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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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November 2011

Industrial Action !
The school is closed today, due to industrial action.

Victorian Baths !
Year 1 visited Beverley Road Baths today, to look at features of the Victorian building. All around the entrance there is a wealth of art deco designs and patterns, that the children sketched and took rubbings of.

Learning Platform !
All our school dates for the next year have been added to the calendar on the learning platform. When pupils log on to their homepage, they can access this and add their own events on this. See the 'snap shots' below for more guidance on this.

Click here for a larger image

Click here to see a larger image

Tree Planting to Improve Our Local Area !
Year 6 braved the elements this afternoon to plant trees along the embankment of Barmiston Drain. Guided by the expertise of David Longthorne and his helpers from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, pupils braved a heavy rain shower to plant rows of trees. This is part of a campaign to plant more trees along the length of the drain. David has already been planting them from the city centre up to Sculcoates but requested the aid of our oldest pupils with the latest stretch. David is also going to be helping us plant up our Foundation Stage area with more shrubs in the spring.
Barmiston Drain Embankment (25.11.11)
Tress ready to plant (25.11.11)Everyone listens to David's advice (25.11.11) Expert Advice on Tree Planting (25.11.11)Preparing the holes (25.11.11) The Digging Department (25.11.11)Team Work Tree Planting ! (25.11.11) Putting in the Trees (25.11.11)

Attendance figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 80%
Class 1: 95%
Class 2/3A: 90.7%
Class 2/3B: 94.6%
Class 4/5A: 90%
Class 4/5B: 94.1%
Class 6A: 91.4%
Class 6B: 93.7%
The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.1%, with the Year 2/3B class in first place with 96.4% and class 6A in second place with 96.3%.

Whole School Calendar on the Platform !
Our pupils and staff are now starting to get to grips with our learning platform. Already, some of them have been emailing each other, creating quizzes and surveys and completing their homework on the site. This is a 'closed' community i.e. people cannot email to anyone outside of the system and they can't receive emails from outside. There are plenty of e-safety checks in place. These include a 'whistle-blowing' facility, whereby children can notify staff if other children are sending inappropriate messages. All children have been warned that they could risk having their membership of the platform suspended or even deleted. We are now putting our whole school diary on the site so children can see what is happening in school. They can use this to add their own diary entries, which will only be seen by them. As well as the link on this website's homepage you can go straight to the learning platform by clicking here or on the image below.

This is the link to our School Learning Platform (Logons and Passwords are available from the headteacher)

Representatives from the Real Aid charity came to school this afternoon. It was fortunate that three people came as they were surprised and elated by the pile of gift boxes waiting in Mr Browning's office. We have had such a brilliant response from pupils and parents. On behalf of Real Aid the school would like to thank everyone who contributed with their generosity!

Mr Browning's office was packed with Gift Aid boxes! (24.11.11)

