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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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May 2012

End of Half Term
Please note that we break up for the half term holiday today. Tomorrow is one of the five staff training days that every school takes each year. Pupils will start back on Monday 11th June.

EYFS/Yr 1 Assembly
We were entertained and educated by a stunning assembly from our youngest children. Foundation stage sang songs about firemen and Pete the car, while year 1 told us about their ‘Big Maths’, ‘Rainbow Writing’ and model balloon cars. Many thanks to everyone who made the assembly possible and the audience of over fifty parents and carers.

Diamond Jubilee
This is a special half term as celebrations will be taking place throughout the country to celebrate the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Months ago, the school council was asked to decide on the gift that the school would give to all our pupils. This afternoon, they have received a boxed commemorative medal and flag, which we hope they will treasure.

Sports Afternoons 2012 !
To coincide with National Sports Week, our Stepney Sports Afternoons are as follows:
Monday 25th June - Nursery and Reception
Tuesday 26th June - Years 1, 2 & 3
Thursday 28th June - Years 4, 5 & 6

Imitation School Uniform
It has come to our notice that there is a shop in Hull, which is selling school uniforms, including ours. There are approximately 31 schools who are having their uniforms sold there. No schools have authorised this. The sweatshirts are not made by the same company that we order ours from and they are also more expensive. While our sweatshirts are £7 each, the other shop is selling them for other £8. The Local Authority is taking this issue seriously and has already been in consultation with schools.

International Pupil Council Morning !
Thomas and Amelia from year 6 were accompanied by Mr Browning to Winifred Holtby School this morning to attend a meeting of the IPC. This was founded by Mr Browning and his Sierra Leonian counterpart, Mr Francis Mason, in order to promote relations between children in both countries and to raise the profile of the 'pupil voice' in both Freetown and Hull. The IPC has been active in raising awareness of the waste management problem in Freetown, during the last two years. This morning, they were focussing on another issue: in Sierra Leone, they are trying to stop corporal punishment taking place in school and trying to implement a more restorative approach to dealing with conflict and disagreement in schools. IPC pupils from Stepney, Thanet, Thoresby, Sutton Park, Pearson, Chiltern, Collingwood and Winifred Holtby schools spent the morning planning and making posters to help their friends in Africa. Mr Browning is delighted with the work that the children are doing. Our local MP, Diana Johnson, who is part of one of the parliamentary committees reporting on Sierra Leone, is coming to talk to Mr Browning about the work of the IPC in a few weeks time.

BBC Radio Humberside Appearance !
At 8.30 this morning, Mr Browning received a phone call from Olivia, a reporter for the BBC. She wanted to do an interview about the school prom, which will be taking place in July. Four of our year 6 pupils: Codie, Emma, Charlie and Zak were interviewed along with Mr Browning. This was part of the David Burns show and it can still be accessed for the next seven days by going to the BBC Radio Humberside website and using the local radio tab. Olivia asked Mr Browning why the school has a prom, to which Mr Browning explained that it had been the school council who had originally requested it and it has continued since then. Codie was asked to describe the dress she is going to wear; Emma explained that she was looking forward to the dancing as it would be the last time she would spend with some of her friends before they all go off to different secondary schools. Zak and Charlie told Olivia about the extra year 6 party that the parents of all four of them were organising. As it was a live broadcast, everyone was nervous, although Olivia helped to put them at their ease!

Rainbow Writing Winners !
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Stelina & Ahmed
Class 2/3a-Olivia & Lauren
Class 2/3b-Lennon & Robert
Class 4/5a-Brandon & Charlotte
Class 4/5b-Cody &George
Class 6a-Kyran & Tyrese
Class 6b– Charlotte & Zak

Class 4/5B in the Park !
It was the turn of Miss Northen's class to go to Pearson Park this afternoon. They were repeating the task that Miss Atkinson's pupils had done last week: i.e. to look at the multi-gym equipment, which is tied in with the literacy project they are currently studying. It was another glorious weather day as well!

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Advert !
Click onto the following poster or a separate website link to find out more information about celebration events that are happening in Hull...

Attendance Figures !

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 96.7%
Class 1: 89.7%
Class 2/3A: 93.1%
Class 2/3B: 86.2%
Class 4/5A: 98.3%*
Class 4/5B: 90%
Class 6A: 100%*
Class 6B: 100% *
*These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The class with the best attendance so far this term is 6B with 96.2%.
Special mention has to go to the year 6 pupils this week. Considering that they endured the stress of SATs last week and for all of them to be in school this week is a tremendous effort and a reflection of how great they are! Well done!

