badges and bike lights on Thursday.

Former Pupil Sends A Photo!
We have received an email from Mr John Baxter, who attended Stepney in the 1950s. He has kindly sent us a photo of the senior boys, as they posed for the camera, shortly before breaking up for their 1953 summer holiday. We would like to thank him for his memories and the photo. This has been added to our album of old school photos, which may be found in the history section of this website. Click here to see the album.

Click here to see the album

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 95.6%
Class 1: 96.8%
Class 2/3A: 97.9%*
Class 2/3B: 92.8%
Class 4/5A: 93.1%
Class 4/5B: 96.2%
Class 6A: 98.8%*
Class 6B: 92%*
*These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.9 %. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 98.5% with 2/3A in second place with 97.3%.

School Disco
The Halloween disco is on Thursday 25th October. This will start straight after school and finish at 4.30p.m. The cost is 50p and this includes a drink. There will be a tuck shop available if your child wants to buy sweets.  

Phase 2/3 Assembly !
In front of a packed assembly hall, with over fifty parents joining us, we watched a brilliant assembly by the year 2 and 3 pupils. Their thematic unit for this term is called 'The Streets of London'. As well as singing us the song of that name, the pupils told us facts and figures about famous landmarks in the capital. They talked about Buckingham Palace; the Tower of London; the London Eye; St Paul's Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament. As always, we had some impressive speaking from our pupils. Many thanks to everyone who helped prepare the assembly.

Pink Friday !
Some of our staff are supporting one of the cancer research charities at the moment with an event called 'Pink Friday'. Next Friday, they are baking buns and selling them in school for 20p each. Please send money with your child if s/he wishes to help us in this event

Christmas Fayre
This year's Christmas Fayre will be held on Thursday 6th December, starting at 2.30pm

Asthma Pumps
Please may we remind parents/carers to make sure that if their child is asthmatic then they have a punp in school and that it is kept up to date.

Stranger Danger Alert !
We have had reports of incidents in the neighbourhood which parents/carers need to be aware of. A green car has been seen and some of our pupils approached by the occupants. Fortunately, the pupils were extremely sensible, going straight inside their homes to warn their mums. The police were informed immediately and have taken details. In assembly this morning, Mr Browning spoke to all the pupils about this and praised the pupils who had acted properly.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Wiktor & Evie
Class 2/3a-Viktoria & Kerry
Class 2/3b-Adam & Narelle
Class 4/5a-Alishia & Kallam
Class 4/5b-Finley & Martina
Class 6a-Cody & Phoenix
Class 6b–Charlotte & Blessing

Yr 6 Bikeability Starts!
Fourteen of our year six pupils brought in their bicycles today. The two bikeability coaches took them through the basics of safety checks on their cycles and helmets. The netball court provided an ideal safe environment to start practising their cycling skills.

Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child

Kathy Webb from Samaritan's Purse visited us today to take our assembly. She told the pupils about this year's project to send Christmas gifts to children in Romania. First, she told us about children who are living in sewer pipes and holes in the ground in Romania and the difference that sending a christmas box can make. Kathy then had pupils up at the front of the hall to demonstrate the sorts of things that could go in the box. These included writing things, things you could wear plus soft toys. She reminded pupils that they should not put any liquids in as these can burst and no toys or other items about war, such as toy soldiers, toy guns etc. A leaflet has been sent out to give parents/carers further details. She will be coming in to collect the boxes on Wednesday 14th November, which means we need to have them back in by the end of the first week back after the half term holiday. Last year, we had a tremendous response. We would be grateful for as much help as we can this year as well.

Yr 6 Bikeability Next Week!
Please may we remind the year 6 pupils who are taking part in the Bikeability programme that they will need to bring their bicycles on Monday. Before this, the machines need checking to ensure they are in good working order.

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 94.6%
Class 1: 96.1%
Class 2/3A: 96.1%
Class 2/3B: 93.3%
Class 4/5A: 97.6%*
Class 4/5B: 95.9%
Class 6A: 98.8%*
Class 6B: 98.8%*
*These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 96 %. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 98.5% with 2/3A and 4/5A in joint second place with 97.3%.

More Able Writer's Workshop !
Miss Atkinson and Miss Pattrick accompanied six year 6 pupils and five year 5s to Thoresby Primary School for a full day session on writing. The course was targeting our more able writers in these two year groups. They met an author, GP Taylor who showed them how he builds characters in his books.

Red, White & Blue Day
We had a successful fund raising day on Friday, wearing non-school uniform and red, white and blue! We raised £97.16.

Harvest Festival Bonanza!

We were treated to a wonderful harvest festival assembly, courtesy of the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils. To the backdrop of Miss Cotson's wonderful harvest display of all the produce that pupils and parents have kindly donated, the gathered school and parents watched out youngest pupils put on a delightful show! They sang harvest related songs such as 'Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow' and 'Cauliflowers Fluffy...'; they showed us the dozens of model scarecrows and scarecrow pictures; our Reception pupils amazed us with pictures painted in raspberry juice and they told us all about the harvest. This was definitely the most memorable part of the assembly. The speakers delivered their lines off by heart, with loud confident voices that even those at the back could hear. It was indeed a great occasion and heartfelt thanks go to the EYFS/Yr 1 staff for all their efforts in preparing it.

Harvest Produce Deadline!
There is still time to bring in other items for our Harvest Collection. We will taking the gifts to local sheltered accommodation in the next few days but we will still be grateful for any further contributions.

More Able Writer's Workshop !
Miss Atkinson and Miss Pattrick accompanied six year 6 pupils and five year 5s to Thoresby Primary School for a full day session on writing. The course was targeting our more able writers in these two year groups.

