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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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March 2012

Staff Leaving !
We have two members of staff who are leaving this Easter. Mrs Wannan, who works in the school office, is moving to a post at Cavendish Primary School and Mrs Hudson is going to teach at St. Mary’s Primary School in Beverley. We would like to wish them the very best for the future and hope they settle in well to their new schools. In the meantime, we have shortlisted for a permanent replacement for Mrs Hudson and we will obviously be covering her hours until we make this appointment.

Easter Competitions
This year, we have had some wonderful entries to our Easter design competition. Children have been working hard to design and decorate bunnies and eggs and Egg basket pictures. The winners were chosen by the Chair of Governors, Mr Morfitt. These were:
Reception: Karolina & Zara
Year1: Stelina & Amelia
Class 2/3A: Morgan & Jessica
Class 2/3B: Patryk & Courtney
Class 4/5A: Shannon & Thevmini
Class 4/5B: Emma & Mawdud
Class 6A: Paulina & Jakub L
Class 6B: Wiktoria & Dominik

May we remind you that the Local Authority will issue fines for parents taking holidays during term time. There will be a £50 fine per adult per child. This means that if both mum and dad take their child on holiday, the mother will be fined £50 and the father will be fined an additional £50, making £100 in total. For two children the fine would therefore be £200.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 84%
Class 1: 91.5%
Class 2/3A: 91.3%
Class 2/3B: 73.5%
Class 4/5A: 86.7%
Class 4/5B: 90.7%
Class 6A: 100%*
Class 6B: 96.7%
*This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%. Both 4/5B and 6B have finished in joint first place with 97% for the term. There has been a drop in attendance within some classes due to an outbreak of illness amongst many of the children.

Foundation Stage Exhibition !

We had a successful exhibition in our Foundation Stage this morning. Parents and carers had a chance to look through children's assessment folders as well as join in making Easter and looking in the various areas of the unit.

A Reminder for Tomorrow!

It will be the turn of our Foundation Stage pupils to show their exhibition to parents and carers in the morning.

Phase 4/5 at The Strand

Both our phase 4/5 classes visited The Strand building along Beverley Road today to work with the 'Spin Off' theatre company. They listened to a story and saw how an artists can interpret this in a picture before they were allowed to have a go at making paper butterflies to link in with the story. Needless to say, everyone had a great time.

Redecoration to start at Easter!

We are having the first stage of our school redecoration starting next week. Mr Browning showed the decorators around the library and main stair well as this will be the area they start first during the Easter holidays. This should give us the chance to get the library sorted out and new shelving put in at the start of the summer term.

Sport Relief 2012

We had a brilliant Sport Relief morning! Years 4 to 6 went to Endeavour to take part in sponsored 'mile' races around their sports field. We were competing alongside Pearson, Collingwood and St. Charles' Primary Schools. In the year 4 event, three of our boys came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall, which was a terrific achievement but we had individual successes across the year groups. The Lord Mayor turned up for part of the morning and the BBC Look North cameras were also on hand to film the event. Our younger pupils went onto our own school field and did sponsored walks.

Everyone set off at a sprint for the 1 mile race (23.3.12) Our year 6 team! (23.3.12)Two of the fastest! Dominik & Harry (23.3.12) Jayden, Cole, Chief and David from Stepney, together with other winners and the Lord Mayor, Colin Inglis (23.3.12)

Table Tennis Table
We have managed to acquire one of the table tennis tables that were dotted around the city a few months ago, These have since been donated to schools and other clubs and we have been lucky enough to have been given one. May we remind everyone that pupils should not be allowed to climb under it or over it. It is there to play table tennis on!

Year 6 Craft Session
Last Friday, we had some visitors from Fenchurch children's centre, working with year 6 on some Mothers' Day paper flower decorations. They have been in again today to make Easter baskets. Both afternoons have made a very welcome break from the intense studying that the pupils are doing at the moment.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 66.6%
Class 1: 90.4%
Class 2/3A: 92.6%
Class 2/3B: 92.1%
Class 4/5A: 94.6%
Class 4/5B: 95%
Class 6A: 92.7%
Class 6B: 98.9%*
*This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.6%. Both 4/5B and 6B are in joint first place with 97% for the term.

