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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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November 2013

Phase 2/3 and Year 1 Enjoy a Multicultural Afternoon! 
We had a crowded hall this afternoon when members of the Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA) visited us. About 20 people representing different cultures and countries brought artefacts, clothing and photos from their home countries. Our phase 2/3 and year 1 pupils were given a carousel of activities including singing and dancing but arguably the best part of the proceedings was to dress up in wonderful costumes. It was really a spectacle and added yet another dimension to the rich and vibrant African unit that our phase 2/3 pupils have been studying this term. Our thanks go to all concerned for giving us a truly memorable experience this afternoon.

Year 6 Tree Planting! 
Year 6 joined David Longthorne this afternoon to plant trees along the banks of Barmston Drain. This is the third year that we've been involved with this project and we're delighted that our pupils are helping to improve the local environment.

Attendance Figures
We are continuing to monitor our attendance figures and offer help and support to parents in order that their children can improve their attendance or maintain 100% attendance. At the moment our attendance for the year is 95.64%. This is a big improvement on last year's final percentage but it is important that we still work towards our target of 96%.

Those Pupils with 100% Attendance this week 
Reception: 87.9% (4 pupils didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1: 87.9% (3 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3a: 85.18% (4 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3b: 92.85% (2 pupils didn't)
Class 4/5a: 91.3% (2 didn't)
Class 4/5b: 91.66% (2 didn't)
Class 6a: 77% (7 didn't)
Class 6b: 94.44% (1 didn't)

Class Attendance for the week
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same.
Reception: 94.40%
Year 1: 95.88%
Class 2/3a: 94.55%
Class 2/3b: 96.57%
Class 4/5a: 96.17%
Class 4/5b: 94.65%
Class 6a: 94.98%
Class 6b: 98.77%https://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gif-

Children In Need Day!
We are delighted to report that we raised £159.76 for this charity.

Christmas Jumper Day!
We are having a special fundraising day on Friday 13th December. For £1, pupils and staff can come in their Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. If  pupils don’t have a jumper, there will be resources to decorate their sweatshirts for the day (these won’t be permanent of course!)

Simply Brilliant !
Our Foundation Stage and Year 1 areas were positively buzzing on this morning with their latest exhibition. The theme for the Foundation Stage was the body, and there were plenty of activities going on, including craft, ipads, reading as well as parents and carers looking at their children’s work. In year 1, some were making CD covers about the Beatles, others were making mobile phones and Gruffalo models, while another group made mosaics. All these tied in with the work the class has been doing this term. Many thanks to the 31 parents who attended. All the comments from the exhibition have been posted on our website as usual.

The Parents’ and Carers’ VOICE
We asked our adult visitors to the EYFS/Yr 1 exhibition what they thought about this morning’s activities. All comments have been recorded. XXX has been used to substitute people’s names. We appreciate the time that people have taken to complete these and we will follow up on suggestions, ideas and comments made. Thank you.

What did you enjoy about it?
“I loved every moment watchin and spending time with XXX she's come on so much I'm really pleased"
"I had a good time today morning. This time spend with my children was fantastic. We like doing things together"
"I very happy"
"The way you made them observations are very good"
"I loved it and so did my daughter and her friends. I liked looking through their work and the little bit of craft work we did."
"Today has been amazing. I'm really pleased with XXX seeing how far she has come is wonderful her book has come on lovely she doing fantastic"
"I think this exhibition is great. I like watch how my daughter play and learn with another children. I like it! Thank you!"
"I enjoyed nice. It's good idea I get close to"
"Doing activity with my girl and seeing her sharing"
"I enjoyed evrey singel minse with XXX and I had I really nice time with XXX. Thank you very much for everey ones."
"I enjoyed making hand pattern with my XXX it was very exciting. loved it"
"I did enjoyed almost every thing. Its was excellent"
"I enjoyed helping XXX make a skeleton and I also enjoyed watching him do his initial in mosaic"
"Enjoyed doing activities with the children"
"I enjoyed alot every thing about it. The idea about it, to see how our kids growing and learning alot of thing"
"Being involved in XXX's work"
"I really enjoyed everything especially making the phones"
"Seeing my child how he is in the school environment am pleased to see he is his own person and does not do the activities his friends do. How the teachers interact with the children and having a chance to look at his school books"
"I enjoyed nice. It's good idea I get close to"
"I enjoyed it every activity was nice"
"We like lots sticking and gluing it was fun"
"The activities were very educational. Staff were very helpful. The atmosphere was very calming and happy. I enjoyed seeing all the children enjoying themselfs and parents & carers joining in. It was also nice to see the headteacher getting involved"
"It was nice watching and listening to the children telling us what the like and learn at school"
"We did enjoy very well. Because we are coming from different country and learning methods are there different we now know how is it going here and we are very pleased. Specially reading. I saw XXX is happy to read new books in school"
"It's good to see my son reading with an adult in school. He really liked the hand making too"

