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March 2013

Bon Voyage !
We have said a farewell to a member of staff today. Miss Cotson, who has been our lunchtime senior supervisor and year 6 teaching assistant left us, as she is moving to live in Los Angeles. During assembly, we all thanked Miss Cotson for her dedication to the school and pupils presented her with gifts to remember us by. We all wish her well and the best of happiness in California.

Helen Holford visited the school this morning and went into every classroom with a very special visitor. This was 'LB' who is a pipistrelle bat. Mrs Holford, who works for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, is licensed to look after bats. She helps injured bats and nurses them back to health so that they can be let loose into the wild again. Mrs Holford told all our pupils about LB, what he eats and many facts about his habitat. Everyone was allowed a brief look at LB, who was safe and sound in his carrying box. It was certainly a talking point for the rest of the day.

Excellent Easter Eggs!
We had a brilliant Easter Egg Decorating Contest with many wonderful entries from our pupils. In assembly this morning, Mr Browning presented prizes to the winners, who received easter eggs, kindly donated by Tesco Express:
Nursery - Kayleigh & Martyna
Reception - Naheem & Lena
Year 1 - Carla & Michel
Class 2/3a - Cameron & Honya
Class 2/3b - Abigayle & Scott
Class 4/5a - Laren & Nazia
Class 4/5b - Hilal & Andrew
Year 6 - Lilli & Niaomi
Miss Pattrick had produced a powerpoint showing all the winning eggs. Click here to see the slides.

Egyptian Exhibition !
Over thirty parents and carers joined their year 2/3 children for the last of the spring exhibitions. It was yet another highly successful morning. Continuing on from phase 4/5s decision to let the pupils introduce the event, Miss Baitson and Miss Laybourne allowed their pupils to decide which activities to have for the adults. They chose to perform an Egyptian song in the hall before moving back to classrooms to show off their work; to work on hieroglyphics and to explore nets of pyramids! Comments reinforced the positive conclusions from our other spring exhibitions.  As always, we have asked parents/carers to tell us what they thought about the event and these are all the responses (NB we have replaced pupils' names with ???)

What did you enjoy about it ?
“i enjoyed being able to get involved and see what my daughter has been learning"
"The lesson together was so amazing, it's nice to see how my ???'s working all day at school"
"I enjoyed to spend some time with my daughter and see her to show me her skills and how she is been doing at school and I saw how she improved day after day. I am very grateful for all the efforts the teachers they do with ??? I am very proud by ???'s skills"
"I enjoyed all apects of this exhibition it was less rushing about and seemed more relaxed. It was also great to see my sons work and how much progress he has made during the year"
"I always enjoy coming to see what ??? has being doing and ??? really enjoyed it"
"i enjoyed the whole thing, making interesting things about Egyptians and playing with ??? and others"
"I enjoyed makeing the pyramids"
"All of the activities"
"I enjoyed about all activities that we did. It's really good when our children knowing about another cultures"
"I am very impressed of my son"
"Activities great"
"Yes I think everybody enjoyed it"
"Having fun with the children"
"Enjoyed being able to join in with activities and at same time being able to look and see what work at present are working on"
"Doing all the stuff with kids really fun"
"The kids loved the singing and it was lovely to hear them having fun. I loved all the arts and crafts. ??? & ??? had fun showing me their activities"
"Spending time with the kids"

How could we improve it ?
“I think everything its ok - well done"
"More like this"
"Very good school"
"Maybe a little bit more time and space"
"I always ask for more time"
"You can not I think everything was lovely"
"I personally don't think any improvement required. Really enjoyable"
"More rooms"
"You can not improve perfection 5 stars"
"Every day I check with ??? how she doing at school, and I find out she is improving every day. I will be thankfull if there is a bit time spending with her more and give her more homework. Thank you indeed"

Easter Disco !
Today, we had our Easter disco. This was the first one using the new disco lights that have been installed. With all the lights working, the new PA system sounding brilliant and plenty of refreshments on hand, the event went really well. There was a big thumbs up from all our pupils as they enjoyed letting their hair down. Many thanks to everyone who helped out tonight!

