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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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May 2011

Half Term Holiday
We finish for the half term holiday at the end of today. We reopen on Monday 6th June.

Class Assemblies & Exhibitions
On previous newsletters, the incorrect dates have been given for class exhibitions.
Please note the following corrections:
16th June—Foundation/Year 1
23rd June—Years 2 & 3
30th June—Years 4 & 5
7th July—Year 6

We now have a new learning platform, which we are introducing to the pupils.

A learning platform is an online-based  network for children and staff to access at school or at home. It is accessible by going to:

The children log on using a username and password. As we gradually get all our pupils logged on at school, they will bring a slip home with these details on, so they can access it at home.

On the site they have a calendar. This shows whole school events, so they can keep a tab on what is happening. They can also add their own dates on to their calendar, which may only be accessed by themselves. They can join in blogs and send emails.

E-safety: There are excellent safety procedures built into the platform. The emails for all the children operate using a ‘safemail’ system. This means that they can only send or receive emails from people who we have entered into the system. It cannot access external emailing services. Furthermore, at the top left hand corner of their screen, there is a ‘whistle’ image. If a child reads a blog or email, which is offensive or bullying in tone etc or causes upset, then they can click on the ‘whistle’ image. This immediately notifies certain members of staff who can see what the message said and who sent it. This is being explained to all pupils so they fully understand the implications of emailing hurtful or unkind messages. Any offending individuals face the prospect of having their access to the system removed.

On the platform, staff will create virtual communities. For instance, a teacher may set up one for his/her class. Mr Browning has already set one up for the School’s pupil council so that they can add items to it. As well as letting pupils communicate with each other, teachers will also be able to  give assignments and pupils can return homework and other tasks.

‘DB Primary’, the manufacturers of the system, have added lots of learning resources for children to use and will be updating these. We are also adding resources of our own. There is already a school photograph album containing old Stepney 125 photos that pupils can access. While the platform cannot be viewed by anyone who has not been registered by us, we will, of course, be very careful with any images of pupils that we might put on our platform.

As we get used to the learning platform, more resources will be added to it. If you have any comments or ideas for the platform, or would like to know more about it, then please contact Mr Browning.

Calling the Fire Brigade !
Blue lights were flashing and sirens were wailing in Stepney Lane this afternoon as our Foundation Stage children had a visit from the Fire Brigade. Pupils were able to climb on the engine and talk to the officers. This compliments the work they have been doing in school! Click here to see more photos.

Click here to see more images of our Fire Brigade Visit

Kwik Cricketers!
It was the turn of our year 5 pupils to play in a kwick crickt tournament at Endueavour. An impressive second place was the final outcome. Well done to all those who took part!

Stepney’s Got Talent !
As Mr Browning informed all the pupils in assembly today, we have ordered some brand new trophies for the winners of the Stepney’s Got Talent competition, that we will be having in June. This will be part of the week long celebrations that we are having to commemorate 125 years of the school being here. There will be heats during the start of the week and then a grand final on Friday 17th June. This will be judged by some of our governors. All children who get through to the final will receive a special Stepney 125 medal!
In the meantime, pupils may start to practise singing, dancing, acting routines by themselves or in small groups. We are encouraging as many children as possible to participate so they can show us all their hidden talents. We would ask that children be careful about the groups they work in. There has already been some falling out, which we don’t want!

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.3%*
Class 1: 93%
Class 2/3A: 93.1%
Class 2/3B: 98.3%*
Class 4/5A: 93.4%
Class 4/5B: 95.3%
Class 5/6: 98.3%*
Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.3%, with class 5/6 in first place with 98.9% and Reception in second place with 98.2%.

We are still having great difficulty with some children in school when it comes to them bringing in their PE kit. It is a legal requirement that children take part in PE lessons. Often, we have children come without their PE kit or without appropriate footwear. Every child needs a change of clothing—e.g. a plain t-shirt and a pair of shorts together with trainers or sandshoes.  

Bloodhound SSC Project
A contingent of our year 6 pupils went to look at the Bloodhound Project today. Here is an account from one of them:
"We went to Hull College and learned about Bloodhound SSC and some interesting facts such as it can go at 1,050 mph. After that we went up and made 'balloon cars!' All 37 children (from different schools) went up and had a race. In first place was a girl from another school and I came second (We both won an orange T-shirt!)
Next, a girl from BBC Look North said that we would be on the TV! The first record of the land speed record was held by an French electric car in 1898 at 39mph! The UK has held the record for over 26 years with Thrust2 and ThrustSSC."