How could we improve it?
“Nothing to improve at the moment"
"I think doing fine. You don't need to improve it anymore"
"You couldn't it been very fun and creative"
"I don't think you could as the surrounding and atmosphere was perfect. There was also more than enough for the children to do"
"Nothing, these exhibitions brings teachers, parents and children together"
"Get some left handed scissors for XXX"
"I think you doing fine you don't need to improve anything"
"Keep it up"
"Everything is great"
"I don't think you should improve, it just fine"
"It doesn't need improving so the tasks they had to do were very well thought about and done brilliantly"
"Think it was fab just 1/2 more would be great"
"You just doing fine. Thank you"
"No comments"
"Keep it up"
"I think doing fine. You don't need to improve it anymore"
"Nothing to improve at the moment. I'm really pleased"

Christmas Secret Shop !
Yes, it's that time of the year again! Mr Morfitt is in final preparations for this year's Christmas Secret Shop: the opportunity for pupils to buy those extra presents for their loved ones! The price of the gifts will be £2. We always try to keep the price down but can't get any decent gifts for less than this. The shop is not a profit-making one. What we charge covers the cost from our suppliers. Next week, on Friday 6th December, the shop doors will be opening so pupils need to bring their money with them.

Christmas Production Dates
December 2013
- EYFS/Yr 1 Production - Mon 16th
- Phase 2/3 Production - Tues 17th
- Phase 4/5 Production - Thurs 19th

Christmas Events' Dates
December 2013
- Christmas Secret Shop - Fri 6th
- Christmas Fayre - Thurs 12th
- Christmas Service at St. Mary's Sculcoates - Friday 20th

Talk of The Town!

We now have a new visitor to our school on Mondays. Karen Legge is a speech and language specialist who will be working with us over the next two years. She has already spent several days in school, working with our literacy coordinator, Miss Atkinson and our SEN coordinators, Mrs Brocklebank and Mrs Wilde, along with other staff and pupils. This is an exciting new venture as we will be using different strategies over the next few years to enhance our learning and teaching opportunities for our pupils and staff.

Mighty Maths Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1  Mohammed & Tallulah 
Class 2/3a Wiktor & Kori  
Class 2/3b Hassan & Ellis
Class 4/5a Edwin & Andy
Class 4/5b Luke & Shakira
Class 6a Cailey & Thevmini
Class 6b Mohsin & Therese

Buddhist Assembly & Workshops
Miss Laybourne had arranged yet another different RE assembly this morning. Members of the Buddhist temple near Pocklington came to talk to the whole school and also took some workshop sessions with phase 2/3. It was certainly interesting for everyone to hear about what happens at the temple and the different ceremonies that take place there.

Rainbow Writing Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Tallulah & Matthew
Class 2/3a Zainb & Michal 
Class 2/3b Sunny & Deborah
Class 4/5a Max & Abigayle
Class 4/5b Seraphima & Shane
Class 6a Kallam & Martina
Class 6b Mark & Mohsin

David Longthorne - Tree Planter Extraordinaire!
For the last two years, we have had David Longthorne popping into school to enlist the help of our year 6 pupils in a neighbourhood planting project. Alongside Barmiston Drain, he has been planting trees and shrubs to enhance the area. He came in today to explain to our year 6s exactly what they will be expected to do, when he returns on Friday afternoon. He told them about the care that will be required when handling and planting the trees. We ask that parents and carers of these pupils ensure they come to school with a waterproof coat and sensible shoes.

The Cycle and Scooter Racks Arrive!
As we announced several weeks ago, we have ordered some new cycle and scooter racks and these have been fitted today. The existing cycle rack has been getting packed to overflowing as more and more pupils choose to come to school on their bikes or scooters. Mr Browning and Mr Foston moved it away from the entrance to the school and into the corner where it has been now been joined by our new additions. May we remind parents and carers that pupils may bring their own locks to secure their bikes.