Honey Suckle Again !
If we could have ordered the perfect weather for the second of our Foundation Stage's trips to Honey Suckle Farm, we couldn't have asked for better weather! Today was even warmer and sunnier than yesterday. The children had a great time watching the cows being milked; feeding the goats; playing on the straw bales; going for a ride on a cart pulled by 'Tommy the horse' and enjoying an ice cream. Staff reported that everyone was brilliantly behaved and all thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Cheer Leaders !
We have had thirty one pupils apply for the cheer leaders club. As we mentioned yesterday, we have had to limit places to twenty. The remaining ones have been placed on a reserve list. We will see how the club goes to see if we can accommodate the other pupils.

Honey Suckle Bound !
Our Nursery and Reception children visited Honey Suckle Farm today. Everyone had a great time seeing the animals. More reports to follow...

Appointments During the Day !
We currently have concerns with pupils attending medical appointments. We accept that sometimes appointments can only be made during the school day and pupils have to be taken out of school to attend these. However, some pupils are leaving in the morning for an appointment but then not returning to school. Morning and Afternoons are counted as two separate sessions so it is imperative that pupils miss as little time as possible. Please ensure that your child is returned to school to attend the rest of the day.

Great News !
We are delighted to announce that Mr Cameron's wife gave birth to their first child, a little girl, Florence Amelie Cameron, at 1.02pm today. Both mother and child are doing well. On behalf of everyone at Stepney, we would like to send our very best wishes to the Cameron family.

Exhibition Reschedule for Year 1 !
Next week, it was planned for the Foundation Stage and Year 1 to have their exhibition morning on Thursday 29th March. As Mr Cameron is now on paternity leave for the next two weeks, it will just be the Foundation Stage who will be having an exhibition. Mr Cameron will be having his year 1 class exhibition during the first week back after the Easter holidays.

Cheer Leaders' Club !
In a recent school council meeting, some of the members asked for a cheer leaders' club. We have approached our dance coach, Sarah, if she could help us out and she said "Yes!" Starting after the Easter holidays, on 17th April, Sarah will be holding a club for pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 on a Tuesday lunchtime between 12.30pm and 1.00pm. Letters have gone out today to these year groups and it will be a case of first come, first served. We only have room for twenty places.

New Teaching Assistant !
Today, we appointed Mrs Brodie as our new teaching assistant. She will be based in Miss Northen's 4/5 class. Our congratulations go to Mrs Brodie!

Steel Drums At Thoresby !
Mr Browning, Mrs Kobus and the Stepney Steel Drum Band visited Thoresby Primary School this afternoon. Thoresby have borrowed Highlands Primary School's steel drums and are just starting to play them. Our pupils went to help their Thoresby counterparts with some of the pieces we have been playing since September. We had a wonderful welcome at Thoresby and everyone had a great afternoon. Many thanks to Mrs Milner, for allowing us to join with her pupils.

Stepney and Thoresby Steel Drummers Join Forces! (19.3.12) Everyone gets to help out! (19.3.12)Thoresby Drummers, learning very quickly (19.3.12) Learning to play the mighty Bass Drums (19.3.12)Thoresby Primary School have a wonderful room, which is ideal to house their steel drums (19.3.12) Best Mates ! (19.3.12)

Let's Get Cooking Accreditation 2012
We are delighted to announce that we have gained this accreditation for all the cooking initiatives we have been doing in school. A big thank you goes to Mrs Heidstra, Mrs Hudson and Miss Pullen for all the work they have done over the last few years in helping our pupils to improve their cooking skills.

Click here for larger image Click here to see the full certificate

Sports Relief Next Week !
You will be getting a letter about the Sport Relief event, which is being held next Friday. We are joining with other primary schools in a sponsored walk around Endeavour sports field. Pupils will need to wear their Stepney PE kit. Further details are available on the letter. We are expecting BBC Look North television cameras to be there. If there is any reason why you don’t wish your child to be filmed then please will you let the school know.

