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November 2010

Amazing Grace Assembly !
In our assembly this morning, we had visitors from the Amazing Grace Chapel in Grafton Street. This is a chapel that some of our pupils and their families attend. Their Pastor, Isaac and two of his associates, Adi and Mrs Nggada joined him in addressing the children and explaining a little about the work they do. Isaac presented the school with a cheque for £300. As a registered charity organisation, which has been in existence in Hull for five years, they wanted to make a donation to the school. Some of our year six children will be writing letters to thank Isaac for this.
Also, during our assembly Mr Browning lit the first candle on our advent wreath. This is made every year by Mrs Carmichael and symbolises the start of our run up to Christmas. Many thanks to Mrs Carmichael - it was a lovely as ever!
This afternoon, Mrs Nggada visited the Foundation Stage unit to tell the children about life in Nigeria. She passed around photos of the houses in Nigeria as well as bringing in traditional costumes. Everyone loved listening to Mrs Nggada - her visit was very much appreciated.

Mrs Nggada talks to the Foundation Stage pupils

Snowmen Galore!
While other schools across the region were closing, due to the heavy snow, our staff and pupils braved the elements to get into school. Making the most of the weather, we all headed onto the school field at lunch for some snowballing and snowman building! Conditions were perfect, the snow was just right and everyone had tremendous fun!

Everyone was on the school field at lunch today, busy building snowmen! Snowmen in the Sun! Snowmen of all shapes and sizes!

Another Great Phase Exhibition from years 4 & 5!
Many thanks to pupils and staff for putting on a wonderful exhibition this Friday. A carousel of activities took place in the classrooms showing literacy and drama work. This was followed by a session in the hall where the children were able to show their class work on WWII to their parents. These are becoming very popular events in the school calendar. Once again, we had a great turn out with over forty people attending.
We asked them what they thought of the school:

1) How were the behaviour and learning attitudes of our pupils?
Out of the 22 responses 18 gave an 'outstanding' grade and 4 gave a 'good'.
Further comments:
"The children enjoyed showing s their drama and dancing skills"
"What a lovely day and it was fantastic to see how the children learn and what they learn"
"I found it helpful to see the work ??? has been doing

2) How safe were the pupils in school?
Out of the 22 responses 18 gave an 'outstanding' grade and 4 gave a 'good'.
Further comments:
"Teachers and assistants were always with the children"

3) How polite were the pupils?
Out of the 22 responses 16 gave an 'outstanding' grade and 6 gave a 'good'.
Further comments:
"The pupils are always well behaved and polite"
"As always, very polite"

4) How well were the pupils being managed by the staff?
Out of the 22 responses 17 gave an 'outstanding' grade and 5 gave a 'good'.
Further comments:
"Children listened to all instructions "

5) How was the welcome for you and how well were you treated during your visit?
Out of the 22 responses 16 gave an 'outstanding' grade and 6 gave a 'good'.
Further comments:
"I liked the tea and biscuits "

6) Please tell us anything else you thought
"I'm glad with my daughter's achievements"
"Always interested in learning how well my children are doing in their learning. Loved it"
"Overall, very well presented"

"Would like to see more of this"

Many thanks for all your comments. They are very much appreciated.

Secret Shop
Mr Morfitt and his helpers are currently gearing up for the Christmas Secret Shop on 9th December. This is when the children can bring some spending money to buy extra little gifts for their relatives.

Celebrating Eid!
Year 6 had a real treat this afternoon as Naveeda, who is on work experience with us, brought in lots of traditional Eid specialities for the year pupils to eat as well as talking about Eid. Many thanks to Naveeda for all the trouble she went to!

Wilberforce Celebrates!
Wilberforce was the first of our school houses to win the points competition this term. In traditional style they had a DVD afternoon to celebrate all their hard work!

Hands On History Visit for Year 6!
Braving the elements, year six ventured into the centre of Hull, to visit the Old Grammar School, which is now the 'Hands On History' museum. This was in connection with the Victorian theme that they have been studying. The children enjoyed working in the Victorian classroom and then made Christmas crackers! They also looked at the Egyptian display upstairs and encountered the mummy!

