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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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March 2011

Our Chicks Are Hatching !
Up in Mrs Phelps-Jones classroom, pupils and staff have been watching with awe and wonder today, as the eggs in the incubator have been cracking and chicks emerging! By the close of the school day, we had transferred three chicks to the larger incubator in the library and another three had hatched in the smaller one.

Our first two arrivals! Having a cracking time!

Class 5/6 SATs Preparation Exhibition !
With only 15 school days left before the SATs tests start, today's exhibition was a special one. Mrs Brocklebank had prepared lots of information as well as activities to help parents and pupils in their preparations for the SATs, which begin on Monday 9th May. As Mrs Brocklebank reminded everyone, it is important that we get readyfor them so that pupils will be able to do their very best on the day.
In her usual highly organised way, Mrs Brocklebank had prepared a powerpoint with reminders. It is included here as aide memoire. Please click here to read it.

Latest School Council Minutes !
Our school pupil council met again today. Click here to read the latest minutes, which include some exciting news about the arrangements for our forthcoming Stepney 125 celebrations in the summer.

Grand Designs Along the Corridors !
Our link corridor is starting to look very Egyptian as the artwork takes shape!

Our Egyptian Wall takes shape! Heiroglyphics! Awesome Artwork!

Key Stage 2 SATs timetable now available!
We have our timetable for this year's Key Stage 2, year 6 SATs. Click here for a downloadable version.

4/5A have a new member of their class!
Mrs Phelps-Jones Class have a new addition to their classroom, in the form of hamster, 'Chomik' (pronounced Homik, which is Polish for Hamster)

Chomik goes for a quick run! Finding his feet! Already a firm friend!

Quotes for the playground equipment!
We are currently having quotes in for replacement play equipment in our back playground. Some of the equipment at the eastern end of our main playground is going rotten from where the bark chippings had been retaining moisture. As part of our best value policy, we have to get a number of quotes from different companies before we can make a decision. Mr Browning is keeping our school pupil councillors informed of proceedings.

Today, we had another of our very special days at Stepney. Click here to see a whole page of images about another wonderful event.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 86.7%
Class 1: 86.4%
Class 2/3A: 96.1%
Class 2/3B: 95.5%
Class 4/5A: 96.9%
Class 4/5B: 95.2%
Class 5/6: 97.5%*
*This class received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 93.8%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term (97.2%) and class 5/6 in second place with 96.2%.

Phase 4/5 Exhibit their work and musical prowess!
Following the success of our exhibitions during the Autumn term, we are holding our latest round during this half term. Today, phase 4/5 were the first group to show what they have been doing over the last few months. They began by performing some excellent songs on their glockenspiels. As part of the a scheme called 'Wider Opportunities', schools can have an outside musician in to work with the children. Last year we had a 'steel drum' tutor. This year all our pupils have been learning to play the glockenspiels, and they really showed how they have progressed. We were then educated by our 'experts' on Beatrix Potter and Life Processes, as well as watching great dance routines on the back playground. As usual, many thanks go to all the staff who helped to prepare pupils and resources for a superb show!

The Audience are in, are we're ready to sing! A display about the recent trip to Thorp Perrow Work on Beatrix Potter A Glockenspiel Musical Extravaganza!Parents look at pupils' work and listen to the 'experts' Dance routines on the playground!Sharing the results of our visit to Thorp Perrow Here are our Birds of Prey pictures!

As usual, we are grateful for the lovely comments that have been passed onto our pupils from parents and carers who attended the event:

"Dear ???, thank you very much for the warm welcome to your school exhibition. We had a great time!I enjoyed watching you sing and play music and loved the dancing. We were both pleased to see you had learned so much about birds and Beatrix Potter and how much you obviously enjoyed these subjects," Dad

"Really enjoyed the dancing, singing and music information was also fantastic"

"These exhibitions are a good way to show what the children are learning in class"

"???, I really enjoyed your exhibition today, and you seem to be enjoying school with lots of friends and learning new things. Lots of love from your very proud mum"

"Well done, ???, we love coming into school for these special days. We know how well you are doing but it's also great to actually see the work you are doing in school. Well done. Very proud." Mum & Dad

"As always, the behaviour of the pupils was excellent! The pupils I spoke to were well informed and seemed to enjoy the day."

"Very mannered and good at hosting."

"An excellent way to see the different things ??? has been learning."

Latest Pupil Council Meeting
Our school pupil council had their meeting at lunch time today.
Click here to see the minutes from this meeting and previous ones.