Football Helpers Wanted !
Owing to the numbers of pupils wanting to join in the school football club training on a Wednesday evening, we need some extra adult help. If you would be willing to help after Easter, please see Mr Browning or Mr Burton. We will only need two or three.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 93.1%
Class 1: 91.5%
Class 2/3A: 95.8%
Class 2/3B: 95.9%
Class 4/5A: 93.1%
Class 4/5B: 100%*
Class 6A: 97.3%*
Class 6B: 91.7%
*These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.6%. This term class 6B have been in first place but this week 4/5B have overtaken them with their full attendance. 4/5B now have 97.3%  for the term and class 6B are in second place with 96.8%

Year 6 Exhibition

Our oldest pupils provided their parents/carers with a great exhibition this morning. Once again, we had over thirty parents, who saw and heard about the Greek Pottery, the pupils had made; information about the SATs; a science investigation, literacy excerpts and art and design technology. We asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???, and we've included all the comments).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"Learning to do our name in Greek. Also doing the experiment. Loved winning the raffle prize"
"Science Lesson. Writing in Greek. Information about SATs"
"I enjoyed it very much"
"I enjoyed being able to work with my daughter as well as the opportunity to see her work"
"Very interesting to learn what ??? has been doing over the last few weeks and to see how we works in the classroom"
"I'm enjoy everything about exhibition today. I am very happy"
"Making our name plates. Very good. Eating the brownies! The talk on the SATs"
"Activities were interesting"
"The science took me back to my primary school days. It was fantastic. The art was wonderful as well. Excellent preparations. Well done"
"As always, I enjoyed it all, very calm and organised. A very nice morning."
"I enjoyed designing my greek name! I also enjoyed watching raisins bouncing up and down in lemonade. It was good to see the children participate and answer questions on why they would do this"
"Hearing about the SATs so I know what's going on with them"
"Brownies and Flapjack. Science was enjoyable"
"When we did experiment"
"All the things that they did. Science and Art"
"I am enjoying experiment"
"I'm enjoy everything about exhibition today. I see that my son was very happy"
"Really enjoyed this morning doing activities with my son"
"Making Greek name plates. Very good"
"Just love seeing what my daughter is doing, learning and achieving in class. Love to spend time doing activities and tasks with ???. Always fun"
"Everything. Especially doing our names in Greek writing"
"The science and the art and looking at the Greek pots"

How could we improve it ?
"Bigger chairs for parents"
"More silver pens for art"
"Nothing. All year 6 staff are fantastic"
"Should do more of these"
"Make me win raffle! Do more of these exhibitions and parent activities"
"Transitions smoother""If you had more time to do activities"
"Only a little bit (just a bit!) on the timings"
"No improvements to be made. All very organised this morning"
"Excelled again. What can I say. I find it increasingly difficult to find fault"
"No need to improve was good"
"More Brownies! LOL"
"Nothing. All was good"
"Nothing really. To many thank you for all the teachers for good work"

Table Tennis at Hull Central Library !
We have had details of Table Tennis sessions for all the family at Hull Central Library. Please click here for further details.

Sport Relief Competition !
This week, Miss Northen has run a Sport Relief competition for the pupil who could create the best  sports' bib design that represents Stepney. Each child brought 50p in with their entry form and the winner was Prezemyslaw. The whole school will go to Endeavour on the 23.3.12 to walk a mile, all wearing Prezemyslaw's design.

Easter Holidays' Pop Dance !
We have received details of a Pop Dance Camp. Please click here to access a full copy of this form:

Please click here for the full form

Football on the Front Playground !

We have had some enquiries from some year 6 pupils, asking whether they could play football on the front playground in the morning before school. We have checked this out with the Local Authority. If pupils want to do this, then this is acceptable but parents/carers must be aware that it is before 8.55am. we will not be able to provide a member of staff to supervise these activities. If there is a problem, then there are staff in school. We will not allow children from other schools, including from high schools, to participate. If pupils want to play, then they will have to bring their own football etc.

Stranger Danger !

All schools have had a warning that there have been some recent instances at Endike Primary School, where unknown adults have tried to persuade children to get into a car. These were outside of school hours. We have spoken to pupils in circle times but please could we ask parents/carers to talk to their children and remind them of the dangers of going with strangers.  

Changes to Dinner Money Collection after Easter !
Owing to changes to the school's banking arrangements, we are altering the way we collect school dinner money. Starting when we return after Easter, money will be collected on the first day of the school week. Obviously, this will mainly be on a Monday, unless this is a holiday or training day. Children will need to bring their total dinner money for the forthcoming week. At the end of the week, letters will be sent out reminding parents if they still owe money. May we also remind you that dinner prices are £1 per day, unless children are eligible for free school meals. Therefore, a week's dinners for one child would be £5, which is excellent value for a whole meal, with dessert, salad and a drink.