Football Results!
Despite the results not going the Stepney way, our footballers put up a good performance in the first football tournament of the season. Succumbing to a proficient Pearson Primary side they lost their matches. However, as we always say, it’s about the attitude and effort the pupils put in as well as the teamwork. Mr Rookyard and Miss Northen took them and were both very impressed by everyone’s determination and commitment.

Trusts' Consultation Deadline !
At noon today, the initial consultation for the Trusts proposal ended. The next stage is for Kevin Mohan from the Cooperative Trust to submit a report to Governors, which he will write from all the comments made at the numerous meetings with parents, staff, unions, governors and stakeholders as well as the written responses from the questionnaire. We will keep you abreast of developments as they happen.

Final Trusts' Consultation Meeting Tonight !
This evening we held the last of the meetings for the initial consultation period regarding the school joining the West Hull Cooperative Learning Trusts. This was a public consultation meeting, being held at Pearson Primary School at 6pm.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1- Juma & Karolina
Class 2/3a-Grace & Zainb
Class 2/3b-Josh & Maleeka
Class 4/5b-Gosha & Martina
Class 6a-Pheonix & Paulina
Class 6b-Zakir & Blessing

Calling Rugby League Players !
One of our year 6 pupils plays for the Myton Warriors Under 11s Rugby League Team. They are always looking for new players and have been delighted to have two 'overseas' players join them recently, i.e. two Polish lads. They are keen to extend their squad, so if there is anyone who would like to play for them, please look at their website at: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/mytonwarriorsarlc/ or give them a call on 01482 859216. They play at the Marist Sporting Club, situated on Cranbrook Avenue.

Red Nose Day Again !
Today, it was Red Nose Day again. The theme for this year was ‘wacky hair’ and non-school uniform for the cost of 50p. We had a brilliant turnout from pupils and staff and quite a few laughs and giggles along the way! As well as this, pupils also bought buns for 20p during the day. We have been delighted by the response and support for this very worthy cause. We are pleased to announce we raised £211.37 in total.

Attendance Figures ! 
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 94%
Class 1: 90%
Class 2/3A: 97.65%*
Class 2/3B: 96.21% 
Class 4/5A: 96.3%
Class 4/5B: 95.17%
Class 6A: 95%
Class 6B: 95.33% 
This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.21 %. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 94.6%.

School Uniform
Over the last few years we have had a big push on school uniform. We have all our pupils coming to school in school uniform and the overwhelming majority with the school PE kit of plain white T shirts and red shorts. However, one or two pupils are coming to school in leggings and short skirt combinations. Please will you ensure that your child has appropriate school uniform on.

Brilliant Phase 4/5 Exhibition!
With a change to tradition, pupils from phase 4/5 introduced their spring exhibition to a packed hall of parents and carers this morning. They explained how everyone would be divided into four groups: one looking at geography and facts about mountains, another in the ICT suite studying the websites they have been using for researching their thematic unit, a third group undertaking work on food chains in science, and the last group doing Red Nose activities. It was wonderful to see over forty adults join us for another highly interactive morning.
As always, we have asked parents/carers to tell us what they thought about the event and these are all the responses (NB we have replaced pupils' names with ???)

What did you enjoy about it ?
“Was so much better this time as seemed to have more time on each area. Loved it. Lovely to see all their work”
“All areas were much more relaxed and more enjoyable. More space and room to move around too”
“As usual, when I have attended the exhibition I have enjoyed every minute of it. It is plain to see the children and staff have put great effort into the exhibition. Well done everyone!”
“Been able to take part in activities with my child. Able to view the topic work the children have been working on so hard on to be able to present it to us. The organisation of the morning on the whole was awesome”
“It was nice being shown by ??? what she has been learning in school and participating in a few activities with her”
“Everything was really nice good experience & know how good our children are doing”
“I enjoy! This very good experience for the parents and children to work together”
“Spending time with ??? and  seeing his work”
“I enjoyed spending time with ??? and to learn what ??? has been learning”
“Learning about mountains! At this stage, it is interesting as an OAP both to realise how much I have forgotten and also how much I never learned”
“Lots of different areas with a wide range of activities. The children were keen to show off their knowledge and seemed excited about what they had learnt”
“I enjoyed working with my child to find all the information on mountains and making food chains”
“Being able to spend time with my son in his school environment. I especially enjoy being given the opportunity to look through his work”
“Seeing what our children are learning about”
“I enjoyed that I could to work with my daughter and I had a opportunity to have a look at my daughters work”
“Enjoyed being able to interact with my child while she worked and being able to see her workbooks”
“Seeing what my child is learning about”
“Seeing my child’s work”
“Was fantastic”
“Doing food chain”
“It was v. good because we got lots of time”
“Yes, I liked all lessons”
“All of it”
“Finding out what children have learnt”
“It was okay I learned quite a lot”
“The food chain”
“The children were free to show us around and it was well organised”
“I always enjoy seeing ???’s work”
“Always impressed with the school”
“I enjoyed the activities. Fact finding and poster making”
“Spending time seeing the kids doing fun activities”