Phase 4/5 Exhibition !
We had over 50 parents and carers join us for yet another of our successful phase exhibitions. This week, it was the turn of our year 4 and 5 pupils, who have been studying India this term. As usual, we asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???, and we've included all the comments).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"All things were good"
"We enjoyed the dancing. Also enjoyed looking at all the children's work. All was very good to see"
"I really like it, she really like coming to the exhibition, because she's really interested about her work"
"I enjoyed looking at ???'s work an doing the activities with her"
"Was lots of fun and very interesting"
"i enjoyed seeing what was happening within the year group and interacting in some of the work"
"I enjoyed going round seeing all the work, also seeing how proud the kids are with their work"
"Getting to see ???'s work and seeing how she has come on"
"All the different things that went on in different rooms was interesting"
"We enjoyed the enthusiasm shown by the staff and the pupils. The children had good knowledge of their chosen subject. Loved the dancing"
"Everything, I think the children are doing great"
"To know how children work and what they are doing"
"I think it was really good"
"Seeing all the work about India and how ??? is learning to use the computer"
"We enjoyed looking at ???'s work, and seeing her progress and seeing the environment she works in. And how helpful the teachers are with her"
"All of it. It gave us a chance to look at what's been learnt at school, in turn to learn from my daughter too"
"All aspects of the exhibition"
"I enjoyed everything I saw and did"
"I enjoyed doing the quiz with my child and doing some art work. The dance performance was fantastic"
"Watching the dance, seeing ???'s work"
"Seeing what ??? had been up to, talking with her and looking at her work"
"Really enjoyed it, its lovely to see all the different things they have been learning"
"Today was a lot more organised than previous exhibitions with more space given, making it an overall more enjoyable experience"
"It was nice to see ???'s most enjoyable subject"
"I think I enjoy everything very much. I think its really nice helpful - give me a close idea how my daughter's improving. I really was excited about it"
"Everything was enjoy. ???'s work is very well. I very happy with him, school programme is brilliant, they do interesting work"
"i enjoyed seeing all the work ??? has been doing. ??? also likes to be able to show off her work to me"
"Every room organised well. Smooth transition to each room. Enough time to look at our children's work. Enjoy engage some events with my son"
"It was nice to view the work done inside school environment"
"I enjoyed joining in with the activities"
"A lot more organised this time, enjoyed it"
"Getting a good insight into what happens in lesson time and being able to see ???'s work"

How could we improve it ?
"More information about India"
"I don't think there would be anything to improve"
"Nothing, it was good as it was"
"Possibly reduce the amount of information given our, a chance to spend longer per subject"
"More time to see work"
"Don't think you can everything was fine"
"Help them more with their work"
"You're all doing a very good job with ???"
"You all do very well and I don't think you could do better"
"More time to see the work"
"Make it a bit longer, some sections were too short"
"Maybe more time on each thing as seemed a bit rushed"
"If anything, maybe slightly longer sessions"
"I think you are the best"
"Everything was fine"
"Nothing, really enjoyed it"

A Road Appears !
Our college students turned up in force again to continue with their wall mural today. Despite and icy wind, which was blowing around the side of the building, they continued with their impressive art work. Progress was also made on a roadway, along which our Foundation Stage pupils can ride their bikes and scooters. It even has pedestrian crossings!

Road Marking! (24.11.11) The Stepney Rocket! (24.11.11)Nearly finished! (24.11.11) Lots of paint! (24.11.11)

Tombola Request !
As we are starting the run up to Christmas, we would be grateful for items to be donated for the Tombola and bottle stalls. If you are willing to help, please send the items to your child's class teacher.

Wall Paintings !
We were delighted to welcome a host of students from Hull College, who were here as part of the Prince's Trust. They immediately started to repaint our Stepney Nursery mural and begin a new one. They also started to mark out the Foundation Stage area with a roadway, a rocket and a snake.

The farmyard mural takes shape! (23.11.11) It's starting to look good! (23.11.11)The roadway has been chalked out (23.11.11) A snake is being painted! (23.11.11)A rocket is starting to take shape! (23.11.11) The existing mural is having a name change! (23.11.11)

Phase 4/5 Exhibition Tomorrow !
Another of our exhibitions is taking place tomorrow morning. This time, our year 4 and 5 pupils will be showing parents and carers their work, which has been about India.

Industrial Action !
You may have heard via the media, that a day of industrial action is planned across the public sector on Wednesday 30th November. Unless there are any agreements between the unions and the government on Pensions issues in the meantime, this action will go ahead next week. This will affect Stepney Primary School. Members of our staff are represented by the following unions: NAHT, NUT, NASUWT, GMB and UNISON, all of whom have called their members to undertake industrial action on the day in question. As a result of this, the school will be closed to pupils on Wednesday 30th November.