A Record Number of Applicants!
This morning, Mr Browning and Mr Morfitt were shortlisting for the Teaching Assistant post that has been advertised at the school, following Miss Ullah's departure. A record 78 applications had been submitted!

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 93.5%
Class 1: 95.2%
Class 2/3A: 94.1%
Class 2/3B: 95.2%
Class 4/5A: 89%
Class 4/5B: 98.6%*
Class 6A: 95%
Class 6B: 95%
*This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.8%. This term class 6B are in first place with 97.4% and class 4-5B in second place with 96.9%

A New Governor !
We were delighted to show around a new member of our governing body this week. Father Malcolm Crook is joining the team. Having moved from a parish in Nottingham in the last year, he is eager to take up the challenge of helping us.

Romans R Us !
Today, it was the turn of our years 4/5 classes to show and share their work with parents and carers. Once again, they and their children were organised into different groups and then moved around a carousel of different activities. These included writing a report; looking at children’s books; making Roman mosaics; working on the pcs in the ICT suite and taking part in a quiz. We had over thirty parents who all seemed to enjoy themselves. As usual, we asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???, and we've included all the comments).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"Working alongside my son and helping with his school work"
"Mosaic making, looking about the rooms, looking at books, playing the Pompeii game. Think the exhibitions are a good idea"
"Watching ??? work"
"I enjoyed the interactivity. Seeing the work my child is currently doing and taking part. The mosaic work was fun but I especially enjoyed the newspaper report"
"I enjoyed helping the children with their tasks"
"I enjoyed taking part in the activities with ???. Its good to get a chance to see her at work. Also, she loves me coming so she can show me all the hard work she s been doing"
"I was on such exhibition first time and it pleased me very"
"I enjoyed looking at my child's achievements. I also liked doing the quiz"
"I enjoyed it at the exhibition because it means I can spend time with ??? and see what things she has been doing at school"
"Helping children, knowing what they're doing in school"
"Being able to spend time with my child in the school environment and seeing/understanding the work he does"
"I enjoyed the activities, especially the 'hunt for the answers' quiz"
"I enjoyed seeing all my child's work and working with her"
"Seeing all of the interesting work the children have done"
"I enjoyed all the sections, I attended. They all were helpful for the school learning and benefit the children's education"
"I am satisfied with the meeting"
"I enjoy the most was ICT and making a star mosaic, it was really good"
"It was good to come into school and spend time looking at Shannon's work, and to be able to do things with her"
"I have enjoyed everything because everything was fantastic and very good"
"It helped me understand what ??? was working on. It gave me an insight to what ??? is up to during the day at school"
"Everything, it is always interesting"
"I enjoyed being able to move from area to area, to have a chance of looking at different areas of work"
"Helping ??? with different activities. I think ??? enjoyed it too"
How could we improve it ?
"More time in each section to look at work"
"Felt there was not enough time to finish some of the tasks. This makes them rushed at the end and is frustrating - i.e. how does the body move - newspaper report and mosaic making"
"All was good, no comments to raise for now"
"A little bit more explaining in some of the subjects would be very helpful"
"It is always a problem with lack of time"
"No need to improve it"
"Don't know, it was fine"
"You could improve by more time given, and everybody make their own mosaic to take home"
"To make sure its a bit more organised with moving from different rooms"
"It was just fine"
"Don't need to improve anything"
"I think its great how it is"
"I can't really suggest anything. I think you've 'fine tuned' the exhibition well compared to previous ones, and the result compares well"
"Just keep up the great work"
"I think that historical zone need more time"
"I have to say I find it hard to find a way in which to improve todays exhibition although it did finish slightly later than planned. It started on time, there was a good explanation as to how we were to be organised and what we were to be doing. It was also informative and interactive - 10/10"
"I really liked it and I don't think anything needs improving"
"Don't need to, everything was great"
"Give more time"

Pupils undertaking work on life processes (8.3.12) Pupils showed parents some of the programmes they work on, in the ICT suite (8.3.12)There was busy work making Roman Mosaics (8.3.12) In the library, pupils, parents and staff worked on a history quiz (8.3.12)

