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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
Here is the News...
June 2017

Stars of the week

This week's winners are:
EYFS - Lena            
Year 1 - Jessyca
Year 2 - Darius          
Year 3 - Agata
Year 4 - Blake            
Year 5 - Janet
Year 6 - Amelia

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 76.66% (7 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 4: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 66.66% (9 pupils didn't)  
Year 6: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 81.42%

Class Attendance
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. Attendance was lower this week as there were a number of pupils who missed a day for Eid.
Foundation Stage: 89.64%
Year 1: 84.67%
Year 2: 91.84%
Year 3: 92.07%
Year 4: 92.31%
Year 5: 91.33%
Year 6: 93.67%
Whole School Average for this year: 94.62%

Year 2 Exhibition

We were really lucky that year 2 didn't disappear today as they all made model Time Machines in their exhibition! Parents and pupils flocked to the assembly hall, armed with craft materials galore. They had great fun making these models, which link to their thematic work.

Stepney's Got Talent Semi-Final
The competition is getting tense now with the semi-finals taking place this afternoon. The final is now looming. Last chances for pupils to perfect their routines!

East Park Book Festival

This afternoon, Miss Baitson and Mrs Paish took a small group of pupils to this event, which featured five established authors, namely: David Parkin, N.S. Blackman (who visited us at Stepney recently), John Hickman, Jo Franklin and Phil Earle. All did presentations and signed books. Our pupils received free books as well then had the responsibility of voting for a winner. This was Phil Earle, a local author. It was a great afternoon.

Finger Print Expert

Rob Doak visited year 6 today. He is an expert in finger printing and spent the whole afternoon teaching them about the different types of finger prints - there are three main groups or 'families'. The pupils then got involved in some different activities including inking their finger and putting this on a balloon, which they then inflated. This allowed them to see a big version of their print and to see which 'family' it belonged to. Rob showed them the various features that the police use to distinguish between prints, so by the end of the day we had our own Stepney finger print experts.

Summer Fayre
We had a packed hall at the end of the day with parents and pupils visiting our summer fayre stalls. As usual, everyone seemed to go away really happy - another successful afternoon. Many thanks to everyone who set this up today.

Year 6 Run A Hotel For A Day

The experiences keep coming thick and fast for year 6. Today, they were honoured to be piloting a brand new Hull Children's University Model. Pupil and staff went to the Mecure Hotel in Willerby to sample what it is like to work in a hotel. They split up into groups and had sessions in the kitchens, actually baking and cooking, then learned how to set the ballroom out for a full-scale conference before getting out the vacuum cleaners and cleaning the hall way. The consensus was a Big Thumbs Up! Our thanks again to Rose and the other HCU staff. Utterly Briliant!

Year 4 Out on the Streets
Meanwhile, back at school, the 'First Steps' staff, who had led the year 6 Bikeability sessions last week were taking the year 4 pupils through their paces outside our school. This time, they were practising pedestrian skills, including how to be safe crossing roads. A valuable and essential life skill! Mrs Paish reported that everyone was really sensible.

Video of a Train Journey from Withernsea to Hull via Stepney
Our Twitter site is becoming more popular with over 200 followers now. Over the weekend, someone replied to one of our Stepney Sculpture tweets with a video clip from 1957 of a journey by train from Withernsea into Hull, passing along the Victoria Dock railway, which passes through Stepney Station. Other features which may be seen are Wilmington Swing Bridge and Station.
Here is the link. It's not brilliant quality footage but still really interesting:

Year 4 Swimming and Year 6 Bikeability

It was the end of a busy week for these two classes with year 4 finishing their swimming lessons at Ennerdale Leisure Centre and year 6 their Bikeability session. Both groups have benefitted from these activities. Many thanks go to the all the instructors.