Attendance/Punctuality Awards
This morning, we were able to present certificates and badges to children who have had perfect attendance during the Spring term and those who are here on time in the mornings:
Never Lates:
Reception: 17/30 (57%)
Year 1: 15/25 (60%)
Class 2/3A: 16/28 (57%)
Class 2/3B: 18/29 (62%)
Class 4/5A: 18/32 (56%)
Class 4/5B: 19/32 (59%)
Class 5/6: 23/29 (79%)

100% Attendance (Spring Term)
Reception: 9/30 (30%)
Year 1: 7/25 (28%)
Class 2/3A: 8/28 (29%)
Class 2/3B: 9/29 (31%)
Class 4/5A: 11/32 (34%)
Class 4/5B: 4/32 (13%)
Class 5/6: 12/29 (41%)

Kwik Cricket !
Yesterday and today, children from years 3 and 4 have been to Endeavour School for a Kwik Cricket Tournament. As Lilli reports:
"After lunch we went ready to play. We were told our colour team and Stepney were the first to go on the practice court. Then we went to play the real game. I played against Clifton first, since I was on the green team. Second, we played Pearson's green team and that game was very close. After we had played all of the games we went back to find out the results. Pearson were first, Stepney were second and finally, Clifton were third. We then went back to school."

2012-2013 Timetable

The local authority has now released the yearly timetable for 2012-2013. Unlike other years, the five staff training days are now totally up to the discretion of schools, rather than being allocated by the Local Authority. While nothing has been decided yet, we will keep you informed of developments. For the timetables for 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the associated page:

Attendance for Year 2 SATs and Attendance Awards !
It is essential that Year 2 pupils have full attendance this week as staff will be conducting their SATs assessments this week. On Thursday, we will be having an Attendance Awards assembly, so Mrs Purkins is busy preparing certificates to reward those who have been here everyday and those who have arrived at school on time!

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 100%*
Class 1: 96.5%
Class 2/3A: 98.2%*
Class 2/3B: 96.6%
Class 4/5A: 96.9%
Class 4/5B: 95.9%
Class 5/6: 99.3%*
Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.2%, with class 5/6 in first place with 99.2% and Reception in second place with 98.7%. Congratulations go to Reception on an exemplary 100% this week.

Today was the deadline for applications for two posts which will be available in September. One is for a teaching post. We have had well over forty applications for this and about twenty for the Graduate Training Programme (GTP) student place. Other schools across the city are experiencing similar numbers as university and other teacher training posts come to an end and the current job market means many more are seeking a job in education! We will be starting short-listing procedures at the start of next week.

Class 4/5B at the KC!
Miss Northen took her pupils to the KC stadium for a day of activities. They had a brilliant tour of the stadium, looking in the Chairman's suite, the changing and warm up rooms, followed by activities. Everyone returned with big smiles on their faces! As usual Stepney was well represented with great behaviour!

Pupil Absences
May we remind parents/carers that we need to be informed if your child will not be attending school for any reason. We have to keep an accurate record of  pupil attendance and absences as well as having to inform the kitchens at St. Charles Primary School how many dinners we will require each day. If your child is not going to be at school, whether for an illness or appointment or another reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

Summer Fayre
This year, our summer fayre will be at 2pm on Wednesday 15th June. Following comments after our Christmas Fayre we will allow parents to collect their children from classrooms to take around with them on this afternoon.
In the meantime, we would be grateful for items for the various stalls, such as the bottle stall, tombola and, for any keen bakers, buns and cakes.
This will be part of a week of events for our Stepney 125 celebrations.

Appropriate Footwear for PE
Please will you ensure that your child has appropriate footwear for PE. We cannot allow children do undertake sports in school shoes. They need to have trainers or sandshoes to ensure their safety.

End of the SATS
Our year 6 pupils can now breathe a big sigh or relief as their SATs are finished. Since September they have been working hard in preparation for these important tests. Their papers are now sent away to be independently marked and we shall await their results with eagerness. In the meantime, Mrs Brocklebank has plenty of things planned for them.
Next week, the year 2 pupils begin their assessments as part of their SATs. These are conducted differently from the Key Stage 2 tests and use a mixture of tests and teacher assessments. Once again, may we remind parents that it is imperative that children are school and arrive on time.