The Choir At St. Stephens
The following link features a story and video of our school choir performing at St Stephen's shopping centre as part of the Beatles celebration.

Hands On History
Our year 6 classes were given a real sense of life in Victorian Britain by visiting the 'Hands On History' museum in Hull today. At Stepney, we are keen for our pupils to have rich experiences like this which had to the richness of their curriculum and provide a stimulus for their school work.

Attendance Figures
We are continuing to monitor our attendance figures and offer help and support to parents in order that their children can improve their attendance or maintain 100% attendance. At the moment our attendance for the year is 95.67%. This is a big improvement on last year's final percentage but it is important that we still work towards our target of 96%.

Those Pupils with 100% Attendance this week 
Reception: 93.54% (2 pupils didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1: 90% (3 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3a: 85.18% (4 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3b: 89.28% (3 pupils didn't)
Class 4/5a: 91.3% (2 didn't)
Class 4/5b: 66.6% (8 didn't)
Class 6a: 83.33% (3 didn't)
Class 6b: 94.44% (1 didn't)

Class Attendance for the week
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week.
Reception: 94.32%
Year 1: 95.64%
Class 2/3a: 94.85%
Class 2/3b: 96.52%
Class 4/5a: 96.28%
Class 4/5b: 94.36%
Class 6a: 95.57%-
Class 6b: 98.77%https://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gif

Christmas Fayre
We are looking for donations for our Christmas Fayre. We need Pink & Chocolate, Tombola Prizes (in a good clean condition) and Bottles. Any 
donations will be appreciated.

Dinner Money Reminder
May we remind you that dinner money needs to be handed into the
class teacher each Monday for banking purposes. Children should
not be bringing money into school on other days.

School Photograph Money !
This week you should have received a school photograph for your child.
Payments and orders for these need to be returned to school by 9am on
Wednesday 27th November i.e. nexweek. We are sorry for it being such a short deadline but this is when the photography company need the orders in for, to make sure we get them back in time for Christmas.

Phase 2/3's African Exhibition !
Thirty one parents joined our year 2 and 3 phase this morning for another highlight of the term: another of our popular exhibitions. Starting off proceedings in the hall, parents and carers were treated to three brilliant African songs before heading up to classrooms for a morning of intense African mask making. Some of the pupils' comments from our phase 4/5 exhibition said that they wanted more chance to show their school work to their adults, so we ensured that plenty of time was given to this as well. It was another tremendously enjoyable session. The many comments from parents and carers go some way to reflecting the feel good factor that always accompanies our exhibitions. It is a shame we can't record all the laughter and smiles as well!

The Parents’ and Carers’ VOICE
We asked our adult visitors to the phase 2/3 exhibition what they thought about this morning’s activities. All comments have been recorded. XXX has been used to substitute people’s names. We appreciate the time that people have taken to complete these and we will follow up on suggestions, ideas and comments made. Thank you.

What did you enjoy about it?
“I enjoyed to make crafts with my son and I can see how he behaive at school and how he communicate with other children"
"I really enjoyed with my two kids to do all activities and making masks for XXX and XXX"
"My like africa"
"Enjoyed seeing all the work that has been done so far for this year. It's great to see the actual classroom environment. Singing was great"
"I enjoyed helping my daughter with her mask"
"i enjoyed been working with my kid and see what kind idea they have when comes to doing thing. I really enjoyed it and like to do it again"
"Today morning is really very enjoyable my children was very excited about this exhibition. Just really funs"
"I had a good time. This time special with children was fantastic"
"I am very happy. Because I am doing the mask with my daughter"
"I loved making the mask and spending time in school with my son. I also liked to see how XXX was coming along with his work"
"Had fun making masks and watching the children singing in different languages"
"Activities with children, and all the work they do is fabulous"
"Spending time with XXX doing something with him"
"I always enjoy coming along and helping XXX its fun time with the children"
"enjoy about sticking and cutting the mask with my childrens and its very good and nice morning ever had"
"I like when we was doing the maske"
"It was a such nice time to spend it with XXX and make a colourful mas, we're very enjoyed"
"The mask making was the best"
"Was nice to have a look at XXXs work and join in with activities she is learning about. Really enjoyed it"
"Seeing how XXX is doing with her school work. Spending time with her doing something we both enjoy"
"Getting my fingers sticky, the introductory singing and the tea"