Stars of the Week!
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Mitosz           
Year 1 - Simon
Year 2 - Danyar         
Year 3 - Karina
Year 4 - Dylan           
Year 5 - Muna
Year 6 - Sunny

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 80.00% (6 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 93.33% (2 pupil didn't) 
Year 4: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 76.66% (7 pupil didn't)  
Year 6: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 85.71%

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 95%
Year 1: 94.33%
Year 2: 96.21%
Year 3: 97.93%
Year 4: 98.09%
Year 5: 91.03%
Year 6: 95.33%
Whole School Average for this year: 94.73%

Stepney's Got Talent Begins!
This afternoon, the first stage of our annual talent competition started in earnest with the auditions. Pupils have been getting really excited about this for the last few days, with last minute rehearsals taking place on the playground during playtimes and lunch. Now comes the crunch time as this group is whittled down for the next round!

Priory Primary Pupils Lead Our Assembly
Fletcher and Reese, accompanied by Mrs Waldon, popped into school at assembly time today to present a powerpoint and tell our pupils about the Hull City of Culture 2017 event that they are organising. A massive POP party is taking place on Saturday 8th July at the school on Priory Road. There will be a host of events, ranging from pop bands to rides, face painting to food. It promises to be fantastic! Letters with more details will be going out soon!

A team of Bikeability staff descended on our school today to take year 6 through their cycling skills paces. There was a brilliant turn out of bicycles as the pupils practised their riding and road safety techniques.

Year 5 HCOC17 Exhibition
In the assembly hall, year 5 welcome parents as everbody busied themselves with a Hull City of Culture 2017 challenge. They had to decorate and make Ambassador hats, celebrating things about the city. Many thanks to those parents who joined us and got stuck in with the activities.

Stepney's Got Talent Final Reminder
Tomorrow is the audition stage of our pupils' favourite event - the annual 'Stepney's Got Talent' competition. Pupils are reminded to bring in any props that they need for tomorrow afternoon's activities in the hall.

Local History Walk
Year 5 and 6 went out for a local history walk this afternoon. After looking at images on maps produced on the Digimap website, they linked these to the actual features. Of course, our Stepney Station Statues were one of the places that they visited!

Blue Light Showcase Event Advert
Humberside Police, in conjunction with other Emergency Service and Criminal Justice Partners would like to invite you to a Blue Light Showcase Event which is being held at East Park, Hull on Saturday 15th July 2017.
The event will open at 11:00hrs and is due to close at 17:00hrs.

The event, which is linked to the City of Culture, is an exciting opportunity to showcase the complex and varied work that Emergency Services and Criminal Justice partners undertake and includes various displays including roads policing, police helicopter and police dogs. In addition we have interesting interactive educational scenarios.
All in all we feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to come along and to learn more about the important work we do.

Star Reader Assembly
This week's winners are:
Year 1 Marley
Year 2 Danila
Year 3 Esther
Year 4 No winner this week due to swimming lessons
Year 5 Muna
Year 6 Piotr
Alanta led the assembly with a brilliant powerpoint on our friend, Chris Riddell, who worked with our year 6 when he was Children's Laureate.

Social Media Photos of the Statues have started
One of our staff spotted a photo on facebook with three members of the public sitting by our statues!

There have also been many 'likes' on our twitter site for photos of the statues.

Stepney Governor Receives Honours List Award
The Queens Birthday Honours List 2017 is now official and we are proud to announce that Ruth Truelove, one of our Stepney governors has received the 'British Empire Medal for Services to Education and Literacy' in recognition of the work she has done at Stepney Primary School as a reading volunteer and her work with the National Literacy Trust.

Miss Truelove has said she is "amazingly proud, totally shocked and astounded to receive this" and added that "it's going to take a while to sink in!" We are delighted for Miss Truelove for this well-deserved reward for all her work with us. She is a firm friend of us all and highly liked and respected.

Miss Truelove has also said to Mr Browning "I would like to send my sincere, heart felt thanks to yourself, the staff and teachers and the children at Stepney for giving me the opportunity to come in to read in school, for allowing me to continue my support as a Governor and for making me feel so proud to be part of the Stepney 'family' for all these years. It's like walking through my front door walking in to school, I get a warm feeling in my belly when I step foot in school and a warm feeling in my belly when I leave too!
Thank you all so very much."