Sun Cream !
We have had a couple of days of hot sunshine, which makes a delightful chnge. If you want your child to have suncream on, may we remind you that parents/carers need to apply this. School staff are not allowed to put it on them. In the meantime, if it looks as though it is going to be a hot day, may we recommend children bring a hat to school.

Pupils in the Park !
It was perfect timing this afternoon. Both Miss Atkinson's class and year 6 were scheduled to go to Pearson Park. The year 4/5 class were looking at the outdoor gymn and play equipment there, to link into their literacy work and the oldest pupils were doing pond dipping and bug hunting and it was absolutely gorgeous weather. Needless to say, everyone was superbly behaved and a great afternoon.

Roald Dahl & Rainbow Writing !
This morning, the two phase 2/3 classes entertained parents, carers, pupils and staff with a fantastic assembly. The year 3 pupils started the performance with a piece of music to accompany Roald Dahl's version of Little Red Riding Hood. They were led by Mrs Lake, who has been coming into help them with their music throughout the year. It was wonderful! We are very grateful to the talented Mrs Lake. Following this, we had a rap, led by Jessica, then the other children telling us about their favourite Roald Dahl stories. Finally, the children showed how much they knew about developing sentences using the 'Rainbow Writing' method. It was clear that a great deal of work had been put into the assembly. A big thank you to everyone concerned!

Display Boards !
We have finally got our 'Rainbow Writing' display boards for year 1 and the Foundation Stage up. Anyone visiting our school can now see how writing is progressing from our youngest pupils through to our oldest.

Cycle & Scooters in the Foundation Stage !
May we ask that parents/carers do not leave any bicycles or scooters chained to the fencing around the Foundation Stage Outdoor area. This occurs in the morning, when they bring their children to school and collect them again at lunch. As pedals and handlebars are sticking through the fence, children playing in this area could catch themselves on these. This is a health and safety issue! Please use the cycle racks provided.

Year 6 Cricketers !
This afternoon, our year 6 pupils went to Endeavour School to take part in a tournament with Pearson, Collingwood and Clifton Primary Schools. This time, we came second to Pearson but showed great behaviour and teamwork.

Prison, Me No Way !
This is an annual event that we arrange for our year 6 pupils. A former prison officer visits the school, explaining how the judicial and custodial services work. It is always an illuminating course, with plenty of anecdotes from the tutor. Once again, our pupils have really found it interesting and informative.

School Photographs !
We had our school photographs today. As this is a particularly busy time of the year with all year groups undertaking SATs or other assessment tests, we will be changing the timing of our photographs in future. Our plan is to have this in the second half of the autumn term. More details will follow, nearer the time.

Stepney's Got Talent Dates Announced !
Last year, we had our very own 'Stepney's Got Talent' as part of our 'Stepney 125 celebrations'. Owing to very popular demand by the pupils, we are holding another one this year.
Auditions will take place on Friday 15th June.
Semi-finals will then be on Friday 22nd June.
The Grand Final is on Friday 29th June.
Audition Forms are available. Please click here.

Rainbow Writing Winners !
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Ellie & Ellis
Class 2/3a-Shaheed & Hollie
Class 2/3b-Swavek & Ellie
Class 4/5a-Thevmini & Tarek
Class 4/5b-Jola & Jayden
Class 6a-Jakub & Emma
Class 6b– Wiktoria & Thomas

Stepney Summer Fayre !
Our summer fayre will take place on Thursday 5th July.

Year 6 Leavers' Production & Assembly !
'Troy Story' is the year 6 production this year. There will be an evening performance on Wednesday 11th July and a morning performance on Thursday 12th July, which will also feature the Leavers' assembly and presentations.

Year 6 Leavers' Prom !
The prom will take place on Thursday 12th July. Although this is a special event for our year 6 pupils, all our pupils from Reception upwards are invited as well.

Police Drop-Ins at School !
Our new PCSO, Vikki Burnham is organsing some drop-ins at our school. Please note the following dates, should you wish to discuss anything with Vikki or bring anything to her attention:
Tuesday 29 May - 3pm till 4pm
Wednesday 27 June - 3pm till 4pm
Wednesday 18 July - 3pm till 4pm

Year 3 Cricketers at Pearson !
Mr Burton took our year 3 pupils to Pearson Primary School to take part in a Kwik Cricket tournament against Pearon, Collingwood and Clifton. Although they came third out of four, the one thing that everyone commented on was how well our pupils were behaved. While waiting for their turns, they were represented Stepney brilliantly. Mr Burton was really proud of them all. Well done children!