How could we improve it ?
“No improvement needed”
Bit more time in each area”
“Keep up the good work”
“Was fine how it was”
“It is good nothing to improve”
“Everything is fine”
“You could make it more fun for the children”
“More fun craft activity”
“It’s ok as it is”
“I think you’ve got it spot on now”
“Everything was good”
“Have more!”
“Difficult to improve something that is already excellent.  Once again, well done to everyone!”
“BY keeping up the hard work as usual. Well done all involved”
“A little longer to read her work”
“Just to have some more time everything is excellent”
“We were not told what to do in some classes. Could be organised a bit better”

Many thanks to those of you who have returned the consultation forms regarding the school becoming part of the West Hull Cooperative Learning Trust. Yesterday, there was a consultation meeting for parents and carers, which gave parents and carers a chance to hear more about this proposal. If you wish to look at any of the consultation documents that were given out a few weeks ago, please look on our website or call in at the school office. The closing day for responses is noon on Wednesday 20th March.

Journey to the Deep!
Our phase 4/5 pupils visited The Deep today to look at all their exhibitions. As usual, behaviour was spot on and everyone enjoyed looking at the fish and other sea creatures.

Transition Meeting!
Thanks to those parents and governors who attended the briefing meeting this morning about our possible conversion to a trust school.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Class 2/3a-Denver & Lemuel
Class 2/3b-Edwin & Courtnee
Class 4/5a-Jayden & Andy
Class 4/5b-Caitlin & Robert
Class 6a-Alisha & Callum
Class 6b-George & Julia

Trusts Consultation !
Just to remind you that there is a consultation meeting for parents and carers tomorrow morning at 9am at school, if you would like to attend and hear more about this proposal.

Healthy Eating & The Healthy School Award ! 
This year, we are working towards another Healthy School Award. One of the ideas for a project as part of this award has come from the School's Pupil Council. They decided that we ought to look at healthy eating in school. The first stage of this was to look at what our pupils have for lunch. Last Tuesday, we undertook a whole school survey, in which pupils were asked what they had for their lunch.
We have been surprised by some of the results from the survey, which suggest there is room for us to undertake more work with the children on healthy eating.
Firstly, we are planning a Healthy Eating Week in June. During this term, staff will be incorporating healthy eating activities into assemblies and exhibitions.  
We are delighted with the impact that our new PE coach has had on raising the level of participation of pupil in PE. Although we already had pupils engaging in many sporting activities, Mr Rookyard has brought a further dimension, with his lunchtime sports activities. We still need to ensure our pupils are getting a healthy, balanced diet to ensure their continued healthy growth and development. We will greatly appreciate the support of parents and carers in this project.

Children's Centre News ! 
We have been given a copy of the latest Children's Centre booklet, full of information about the services on offer. Please click here or on the image below to view the whole booklet.

Please click here to view this booklet

Attendance figures ! 
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.32%*
Class 1: 90.30%
Class 2/3A: 96.55%
Class 2/3B: 96.07% 
Class 4/5A: 96.30%
Class 4/5B: 97.24%* 
Class 6A: 95%
Class 6B: 97.33%*
These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.16%. For the spring term, Year 6 are in first place with 94.57%. 

Mr Rookyard's Sporting Star of the Week 
Cara & Bartek were the latest recipients of our PE coach’s weekly award. Well done to these two pupils.