Water Bottles !

Many thanks to parents/carers for helping us with the water bottles for your children. Please will you ensure that only water is sent in the bottles. Pupils are not allowed to bring juice, milk or other drinks in them. The purpose of the bottles is to help pupils keep up good levels of hydration so this is the main reason for us insisting that it is water only in bottles.

Rainbow Writing Winners!

This week's winners are:
Year 1—Muna & Lennon
Class 2/3a-Ellis & Zainb
Class 2/3b-Scott & Madiha
Class 4/5a-Jesscia & Rahma
Class 4/5b-Morgan & Alicia
Class 6a-Mawdud & Paulina
Class 6b–Zakir & Ashleigh

Mouth Watering M
orsels !
This afternoon, our two Wyke Area School Councillors, Brandon and Lilli from year 6 went with Mrs Rodgers to Thoresby for a meeting with a difference! They had been invited to an afternoon of cooking with councillors from other local schools. They made chocolate and beetroot muffins; carrot and courgette cakes and banana and berry smoothies. Although they didn't bring any samples back to school, they assured us that their baking was absolutely delicious, especially the chocolate and beetroot muffins. Our thanks go to Thoresby for hosting the event.

PE Coach Appointment !
Today, Mr Browning, Mr Morfitt and Miss Northen were interviewing four candidates for our new PE Coach post. To help them out, our two phase 2/3 classes and the two phase 4/5 classes took it in turns to be taught multi-skills activities for half an hour by each of the candidates. They were then interviewed by the panel. The competition was very stiff and the panel had a difficult decision to make. We are delighted to announce that Marc Rookyard has been appointed and will be joining us after the half term holiday.

Thank You from St. Nics!
Mr Browning has received a lovely letter (dated 6th October 2012) from St.Nicholas Parish Church in the Gipsyville area of Hull which read:
"Dear Sir,
On behalf of St. Nicholas Parish Church, can I express my thanks for the loan of Harvest Festival decorations made by the children and teacher, Mr. Neil Cameron.
They were incorporated in our decorating of the church and were appreciated by the congregation at our Harvest Festival today.
We hope they are equally appreciated at your own Harvest Celebrations this week.
Your faithfully,
June Collier
P.C.C. Secretary"

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 96.9%
Class 1: 90.3%
Class 2/3A: 97.9%*
Class 2/3B: 97.6%*
Class 4/5A: 98.6%*
Class 4/5B: 93.8%
Class 6A: 96.2%
Class 6B: 89.3%
*These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.9%. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 98.4% and 2/3A are in second place with 97.5%.

Here Come the Tudors!
Phase 4/5 treated us to a brilliant assembly all about their thematic unit on the Tudors. Already, they have visited Gainsborough Old Hall for a Tudor day and this has inspired them for their further studies of the period. We heard about different facets of Tudor life and Jessica recited her fantastic verse about Henry VIII, his many wives and the concern that he ate too many pies! Well done to everyone who contributed.

Assembly Tomorrow !
Just a reminder that the phase assembly this week, will be tomorrow morning at 10.30am, rather than today. This is due to the PGCE students working on their phonics in school. This is the last of the three sessions that Miss Atkinson has been running for the university students.

Newland Chill Out !
We have received details of a youth club that some of our oldest pupils may be interested in. Please click here to see the full size poster. Click here to see a larger image

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Zara & Casey
Class 2/3a-Ellie & Sinead
Class 2/3b-Klaudia & Edwin
Class 4/5a-Millie & David
Class 4/5b-Bradley & Luke
Class 6a-Lilli & Cameron
Class 6b–Tarek & Victoria

Red, White & Blue Dressing Up Day!
The 12 October 2012 is Red, White and Blue Day. The Army Benevolent, together with the Navy Benevolent Fund and RAF Benevolent Fund are asking schools across the country for support by taking part.
The focus of the campaign will be on Service children, who are affected by the pressures and complications of life in the Armed Forces – including the mobility of Service families; parents being deployed overseas for long periods; and, worst of all, the ever present fear of Dad or Mum not returning home. Councillor Steve Walker, Lead Member for Hulls' Armed Forces and Veterans, is supporting this event and is keen for Hull schools to be involved. We are supporting this by asking for pupils to pay 50p to come dressed in Red, White & Blue on the 12th.

Water Bottles
Hydration is always an important part of learning. Our pupils do benefit from having fresh water to drink in class. We have water dispensers dotted around the school and have tried different types of containers, ranging from cones, to cups and to plastic bottles. We have just bought in new bottles for everyone. Given the number of pupils in the school, it is extremely difficult for us to have these water bottles cleaned on a daily basis. We have been informed by the school nurses that this needs to happen. We are therefore giving each child a new bottle to keep. When it’s brought home each night , we would be grateful if parents/carers would clean and refill them.

Harvest Festival Produce
We will be having our Harvest Festival assembly on Thursday 11th October. Our Foundation Stage and year 1 pupils will be leading the assembly and then we will be distributing the goods we collect to nearby residential homes. The residents are always extremely grateful and look forward to seeing the pupils who deliver them. We are asking all pupils to contribute two or more items. These may be a simple as a tin of beans or soup. If every pupil brings something then we will obviously have a sizeable contribution to make. Pupils need to bring produce to their class teacher. Please help us.

PE Coach Shortlisting
The deadline for applications for our PE coach was on Friday 28th September. Today, Mr Browning and Chair of Governors, Mr Morfitt were busy looking through the seventy six applications. Once again, we have been delighted by the tremendous response.




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