Training Day!
May we also take this opportunity to remind you that the school will also be closed to pupils on another day next week - Friday 2nd December. This is not connected with the industrial action. Schools are allocated five designated training days each year. This is one of them and will involve training for staff on a new scheme of work for mathematics called ‘Big Maths’. This has been used in some of our neighbouring schools, such as Thoresby Primary School and has contributed to strengthening pupils’ skills in maths. In order for us to take advantage of ‘Big Maths’ we need to have this training, which is being provided by an external consultant.

Last few days for the Real Aid Boxes!
We have now received 32 boxes and they are going to be collected this Thursday (24th November). Many thanks to all those who have been generous and sent in these gifts. They will certainly brighten up Christmas for some needy children. If you still have any boxes to donate, then please bring them into school on or before Thursday lunchtime.

BBC Children in Need Day !
We have had another enjoyable day raising money for this extremely worthwhile cause. In total, we raised £306.47 from the sale of buns and the privilege of coming in pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns. A competition had been organised as part of Friendship Week, which tied in with today's theme. Our youngest children were asked to draw a picture of their best friend and the oldest children had to compose a poem or short piece of writing on friendship. The winners, who received Pudsey Bear prizes, were:
Foundation Stage - Tarrell
Year 1 - Connor
Class 2/3A - Hollie
Class 2/3B - Saimah
Class 4/5A - Alisha
Class 4/5B - Julia
Class 6A - Amelia
Class 6B - Ronaldo
There was an additional prize for Nikola in Class 6B for a phenomenal poster. Hours of work had been put into this and everyone in the school thought it was brilliant! Well done to all the prize winners!

Attendance figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 88.3%
Class 1: 96%
Class 2/3A: 94.8%
Class 2/3B: 96.2%
Class 4/5A: 89%
Class 4/5B: 95%
Class 6A: 96.8%
Class 6B: 94.2%
The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.5%, with the Year 6A class in first place with 96.9% and class 2/3B in second place with 95.5%.

Tesco, Football and the FA!
Instead of his usual Tesco Express manager’s suit, Gordon Henderson came from his store opposite the school, fully kitted out in his tracksuit and football boots. Together with a reporter from the Hull Daily Mail and Suzanne, a local FA coach, the football squad had an extra special training session this afternoon. Sporting the new school kit, photographs were taken for the newspaper, then the children had an hour or so of exercises and small matches.  Once again, we thanked Gordon for his continuing support to the school and all the players gave him a rousing three cheers!

Phase 2/3 Exhibition!
Over forty parents/carers joined us today for another of our popular exhibitions. \Adults and carers joined in a variety of activities and looked at the work that the children have been doing about Africa. As usual our thanks go out to all those who attended. It is quite plain to see that the children get a tremendous buzz from showing their work to you and the staff feel it is one of the most successful events we run in reinforcing those crucial links between school and home. Unfortunately, our year 3 children were unable to demonstrate their brilliant glockenspiel skills as the music teacher was off ill today, but we hope to reschedule this for another date. Next week, it is the turn of phase 4/5.

We asked parents/carers to give us their views about the event:
(NB: All the comments we received, whether praising or criticising have been listed below. We have substituted the names of pupils with ???)
Which do you prefer?
Assembly -
Exhibition - 24
Either - 1

Do you feel that the exhibition gave you a clear picture of what your child has been doing at school?
Yes - 28
No - 0

Do you have any suggestions for improving the event?
"You can't improve perfection"
"Good it is"
"None, you cannot improve on perfection"
"I prefer the location to be in the hall as more space"
"No, lots of different activities to do. ??? and ??? loved showing me their work"
"Team up children with a friend if parent/carer can't be there"
"Good as it is. Maybe a bit longer on each slot"
"Do what your doing, I'm with you"

Any other comments:
"Really good"
"I enjoy both assemblies and exhibitions"
"It was great moving around to different areas as it avoided overcrowding and was really interesting. I learnt a lot!"
"Satisfied, it was engaging"
"Very impressed with the teaching staff in school"
"A mix of both assemblies and exhibitions would be nice, obviously on different occasions"
"Should have more!"
"Had a lot of fun"
"Very enjoyable for me and my child"
"Everything was very interesting"

The Christmas Secret Shop !
The Christmas Secret Shop is taking place on Thursday 1st December - all day for each class. Unfortunately, the rising price of the gifts has meant we have had to raise the cost to £2 for most gifts. This is not in order for the school to make a profit as the aim of it is to allow children to think about their parents and relations at Christmas.