A New Friend takes our Assembly !
We were all delighted to welcome the Imam from Pearson Park Mosque. He captivated the children with this explanation of his work in the Mosque and the five pillars of Islam: 1) the shahada (Islamic Creed), 2) salah (daily prayers), 3) zakat (almsgiving), 4) sawm (fasting during Ramadan) and 5) the hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). Many of our pupils attend the mosque, but the Imam was impressed with the general knowledge of Islam shown the whole school.

The King James Bible !
Today, we received a special gift from Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education. Every school in the country has been given a copy of the King James Bible. In his accompanying letter, Mr Gove wrote:
"This book, published in 1611, has had a profound impact on today's English-speaking society. It has a symbolic status which goes beyond its purpose as a religious text. In the story of the King James Bible we can find the story of our nation.
I believe it is important that all pupils - of all faiths or none - should appreciate this icon and its impact on our language and democracy. For this reason the Department for Education is giving every school an anniversary copy of the 1611 version of the King James Bible: the 'book that changed the world'. This gift has been funded through the generosity of private sponsors who share my view that this book has a unique place in our nation's history and culture.
I hope that this gift will stimulate discussion across many curriculum subjects, and inspire a legacy for your school and others."
Michael Gove
May 2012

End of SATs !
A loud cheer went up in year 6 this morning as the pupils completed their final SATs paper for this year. Since September, pupils and staff have been working tirelessly to ensure they were prepared for this week's exams. Mrs Wilde, Miss Patrick, Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Dee, supported by other staff, have worked extremely hard to give pupils the best chance in the tests. The pupils themselves have been phenomenal! A few were not feeling well this week, but every one of them came to school. They battled on through the test then had to go home again straight after it had finished. A big thank you goes to them all and to their parents/carers who have shared their emotional ups and downs, stresses and strains over the last few months. There is still plenty to do in year 6 before the end of the school year. Teaching will continue as normal as it's important that we prepare the pupils for the rigours of secondary school life. However, there will be no more MOCK tests to worry about. Already, staff are preparing scripts and music for the end of year production, entitled "Troy Story".

School Photographs !
We would like to remind parents/carers that school photographs will be taken next Wednesday. We will take photos of siblings first at the start of the school day. Individual ones will then be taken on a class by class rota throughout the day.

LA Visit !
Halfway through our week of year 6 SATs and we had a monitoring visit from Mr Brook from the local authority to check on our exam routines and to look at where we keep the papers prior to the tests. Each school will have one of these in rota. The last time we were monitored was in 2004, so we were long overdue!
Meanwhile, the pupils worked hard on their first maths paper and then the mental maths test. Not too long to go!

Rainbow Writing Winners !
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Esther & Kori
Class 2/3a-Honya & Leon
Class 2/3b-Dominic & Edwin
Class 4/5a-Marek & Paulina
Class 4/5b-Mawdud & Emma
Class 6a-Jordon & Kaylam
Class 6b– Edyta & Aaliyah

Off to a good start !

Our year 6 pupils tackled their first SATs exam today. With the Reading paper under the belts, they will be showing off their writing talents tomorrow.

SATs tomorrow !

The testing schedule will be as follows:
Monday 14th - Reading 9.30am
Tuesday 15th - Long Writing Task 9.30am
Wednesday 16th - Maths Test A 9.30am & Mental Maths 11.00am
Thursday 17th - Maths Test B 9.30am
Friday 18th - Short Writing Task and Spelling Test 9.30am

Attendance Figures !

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 95.7%
Class 1: 97.3%*
Class 2/3A: 91.7%
Class 2/3B: 90.1%
Class 4/5A: 89.7%
Class 4/5B: 95%
Class 6A: 88.6%
Class 6B: 95.1%
*This class were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The classes with the best attendance so far this term are Year 1 with 96.4%, with class 4/5B in second place with 95.8%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%

Year 6 SATS Next Week !
It is that time of the school year again! Our year 6 pupils will be undertaking their SATs exams next week. They will be undertaking papers on Maths, Reading and Writing during the week. They have been working extremely hard since September and we are already proud of their attitude and work ethos this year.  May we remind parents/carers that the children will benefit from sleep and early nights next week. We have also suggested to the ‘early morning footballers’ that they take it easier next week so they are not tired and sweaty before their tests!