How could we improve it?
“Everything was brilliant"
"All was perfect"
"I think everything is ok, so just keep going"
"Very marvolouse"
"Needs to be a bit cooler, maybe open some windows"
"Everything is fab"
"Nothing to improve just continue with exhibitions"
"Possibly a little longert looking at the work books. While we see quite a lot at home, there is more we don't"
"No need. Well done"
"Nothing. Very happy"
"You cant improve anything. You guys doing just fine"
"I would like have more that meetings"

Please click here to access the Proud Parents website
We are delighted to report that 64 pupils have 100% attendance so far for this term. Good attendance and punctuality are crucial for helping children achieve well in school. Please will you continue to support us in ensuring that all our pupils maximise the time they have in school. Stepney endorses the ’Proud Parents’ campaign in Hull which encourages parents to Talk and Listen to their children; to ensure they Attend school, that they Get Out & About with their children to visit interesting places and to Help them with homework. As we have seen, all these combine to give children more opportunities to succeed.

Outdoor PE Kit Needed !
Now the weather is getting colder and wetter, it is important that pupils are prepared for PE lesson outdoors. Pupils will need to have suitable tracksuit bottoms or similar and sports tops suitable for the conditions. They will need appropriate footwear such as trainers. Pupils shouldn’t be doing any sport in school shoes.

Mighty Maths Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Alex & Jackson 
Class 2/3a Maleeka & Nazia  
Class 2/3b Deborah & Madiha
Class 4/5a Sinead & Jakub
Class 4/5b Bartek & Rifath
Class 6a Cole & Lennon
Class 6b Milena & Callum

Beatles Bonanza
Our choir keeps on going from strength to strength! Today, Mrs Rice, Mrs Brodie and Mrs Truelove took them to St. Stephen's shopping centre to take the stages created as part of the Beatles celebrations. In 1963, the fab four played the ABC theatre, and the centre is hosting a range of events for this 50th anniversary. Our pupils also took their ukeleles to accompany them singing such numbers as 'Yellow Submarine'. Mrs Truelove, who works at the centre, and is organising some of the activities praised the Stepney singers. Led by the talented Mrs Rice, our music teacher, our choir certainly stamped their mark on proceedings! Well done to all concerned.

Into Africa !
Following up from his sessions with other year groups, we welcomed back Hekima, who worked with our Reception children on learning African songs and stories. Another rich and cultural afternoon!

Rainbow Writing Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Gracie & Didi
Class 2/3a Muna & Brooke
Class 2/3b Evie & Michal Z
Class 4/5a Joshua & Precious
Class 4/5b Scott & Oskar
Class 6a Nazia & George
Class 6b  Alicia & Callum

Phase 4/5 Visits the Hindu Cultural Centre
Our two year 4/5 classes had a brilliant visit to the Hindu centre in Hull. After listening to a presentation, they were able to look around the centre and ask many sensible questions. We are grateful to Dr C for being such an amiable and inspirational host. We are so glad our pupils are being able to experience how different religions are celebrated in our city. Many thanks to our RE coordinator, Miss Laybourne for developing these connections.

Imam Hassan in Assembly
, Imam Hassan, from the local mosque, led our whole school assembly. It was wonderful to see him again in school. He talked about the five pillars of Islam to the pupils.

Healthy Eating Week Survey
Today, we had the results of our healthy eating week survey, which was conducted by our year 6 healthy eating ambassadors. The ambassadors took note of pupils who had a healthy packed lunch and those who chose healthy options at lunchtime. A sample group was taken over three days, Monday - Wednesday and the results were as follows:
Nursery - 21 pupils
Reception - 22 pupils
Year 1 - 19 pupils
Class 2/3a - 14 pupils
Class 2/3b - 16 pupils
Class 4/5a - 26 pupils
Class 4/5b - 17 pupils
Year 6 - 26 pupils
It had been agreed that the 'healthiest class' would have the use of the ipads in golden time. This afternoon, year 6 had them and class 4/5a will have them next week at some point.

Children in Need
Staff and children all helped to raise money for Children in Need today by coming to school in Pyjamas. We will let you know how much we raised at a later date. Well done to everyone who took part.