TESCO Vouchers for Schools and any old Printer Cartridges.

Many thanks to all of you who donate your Tesco vouchers for our school. We are able to collect these up and send them off to use for purchasing equipment for our school. In the past few years, we have had sports and computer equipment. We are very fortunate that Gordon, the manager of Tesco Express, opposite Stepney, is very supportive and ensures that the many spare vouchers that are left by customers are sent our way as well. We thereby  manage to accumulate quite a few vouchers. 
While the latest round of vouchers has come to an end, we have envelopes in which to collect and send off used computer printer cartridges. These will be collected by Tesco and redeemed for further resources for our school. If you have any that you would be willing to donate then please see one of our office staff  for further details.

End of the English Tests
A big sigh of relief was heard in year 6 this afternoon, following the end of the year 6s writing and spelling SATs. Now, they're half way there - just the Maths papers to finish!

SATs start!
Year 6 made a start to their SATs exams, with the reading paper today.

A Great Response !
We are currently advertising for a teacher's post and a GTP (Graduate Training Programme) student for next year. We have already received 27 applications for the teaching post (the deadline for both posts is on Friday).

Ex-Pupils Visit Stepney
Phase 4/5 had a brilliant morning, talking to some wonderful visitors. Five ex-pupils, accompanied by Mike Ulyatt (an ex-St. Vincent’s pupil) were talking to the pupils about life in the Sculcoates area during the War years. One of the ladies, Joan, had been head girl in the Senior Girls School, which had been based on the first floor of our building. Indeed, the ladies told us that they had not been into the downstairs area of our school as this had been the senior boys part of the school. Similarly, the boys had not been up in the first floor area of our school. This had been occupied by the senior girls.

The group told us about two nights of heavy bombing in 1941, which are being remembered this weekend. During this, over 400 people had lost their lives and 350 had been injured. The group of ex-pupils have provided their stories which have been compiled into a booklet.

Click here to see the booklet that the group have produced.

They told us how Nicholson Street had run straight through from Sculcoates to Stepney Lane and that the opposite side of Stepney Lane from our school had a 'Rag and Bone Man's Yard', a Corporation Yard and a Mill at one time. There had been Needler's Sweet Factory on the area now called 'Needler's Way' and there was also Sculcoates Power Station. This used water as a cooling agent. The water was brought into the station from the Drain. When the water returned to the Drain, it had been cleaned and was warm. All the children learned to swim in this clean, warm water. The gentlemen told us that non-swimmers were thrown in and had to learn to swim very quickly. If they got out too quickly, they were sent back in by the same method!

Infact, the school had a strong tradition in swimming. The walls of the senior boys' part of the school was covered with swimming plaques and trophies. One boy, called Jack Hale, became a champion swimmer and was famous for inventing the 'dolphin kick', which was part of the 'Butterfly Stroke.'

Our pupils asked them some really good questions, such as:
Q: "How did you feel in the blackouts?"
A: "It wasn't nice.There couldn't be a chink of light. You had to be very careful with your torch. The lamps on the bicycles had a cap on the top so the light only shone downwards onto the street"

Q: "What was it like to be an evacuee?"
A: Ron told us that he and his sister had been evacuated to Borne in Lincolnshire. His sister had got terribly homesick so, after two weeks, their mum came to pick them up and they returned to Hull.

Q: "What did you do if you had an air raid during the daytime?"
A: "There were only night raids. There was a shelter in the playground in case. If there was a night raid you often had the next day off school."

Q: "How did rationing affect families?"
A: "It was a case of make do and mend. Clothing was rationed and you had clothing coupons. You were allowed 2oz of sugar, butter and other dairy products. There wasn't much meat. If a butcher had a rabbit in (these weren't rationed) there was usually a long queue, once word got around."

Q: "How many got killed in Hull?"
A: "1200"

Q: "How different was it like along Beverley Road?"
A: "There were Trolley Buses that ran outside the school. In those days you could play in the roads as there wasn't much traffic"

Q: "Were you very frightened during the war?"
A: The gentlemen said that, as boys, they weren't really scared as they saw it as a big adventure. Some of the older girls tensed up during an air raid.

Q: "What games did you play for fun in the war?"
A: "Hon Conks (which was Conkers), Hop Scotch, Whips & Tops, Double Point/Ball, Listening to Radio: especially 'Children's Hour at 5pm', and we got a new ball at Easter."

