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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
Here is the News...
November 2017

Christmas Dinner
We will be having our School Christmas lunch at midday on Thursday 14th December. This will be followed by the School Christmas Disco between 3.15pm till 4.15pm on the same day.

KS1 Parents' Consultation and Parent Voice
We had our first series of parents' consultations this afternoon in the school hall. Mr Cameron and Mrs Carmichael met with year 1 and 2 parents. We were also asking if parents would be willing to complete some online questionnaires for us. These are the official Ofsted questionnaires. In order to make the process of signing up for this easier, we obtained special guest logins from Ofsted.

This Week's Ethos
This week's theme is...

Remembrance Service
We had a brilliant Remembrance Service today. Our pupils were wonderfully behaved; the year six readers were eloquent, clear and very professional, tackling some difficult texts with challenging words; everyone sang beautifully; the bagpiper and standard bearer added another dimension and Father Phil was excellent. He really has been a breath of fresh air and we truly feel our Church/School relations are growing and strengthening. Many thanks to parents and relatives who attended. We loved having you join us!

On Friday 17th November, it is this popular charity event. We are asking for everyone to pay £1 and come in something SPOTTY! This could also include painting spots on your face, sticking round stickers on your top, wearing a spotty scarf or decorating accessories with spots. Buns will be on sale at break for 20p and glow in the dark wrist bands will be on sale for £1 each from Monday 13th.

Stars of the Week
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Mickey                      
Year 1 - Jessica
Year 2 - Patrick                      
Year 3 - Krystian
Year 4 - Martyna                     
Year 5 - Mohammad
Year 6 - Mona

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  The figures for the first week are worse on paper than they actually are as we have pupils on our roll who have left the school but we are still awaiting official confirmation of this.
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 92.59% (2 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 96.00% (1 pupil didn't) 
Year 2: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 96.42% (1 pupil didn't) 
Year 4: 82.75% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 92.85% (2 pupils didn't)  
Year 6: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) 

Class Attendance
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 98.52%
Year 1: 98.40%
Year 2: 97.33%
Year 3: 98.57%
Year 4: 96.21%
Year 5: 98.57%
Year 6: 97.67%
Whole School Average for this year: 95.46%

Benchball Excitement 

Our year 5 pupils played a series of benchball matches at Stepney this afternoon. Although Stepney ended up as overall winners, there was superb sportmanship from both St. Vincents and our children. All the matches were played in tremendous spirit. Many thanks to Mr Jones for organising this. He certainly leads by example.

Remembrance Service Artwork
This Friday (10th November), we are taking the pupils to St. Mary’s Church, Sculcoates. We will be there for a Remembrance Service. This is a new departure for us and marks another of the exciting new links that we are making with Father Phil and the staff at the church. We wish to invite you to our service. This will start at 10.30am and include hymns and readings by our pupils. Staff and pupils have been busy making some wonderful poppy-inspired artwork, which has now been put on display in the church.

This year is a particularly poignant time as 100 years ago in 1917, WWI was taking place.
We hope that many parents and friends will be able to join us for this very special service. Please join us at St. Mary’s for a 10.30am start.

Football Results from Kelvin Hall
Mr Jones and Mr Brown took our football team for the second installment of their football tournament. We won one and lost two (but these were only by single goals). The team showed a much improved performance and qualified as the highest team in the lower league. Hopefully, our team will do even better over the next games in the new year.

A Viking Experience
Two staff from the Jorvik Viking Museum in York visited our school today. They spent the day with years 5 & 6 showing them Viking clothes and everyday articles. They shared myths and traditional tales with our enthusiastic pupils, who already seemed to know quite a lot (perhaps courtesy of Marvel films!) It was a brilliant opening day for their new thematic unit.

Rembrance Service on Friday 10th November
We are delighted with the energy that Father Phil has brought to his role as the new priest of St. Mary's Church, Sculcoates.
For many years, we have gone every year to the church for a Christmas Assembly. At the start of the academic year, Mr Browning and Father Phil arranged a series of different events linking the school and church. Father Phil joined us for our Harvest Festival assembly and we will be going to the church on Friday 10th November at 10.30am for a special Remembrance Service. This week, pupils have been preparing art work on the theme of poppies, which will then go in the church. We hope many of you will be able to join us for this important event. A hundred years ago, in 1917, WWI was still taking place so this November, and especially next year, will be poignant services.
Other activities at the church have been scheduled for Christmas and Easter.

Poppies on Sale
We are now selling a variety of poppy gifts, ranging from stick-on-poppies to bracelets and key fobs. Mrs Purkins will be in the playground every morning with her box of gifts and some of our year 6 pupils will be coming around classes in the afternoons to sell poppy badges.

Museum in a Box
Staff from 'Heritage Learning' have been working with year 5 and 6 pupils on an exciting new project. Over the next few weeks, they will produce their own museum in school. Today, they had workshops on recording everyday objects, such as chairs, as if they were museum artefacts. They then looked at actual museum objects. It was an inspiring day!

Parent Consultations
Our Autumn parent consultations will take place during the second week back after the October half term hols. This is the week beginning 13th November 2017. Last year, we trialled having these in the school hall, rather than in classrooms. This proved to be successful, with much easier access for parents. This year, we are extending it to all our year groups and holding the sessions on two days:
Monday 13th November Reception, years 1 and 2
Tuesday 14th November for years 3, 4, 5 & 6
Further details about making appointments have gone out in a letter today.

This Week's Ethos
This week's theme is...

School Starts Tomorrow
We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable bonfire night. School restarts tomorrow and then we have a seven week half term, breaking up on Friday 22nd December. This is later than most years but does mean that pupils don't return to school until Tuesday 9th January 2018.

Friday 24th November - Years 1 & 2
Friday 1st December -Years 3 & 4
Friday 8th December - Years 5 & 6

Christmas Productions
Wednesday 13th December - Nursery & Reception
Thursday 14th December - Years 1 & 2
Wednesday 20th December - Year 3 & 4








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