Friendship Week Writers!
Mr Browning presented prizes to the winners of the 'Friendship Week' writing competition. Pupils could decide which category to write about, such as 'Making a New Friend'. There had been many brilliant entries but the winners were:
Year 1 - Edwin
Class 2/3A - Oskar
Class 2/3B - Olivia
Class 4/5A - Viktoria & Jakob
Class 4/5B - Nicola
Class 5/6 - Mimi

Recycling at Stepney!
In assembly today, we unveiled our new 'customised' recycling bins. The Hull Youth Parliament Reps for our school and our School Councillors had joined forces to decorate three large blue wheelie bins. These are adorned with messages, reminding pupils and staff to recycle, and will be sited around the school. We also have a recycling box for old batteries, which has been placed near to the lift.

Suggestions box, batteries recycling and Morrison's vouchers box

Wacky Clothes & Children in Need!
Staff and pupils came to school in many different styles today, and all of them were certainly wacky! Some wore bright gaudy colours, while others wore their clothes inside out or back to front. Pupils were able to buy buns and cakes that had been made by the cooking club and staff. In all, we had a fun day, which raised money for a very good cause. Well done to everyone who helped! What a great end to 'Friendship Week'.

Schools Linking Project 2010
A couple of years ago, Miss Northen's class engaged in some link work with Foredyke Primary School. This year, they are working with Stockwell Primary School. As an ice-breaker to allow the pupils from both schools to get to know one another, they travelled to East Park. With staff from the Park, the pupils looked at some of the animals and used natural materials to produce artwork!

A new face!
We now have another student teacher with us. Recently, Mr West joined Miss Baitson's class on teaching practice and we now have Miss Barton, who'll be working with class 4/5A after Christmas, but has been popping in to get to know the pupils. Both are studying for the PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) at Hull University.

What a brilliant Year 2/3 Exhibition!
The staff and pupils in year 2/3 certainly did an excellent job today with their fantastic exhibition about London.

A packed house! Great displays!

As these are a new departure for us, we are keen to listen to the opinions of parents and carers. Miss Atkinson gave out questionnaires and these are the responses:

Forty nine adults attended.

Out of the responses, we received back:
1 preferred to have assemblies
22 preferred to have exhibitions
3 would like both

When asked if they felt the exhibition gave a clear picture of what their child has been doing in school everyone replied, ‘yes’.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the event?
“It’s okay. I was happy”
“No, everything was great”
“More exhibitions please”
“Unless you were on the front row it was difficult to see. If the seating was around the sides it would have been more enjoyable.”
“No, it was well presented. ??? really enjoyed showing us her work, which she was proud of”
“Does not need improving”
“It is fine just the way it was”
“Everything is perfect. I’m so happy because my ??? is happy of this as well”
“No thoughts, it was very good”
“Possibly go around in groups rather than a scramble”
“No, I think it worked well”

Any Other Comments
“Very interesting and should do more”
“It was nice to see my child telling us what she knows about London”
“The music was very good, very enjoyable and moving”
“Enjoyed it all”
“All children put in a wonderful effort. Really enjoyed it.”
“A much more interactive and fun event”
“Really enjoyed looking at the work and loved listening to the song. They sang with great enthusiasm and lived showing off their work. Well done year 2/3.”
“It’s been exciting”
“When there is a raffle at school, don’t use alcohol as it’s not good to teach kids to give it to parents as they will soon learn it’s ok to drink it”
“These events are very interesting, we like to see how well our children are doing and how much they enjoy doing them, themselves”
“The exhibition was superb”
“Was fun and ??? loved it. It was good to see ???’s work”
“Fantastic way to show how much the children have actually learnt”
“Enjoy all of today. Well done”
“Was good and gave a sense of pride for my son”
“The children enjoyed it as much as the adults”
“Was great”
"Gave ??? the opportunity to take charge and showcase his work - brilliant for confidence and he felt proud and happy 10/10"

Many thanks for all of these - we will take your comments on board to improve our future events.

Preparations for the Great Year 2/3 Exhibition
Staff and pupils have been busy preparing for tomorrow's exhibition all about their work on London. Parents/carers are welcome into the school hall at 8.50am to look at the children's work on the capital city.

Next week will be phase 4/5's exhibition. This will be on Friday morning and not on Thursday.

Friendship morning
As part of friendship week year 1 children were invited by the Foundation Stage to participate in their learning morning. This provided an opportunity for the year 1 children to help and provide support for the younger ones. They were given zones of learning within the Foundation Stage classroom, such as helping to demonstrate and show use of the equipment and resources. They were used as roles models of good learning, helping the younger children to develop their motor control, and communication skills.

Celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha
In assembly, we talked about Eid-Ul-Adha, which is being celebrated by a number of our pupils and their families. This is one of the special festivals of Muslim. It is also known as Bakr-Eid and festival of sacrifice. We consider that one of the main strengths of our school is our diversity and the wide range of languages, cultures and customs that we have at Stepney.