Uniform Reminder
Our pupils are looking really smart with everyone wearing red school sweatshirts. May we remind you that they should be wearing white or red shirts. Today, there were three children in blue polo shirts which looked out of place. With warmer weather approaching, we need everyone to keep to the designated school colours.

An Egyptian Corridor !
Part of our link corridor is now looking really good as the Egyptian art work starts to take shape.

Year 4/5 Exhibition Reminder
Just to remind you that year 4/5 are holding another exhibition on Thursday.

Breakfast Club Reminder !
May we remind parents and carers about the procedures for breakfast club. We have staff supervising the childen who attend our club. They register children as they enter the hall and ensure there is supervision during the 8am-8.45am sessions. Staff are not responsible for children who are not in the hall. There are some children who are turning up or being left to go into the playground but then do not come into the hall. Please ensure you child either comes to Breakfast club or comes into the playground at approximately 8.45am in readiness for the teachers collecting their classes. Unaccompanied children must not be in the playground before this time.

Letters will be sent home to parents whose children are not following these procedures.

A Great Comic Relief Day !
Once again, we had another successfull comic relief day. By popular request, we had a pyjama day and sold buns to raise money for this worthwhile event. In total we collected £252.29
Many thanks to everyone!

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.7%*
Class 1: 90.8%
Class 2/3A: 95.4%
Class 2/3B: 99%*
Class 4/5A: 92.2%
Class 4/5B: 93.9%
Class 5/6: 98.6%*
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 93.8%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term (97.4%) and Reception in second place with 96.2%.

Our Best Wishes go to Jenny !
Regrettably, we were informed today, that Jenny Milne had a mild stroke last night when she returned home. Our very best wishes go out to Jenny and we hope she makes a quick and full recovery.

Creative Partnerships' Felt Making & Painting in the Corridor!
Today, Jenny Milne taught our year 2/3 pupils, how to make multi-coloured felt patterns and they started to construct a large 'reading pyramid'!
In the classroom, the children's pyramids have been hanging up to dry. They're starting to look really good!

A String of Pyramids! Pyramids drying and waiting for the decorations to be added!
Meanwhile, Miss Dewhurst, who is one of our parents, and a talented artist, started work on painting our link corridor. This is the first stage of her project to enhance our 'time-line'. Today, she started on the base colours for the 'Egyptian' phase of the project.

Speedmark Superstars!
We had a brilliant 'Speedmark Day' with pupils doing their best to hit the football as hard and as fast as possible. With an electronic sensor recording the speed of the ball as it hit the back of the inflatable goal, they were all eager to see who would be win! May we remind everyone that sponsorship money needs to be collected in as soon as possible. Last year, some people were disappointed not to have received their prizes at the same time as others, because they had delayed giving their money in.

Another International Pupil Council Meeting!
Ronaldo and Mimi joined pupils from other schools in our third IPC meeting. We have recently heard that some schools in Hastings are interested in our IPC. They also have links with Freetown. Once Mr Browning gets their addresses from Francis Mason in Sierra Leone, he'll contact them to see if we can make some more links. Click here to access the latest minutes of the IPC, both in Freetown and in Hull.

Wonderful Wedge Wellies !
We were overjoyed to welcome two ladies from the 'Wedge Welly' company into assembly. They have recently held a design competition to link into the 'One Hull of a Rainforest' project. Out of hundreds of pupils from the thirty one schools who had entered, one of our pupils was the overall winner. Paulina, from class 5/6, is well known throughout school as a talented artist. Her design will now be turned into an actual 'Wedge Welly', which will be put on sale. The wellies are produced in the Far East and should be ready for late summer/early autumn. We can't wait to see the finished articles. Needless to say, Paulina was delighted!

Paulina is announced as the overall winner! The ladies from 'Wedge Wellys' and the rest of the school applaud Paulina!A Proud Winner! The Winning Design!

Wyke Area Pupil Councillors visit KC!
Courtney, Emma and Jonathan from class 5/6 joined pupils from other primary schools in the Wyke area at the KC stadium. They had a guided tour of the corporate lounges, the executive boxes, the chairman's suite, the changing rooms, as well as climbing up to the TV gantry and running down the tunnel. They had a brilliant time!
Our Wyke Pupil Councillors tour the KC Stadium!

Tempus Fugit Theatre Company
To link in with their theme of Ancient Egypt, phase 2/3 were entertained by the Tempus Fugit actors, who told them facts and figures as well as some well-timed jokes! A great afternoon!

Soaring into Space!
While all this was going on, Mrs Brocklebank had taken her pupils over to the netball court to set off water and air propelled rockets, made from old lemonade and water bottles. Safe to use, but tremendously exciting to watch!