Trusts Consultation !
Many thanks to those of you who have returned the consultation forms regarding the school becoming part of the West Hull Cooperative Learning Trust. Just to remind you that there is a consultation meeting for parents and carers next week on Wednesday 13th March at 9am at school, if you would like to attend and hear more about this proposal. If you wish to look at any of the consultation documents that were given out a few weeks ago, please click here or call in at the school office.

Red Nose Day Again !
Next Friday (15th March) it is Red Nose Day once again. The theme for this year is ‘wacky hair’ and non-school uniform for the cost of 50p. Pupils will also have the chance to buy buns for 20p during the day. We hope that every child will be able to participate so we may raise plenty of funds for this charity.

World Book Day !
Today, we celebrated this annual national event. Pupils designed book marks and prizes were handed out to year group winners. Everyone was given a World Book Day £1 Voucher and our year 6 pupils held a book sale at the end of the day. Miss Aktinson led a special assembly, during which she told pupils about World Book Day and they thought about their favourite authors and books.

EYFS/Year 1 World Book Day Exhibition !
25 EYFS parents/carers and 19 year 1 parents/carers had a great time taking part in the exhibition on Thursday. It was a World Book Day theme. Year 1 were planting broad beans, and taking part in Gruffalo activities. In the Foundation Stage, they were looking at mini-beasts, including caterpillar word searches and tessellations. Many thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a success!
As phase 4/5 are going on a visit to The Deep next Wednesday, their exhibition will be on Friday instead of Thursday to give them an extra day to prepare for it.

What did you enjoy about it
“Enjoyed seeing what ??? gets up to at nursery! Was good to see her confidently playing and interacting with other children.”
“Now I better know what ??? love to do in school mostly”
“I enjoyed watching my son doing school things and helping him with them. It has been brilliant to see all the things he does”
“Brilliant work by all children”
“I really like it. It is nice to see my child is enjoying here and can find whatever she wants. Thanks”
“Liked seeing what ??? does every morning at registration. Liked looking at her work and wandering about the nursery”
“Love to work my child. Nice to know what she is doing”
“I think this exhibition is very fantastic. I saw how my child play in nursery! Was great!”
“Love to be with child and know what she is like and do. Very happy to be here”
“I like doing my som. I happy. I like exhibition”
“??? really wanted for me to go to this exhibition very excited. It has been the best so far lots of interesting activities to keep them amused and spread the little ones out did not feel so overcrowded. Thank you for a lovely time”
“I have really enjoyed watching my son play with this friends and showing me what he likes to play with best of all at school. There was a lot of different activities on the go as well which I thought was a good idea”
“Spending time with daughter”
“It was nice. I saw how my daughter feels comfortable in your surroundings”
“Very nice having time with ??? in school. Seeing his work and doing things like making the bee”
“Being with my child making caterpillars”
“I enjoyed all the different activities and spending time with ??? in school”
“I am really happy with my son progress. Your help is appreciated”
“Looking at my daughter’s work and how well she is doing at school”
“Reviewing my son’s work. Working with him in completing the tasks”
“It was great fun. Such a lot of different activities to choose from. All of the children’s books were available so that it was easy to see how they were progressing. What a great turn out from the parents”
“At this stage of the year, there is a real opportunity to see a child’s progress since last September. Obviously we see their ability from day to day, but like their physical development we forget how much they are coming on in a relatively short time”
“Getting to see what my child does in school and how they progress over the year”
“Today morning is really very enjoyable. My child is very excited. She did lots of things this exhibition. That’s very good. Thank you.”
“Great to see all the work that has been done. ??? Also enjoyed showing off her work”
“Everything was just great. I’m very glad to be here today”
“I enjoy look at ??? work and seeing ??? work”
“I’m very pleased with this mornings exhibition”

How could we improve it ?
“Already enjoyed it a lot more than last time. Didn’t seem so hectic and was space at all activities”
“Just keep doing what you’re doing. My son is learning loads”
“Everything very good”
“Doing well. Keep going”
“Doing great work”
“Maybe a grown up chair”
“There is nothing to improve on. Everything was fine.”
“I don’t think you could”
“Everything was just great”
“It does not need any improvement at all. The level of that exhibition is really nice. Because share my son all the activities”
“Don’t need to”
“Bigger rooms needed”
“It was great!”
“Can’t think of anything”
“Bigger room”
“More space! Quite difficult to find workspace”
“No need because everything is perfect”