Friendship Week begins with our Buddies!
Nationally, it is ‘Anti-bullying’ week but we’ve decided to put a more positive spin on it over the last few years, and have called it Friendship Week. This morning, we announced our new playground buddies. Fluorescent bibs saying ‘Stepney Buddy’ and caps were given out to a boy and girl from each class. Their job will be to help others on the playgrounds at break times.

Stepney Buddy Bibs

Dinner Money Reminder
Can we take this opportunity to remind parents that dinner money should be paid directly to the class teacher and NOT to the school office.

Steel Drummers Show their Skills!
The new group of pupils who are this year's Stepney Steel Drum Band gave their first public performance in our awards assembly today. After only seven weeks, they have already learned two songs: 'Twinkle, Twinkle' and 'Janey Girl', which they played brilliantly!

An Excellent Exhibition!
We were astounded by the number of parents/carers who joined us for the Foundation Stage/Year 1 exhibition today. The pupils and staff had really pulled out all the stops to show the many brilliant pieces of work they have been producing. We spotted many happy parents and pupils today. Huge thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came to visit. Altogether we had fifteen parents for reception and 16 parents for year 1 attending.
The parents commented on the children’s work and progress as they looked at their books and folders. It was fantastic to see how interactive they got with their child’s learning.
As they participated enthusiastically with the children, one reception child said that he was “pleased to see mummy looking at my work”.
The Foundation Stage had one main activity for parents and children to participate in, then they could join in stay and play. In year 1, parents looked at the children’s work and were full of praise for their progress.
They had different activities ranging from weighing, measuring, reading, D&T, Art and Science.

Across the phase, parents were allowed to follow and join in their child’s phonic group work.The feedback from the parents was very encouraging. Due to its success, the phase has decided to have another morning of phonic activities and Christmas decorations before the end of term.

Poppy Fields!
Mrs Phelps-Jones and her pupils decided to make poppies today and create little poppy fields. Pupils wrote names of people that they knew had been lost in the wars of the last century, including our very own ex-pupil, Charles Goodwin, who was killed during the Second World War.

Year 4/5s Poppy Fields! Ex-pupil Charles Goodwin, whose photo hangs near our school office.

Foundation Stage/Year 1 Exhibition
A reminder that parents/carers are invited to view all the work that our youngest children have been doing this term. You are invited to walk around and look at the displays and talk to the children during the first session of the day.

A Reception with the Lord Mayor
This morning, our three Wyke Area Pupil Councillors had their second meeting in a week, when they visited the Lord Mayor in his parlour. This is the third year our representatives have had the honour of this event. Mrs Rodgers accompanied them and reported that, as usual, they were impeccably behaved and asked great questions. Here are their reports:

Courtney, Jonathan and Emma meet the Lord Mayor, Councillor David Gemmell

"First, we went to the picture room where we waited for the tour guide to arrive. Next, we went to the Council Chambers, where we pretended to argue about having school dinners for free!"

"We also looked in the Crown Court and then in the cells, where prisoners were kept in till someone called their name to come up into the court room."

"After that we all got to go in the Lord Mayor's Parlour and we got refreshments and biscuits with the Lord Mayor. Then the Lord Mayor gave us a little tour of all the pictures. He presented us with a pen and a badge. We also signed two of his books and had biscuits and a drink."

Friendship Week
Next week, it is ‘Anti-bullying’ week up and down the country. We prefer to call it ‘Friendship Week’ instead. It also coincides with ‘Children in Need’ Day on Friday 19th. On that day we are encouraging children to come dressed in ‘Wacky’ clothes. This can be a ‘wacky’ mix of different clothes; even clothes worn ‘back to front’, ‘inside out’ or a combination of any of these!! The more bizarre, the better!
Children need to bring £1 for the ‘Wacky clothes’. We will also be selling buns at 10p each. Initially, we will limit these to 2 buns per child. Any surplus will be sold at home time.

Wyke Pupil Council
"This afternoon, we went to Thoresby Primary School to have a meeting with other Wyke pupil councillors and Jacqui, who was part of the City Council. At the meeting we talked about what we liked around the Wyke Area. We had a really great time, getting to know each other. While we were there, we had a drink and a biscuit, and Jacqui gave us a badge each."
Emma, Courtney and Jonathan

Please click here to see a larger image

Registering for Free School Meals
You will be aware that discussion about the introduction of the Pupil Premium has led to a focus on free school meal entitlement.  Hull City Council expect to know very shortly if the funding will be allocated on this basis. They should have a clearer idea by December 2010.