Football Fun at Thoresby!
Mr Burton took his football team to play at Thoresby Primary School on their 3G pitch this afternoon. Both schools had three teams and they all played two matches each. While our team lost a few and drew a few, we did succeed in winning one match 2v0 which was a very welcome result. Mr Burton was delighted with the spirit, the great behaviour and the teamwork of our players. Our thanks go to Mr Duffy at Thoresby for organising the event and to the players at our near neighbours for making us very welcome.

Free Schools Meals Entitlement
We are aware that there may still be parents/carers who are entitled to claim for Free School Meals for their children, but who are not doing so. If you are claiming any of the benefits that are listed below, then it is worth claiming for Free School Meals:
Income Support
Job Seekers Allowance (Income based only)
Child Tax Credit (not working tax)
State Pension Credit
Asylum Seekers – Home Office SAL1 form
If you are NOT already registered with the Welfare Benefits Agency and you do claim any of these you will need to fill in an application form. You may then return your application to us and we can send it off for you.
The Welfare Benefits Office will need proof of your benefits. You can bring them into us, we will make a photocopy and attach them to your form. Otherwise you can send off the form and the proof yourself.

Another IPC !

We are delighted to report that another authority has started running International Pupil Councils with their twin schools in Freetown! The schools in question are in Hastings on the south coast. The IPC was first established by Mr Browning and his Sierra Leonian colleague, Francis Mason, last year.

Children in Need Day !
Next Friday, it is the BBC Children in Need day. We are having another of our pyjama days. It is £1 to come in pyjamas and buns will be sold at 20p each.

Attendance figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 90.3%
Class 1: 93%
Class 2/3A: 96.6%
Class 2/3B: 97.7%*
Class 4/5A: 89.7%
Class 4/5B: 92.1%
Class 6A: 97.3%*
Class 6B: 94.2%
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.6%, with the Year 6A class in first place with 96.9% and class 6B in second place with 94.2%.

The Eleventh !
We all observed a minute's silence at 11am this morning as we remembered those who have died in the wars. We have been discussing the significance of today's events in our assemblies this week.

Foundation Stage/Year 1 Buzzing !
Our phase exhibitions proved to be extremely popular last year. It appears that the new academic year has got off to the same start. We had forty parents/carers packed into our Foundation Stage area and year 1 classes. Everywhere you looked, there were adults and children making things, playing or engaged in learning activities. There was a palpable ‘buzz’ around the place. Many thanks to all those people who joined us. An excellent morning! As usual, we asked our visitors what they felt. Please see their comments below:
(NB We have replaced children's names with ???)