'Creative Partnerships' Continues!
Phase 2/3 pupils and staff were once again joined by Jenny Milne. our guest artist. Today pupils were covering their 'wicker' pyramids with tissue paper, which had been soaked in PVA glue. This will then harden to form a canvas that the children will decorate. They are beginning to look brilliant!

Tegan's poster is featured in the HDM!
In this evening's copy of the Hull Daily Mail, they had included a feature on Tegan and her winner poster design. We now have these posters around the vicinity of the school, asking dog walkers to clear up dog mess.
Tegan in the Papers!

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 98%*
Class 1: 92.8%
Class 2/3A: 96.4%
Class 2/3B: 97.6%*
Class 4/5A: 90.3%
Class 4/5B: 94.8%
Class 5/6: 96.4%
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 93.7%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term (97.2%) and Reception in second place with 95.9%.

NPQH Leadership Development School Visit
All head teachers need a qualification called the 'National Professional Qualification for Headteachers' (NPQH). The course has changed in recent years so that candidates for this now need to spend time (about 5 days) in another school. Gill Barrett is currently an assistant teacher at Beswick and Middleton schools in the East Riding. Today, she has spent time in our school talking to Mr Browning, Miss Aktinson, Mrs Brocklebank and Mr Morfitt, about their roles and about our school. This will help her to write reports contrasting her schools with Stepney. Many small schools, such as Beswick and Middleton are becoming 'federated', which means they have one executive head teacher leading both sites.

Indigo Moon Theatre Company

We were treated to another brilliant performance from Indigo today, as they put on another high quality shadow puppet theatre production. This time it was Aladdin. At the end of the show, children were able to ask questions and look at how the special effects were created. Truly magic!
Anna and her Aladdin 's Palace! Grear Puppets!
Preparing for the show! The Magic of Puppets!

Speed Mark Challenge

Adam, from the Speed Mark Challenge, came to visit us today. In assembly, he told the children about this fundraising initiative that we take part in each year. Next Tuesday (15th March), we will be having a day of penalty shoot-outs with the giant inflatable goal. This is fitted with sensors which show us how fast a football travels when you've kicked it. Pupils will be returning home with sponsor forms in the next day or so.There are an assortment of prizes to be won, depending on how much each child raises. They have been told not to ask strangers or to go knocking on doors of people they don't know.
Speed Mark Challenge

Exhibitions are Returning

We now have the list of the phase exhibitions for the next few weeks. These were extremely popular in the autumn term!
Thursday 24th March - Years 4/5
Thursday 31st March - Class 5/6 (a special SATs update morning)
Thursday 7th April - Foundation Stage/Year 1
Thursday 14th April - Phase 2/3

Easter Events!
Before we know it, it will be Easter! On Friday 15th April (the last day of the Spring term) we are having the following activities in school:
An Easter Bonnet Competition; Egg Decorating and an Egg Rolling Race! Watch this space for further details!

Thorp Perrow
(Click here to see more)
Our year 4/5 pupils spent the day at Thorp Perrow, in Bedale, where they studied wild life, hugged trees and had a great time in the countryside. Here are some of their thoughts:
“My group went in the birds of prey area. Some of the birds were a Golden Eagle, baby owls, tree sparrows and a Tawny Owl. The Golden Eagle was mostly lightish gold but it had some black streaks on it. George
“My favourite bird was a Golden Eagle and I almost fainted when I saw a big fat owl. I saw an owl just like Harry Potter’s Owl and it was called ‘Snowy’” Aliyah
“For the afternoon we first went to see the Llamas, goats, chickens, meerkats, wallabies and  some ostriches, we even got to feed them all. Some of the wallabies had babies.” Lilli

Click here to see more...

New Deputy Head
We were interviewing all day today and are delighted to announce that we have appointed Miss Atkinson as our full time deputy head teacher. Our congratulations go out to Miss Atkinson.

As well as the interviewing panel, which consisted of Mr Browning, Governors and an advisor from the Local Authority, we also had a separate panel of school pupil councillors who conducted their own interviews with the candidates. After the children had finished, the adult interviewers listened to the children's feedback which was brilliant. Several, especially Amber, had made detailed notes on each one. Even though there was an internal candidate, the children were totally objective in their analysis. The LA advisor was particularly impressed by the maturity of Amber, Jacub, Kacper. Pheonix, Sam and Tamishsa. Our Chair of Governors, Mr Morfitt also remarked how fantastic they all looked in their school uniforms and shiny school councillor badges! Well done to these children!