Basic Skills Review
Every year we have a review of our basic skills provision. This is conducted by an outside consultant, appointed by the local authority. Today, Mrs Rozenbroek, the deputy head teacher at Gilshill Primary School undertook the review. She looked at a wealth of evidence that Miss Atkinson and Mrs Wilde had gathered from teachers. Mr Browning showed her around the school and she was very impressed by the behaviour and learning attitudes of all the pupils. In particular, Mr Burton's pupils eloquently explained how the 'Big Maths' scheme works. Mrs Rozenbroek was looking at how we teach literacy and numeracy. Although we won't have her final report for a few days, she was very positive about many of our initiatives, as well as suggesting some improvements. Once again, it was a pleasure to show how well our pupils apply themselves to their school work.

Health Warning !
We have just received the following letter, warning about certain bracelets that have been purchased from venues, such as the Eden project in Cornwall. Apparently, some red and black coloured bracelets have been made from the 'Jequirity bean', which is a deadly seed and contains highly dangerous chemicals. Please click here to see the attached bulletin.

Endeavour Staff Visit Stepney
Martin Ritchie, the head of the Maths department at Endeavour, and two of his staff visited our school today. They were interested in watching some of our new 'Big Maths' activities. Miss Northen and her class showed them a great maths lessons, with many skills being shown.

PGCE Students Starts !

Mr Thomas Wilson, who is studying for the 'Postgraduate Certificate in Education' at Hull University spent a day in phase 2/3 today. Before starting his final teaching placement at the end of April, Mr Wilson will be spending the next few Tuesday getting to know the pupils and planning his work for the summer. He will mainly be based in Miss Baitson's class.

Asda Gro Sure Challenge!

Two members of staff from our local Asda store on Beverley Road popped around today to deliver a presentation to the whole school in assembly then to work with phase 4-5, back in their classrooms. Together with 'Unwins', Asda are bringing the 'Gro Sure' challenge to schools. Stepney has been chosen as Asda's focus school. Our pupils were shown had to plant vegetable seeds as part of a competition to see who could grow the biggest veg! The Asda staff were delighted with the response from our pupils and impressed by how many of them were involved with growing things, either at home or on their parents' allotments!

Asda staff present their gifts to phase 4/5 (5.3.12) Everyone is really keen to start planting their seeds (5.3.12)

Astro Turf!
This morning, our Foundation Stage area saw the removal of the old turf and the arrival of some high quality astro turf! In less than a day it was transformed. Instead of becoming a muddy mess, we should have many years of authentic looking grass for our youngest pupils to enjoy!

The grass is cleared and sand laid down 5.3.12 The area has been prepared for the arrival of the astro turf! 5.3.12An arial shot! 5.3.12 Rakes and machines are used to compress the sand 5.3.12The astro turf comes on a roll, just like a new carpet! 5.3.12 ... and it's fitted like a carpet! 5.3.12The workmen have to cut around our outdoor furniture 5.3.12 All finished! 5.3.12

Attendance figures!

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 93.8%
Class 1: 96.3%
Class 2/3A: 94.5%
Class 2/3B: 93.2%
Class 4/5A: 96.9%
Class 4/5B: 97.6%*
Class 6A: 94.6%
Class 6B: 96.1%
*This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.8%. This term class 6B are in first place with 97.8% and class 4-5B in second place with 96.7%