Our Stepney Station Statues Unveiling
This afternoon, our Hull City of Culture 2017 project came to a glorious completion with a brilliant unveiling ceremony. Today's event also saw a media frenzy! In addition to the BBC Radio Humberside interview, with Mr Browning and Mr Cameron, that was recorded yesterday and aired this morning, there were also television crews from ITV Calendar New, BBC Look North and Estuary TV filming throughout the day.
Mr Browning led proceedings by welcoming everyone - we had 36 pupils representing the different phases of the school, special guests to cut the ribbons plus members of the Hull City of Culture 2017 team, Hull Children's University, parents, staff and governors. Nikki, our local PCSO was also on hand.

Mr Browning explained how the project had started then introduced each special guest before he or she cut the ribbon on a statue. Once they had completed this important task, one of our pupils presented them with a shiny steel miniature replica of their statue.

Once the ceremony had been completed, everyone headed back to the school hall for drinks and a slice of the delicious special cake that Mrs Browning had created. Pupils then showed all of our guests around our corridor display of photos, which traced the journey that we had taken.
All agreed that it was a wonderful afternoon. Even the weather behaved itself - it was a gorgeous, warm and sunny June day - perfect!

Our Special Guests
John Scotney
was the first to cut his ribbon, which was on the statue of the railway porter. John, who is chair of Hull Civic Society, had worked in railway stations in the area. He had come into school during our sculpture week, telling the children many facts about the history of the railways in our area and what it was like to work on them. Casey presented John with his mini-statue.

Mick Nicholson worked as a signal man. He has is involved with local railway history societies and was part of the group that moved the Cottingham North Signal Box into the Hull Street Life museum. In the spring, he told our pupils about the job of a signal man. it was therefore logical that he should unveil the signalman statue. Idris handed Mick his mini-statue.

David Neave is an expert on the history of architecture in Hull. We had very little knowledge about the Stepney Station Building are who designed it. David told us all about William Botterill, whose company designed both this building and our own school in the Victorian era. We learned so much from David and we're indebted to his help and support. David cut the ribbon on our evacuee boy sculpture. Blake presented his mini-statue.

Tom Birch is a modern-day train driver. As the son of one of our cleaners, we were keen to have Tom in during our sculpture week. He spoke to our Foundation Stage pupils and showed them his train driver's uniform, which he wore again today for the unveiling. We haven't made a train driver statue so Tom unveiled the nearest thing - the railway guard's statue. Brin presented him with a miniature version of the guard.

Councillor Rilba Jones is Chair of the Beverley Road Heritage Programme, which has secured funding to refurbish the frontages of buildings along Beverley Road. She has been a firm supporter of our project all the way through the planning stages. Fay assisted Councillor Jones in cutting the statue of the mother and then duly presented her with a mini-statue.

Claire Wood is the Chair of Trustees for our Multi Academy Trust, the Yorkshire & Humber Cooperative Learning Trust (YHCLT). Mr Browning explained that only two primary schools in the city had been successful in their bids for funding for Hull City of Culture 2017 projects and both are in the YHCLT. These are Stepney and Priory Primary Schools. We were therefore overjoyed that Claire could unveil the statue of the little girl. One special feature of this statue was the image of our School Logo on her satchel. Keyshia presented the mini-statue to her.

Glenn Smurthwaite was approached months ago to see if his company would prepare the ground work for our sculptures. PBS Construcion Ltd have done an amazing job. Not only that but Glenn and his father, Peter came into school to tell our year 3 & 4 pupils about the station. Peter grew up in the area and went to our school as a boy. He was able to regail us with many anecdotes. Peter has also been exceedingly generous in financing a year 4 class visit on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in July. School trips are always very expensive so this is a wonderful gift. The firm of PBS that Peter set up occupies the former Stepney Railway Goods Yard, another listed building on this railway line. We hadn't a clue about these links to our school before this project. The mini-statue of the 'ladies talking on a station bench', was presented by Isabelle. Mr Browning explained that Isabelle's grandfather had been a train driver himself and delivered the famous 'Sir Nigel Gresley' steam locomotive to the National Railway Museum in York, when it first went there.