Stars of the Week! 
Year 1: Isabelle
Year 2/3A: Kori
Year 2/3B: Narelle
Year 4/5A: Michael
Year 4/5B: Jacob
Year 6A: Nazia
Year 6B: Jayden

Distinction Awards! 
Year 2/3A: Lucas & Liya 
Year 4/5A: Luke & Abigayle
Year 6A: Lennon

Those Pupils with 100% Attendance this week 
Reception: 90.32% (3 pupils didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3a: 92.59% (2 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3b: 82.14% (5 pupils didn't)
Class 4/5a: 82.6% (4 didn't)
Class 4/5b: 83.33% (4 didn't)
Class 6a: 94.44% (1 didn't)
Class 6b: 100%
Well done to 6b for achieving full attendance.

Class Attendance for the week
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week
Reception: 94.29%
Year 1: 95.60%
Class 2/3a: 94.81%
Class 2/3b: 96.37%
Class 4/5a: 95.84%
Class 4/5b: 94.45%
Class 6a: 95.57%
Class 6b: 100%https://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gif

Phase 4/5 Exhibition ! 
This morning , it was the turn of phase 4/5 to host their exhibition morning. Miss Atkinson’s activity was to make decorated Mango leaves, while Miss Northen was creating a ‘Rangoli’ patterned peacock. In the ICT room Mr Browning was leading training on  e-safety to parent s and pupils as well as showing them the new Kidblog site and My Maths resources. Pupils and parents contributed to the discussion on what we do towards e-safety at Stepney.

The Parents’ and Carers’ VOICE
We asked our adult visitors to the phase 4/5 exhibition what they thought about this morning’s activities. All comments have been recorded. XXX has been used to substitute people’s names. We appreciate the time that people have taken to complete these and we will follow up on suggestions, ideas and comments made. Thank you.

What did you enjoy about it?
“I really enjoyed very nice. I have a very nice time”
“I did enjoy all works. It was grateful”
“Both craft activities were fine. ICT was informative and XXX enjoyed showing off his math skills”
“I enjoyed the chance to do different activities with my son”
“Seeing all the good work XXX has been doing”
“I like the interaction with XXX in his school environment”
“ICT enjoyed because I get to see school website”
“I enjoyed making the peacock feathers”
“Enjoyed everything”
“As usual I enjoyed every part of the exhibition. It is fantastic to get an insight into what the children are learning totally enjoyable”
“We liked doing design mango pattern”
“We enjoyed everything”
“I really enjoyed everything. I don’t think it could have been any better”
“I really enjoyed this lesson! Well done guys!
“Enjoyed having enough time to complete”

How could we improve it?
“No need to improve”
“Just keep it as it is now. Nicely spaced out and kids seem to love it too”
“You can’t improve on perfection”
“Don’t need improving”
“It’s fantastic improve for perfection”
“Keep on as you are. It would be difficult to improve what is already in place”
“This was the greatest”
“I don’t think you could improve it”
“I think this time has worked the best!”

What did you find useful about the e-safety information & training?
“I think is doing brilliant job”
“I understood what aged children use facebook from”
“Helps the children understand more, rather than just parents telling them”
“It was good to know how much my son knows about being safe with the internet”
“I like to know that my child is protected when using computers at school and home”
“Found it really useful”
“I think it’s useful because it protects there safety”
“Very useful and informative”
“All information was very useful on this subject”
“Really helpful”
“I feel more relaxed now about all the information the children are given at school”
“Piece of mind”

What further information would you like (if any) about e-safety at Stepney?
“Maybe including websites and info updates in newsletter at least once a term”
“I’m very pleased with what you are doing”

The Pupils’ VOICE
We then asked our pupils what they thought about this morning’s activities and we have followed up on their comments through discussions with them.

What did you enjoy about it?
“Doing and designing mango motif”
“I really enjoyed all of the exhibition but I especially like the mango pattern and the best was the art”
“Doing the Rangoly patterns”
“The part when we went into Miss Northen’s class and did the Rangoly pattern”
“Doing the Mango leaf”
“The exhibition was really great. I enjoyed going at ICT”
“I enjoyed making the mango leaf because the patterns really caught my eye”
“Everything and especially in the ICT room”
“When we made mango motifs. I enjoy the ICT”
“I enjoy when we made a mango leaves”
“All of craft activities especially the mango leaves”
“When we made the mango motif also I liked the peacock painting”
“Doing our mango motif”
“I enjoyed it because we got to be creative with Rangoli patterns and mango motif”
“The mango leaf”

