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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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May 2013

Choir Thanks!
upilsLast week, our choir performed at an event for the Alzheimer's Society. Today, Mr Browning has received the following thank you email...
"Dear Mr Browning
On behalf of the Hull and East Riding Alzheimer's Society I would like to thank you for your help in making our Evening of Musical Memories, held last Wednesday, such a success. Please pass on our thanks to the children from Stepney Primary School whose musical contribution helped make the evening such an enjoyable experience for all who attended.
The Event raised £866. The money raised locally will benefit local people living with dementia and their carers.
Thank you once again for your time and support.
Best wishes
Yvonne Watts
Service Administrator
Alzheimer's Society
Suite D, Annie Reed Court
Annie Reed Road
HU17 0LF
Tel: 01482 211255"

Start of Half Term Holiday
School is closed to pupils today and next week for the half term holiday. We will reopen on Monday 3rd June. We hope everyone has a good break.

No School Tomorrow
Just a reminder that pupils finish for the half term holiday today, as tomorrow is a designated training day for staff. We return to school on Monday 3rd June.

Healthy Eating Week
We will be taking part in Healthy Eating Week - from 3rd to 7th June 2013. Launched by the British Nutrition Foundation, the aim of the week is to promote healthy eating, being active, learning about where food comes from and cooking. Your child will be taking part in lots of activites that will promote healthy lifestyles including an Indian Dance and food workshop . Your child will also be bringing home a 'Healthy Diary', please support your child to complete this at home. In addition, the school council will launch a competition to design a healthy packed lunch. We hope you will support us in this important week.

Library Prize Winners
In assembly today, Mr Browning presented prizes which had come from the 'Friends of Hull Libraries' in their Winter Competition. Children had to submit pictures and two of our pupils, Glebs in year 1 and Melissa in our Foundation Stage one book tokens. The accompanying letter said "All of the children who entered created beautiful work which made our decisions very difficult, so very well done to those who entered but haven't been awarded a prize."
All of the winning entries are currently on display in the Children's Library at the Central Library in Hull.

ICT Club Certificates
Certificates were also presented to year 6 pupils who had attended the after-school ICT club with Mr Turner on Monday evenings. They have been busy working on podcasts and animation. The recipients were: Emma, Wiktoria, Cody, Blessing, Casey, Bethany, Charlotte, Alicja, Jolanta, Tarek and Lilli. Very well done to these pupils and many thanks to Mr Turner for helping us.

Air Raid Shelters
Our third afternoon of model air raid shelter construction took place today. As usual, many thanks to everyone who helped organise the event and our profound appreciation to those parents/carers who joined in to help their children make these wonderful models.

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make this so successful this week.
These were all the comments we have had from parents/carers who took part in the event. As always, we have not included any names and pupils names have been substituted with XXX. We do appreciate all comments. Many comments from our exhibitions had shown that there is a demand for more of these activity/art and craft afternoons, so we are delighted with the response to our air raid shelter sessions.

What did you enjoy about it?
"Seeing the proud look on my child's face when she had finished making her shelter. Itt was lovely to see the different ideas that everyone had and it was lovely to see the adults helping the children who didn't have anyone to help. I thoroughly enjoyed the full afternoon"
"I got to work with my daughter and help her to build an air raid shelter"
"I really enjoyed getting hands on and being creative with making things that XXX has been learning about. Loved every minute of these exhibitions especially makiing models"
"Was just great to be involved with my grandson XXX. Thankyou"
"The activity with the children was outstanding. Let's do more"
"Spending time making the shelter. Had a great time helping XXX and finding out what he's doing in class. Would like more things like this"
"Spending time with XXX and helping her to create her air raid shelter"
"Good fun"
"We had fun working together making the Anderson Shelter. It was nice joining ideas of how to build it and decorate it afterwards"
"Working with XXX. adn hearing about air raid shelters - seeing him so excited and keen. Seeing his classmates and other parents"
"I like help my son"
"Very interesting activities"
"Really enjoyed this was a great afternoon"
"Really enjoyed the hands on aspect of today's activity, its also nice to share time together in my son's environment"
"Just enjoyed helping my grandaughter - an afternoon well spent - makes a change from fishing!"
"Enjoyed sitting with XXX and being messy - was really good fun"
"I really enjoyed working with my daughter"
"Helping my child and working with my child"