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 94%
Class 1: 96%
Class 2/3A: 93.5%
Class 2/3B: 96%
Class 4/5A: 93.6%
Class 4/5B: 89%
Class 5/6: 93.8%
The overall attendance for this school year is 93.6%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term (97.1%) and class 5/6 in second place with 95.9%.

World Book Day
We had a brilliant day, with our World Book Day activities:
Each phase came dressed up in different ‘themed’ costumes.

Nursery, Reception and Year 1: Fairy Tales/Traditional Stories
Years 2/3: Harry Potter/Hogwarts theme
Year 4/5: Beatrix Potter characters
Class 5/6: Harry Potter/Hogwarts

Plus the office staff came dressed up as St. Trinians’ pupils and Mr Browning as Aladdin.
Mrs McIlwaine and the three year 6 school librarians judged the best costumes. Using proceeds from the playtime book sales, they had purchased special books for the winners, who were Ellie May, Shakira, Max, Nikola and Amber. Well done to everyone who came dressed for the occasion.
Click here to see images from our World Book Day 2011

Click here to see images from our World Book Day 2011

February Parents' Day Feedback
Many thanks for all those people who attended our parents' day meetings on 16th and 17th February and those who returned questionnaires. All the comments we received have been shown below. We didn't have any negative comments!
1. How often do you attend parent’s day?









“Missed it only once in my children’s life in this school.”
“The parents’ day is very important because you can tell your child’s teacher about your concerns.”
“We find these parents’ days very informative, and we love knowing exactly where our kids are in their learning.”

2. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s current levels and progress?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“The levels and sub levels were explained very well giving us a good understanding of our child’s level.”
“I found out the area which I can bring my child forward.”
“Really helpful, gave advice on  how to continue this at home.”
“We know how we can help improve our kids learning when we have been to these ‘days’”
“It’s nice to know how well they are doing and what the expectations are.”

3. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s targets and ways that you can help?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“It was very helpful to let me know what my child’s targets are.”
“The teacher went out of his way to draw diagrams and explain fully what our child needs to move forward.”
“I was pleased to find out that all of the children can learn at their own pace.”
“Explained clearly and helped understand how much work they need to do and what we can do to help.”

4. How helpful was the information at parent’s day in order to give you a picture of your child’s/children’s attitude and behaviour at school ?

Very Helpful

Quite helpful

Not helpful




“Very happy.”
“When had slight problems with my child’s behaviour, I asked for advice from teacher & it was really helpful, helped as well as teacher also helped in school.”
“Nice to know, kids are helpful, kind and well behaved in school, with many friends too.”

5. How satisfied are you with the education that your child gets at Stepney?

Very Satsified


Not Satisfied

Major Concerns





“My child is flourishing, need I say more!”
“Thanks to all of the staff. They do a great job, not only in teaching the kids but being available for us parents every day.”
“When a problem occurs, the kids can always get extra help, which is brilliant.”

6. Any comments you wish to make
“Really pleased.”
“Really pleased with ???’s progress. Very good.”
“I am very satisfied at Stepney.”
“Thanks for your efforts all the time.”
“Mrs Baitson was very open and helpful. Couldn’t fault anything.”
“Thanks to all the staff who make the difference in different ways to our children.”
“The teachers are doing a fantastic job with my son.”
“The teachers have been very good and have kept ??? very happy”
“Always come away from these parents’ days feeling very proud.”
“You should have more teachers like Miss Northen. She gives 100% and you can tell she still cares about her job. Thank you very much.”



Number Attended

Total number in class

Percentage attended









Year 1




Year 2/3A




Year 2/3B




Year 4/5A




Year 4/5B




Year 5/6




Whole School




* This had increased by 9 since October 2010
# This had increased by 7% since October 2010

Total Uniformity !
It was 100% for uniforms today. Walking around the school, it was great to see that every child looked resplendant in school uniform or red jumpers. Brilliant!

World Book Day !
Just a reminder that tomorrow we are on World Book Day mode!

Uniformity !
We are doing really well with our school uniforms this week. Only two children in the whole school were not wearing red sweatshirts or jumpers today. A big thank you to everyone for helping out.

World Book Day is this Thursday !
This Thursday, we are asking all staff and pupils to come dressed as a book character. Each phase group has chosen a theme. Please make every effort to help us out by sending your child in an appropriate costume:

Nursery, Reception and Year 1: Fairy Tales/Traditional Stories
Years 2/3: Harry Potter/Hogwarts theme
Year 4/5: Beatrix Potter characters
Class 5/6: Harry Potter/Hogwarts




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