How could we improve it?
“Not need to improve”
“Maybe we could show our work that we do in our books, like our stories or working out, or even our reading journal and thematic!”
“We didn’t end up having time to finish and we didn’t have much time in ICT”
“No need to improve it”
“We should show all our books”
“We could look at books”
“More time. More things to do”
“I would help”
“We could have had another group in the library to look at their books”
“Next time could you do more time in e-safety”
“More places to go to work at”
“You could improve about more place to go”
“More painting because I love painting”
“It couldn’t be any better”

What did you find useful about the e-safety information & training?
“Yes, it was useful because”
“Yes it was useful”
“That if you have a nasty message then print it out and then it will be proof”
“I learned that someone with a bad mail don’t deserve it because they can have proof”
“I found that I should only talk to my best friends”
 “I found very useful that you should only give that much information about your self”
“Bug Club, My Maths”
“If somebody sends you a nasty message tell an adult”
“Children 27% 8-10 have a mobile phone”
“Found out that 23% of people have owned a mobile phone or even facebook”

What further information would you like (if any) about e-safety at Stepney?
“How did they put the big block for security”
“What to do if someone said they’ll kill you by technology”
“How did you put the block on for the internet?”
“To make sure that all bad things should be blocked”
“How did they put the big block for Skurty”
“About more e-safety facts”

Mighty Maths Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Blake & Tallulah
Class 2/3a Liya & Wiktor  
Class 2/3b Ellis & Taylor
Class 4/5a Andrew & Kerry  
Class 4/5b Finley & Saimah
Class 6a Konrad & Robert
Class 6b  Rhiannen & Alicia

Mr Andrews in Foundation! 
Following on from the successful work with year 1 yesterday, Mr Andrews took the ipads into our Foundation stage to work with our nursery pupils on devising their own games. Please click here to see the finished work. (May we remind you that it is advisable to access this using Google Chrome as the videos don't work as well on Internet Explorer)

Please click here to go to Kidblog

Phonics for Parents and Carers! 
We are really keen to share our teaching and learning with parents. This morning, our Foundation Stage staff welcomed twenty seven parents into their phonics sessions. They explained to the adults, how we teach our pupils phonics through dedicated sessions each morning. It was great for parents to have the chance to sit in and observe all the good practice that is going on. As usual, we gave out questionnaires to our visitors and all the responses we received back are recorded below:
(Please note: these have been typed in as seen on the questionnaires apart from the names of pupils, which have been replaced with XXX"

What did you enjoy and/or learned about it?
"It was amazing. I am so proud of my daughter. I like look how she learn"
"It was fantastic. I am very happy"
"I really enjoyed with my son all activities"
"I learned that my son as learnt so much in phonics in such a short space of time and all the children working together was really nice to see"
"I enjoyed every bit of phonics watchin XXX seeing how well she done. I'm very pleased"
"I really enjoyed watchin my childs phonics. XXX is doing so well she was very involved. It was brilliant"
"It was good to see XXX writing his letters because he doesn't try so hard at home so it good to see that he can do it straight away"
"We learned how to do the actions of the words so we can do it at home with our child"
"I really enjoyed that when I see how you looked after children and now I can remind them at home how to wash their hand"
"I enjoyed watching XXX spelling word in phonics. Well done Miss Webb"
"I really enjoyed and I think that was fantastic job to do for my son. Thank you very much"
"Watching XXX during phonics"
"Am very well and thank you for today. Very nice!"
"I'm very very nice. I'm very happy"
"I'm very, very happy. Thank you"
"It was very instructive meeting. Children have learned very important things about hygiene. I've learned how I can help my daughter to learn english word and phonics and spell them"
"It's been great fun to see my child what he's doing at school, and see difference as he is at home"
"I enjoyed being with children for phonic. It is very helpful to know how is your child's progressing in learning English"
"Yes, I'm very happy"

How could we improve it? What else would you like to know about phonics and/or handwashing?
"Very good"
"No need for improvement"
"I wouldn't say it needs improvement"
"Nothing it was all good in my eyes"
"Regular washing helps"
"I would like to know more about healthy eating"
"Yes, my child learned handwashing"

Handwashing & Healthy Eating ! 
Once the phonics session was over in our Foundation Stage, Jakki Metcalfe, our school nurse, taught our youngest pupils about the importance of proper handwashing techniques, especially before eating. Pupils also tasted a range of healthy options including different fish and fruit.
During this week, pupils are also distributing extra fruit around all classes in the school.