How could we improve it?
"None required"
"Have more of these"
"Just keep being creative"
"Do it more often!"
"Time factor, as always not enough time"
"Maybe have a longer session"
"More space"
"Helping him a bit more"
"Nothing, its alright"
"Felt was a very good organised afternoon"
"Happy with everything, very well organised and staffed - best one yet - thankyou"
"Was fine"
"It was fine the way it was"

Rainbow Writing Winners!
Our Rainbow writing assembly was held today instead of on Tuesday due to the theatre production on that day. This week winners included instruction writing from our year 1 pupils, who also brought examples of the model vehicles they had made>
Year 1- Wiktor & Carla
There are have been no entries from phase 2/3 as the pupils have been busy with SATs tasks and tests.
Class 4/5a-Ellie & Swarvek
Class 4/5b-Cailey & Andrew
Year 6 - Aurimas & Brandon

Stepney's Super Singers !
Under the expert tutelage of Mrs Rice, our eighteen-strong choir of girls opened a packed concert at the Freedom centre on Preston Road. The concert, organised by the Alzheimer's Society and titled "An Evening of Musical Memories" was put on to mark 'Dementia Awareness Week' and to raise awareness of 'Singing for the Brain'. Our girls stood on the stage and sang their hearts out to the audience. They performed nine musical classics, including 'A Spoonful of Sugar,' 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road,' and 'Do-Re-Mi'. As well as singing beautifully in unison, each member of the choir sang solo parts through their set. It was truly awesome to see them gaining in confidence. There were quite a number of very proud parents looking on! Well done and our profound thanks to Mrs Rice.

The Air Raid Shelters Continue !
What a success this is proving to be! Once again, Miss Northen and a packed classroom of parents, pupils and staff were busy constructing model WWII air raid shelters! It's wonderful to have parents and carers working alongside their children.

Using a seed tray as the base! Starting to make the shelterA completed model Anderson Shelter Very Industrious scenes as pupils, parents and staff work on making the model shelters

Stepney Sloggers !
While our pupils are always busy, competing in different sporting events, it was the turn of the staff this evening. Some of them took part in an interschool staff rounders tournament. Held at Hymers College in Hull, the 'Stepney Sloggers' won two and lost two, missing out of the cup finals by one place and one point. The team couldn't resist posing with one of the cups! It is likely that a league is being organised after the half term holiday! The team are raring to go for that!

Air Raid Shelters in Phase 4/5!
This afternoon, we had the first of three afternoons in which parents/carers are being invited into work with their children, making model air raid shelters. The feedback from our phase exhibitions has shown that there is a demand for more art and craft open afternoons. To avoid it being two crowded, the phase 4/5 staff have organised these sessions over three afternoons. It ties in the thematic unit on WWII. Miss Aktinson's classroom was packed out with parents and children, as Miss Northen took them all through the model-making process. It was a tremendous success. Everyone had a great time and learned a great deal about how the actual Anderson Shelters were made.

Oliver Twist Theatre Production !
M&M theatre company entertained our pupils with a wonderful production of the Charles Dickens story, 'Oliver Twist'. Complete with the songs from the musical version, pupils were entertained by this versatile and highly polished theatre group.

Eating the WWII Way !
Miss Northen's year 4/5 class were delighted to welcome 'Big Cook, Little Cook' into school today. Our guest chef worked with the pupils to make wraps and vegetarian sausages, using ingredients that were available in the 1940s. It has been shown that people ate more healthily in this era, as luxury and more sugar-based food was in short supply. The delightful aroma of delicious food wafted through the school!