The comments about needing bigger rooms came from parents working in year 1. Regrettably, there is very little we can do to increase room size. The building is grade II listed so we cannot change the building very much, especially by extending the classrooms. A few years ago we moved year 2 upstairs to free up another room for year1. The two rooms, now in use for year 1 cannot be combined or altered without substantial work, cost plus permission from the Listed Building people. In the meantime, we have been replacing furniture in order to make the rooms better for children to learn in and we will continue to welcome any suggestions for further improvements. We are glad that the parents in the Foundation Stage exhibition found the new layout more conducive.

Council Meeting ! 
Our school councillors met at lunchtime to discuss a range of items. As usual, they were talking about important issues for the school, including preparations for red nose day, Easter and how they could help their friends in the International Pupil Council. Click here to see their webpage.

The Bee Man ! 
Foundation Stage pupils had a special treat today, when a beekeeper came into school. Mr Coulson told the children how he cares for the bees, the special clothes he wears and some of the habits of the insects. He allowed some pupils to wear his bee-keeper's hat and he showed them a 'virtual hive'. Mr Coulson had spent time in Africa and spoke to some of our African pupils in their native language. Miss Pullen's pupils had prepared questions to ask him. Although, Mr Coulson didn't bring in any actual bees, there are plenty of school-made bees hanging from the washing lines in the classroom.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Evie & Michal
Class 2/3a-Sunny & Sarah
Class 2/3b-Layla & Brooke
Class 4/5a-David & Natalia
Class 4/5b-Hilal, Konrad & Shaheed
Class 6a-Jolanta & Pzemek
Class 6b-Marek & Shaunna

Science Guest ! 
As part of their current science topic, phase 2/3 welcomed Nicola Wallis, an engineer, to show them all about switches and circuits. Pupils made little LED torches, using batteries, switches and LED lights. It was an action-packed, hands on experience which everyone agreed was a major success.

Secondary Choices! 
Parents/carers of year 6 pupils should have received a letter today, informing them which secondary school their children will be going to. Four of our boys have been awarded places at Trinity House school, which is indeed a rare result. We hope that everyone is pleased with their places. Whilst, the system of allocating secondary school places is nothing to do with the primary schools, we'd be glad to help anyone who has any problems or queries.

All Carpeted ! 
The carpet fitters spent Saturday skimming the floors in the year 1 classrooms and Sunday fitting the carpets in them. Just the cupboards to come now!

Benchball Success! 
Our year 3 pupils wrapped up a successeful mini-season of benchball tournaments against other local schools with a resounding 1st place in the round-robin event. In the past weeks, years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have played against Pearson, Collingwood and Clifton Primary School. Two of the teams finished in 1st place and the other two in 2nd, thus showing Stepney pupils are still brilliant benchball players. Let us hope it becomes an Olympic sport one day!

Chicken Pox & Attendance figures ! 
Unfortunately, our youngest pupils are being hit by Chicken Pox. We are grateful for parents'/carers' vigilence. Pupils are being taken to the doctors and kept off school immediately when spots are seen but it is still affecting pupils in the EYFS and year 1 classes.
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 76.21%
Class 1: 77.67%
Class 2/3A: 91.72%
Class 2/3B: 91.43% 
Class 4/5A: 90.71%
Class 4/5B: 92.76% 
Class 6A: 97.5%*
Class 6B: 91.33%
*This class received a virtual cheque for gaining over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.08%. For the spring term, Year 1 are in first place with 94.49%.

Mr Rookyard's Sporting Star of the Week 
Jayden & Cailey were the worthy recipients of our PE coach’s weekly award. Well done to these two pupils.

Road Safety Reminder!
This week, one of our pupils had a near miss on Stepney Lane. He rode his bicycle out in front of a car. Luckily, the driver, who is one of our parents immediately did an emergency stop and no harm was done. Please will you remind your child about safety on bikes, scooters and crossing the road.







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