Rainbow Writing Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Class 2/3a Maliik & Ahmad
Class 2/3b Casey & Janet
Class 4/5a Michael & Dominik
Class 4/5b Hollie & Mia
Class 6a Lottie & Cole
Class 6b  Jayden & Emilia

Mr Andrews Again ! 
We had Mr Andrews working in year 1 again to record a brilliant documentary about the Beatles. This is to link with the commemoration of the Fab Four playing at the ABC theatre in Hull in 1963. Please click here to see the finished work. (May we remind you that it is advisable to access this using Google Chrome as the videos don't work as well on Internet Explorer)

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Remembrance Assembly ! 
Mr Browning led our annual Remembrance Assembly, during which a minutes' silence was observed by everyone. During his address, Mr Browning spoke about the losses in WWI and also the part that Polish forces played in the eventual Allied victory and the close links between Poland and Britain. Year 6 pupils were thanked for helping to sell poppies.

Healthy Eating Week ! 
We are having another focussed healthy eating week. Pupils are being encouraged to eat more healthily. The pupil who are our Healthy Eating Ambassadors are undertaking some surveys of packed lunches and cooked school dinner choices to see which class has the healthiest eaters.

David Andrews in Year 1 ! 
Mr Andrews has again been in our school for the first of two days with year 1. Training both pupils and staff in the use of ipads, Mr Andrews worked with them on recording an information documentary about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. There were some excellent opportunities for pupils to practise their speaking and listening skills as well as getting to grips with this exciting technology. This work may be viewed on Kidblog by clicking here.
(May we remind you that it is advisable to access this using Google Chrome as the videos don't work as well on Internet Explorer)

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Polish 302 Squadron Memorial ! 
We have received details of a long over due memorial to the brave Polish airmen of 302 Squadron, who lost their lives during WWII. Please click here or on the images below to see a larger version of these.

Polish School
Please click on each of the images below to see details of events at the Polish School, which is based at Bricknell Primary School.

Coded Cycling ! 
As the cycling bug seems to be getting stronger and stronger at Stepney, we had two PCSOs drop by this afternoon for a 'cycle coding' session. Over twenty pupils brought in their bikes to have special security codes put on their machines and registered with the Police. We are having so many more cycles and scooters coming to school that we have had to order another bike rack and a special scooter rack. These are scheduled to be installed in a few weeks' time, once they come from the manufacturers'. In the meantime, many thanks to PCSO Alice Waller for organising this.

Stars of the Week! 
Foundation Stage: Sahim
Year 1: Lena
Year 2/3A: Denver
Year 2/3B: Taylor
Year 4/5A: Courtney
Year 4/5B: Shane
Year 6A: Martin
Year 6B: Mark

Distinction Awards! 
Year 1: Darrel & Jack
Year 2/3B: Michelle & Bartek
Year 4/5B: Oskar & Bartek
Year 6B: Emilia

An African Assembly!
Following their workshops with Hekima, our phase 2-3 classes showed the rest of the school all that they had been doing, including some brilliant African masks and songs. This has really enhance their thematic unit this year. Well done to everyone concerned.

International Pupil Council!
Mohsin and Lottie from year 6 represented our school at the IPC this afternoon. They met at the WISE building, next to Wilberforce House for a great afternoon.

A Healthy November!
From September, our school has adopted a healthy packed lunch policy. This will contribute towards our Healthy Schools Award. This will mean that children will need to bring a healthy packed lunch which will be defined as:
*a savoury snack (eg a sandwich or similar, no chocolate or sweet spreads)
*a piece of fruit, yoghurt or similar
* just one 'treat' eg chocolate biscuit or crisps.
For the rest of this month we are having another healthy eating campaign. As part of this, pupils from year 4/5 will be giving out fruit at playtimes to all year groups and our year 6 healthy eating ambassadors are making a survey of how healthily our pupils eat at lunchtimes. For the class who eat the healthiest we will be rewarding them with treats such as extra time on the ipads. Please will you help us by giving your children healthy options for their lunchtimes.