Year 2 SATs !
This week, our year 2 pupils are starting their SATs tests. Although, teacher assessments are handed in to the local authority and then onto the government, these tests are used to help verify staffs' judgements.

Kwik Cricket Tournament at Stepney !
Miss Northen, ably assisted by our PE coach, Mr Rookyard, hosted a year 5 kwik cricket competition this afternoon. Two teams, Stepney and Clifton, drew in first place, with Pearson and Collingwood also competing. We were delighted to welcome pupils and staff from our neighbouring schools.

Phase 2/3 Assembly !
Our rescheduled phase 2/3 assembly, was a brilliant event this morning. Playing to a packed house of parents, carers, pupils and staff, the pupils astounded us with their work on healthy eating. Mrs Rice, our music expert, led the two classes in brilliant singing, with a superb solo from Edwin. The pupils also told us about the food miles that are covered in order for us to have food from all over the world. They also described how they have been making healthy sandwiches. After half term, we are having a healthy eating week, so today's assembly helped to whet our appetites for this event.

Rescheduled Assembly
Owing to the year 6 undertaking the last of their SATs exams today, this morning's phase 2/3 assembly, has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Meanwhile, our year 6 pupils will be sitting their second Maths paper and a four will be taking their level 6 papers in the afternoon.

Another Change to the Stepney's Got Talent final !
We are sorry to keep changing this date, but the final has been changed back to the 28th June. There have been further clashes with other events.

Please Don't Push the Gates !
It may take a while to get used to our new electronic gates! We all need to be careful not to push the gates. They can only be opened via the intercom or by staff fobs.

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar !
Today, our year 6 pupils undertook the new SPG test, which forms part of the SATs test. Some of our pupils also went on to sit level 6 writing and SPG tests this afternoon.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week we had some more excellent writing.
The winners are:
Year 1- Helin & Zara
Class 2/3a-Sarah & Leon
Class 2/3b-Adam & Courtnee
Class 4/5a-Mia & Cole
Class 4/5b-AJ & Konrad
Year 6-Blessing & Tarek

Exam Mode !
Our year 6 pupils took the first of their SATs papers today. Their reading test was entitled 'Wolf Pack'. In the afternoon, six pupils undertook the level 6 reading paper, which was on the theme of Triathlons.

Next week is extremely important as it is the time when our year 6 pupils will be undertaking their SATS tests. This year, we have a few pupils who are taking extra level 6 tests. It is crucial that all year 6 pupils are in school next week, every day and in on time. Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday 13th— Reading (morning) & Level 6 Reading (afternoon)
Tuesday 14th– Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (morning) & Level 6 Writing/SPG (afternoon)
Wednesday 15th—Mental Maths and Maths Paper  A (morning)
Thursday 16th—Maths Paper B & Level 6 Maths Paper 1 (morning) & Level 6 Maths Paper 2 (afternoon)

Attendance Figures !
Reception: 86.67%
Class 1: 94.83%
Class 2/3A: 92.5%
Class 2/3B: 98.28%*
Class 4/5A: 96.43%
Class 4/5B: 93.1%
Class 6A: 100%*
Class 6B: 97.33%*
*These three classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. Congratulations to 6A for their 100%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.19 %. Class 2/3A are currently in the lead this term with 96.01%.

Sporting Stars of the Week !
Mr Rookyard's KS1 winner this week is Blake for always showing lots of enthusiasm in PE and setting a good example to others. In KS2, Mark received the award for demonstrating really good fielding skills in cricket. Well done to both pupils.

A Wonderful Assembly !
It was clear that the Foundation Stage and Year 1 staff had been working extremely hard to prepare a wonderful assembly. Our youngest pupils told a packed hall of pupils, parents and staff all about their unit on transport, including what street signs mean and the importance of road safety. They sang the 'Row, Row, Row the boat' song before year 1 treated us to a journey back in time. Complete with a model of Tardis, Dr Who and his campanion related the story of George Stephenson and the Rainhill trails, in which he emerged victorious with his famous locomotive, 'The Rocket'.