What did you enjoy about it ?
"I enjoy the different activities that the children are doing. That helps them to think in creative ways. Doing things with interest is a very good thing"
"We have spent very very good time with kids and their activities"
"Working together with my child, especially building objects"
"I enjoyed spending time doing things with my child, also watching her with her friends working together"
"Enjoyed watching ??? play and see what he has been doing in his class"
"We have enjoyed watching and observing our child play on his own and with friends also how the teachings interact with our child. This is excellent, engaging them in conversation and answering questions. He seems to be very happy"
"I am very enjoyed this morning and very happy because I have looked at my daughters school work"
"I enjoyed doing all the sticking and putting the doll and cat together and ??? showing me all the things she has done in Reception. It was good to see how my daughter is doing things in school. I'm really happy in what she is doing"
"It was great to have lots of different activities already set up for us to enjoy with the children. They clearly enjoyed having their parents around and were showing off their skills to us all. I enjoyed it as much as the children"
"It was the first time I have seen ??? doing work around other children and was great to be involved in it"
"Informative. Nice to see where the children work and play. Nice to meet the staff"
"It was nice to see so many children of similar ages playing together, meeting the teachers, some other mums and dads too"
"i enjoyed watching the children 'showing off' to their parents and looking at all their great work"
"We spend very funny day with kids and their activities"
"Really enjoyed the interaction between parents and children and seeing them work"
"All aspects of being able to see what the children are doing each day and seeing all the work on the walls makes it a nice area to be in and reading profile was really good. Nice to be able to see our grandchild in school setting"
"I enjoyed 'joining in' and having fun with ??? at school, finding out more about what he likes to do"
"I loved coming in and looking at my daughters progress she is doing so well I am really proud of her. My favourite was watching her do the cat and girl and also thank you Miss Pullen, you're doing a wonderful job for her"
"It is interesting to see a child's interaction with peers and teachers. Basically the process in reception seems to be what the child might do at home, but a lot more intensively and with a lot more different materials available for coordination development. The exhibition allows me to experience this in a totally different way to sitting passively for a performance"
"Was really good to see ??? in her classroom - she was excited to show her work, and I enjoyed seeing how she interacts with the other children - reassuring to see how much she enjoys the activities at school"
"Seeing what my child does and making things with my child and showing me what he does at school"
"The work and the way the children play about"
"I enjoyed everything in the exhibition, it's nice and gives us a close look for how our children are improving - speech, act, behaviour. I really thank you for that"
"Seeing what the children do and what they learn"
"I liked designing things with my child and to help her learn sums and all sorts of other stuff"

Our classrooms were busy with adults and children (10.11.11) There was aslo plenty of activity outside! (10.11.11)

How could we improve it ?
"I think it is very helpful if the number of exhibitions that are held in school increased the number of activities"
"With new activities will be more improvements"
"I am quite satisfied with the current setting"
"Bit more notice for those of us who work full time"
"I wouldn't change anything about it really!"
"No room just yet"
"With new activities we can get improve more skills. Many thanks for all staff efforts"
"I don't think at this moment in time there needs improvement"
"Finding out what ??? was learning and seeing him play and enjoy himself. I loved being part of it and really enjoyed myself too. It has been a lovely morning thank you"
"Don't know really"
"I think you are all doing fine"
"Everything was good - no improvements needed"
"I think that there is nothing to improve"

The Foundation Stage Unit was full of work and play (10.11.11) Adults and Children loved working together (10.11.11)

Strike Action !
As you may have seen on the media, ‘Unison’ and the ‘National Association of Headteachers’ have both announced strike action on 30th November 2011. We are still awaiting the decisions of the other teaching unions and the unions representing our support staff. We will keep you up to date on whether or not this school will be closed on this day.

Football Galore!
We had a truly football mad afternoon, today. Our coach, John Hawley was in the school hall with the year 4 pupils, practising their football skills; year 5 were on the school field playing some small matches against year 5s from Pearson Primary School. Mr Burton, Miss Northen and a teacher from Pearson were refereeing. Meanwhile, Miss Patrick, Ms Saint and Mr Browning accompanied the year 6 pupils to Pearson to play a round of mini matches there. In all the matches, everyone commented on the great attitude shown by Stepney pupils. As usual, we won some matches and lost others but all our pupils had a great afternoon.

Foundation Stage/Year 1 Exhibition Tomorrow !
Just a reminder that our youngest children are having an exhibition tomorrow morning. They will be showing you what they have been learning this term, so please come along and see your child's work.

New Benches !
As part of our ongoing programme of improvements to the back playground, we had some more benches delivered today. Similar to the ones we have had for a few years on the back playground, these are made of reconstituted plastic and last much longer than wooden ones. We hope to have them in place very soon.