Q: "How did you save your money during the war?"
A: "We didn't have much but there was a 'Penny Savings' Bank"

Q: "What happened to your dads during the war?"
A: Mike told us that his dad was in Belgium in 1939 and was captured and put in a Prisoner of War Camp. It was six months before his mother heard he was alive. It was a quite a surprise to Mike, when his dad finally returned home. The ladies told us that lots of women did men's jobs. Some of this involved hard work and heavy lifting. Mrs Warriner worked on the railway gangs. Once Myton bridge was hit and a munitions train needed to get to Hull Docks. They had to get up early and move heavy steel plates so the train could get through. It was a nervous time as the train travelled over the temporary rails! Joan was part of the ATS or Auxillary Territorial Service. She drove lorries and tanks."

Q: "My Grandad said that you had to play rugby on concrete pitches"
A: "Even though Pearson Park was nearby, there was a large barrage balloon based there so you couldn't play football or cricket easily. Most children played in the streets."

For a full hour, pupils and ex-pupils talked and discussed the war time experiences. As phase 4/5 have already studied WWII this year, they were able to use their knowledge to good effect when asking questions

After walking around and remarking on all the differences that have been made to the school, our visitors all said how impressed they were with the behaviour of our pupils and promised to come back to tell us more about life at Stepney in the 1940s!

Fire Awareness
Many thanks to Humberside Fire & Rescue Service who came into speak to phase 4/5 about fire safety in the home and dangers to watch out for.

Stepney 125
Our theme for the whole of the summer is ‘Stepney 125’. We are celebrating the 125 years that the school has been here. Each year group or phase is looking at a different aspect of the school’s history. In addition to the bespoke thematic units of work that are being written and taught this term, we are having other events. A script writer has been commissioned to write our end of year KS2 production. Instead of ‘Joseph…’, ‘Grease’ or ‘The Blues Brothers’, this one will tell the Stepney Story. While this will take place later in the term, when staff and pupils have had plenty of rehearsal time, the main events will take place during the week beginning 13th June. More details will follow.

Summer Fayre
We are also going to be having our summer fayre during the Stepney 125 week celebrations. In order for this to be a success we would be grateful for donations of items for the bottle and Tombola stalls. If you are willing to donate these, please will you send them into school.

Tesco Visits
As part of their work on persuasive texts, phase 2/3 have been over in groups to Tesco Express on Friday morning. They have been noting down how advertising companies promote products through the use of persuasion. Miss Atkinson reported how brilliantly behaved all the children were. There were numerous favourable comments from other customers in the store.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 96.6%
Class 1: 89.7%
Class 2/3A: 98.8%*
Class 2/3B: 98.9%*
Class 4/5A: 100%*
Class 4/5B: 97.9%*
Class 5/6: 98.9%*
Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.1%, with class 4/5A in first place with 100% and classes 2/3B and 5/6 in joint second place with 98.9%. Congratulations go to Class 4/5A on an exemplary 100% start to the term.

Year 6 Transition !
This year, the secondary schools have altered their arrangements for the transition activities that they undertake with our year six pupils. There will be a whole week of transition, beginning on Monday 18th July. This means that our year sixes will finish at Stepney on Friday 15th July. We are therefore altering our year six leaving assembly and disco to Thursday 14th July.

Class Assemblies & Exhibitions
Owing to the shortness of this first half term, there will not be any class assemblies or exhibitions until after the half term holiday.
13th June—Foundation/Year 1
20th June—Years 2 & 3
27th June—Years 4 & 5
4th July—Year 6

Welcome Back !
We hope you have all had a great Easter break. Even though this is a very short first half term, we have lots going on. Next week, year 6 have their SATs tests. All other year groups will be undertaking assessment activities, so it is essential we continue with our good attendance figures to ensure all pupils have the best opportunity to do well.

School Reopens on Wednesday !
Just a reminder that school reopens on Wednesday morning this week.

SATs Approaching
For our year 6 pupils, they will be returning after these Easter holidays to sit their SATs tests, which start next week, on Monday 9th May. Please will parents/carers of year 6 pupils ensure that their child is here and on time, especially for the next couple of weeks.

This is the Year 6 SATs timetable:
Monday 9th June
Reading Tests
Tuesday 10th June
Writing Tests
Wednesday 11th June
Mental Maths & Maths Paper A
Thursday 12th June
Maths Paper B
All pupils need to be at school and on time as we have to follow the tight national testing procedures and timetable.




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