Brian Campbell has been responsible for manufacturing the sculptures. His firm of W Campbell & Son of Harpings Road in Hull, have produced many iconic statues including the Lissett Air Memorial and the new Trawlermen's memorial on St. Andrew's Quay. As Mr Browning said, Campbell's have made our dream come true. He and his staff have been truly inspiring through the whole process. Brian had produced the mini-statues for each of our guests plus an extra set for us to keep on display in school. It was therefore quite comical that he was presented with one of his own mini-statues. Auste presented this to him.

Neil Cameron unveiled the last of the statues, which portrays a young man sitting on his suitcase, listening to his ipod. Mr Cameron, our year 1 teacher and Lower School coordinator is an art graduate. He has designed these amazing sculptures, taking ideas and concepts from the work produced by Stepney pupils. We are delighted that Mr Cameron has an art installation on permanent display in his home city. Mr Cameron's parents and family were here for this proud moment. Michal presented him with a mini-statue that will long adorn the Cameron household.

The Last Stage - Heritage Boards
We really want the public to stop and find out about the history of the railways and Stepney Station. While our statues are certainly eye-catching, people need facts and figures as well to help them to understand this back ground to the project. The last stage of the project will be to erect some heritage information boards on the site. We have waited until the unveiling was complete so we can show the complete journey we have taken in words and photos. This may take some time to complete and get planning permission but we have already started with the designs for these.

Operation Lifestyle
PCSO Nicola Burton popped into school this morning to talk to our year 6 about the annual 'Operation Lifestyle' competition, which revolves around pupils undertaking community projects. Nikki also joined us this afternoon for the unveiling of the statues.

Foundation Stage Exhibition
Parents flocked to the lastest EYFS exhibition this morning. They helped their children making making boats, buses and helping create a local area map, showing where they lived. As usual, adults and children couldn't wait to get stuck into the art activities.

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 90% (3 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 80.00% (6 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 80.00% (6 pupil didn't) 
Year 4: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 90.00% (3 pupil didn't)  
Year 6: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 86.67%

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 97.49%
Year 1: 92.33%
Year 2: 96.33%
Year 3: 93.45%
Year 4: 96.67%
Year 5: 96.55%
Year 6: 96.33%
Whole School Average for this year: 94.72%

One day to go!

This morning, Mr Coles, our sites and premises officer, popped over to the Station to paint the fence behind the platform. This was looking pretty shabby so he's spruced it up.
At lunch, Mr Browning and Mr Cameron met up with Paddy from Campbell's at the site to position the statues, which the Campbell's lads then bolted to the concrete base. While they were there, a reporter from BBC Radio Humberside turned up to interview our two staff for a broadcast tomorrow morning.

N S Blackman - Author
Celebrated author, Nigel Blackman visited us this morning and told year 5 and 6 all about this books, which are based around Anglo Saxon England. It was an absorbing presentation with time for lots of questions.

Father Phil Visits Again
Father Philip Lamb was in school again today. He spent an hour and a half with year 5, listening to all the facts that the pupils have been learning about 'Pilgrimages' in different religions. Father Phil then told them how he takes his parishioners to Walsingham in Norfolk on pilgrimages. Everyone had a great time discussing many aspects of their faiths. It was wonderful to hear the maturity of our year 5s as they gave their opinions and views. Father Phil was certainly impressed. It was yet another example of the diversity of our school population and the respect that pupils show towards each other.

Ambassadors of Hull

Our year 5 class enjoyed a beautifully sunny day in the City Centre, thinking about famous Hull people. They worked in the morning before then exploring and finding the various statues of well-known local figures.
Ms Saint reported that it was "another good day with lots of compliments about how polite and enthusiastic our children are. Julie from Children's University said our school has a 'special ethos where the children are so well cared for and they care for each other.'"
Our special thanks go to Mrs Julie Holmes from Hull Children University for leading a very memorable activity.