Poppy Appeal & Real Aid!
Some of our year 6 pupils are bringing around poppies this week. As well as the traditional poppies, we also have a collection of 'Poppy Bugs' that are proving very popular. As well as supporting this worthy cause, we have received some more of the 'Real Aid' gift boxes. Many thanks to those of you have helped with these. If anyone needs the actual box, we still have some left. Please see Mr Browning, if you would like one.

Playground Designs !
Mrs Rodgers and the school pupil council had a visit from Elizabeth Cullen and some of her students from the Prince's Trust Programme today. They have been creating designs for the Foundation Stage playground. Miss Pullen also joined the meeting to look at the designs. We are expecting the work to be done on the 22nd and 23rd November.

Help with the Playhouse!
We have bought the playhouse for our younger children. Unfortunately, some of the older children have already been messing about with it. We would like to ask parents and carers to remind their children to keep away from this equipment.

Parents' Day !
Many thanks for all those people who attended our parents' day meetings this week and those who returned questionnaires. All the comments we received so far have been shown below. We'll add others to these when they are returned over the next few days. We didn't have any negative comments! (NB. ??? has been used instead of a child's name)

1. How often do you attend parent’s day?





This is your first one






“We always attend these parents' days ”
“His mother comes for the most”
"We found ???'s parents' day very informative"
"Always attend, they are always surprising"
"This is ???'s 1st year so the 1st time"

2. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s current levels and progress?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“It was brilliant to hear ??? is doing really well and found out he is always trying really hard"
“I was well informed about my child's academical and behaviour development"
"It was brilliant to hear ??? is working toward level 5 in many subjects"
"Great to hear ??? is already doing so well and her levels are already changing"
"This is very helpful, we now know what we can do to help in line with what the school is doing"

3. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s targets and ways that you can help?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“Very clear ideas of how we can help at home"
"Exercises will be very helpful"
"It seems to be good team work between the teachers and parents in helping the child to achieve"
"Clear ideas of how we can help at home"
"Clear, good ideas of how we can help at home"

4. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s attitude and behaviour at school ?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“Always nice to hear he is well behaved, friendly and polite"
"The feedback on my child's behaviour seemed to match with my own observations - well done!"
"I now know which areas to help my child and also which strategies to use"
"???'s attitude to school has changed and it's nice to know he behaves and gets on with his work"
"We know ??? loves everything about school but it's nice to know she is well behaved and polite"
"We know that ??? will behave and mix with others well"

5. How satisfied are you with the education that your child gets at Stepney?

Very Satsified


Not Satisfied

Major Concerns





“Very. ??? loves school and loves learning, he has come a long way in a short time"
"So far so good, I am waiting to see what the future holds"
"Very happy"
"Very satisfied, ??? has come along way in his 7 years at Stepney"
"Very pleased with ???'s progess"
"Very happy"
"??? is getting the best education she can, the school does all they can to make her learning fun"
"We are very satisfied with the school and we like that we get a lot of info"

6. Any comments you wish to make
“Miss Pullen was very professional and friendly and sounded like she knew my child well"
"The teachers were very helpful so we thank all staff for their efforts to put candles in our kids way"
"All well"
"We are happy with all"
"Keep up the good work"
"??? is doing very well and I feel this is down to the brilliant teachers. Thank you"
"Very happy with progress and ??? is happy"
"Pleased with her performance and the teaching she receives"
"I think ??? is now keeping up with good behaviour as from last year. I am grateful for the help of the school. Thank you"
"??? is doing really well and Miss Pattrick is doing a good job with her. Thank you"
"Very happy with the comments"
"I am very happy with all that the school has done"
"Very pleased on ???'s progress"
"She's making great progress"
"Great school all my children love it here"
"Mr Burton clearly explained the targets set and the rationale for these also providing suggestions as to how we can support at home"
"I'm very happy about my ???'s teacher. He's very helpful for her"

Attendance figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 87.6%
Class 1: 88%
Class 2/3A: 94.5%
Class 2/3B: 96.3%
Class 4/5A: 85.9%
Class 4/5B: 95%
Class 6A: 96.4%
Class 6B: 95.8%
The overall attendance for this school year is now 95.9%, with the Year 6B class in first place with 96.9% and class 6A in second place with 96.8%.