Delving into the HDM archives for Beatles !
This afternoon, eight of our year 4 and 5 pupils, accompanied by Mr Browning and Mrs Truelove (one of our reading volunteers) were invited to the Hull Daily Mail building to look through some of their archives. This was part of the celebrations that Mrs Truelove and her work colleagues from St. Stephen's shopping centre are organising to remember the Beatles playing in Hull. Upon arrival at the paper's headquarters at Blundell's Corner, they were escorted to the conference room where Jim, the guide for the afternoon gave the pupils a warm welcome. He spoke about the changes in technology that have been made in the fifty years since 1963, when the Fab Four played at the ABC theatre (now the site of St. Stephen's. Jim showed them old cameras and recording equipment as well as photos from the event. Next, the group was shown through the sprawling main office, much to the amusement of all the staff who are unused to seeing school children in their midst. Their destination was the paper's rolling-stack library, where Jim brought out original newspaper clips, microfilm and glass photographic slides. These were used by the pupils to read through.

Jim shows pupils the rolling-stack full of important archives

Back in 1963 on the Sunday 24th November, news of the Beatles playing in our city would have made the headlines news but it didn't. On Friday 22nd November 1963, the US President JF Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Dallas. The print run on Monday 25th November 1963 was all about the earth-shattering news from America.

Examining the archives from November 1963
Jim was then joined by Alison, the news editor who gave the pupils many important tips about journalistic writing. As a former reporter of such events as the Lockerbie and Dunblane tragedies, Alison is an expert journalist and proved to be an inspiring speaker. It was a wonderful visit giving the pupils lasting memories and brilliant advice. Our heart-felt thanks go to the staff at HDM and to Mrs Truelove for organising it.

Welcome to Mr Darwood !
In addition to our PE coach, we have another PE coach joining us. Mr Darwood is being employed by us for one day each week. For the remainder of the week, he will be working in Pearson and Clifton Primary Schools. As a qualified PE teacher, Mr Darwood will be teaching PE as well as supporting and training teachers in all three schools and working alongside our own Mr Dear. Mr Darwood will also be responsible for organising interschool events. Funding for PE coaches now comes from the Governments Sports PE Premium. At Stepney, we consider sport to be really important so have invested more money into this. For more details please click here to view our dedicated webpage.

Mighty Maths  Winners !
As we had a special assembly yesterday with Hekima, we had missed the Rainbow Writing assembly so Mr Browning led a joint one which included work from before the half term holiday as well as from this week.
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Lottie & Mohammed
Class 2/3a Kori, Liya, Aayan & Ellie-May 
Class 2/3b Stelina, Sarah, Carla & Deborah
Class 4/5a Klaudia  
Class 4/5b Bartek, Oska, Mia & Scott
Class 6a Tabarek & Charlie
Class 6b  Caitlin & David

Rainbow Writing Winners !
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Blake & Gracie
Class 2/3a Muna & Zainb 
Class 2/3b Narelle & Michal Z
Class 4/5a Klaudia & Rifath
Class 4/5b Sakila & Honya
Class 6a Paige & Jessica
Class 6b  Patryk & Milena

African Experience !
We were delighted to welcome Hekima into school today. He worked with the phase 2-3 classes on African songs and stories today and joined the whole school in the assembly. A brilliant day for everyone concerned! We will see the results of his work with the 2/3 pupils on Thursday afternoon when they will be performing to the rest of the school. Hekima, who is one of our pupils' parents, comes from Tanzania in East Africa. It was wonderful to hear his songs in Swahili, which particularly pleased our African children. Many commented, to Mr Browning, that they loved hearing their native language!

Hekima in full flow in the phase 2-3 classrooms

Hekima performing in our assembly.

Welcome Back!
We hope everyone has had a well-earned half term break. It's now that hectic time of year when Christmas starts to loom!

Anti-bullying Week !
We are proud to say that bullying is not a problem at our school. However, it is important that we always think about measures to stop bullying taking place and build friendships instead. To start out week's theme, we had Firehorse Academy theatre group giving a truly excellent production of their anti-bullying play to the whole of the school. As it says on the certificate they left for us..."No One Deserves To Be Bullied"

No To Bullying Poster

Fundraising Certificates !
We also received two certificates thanking Stepney Pupils for their fundraising efforts.The first was for the British Heart Foundation, which we raised £96.08 for and the second was Comic Relief, which we raised

Jump Rope for Heart certificate

Our Comic Relief Certificate

Please click here to see the letter we received.

Do You Go To Watch Hull FC?
We have signed up to this Hull FC Fanbassador scheme which is all about setting up more training and activity sessions with Hull FC and schools. As part of this, there is a loyalty scheme. If you go to watch a game and say your buying the ticket under Stepney Primary School's name, the club will give the school extra loyalty points, which we can then use to buy in resources and services for the pupils.






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