Bicycle Reminder !
We are delighted that we have pupils coming to school on bikes and scooters. Please will parents and carers remind their children not to ride them on the school playtime, as there have been some near misses with adults and younger children.

Cancer Research Fundraising Total !
Last Friday's fundraising day in aid of Cancer Research has proven very successful. A total of £440 has been sent off to this worthwhile charity.

Length of Skirts !
Although we inhabit a Victorian building, we certainly don't have Victorian views on dress styles. However, we would ask parents to consider the length of their daughters' skirts. Some are too short and not suitable for school. May we also remind parents that leggings worn under short skirts are not part of the school uniform.

Stepney's Got Talent - Date Change !
The final of the competition has now been moved to Friday 5th July, due to a clash with another event.

Gates Finished!
This evening, our gates were returned from the workshop, having been adapted to open electronically. Anyone calling at the school will now need to use the intercom from Stepney Lane.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week we had some information writing about year 1's toys; non-chronological reports on WWII from phase 4/5 and news reports on the Battle of Marathon from year 6.
The winners are:
Year 1- Helin & Evie
Class 2/3a-Shakira & Sunny
Class 2/3b-William & Narelle
Class 4/5a-Rahma & Kallum
Class 4/5b-Hollie & Precious
Class 6a-Lilli & Mawdud
Class 6b-Marek & Charlotte

May Day
The school is closed today for May Day. We reopen tomorrow as normal.

Security Work Nearing Completion
The work to the new locks on our doors and gates has finally been taking place. Hopefully, the last of the work should be completed this weekend. This will mean that all the external doors to the school plus the gates on the Stepney Lane playground will be controlled by intercoms with staff having fobs. This will ensure that no access or egress will be possible without  swiping the control panel. In the event of the fire alarm being activated, all door releases will automatically open. Outside of school hours, when staff and pupils are not using the building, the doors are deadlocked and alarmed as normal.

Cancer Research Fundraising Day
We have had a brilliant fundraising day for Cancer Research on Friday 3rd May. Pupils and staff came to school in crazy hats. Prizes were awarded in each class for the craziest ones.
Rec: Blake 
Yr 1: Al-Horr
2/3a: Ahmad      
2/3b: Maya
4/5a: Lauren      
4/5b: Patryc
6a: Lilli                
6b: Marek
The winner of the staff hat was:  Mrs Crichton
There has also been a 'Table Top' sale and a 'Pamper Hamper' prize.

Attendance Figures !
It has been a much better week for our attendance with figures for this week being:
Reception: 96%
Class 1: 92.41%
Class 2/3A: 96.67%
Class 2/3B: 95.52%
Class 4/5A: 91.43%
Class 4/5B: 96.9%
Class 6A: 98.75%*
Class 6B: 97.33%*
*These two classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.19 %. Class 2/3A are currently in the lead this term with 96.72%.

Phase 4/5 Assembly
We were treated to a wonderful assembly from the two year 4/5 classes. They have been studying WWII and gave a superb presentation about all the facts they have learned so far. These included talking about Anderson shelters and evacuees. The pupils are reading the famous book “Goodnight Mr Tom” as part of their studies.

May Day—School Closed
The school will be closed for one day only on Monday 6th for May Day. We are back to normal on Tuesday 7th May.

PE Kit Reminder
Over the last few weeks, we have had issues with the number of pupils forgetting to bring their PE kit or not bringing the correct one. Each week, on the back of the newsletter, we publish the dates when PE is required for each class. It is a requirement of the National Curriculum that all pupils undertake PE. Only a note from parents with a genuine reason will be accepted for pupils to be exempt.
Our school PE kit is a plain white T shirt and red shorts. No other kit should be brought to school. When we introduced the kit a couple of years ago, we ensured it was simple plus cheap and easy to purchase. Please note: we sell the PE kit plus a bag at our school office for £7 (this is a non-profit making venture!)









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