Phase 2/3 Exhibition !
We had 34 parents and carers join us for yet another of our successful phase exhibitions. This week, it was the turn of our year 2 and 3 pupils, who have been studying a unit on Polar and Jungle regions this term. As usual, we asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???, and we've included all the comments).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"I enjoyed looking at all the work and joining in"
"Taking part in the activities, seeing all of the work and having time to go through everything properly"
"I enjoyed looking at the work and being able to interact with them"
"Looking at all the kids work and helping them with their activities"
"Interacting with my son, finding out what he is doing in class, really enjoyed it"
"Interacting with my child and her friends in work and activities. The organisation of it all worked well also"
"Enjoyed all activities, and getting an insight of what the children are learning"
"Everything. I would have liked to have had a full day"
"All areas were good and informative. I enjoyed being able to work with my child but also the chance to look at his work"
"Everything really well done. Most of the things I do not know myself"
"Exhibition today was very nice. ??? very happy, so I happy too"
"I enjoyed all the practical things we were involved in and the fact the children were involved with us. Great fun had"
"The exhibition was very nice. My child was very happy"
"Spending time with ??? to find out what he is learning about and finding out what he has remembered about all the different lessons he has done"
"Very interesting to see the children actually doing things away from the home environment, especially behaviour"
"I enjoyed seeing my child's work and joining in with the activities. The children clearly enjoyed sharing their work with us too. Very educational, I loved it."
"Today this exhibition was very nice. I'm really enjoyed how always I was saw that my kid is very happy, so I'm happy too."
"All areas were good. Kids enjoyed us being in school and liked making the scenes. ??? and ??? loved telling us all the animal names."
"Today this exhibition was very nice."
How could we improve it ?
"I think you are doing a great job"
"It's all ok as it is"
"I see no faults"
"Seems okay to me"
"You all do a splendid job"
"There is nothing you can improve"
"I think you are doing fantastic good work"
"Keep things as they are"
"A little bit longer so you get the time to finish the activity you are doing with your child"
"The only little niggle was that our last placement was with the past work and this was curtailed. Apart from that, not a lot!"
"Nothing really"
"I think you improve it, your hard work with kids so I'm very thank you"

From the start, our exhibitions are about 'activity'! Parents/Carers and children start helping each other! As usual, our exhibition spreads over several classrooms and the library!Work is shown on our display boards for all to enjoy! Staff, pupils and parents work together! In Miss Baitson's classroom, everyone got onto making dioramas!A jungle diorama starts to take shape! Everyone was totally absorbed in the creativity! Our exhibitions are about sharing and collaboration!There were quizzes to undertake about the different animals to be found in jungles and polar regions! Beautifully prepared resources!

Parents' Days !
Many thanks for all those people who attended our two parents' day meetings this week and those who returned questionnaires. All the comments we received so far have been shown below. We'll add others to these over the next few days. We didn't have any negative comments! (NB. ??? has been used instead of a child's name)

1. How often do you attend parent’s day?





This is your first one






"We make sure we are at all the parents' days"
"Always attend, very important and informative"
"We attend every event our children are involved with in school"

2. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s current levels and progress?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“Very interesting to know what my child does at school and how his knowledge has improved"
"The teachers are always helpful and gave a clear picture of their progress"
"We always keep up to date with their levels and progress, but we always come even more proud"

3. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s targets and ways that you can help?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“Very helpful. Happy to know that my child is halfway there with the targets"
"I found that being given the attainment summary was a great help"
"I am very happy with my child's progress and was talked through ways to help"
"We do our best to help in every way with their learning, so these 'days' are very important"

4. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s attitude and behaviour at school ?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




"It's good to know that our child has got a good attitude at school"
"It's great to hear they are always eager to learn and helpful and kind to others"
"It's always nice to hear how well behaved they are and that they work hard, but also that they are happy"

5. How satisfied are you with the education that your child gets at Stepney?

Very Satsified


Not Satisfied

Major Concerns





“I am very happy with the education at Stepney and the teaching methods that Miss Pullen is using"
"Great teaching staff who really care about their pupils. Thanks"
"Very pleased as always. Very happy with Miss Pattrick and how she relates to ???. Thank you"
"I am very pleased with ???'s progress"
"Always impressed with the education they receive"
"We are very satisfied, Stepney is a very good school"

6. Any comments you wish to make
“Very impressed and thankful"
"Thank you for the time and attention dedicated for my son's education. I am pleased and happy with everything that it's happening at the school. Also, thank you for the advice received"
"??? really enjoys her time at school, she talks about her teachers and classroom assistants a lot - its clear she enjoys being with her friends - thank you"
"So many thank you, appreciate all what you do for my kids"
"Parents' day seemed to run much better this year. Teachers seemed more relaxed and not so rushed due to less over runs"
"??? loves every minute of being at school"
"Very satisfied with ???'s progress"
"Thankful for all you have done for my boys. Very pleased. Keep up the good work"
"I want my child to work harder"
"I think Stepney is a great school and I think the way my children are coming on is great"
"We think the teachers are doing an excellent job in the education of our daughter"
"Well explained"
"Pleased with daughters progress"
"The exhibitions and 'craft' afternoons are always great fun for the kids and parents, more events like these would be great!"
"Stepney is a great school. I'm very happy how well my children are coming on"





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