Notification of Absence!
We are having more children being taken out of school time for appointments. Please will you try and arrange appointments out of school time if possible. Furthermore, if you do take your child out, we need proof of the appointment for our records and you do need to let the school office know that a child will be missing school time.

The Playhouse has Arrived !
Today, we had our new Foundation Stage playhouse delivered.

All of the sheds are now in place! (3.11.11) We now have our new Foundation Stage playhouse! (3.11.11)

Additional Training Day on Friday 2nd December!
Please note that we have had to move one of our staff training days this academic year. Instead of having one on the 29th June 2012, we have moved this to Friday 2nd December 2011, when the school will be closed to pupils. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. The reason for this is that we have managed to recruit a maths consultant for the day, to train staff on a new maths scheme called 'Big Maths'. This has proven to improve children's basic numeracy skills. We have only recently been told about it by Thoresby Primary School, whose results have shown great improvements over the last twelve months. In order for us to get things moving really quickly we need to have this training before Christmas. The decision to move the date was not taken lightly, as we had previously told parents a different day but, following discussions with the Local Authority, we have been able to reschedule it.

Many Thanks for Parents' Day!
May we thank all those who have attended our parents' and carer's appointments today.

The Sheds have Arrived !
We had our two new Foundation Stage storage sheds delivered today. We are now eagerly awaiting the delivery of a playhouse tomorrow! Please click here to see the full story of the alterations!

The sheds are delivered! (2.11.11) Ready for assembling! (2.11.11)In just 20 minutes, the sheds have been assembled! (2.11.11) The sheds are in place! (2.11.11)

School Council Meeting !
Please click here to read the minutes from today's meeting (as well as previous minutes)

The Staff are on board with the School Colours!
The staff have been really encouraged by the pupils and their smart uniforms. Most teachers now have colour coordinated school fleeces!|

Dates for Christmas Events !
We are pleased to announce the dates for our Christmas Events:
The Christmas Secret Shop!
Thursday 1st December - all day for each class
The Christmas Fayre!
Thursday 8th December - 2.45pm start
Christmas Concerts !
Foundation Stage/Year 1 - Tuesday 13th December - 10.30am start
Phase 4/5 - Wednesday 14th December - 10.30am start
Phase 2/3 - Thursday 15th December - 10.30am start
Christmas Service at St. Mary's, Sculcoates!
Monday 19th December - 10am start

Thanks for the Harvest Festival Gifts !
We have just received a thankyou card with the following message:
"The residents of Tunis Street Sheltered housing would like to thank the children, staff and parents for their kind generosity for the gifts you so kindly gave to us all."
Yours sincerely
P.Lawrence (
on behalf of all the tenants).

Many thanks to everyone who has been helping us with our school PE kit drive this autumn. In every class, there are now at least 75% of pupils wearing the school kit for PE lessons. As well as ensuring that children are bringing a change of clothes in order for them to do PE, we have had many comments about how great it looks. The children are very proud of their kits and it helps to make the atmosphere around school even better.
We have set a target for every child in the school to be wearing this PE kit by the end of this autumn term. We will be reminding pupils who have not brought their kit.
We are selling the kits at the school office for £7, which includes a bag. When we did our original costings for this, we found it was cheaper than shop bought ones!

May we remind you that we will be collecting gift boxes as part of our Christmas Charity Appeal. Further details can be obtained from the school office and/or the school website.

23rd November 2011




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