Strimmers Out
At our request, Hull City Council workmen were out in force on the old railway line, clearing away the grass and nettles from the site with their strimmers and other tools.

Caps, Hats & Suncream

After a week of intermittent weather, it is again pleasing to see the sun emerge from behind the clouds and the hot weather return. This allows us to have the pupils out on the school field at playtimes. Unfortunately, we have very little shade on this area. If your child has a sun hat or cap, they are more than welcome to bring these to school. Staff are not allowed to put sun cream on children so, if you wish them to have some on, please apply this before school.

Swimming Lessons Begin

Year 4 went to Ennerdale for their first swimming lesson today. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the experience. They are going every day for the next two weeks.

Countdown to the Unveiling
We are now on the final count down to the unveiling of the Stepney Station Statues this coming Friday at 2pm. Last minute preparations are in hand!

Year 4 Swimming Lessons Start next week
Our year 4 pupils will start two weeks of swimming lessons next week. Lessons are held at Ennerdale Leisure Centre. Separate letters have already gone out for these pupils. They need to bring a swimming kit, including swimming costume/trunks and a towel in a bag. If pupils wish to wear goggles, a permission letter must be sent.

Attendance Figures

Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 90%  (3 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 86.66% (6 pupil didn't) 
Year 4: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 96.66% (1 pupil didn't)  
Year 6: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 90.47%

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 97.79%
Year 1: 97.67%
Year 2: 96.67%
Year 3: 96.79%
Year 4: 93.38%
Year 5: 97.24%
Year 6: 92.67%
Whole School Average for this year: 94.69%

Star of the Week
This week's winners are:
EYFS - Amir              
Year 1 - Casey
Year 2 - Fauste           
Year 3 - Jaylen
Year 4 - Mohammed 
Year 5 - Taylor
Year 6 - Ahmad

Phase 1-2 Assembly
This week, we have been concentrating our thoughts on ‘Healthy Living’. In their assembly, our year 1 and 2 pupils sang songs and told us about the different foods that we can eat to give us a healthy balanced diet. It was a great production giving us a really important message.

Bikeability Training
For many of us, we would have had chance to do Cycle Proficiency Training at school. Today’s version is called ‘Bikeability’. Year 6 had their training this week.

New Children's Laureate

Year 5 and 6 joined a full Hull City Hall today for the official appointment of the new Children's Laureate. Chris Riddell, who had visited our school in March for a wonderful workshop afternoon of drawing skills, started the afternoon by recounting his two years in this post. Everyone was given a sketch pad to practise drawing with this talented man.
With Radzi, one of the Blue Peter presenters, leading proceedings, the new Laureate was announced. Lauren Child, a children's illustrator and writer came out to thunderous applause. It was an exciting afternoon and every child left with a goody bag containing paperback books from Chris and Lauren plus a very special Children's Laureate Biscuit Medal! Delicious!
On their way back to school, year 6 had an extra special treat. They popped into the Hull Central Library, where pictures of them are currently being shown in the Exhibition Room. These are pictures by Chris Riddell and the students of Hull School of Art and Design.

Sports Days

We now have our dates for sport days. These are as follows:
Monday 10th July 
EYFS Sports - Morning
KS2 Sports - Afternoon 

Monday 17th July 
KS1 Sports - Afternoon

No Polling Station
For years, our school has been used as a Polling Station for voting. Last year, we explained to the local authority that we had used the former polling room as our new school admin office. They provided a mobile polling booth, which they lifted into our front playground. We have been informed that Beverley Road Swimming Baths is being used as the new venue for the General Election instead.

Farm to Fork
Our year 5 and 6 classes had a visit from Diane and Becky today. These ladies work for Tesco and came as part of the 'Farm to Fork' project, which helps pupils to understand where their food comes from. Pupils were delighted to make their own salads and then fruit salad dishes. It inspired everyone to prepare some mouth-watering meals.