We strongly advise all families to check whether they are entitled to claim for free school meals. It is important that families should register as soon as possible

Free school meals are available only to children whose parents/guardians are in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income-Based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related)
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Families in receipt of Child Tax Credit will also qualify provided that (a) they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit, and (b) their annual income, as assessed by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs does not exceed £16,190 as at 6 April 2010 (subject to annual review).
  • Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit

It is quite straightforward to register. You can fill in a single sheet application form (EWB1).  There is no need to submit any documentary evidence with the form (the Authority is able to perform an eligibility check via the Department for Education's online checking service). If you hand your form in at the school office we can then forward applications to the Council’s Welfare Benefit Team. Applications are processed within three working days and schools are then notified by an 'additions' list of children becoming eligible – whilst parents/carers receive notification by letter of their entitlement.

Most schools do hold supplies of forms and leaflets, but if you would like further supplies (or information on the process) please contact Andrew Thomson on 615226 (or email andrew.thomson@hullcc.gov.uk).  Application forms are also available at all Customer Service Centres and can be downloaded from the Hull City Council website.

It should be noted that clothing grants continue to be provided to those families eligible for free school meals, therefore this is an added incentive for parents/carers to apply.

A Safe Bonfire Night!
We hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe Bonfire Night!

We are starting to get ready for the Christmas fayre. We would be grateful for donations for some of our stalls. In particular, we need items for our tombola. These can include bottles of wine, chocolates, perfume and other toiletries  etc
If you have any unwanted games, toys, jigsaws or similar then these would be appreciated for our jumble sales.

We would like to remind all parents/carers that  smoking is not permitted, anywhere on the school premises.

A Change to Class Assemblies!
This half term, we are having a different style of class assembly. Instead of having one at 10.15am, each phase group are holding an exhibition morning, where they will be showing more of their work. The first group to start  will be the Early Years Foundation Stage, combined with year 1. This will be held in the EYFS/Year 1 area at the start of the day up to 9.55 (when the children have their phonics sessions). For the other year groups they will be holding their exhibitions in the hall or their teaching areas.
The schedule is as follows:
11th November—EYFS/Year 1
18th November—Years 2/3
25th November—Years 4/5
2nd December—Year 6

One Hull of a Rain Forest
Just before the half term holiday, two of our pupils, Amber and Sam, went to a conference about this new project. It is a city wide scheme to raise money to buy an area of rainforest in Ecuador. This is their report:
“First, we went to the main hall to watch and listen to the slide show that Natasha had made. She told us where she went with other teachers from other schools.
Then we went to the 1st workshop which was jewellery making. We had a board with 2 nails in it. We only had 2 pieces of string to do it with (we had beads too). First of all we knotted the string to the top nail, we pulled it tight then wrapped it round the bottom one. Then we put the longest string under then knotted that on to it. Then we made the bigger one into a 4, then over, under and pull. Repeat 10 times. Then we put a bead on. Then we carried on. At the end we took it off the nails then we tied it on our wrists.

Next we went to the fair-trade workshop. There we had to design a chocolate bar to be sold in a shop. We had to sell it for more money so the people that collected the ingredients, can earn more.

Last of all, we got to go to the Animal Section. We held a lizard called Samantha, a snake called Eric, 2 rats called Lightning and Rain, and a cockroach called Tom.

After we held all the animals, we went back to the main hall to talk about saving the rainforest. To save the rainforest and to buy land, we need £250,000! We thought of a lot of different ways. Then we thought if year 5/6 made the bracelets we could sell them on friendship week and the Christmas Fayre."

Halloween Disco
Once again, all of us enjoyed a super Halloween disco. Every pupil who attended was suitably dressed up in Halloween costumes. We had witches, vampires, zombies and ghouls. What a great effort by everyone! This year, we made a profit of £111.47 which will go back into school funds to support activities for our pupils. Many thanks to Mr Morfitt and the staff for decorating the hall, serving the hotdogs, drinks and sweets.

Welcome Back !
We hope that everyone has had a good break and is raring to go for another action-packed half term! This first week, in particular, is a busy one! Yesterday, it was Halloween, on Friday it is bonfire night so plenty to think about!
In readiness for Remembrance Day, we are selling poppies at school. As they are been studying WWII, Mrs Phelps-Jones pupils have been chosen to sell them. They will be coming into each class on a daily basis. Children are reminded to bring in donations for these.


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