Rainbow Writers in Phase 4/5 show us their work!
Today, we had the first of our class assemblies for the term. The two year 4/5 classes  proudly showed us the brilliant writing they have been doing as well as singing the Rainbow song.The ‘Rainbow Writing’ initiative has already helped our pupils to improve their writing and, like ‘Big Maths’ has proven to be popular amongst children, parents and staff alike. The basis of ‘Rainbow Writing’ is that the children start with a basic sentence, such as ‘The boy ran to the shops’, which they describe as a grey sentence because it hasn’t got much detail and is not particularly interesting. Then they add different coloured words to make their sentences come to life:
Red Words are ‘Wow!’ doing words (or verbs);
Purple Words are ‘Wow!’ descriptive words (adjectives and adverbs);
Blue Words are ‘Wow!’ connectives;
Orange Words are ‘Wow!’ opening words or phrases at the start of a sentence;
Green Words are additional phrases and clauses.
Whilst we have always taught children to use these words in their work, they tend to forget to use them. By introducing the colours, the children find it much easier to remember. It’s simple yet effective! When staff discuss work with the pupils, they now talk in terms of “Have you used any purple words?” which pupils relate to. Of course, we still tell them that these are verbs or adjectives at the same time. Coupled with the strategy we are putting a much bigger emphasis on the quality and amount of writing that pupils are expected to produce.

Library Innovations
As part of our move to improve the reading opportunities for the children, we are revamping our library. This week, we had a new state-of-the-art ‘Interactive Whiteboard’ installed in this room and before half term we will be auditing and ‘weeding’ our book stock to ensure it is appealing to our young readers. Meanwhile, our online ‘Bug Club’ reading scheme has proven to be a ‘number one hit’ with the pupils.

Football Result vs Broadacre
Broadacre Primary Year 4 Football team and forty of their parents visited our school for a match. Organised by Mr Burton, it was the first match by our year 3 and 4 pupils. Even though we lost both matches 4:1 and 2:1, they played well together and did their best against a more experienced side. Well done to everyone concerned and thanks to Mr Burton, Mr Dodsworth and Mr Fory for all their efforts.

Rainbow Writing Winners

We have been celebrating this week's Rainbow Writing winners, with some brilliant examples of work. These have been displayed in the assembly hall and last week's work has been displayed in the glass fronted cabinets in the corridor and on the landings, where they will remain for a few weeks.
Year 1—Mahdiyah & Sunny
Class 2/3a-Alishia & Joshua
Class 2/3b-Courtney & Jennifer
Class 4/5a-Charlotte & Alisha
Class 4/5b-Lewis & Callum
Class 6a-Jonathan & Mikolaj
Class 6b– Nathan & Jakub

Make It A Safe Summer Campaign
We have been asked to post this onto our website and newsletter this week. Please click here to see a larger image.

Click here to see a larger image.

May Day Holiday
School is closed today for the May Day Holiday.

Attendance Figures !

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 87.9%
Class 1: 94.6%
Class 2/3A: 95.3%
Class 2/3B: 95.2%
Class 4/5A: 96.6%
Class 4/5B: 98.3%*
Class 6A: 90.5%
Class 6B: 97.2%*
*These class were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The classes with the best attendance so far this term are Year 1, Class 4/5A and 4/5B, who each have 96.1%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%

Club Notices
Due to our coach’s college commitments there will be no cheerleading or after school dance club for next week only. It will be back to normal the following week.Also we have had to stop our ‘Pet Care’ club on Mondays owing to lack of enough children taking part in this.

Dinner Money Reminder
There is still a little confusion about handing dinner money in. May we remind you that it needs to be handed into the class teacher on the first day of the school week. This will be Monday in most cases but, for next week as an example, this would be the first day back after a holiday.

Rainbow Writing Winners
We have been celebrating this week's Rainbow Writing winners, with some superb examples of work. These have been displayed in the assembly hall and last week's work has been displayed in the glass fronted cabinets in the corridor and on the landings, where they will remain for a few weeks. We have had numerous comments from parents as well from the pupils about the excitement which this new initiative has already generated. One of our year 6 winners reported the following to his teacher. "I was lying in bed the other night, with my eyes closed, when a brilliant sentence about rainbow writing popped into my head. I had to jump out of bed, grab a pencil and paper and write it down!" Excellent!
Year 1—Daniel & Maleeka
Class 2/3a-Saimah & Rifath
Class 2/3b-Roksana & Abigayle
Class 4/5a-Mohsin & Ashleigh
Class 4/5b-Lilli & Chief
Class 6a-Dawid & Brina
Class 6b– Nikola & Ronaldo



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