Welcome Back
We hope everyone has had a great Whit Week half term holiday. We have a busy seven weeks ahead of us with lots of activities, which should inspire our pupils. This week, for instance, will see years 5 and 6 attending a major national event on Wednesday. The new Children's Laureate will be announced at Hull City Hall. This prestigious ceremony usually takes place in London but it is taking place in our city as part of Hull City of Culture 2017. We hear the BBC Newsround TV cameras will be there!

School Photographs
Parents should have received proof copies of their children's school photos. The deadlines for return of orders is 22nd June 2017.

Early Years 30 Hours Offer

From September, the government are now offering 30 hours free childcare places a week. This is for:
- working families in England;
- with 3 and 4-year-old children;
- an extra 15 hours a week of free childcare - so 30 in all;
- parents of children who will be 3 on 31st August 2017 can apply now.
More information may be found on https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/

Parents can apply on line now for both the 30 hours and Tax Free Childcare, however as Hull is not an early implementer the confirmed eligibility of parents cannot be validated by the Local Authority until the checking system is available in July.  

Hull City Council are not discouraging parents from applying early as this will give them some idea whether they qualify or not, but they will be making parents aware that they cannot validate their eligibility codes until later in the summer. All children who qualify for the extended 15 hours can only take up their place the term after their eligibility is confirmed.

At Stepney, we are continuing to provide mornings only in our nursery, so will only be able to offer the current 15 hours. For any parents who may wish the 30 hours, you may still use our nursery for part or half of these 30 hours but the other local providers we recommend are Fenchurch Children's Centre and Kingston Nursery.

Applying for and reserving a 30 hours place
What is the difference between the universal 15 hours entitlement and the extended 30 hours entitlement?
• The application process for receiving the extended entitlement is through the digital childcare service. Further details below.

How will parents know what to do?
Parents can check whether they could be eligible for a range of government childcare offers, including 30 hours, via Childcare Choices at: https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk or the Childcare Calculator at: https://www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator. Those who could be eligible for 30 hours and/or Tax-Free Childcare will be directed to the digital childcare service to apply.

The eligibility criteria for 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare are broadly aligned. For a more detailed guide to the 30 hours eligibility criteria see: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/30-hours-free-childcare-eligibility. Parents will be able to apply for both 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare at the same time by entering their details once. HMRC will check parents’ eligibility for both schemes at the same time.
Parents will be able to apply for Tax-Free Childcare and the extended entitlement through the digital childcare service.

Parents will not need to apply through the digital childcare service if they only want to claim the universal 15 hours entitlement for three and four year olds.

For parents who don’t want to use Tax-Free Childcare then they should still apply via the digital childcare service (they can choose to apply for the extended entitlement only). If parents are receiving financial support through tax credits and only want to take up 30 hours, they can choose not to apply for Tax-Free Childcare (and keep their tax credits) as part of the application.
Parents do not need to apply via the digital service if they only want the universal 15 hours entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds.

How will parents apply for 30 hours?
As part of the application process, parents are being asked to enter personal details including their name, address and National Insurance number and the same details for their partner (if they have one). They are also being asked whether they expect to meet the income requirements over the coming three months and whether they are in receipt of any relevant benefits. This information will help HMRC decide whether the parent (and their child) are eligible for 30 hours.

At the start of the application process, parents will create a Government Gateway account if they don’t already have one. If parents encounter any problems with the application process or accessing the childcare account, they should direct their queries to the childcare service Customer Interaction Centre on 0300 123 4097.

At the end of the application process, parents will have a childcare service account. In the “secure messages” section of their account, parents will receive messages regarding their eligibility. If parents are eligible for 30 hours, they will be given an 11 digit ‘eligibility code’ for their child. They will be asked to take this code (along with their National Insurance number and child’s date of birth) to their provider to claim their 30 hours place. These codes normally start with ‘5000’. However, there are a small number of cases where parents might have a temporary code starting with ‘11’.

If you would like any further details, after looking at the websites mentioned above, then please contact the school.








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