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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
Here is the News...
June 2013

Natalia Wins Stepney's Got Talent 2013!
Natalia from 4/5a won our third annual talent competition in a very close competition this afternoon. Chair of Governors, Mr Morfitt and fellow Governor, Father Malcolm, were the judges and what a difficult job they had. Opening the proceedings was the winner of last year's event. Jessica reinacted the clever mime sequence which wowed us all last time. Then we had a string of very talented acts:
Mohammed (Reception), Evie & Cara (year 1), Ellie (class 4/5a), Lottie (class 4/5a), Josh & Rifath (class 2/3b), Alisha (class 4/5a), Megan, Stelina, Narelle, Honya & Courtney (class 2/3a), Natalia (class 4/5a), Alicia (class 4/5b) and Caitlin (class 4/5b).
While the judges deliberated, we were treated to our winning dancers with one of their competition winning routines from two days ago. As Mr Browning said, it is no mean feat to stand up infront of a packed hall of pupils, parents and staff and perform! Everyone was very respectful, supportive and appreciative of all the finalists and gave rapturous rounds of applause after each act. It was another magical moment at our school. Other special thanks went to the judges; to Mrs Rodgers and Mr Rookyard, who judged the qualifying rounds and semis and to Miss Webb as musical director. Now, we just can't wait until 2014!

Attendance Figures !
Reception: 94.67%
Class 1: 90.82%
Class 2/3A: 96%
Class 2/3B: 96.55%
Class 4/5A: 94.86%
Class 4/5B: 95.52%
Class 6A: 100%*
Class 6B: 95.33%
*This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting 100% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.38%. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 97.27%.

EYFS Sports Day Rained Off Again
Owing to the torrential weather we had to call off the Foundation Stage sports morning. We will look at the weather next week and choose a date. Watch this Space!

Phone Numbers Needed!
Please will all parents/carers make sure we have contact phone numbers that we can reach them on, in case of emergency.

Pupils and Mobile Phones!
Some pupils have been trying to use phones in school time, which is not permitted. If any pupils bring mobiles into school, staff will ask pupils to give them their phones for safe keeping until the end of the day!

EYFS/Yr 1 Exhibition
This morning, it was the turn of EYFS and Yr 1 to host their exihibition. As usual, we had a host of parents/carers join us for a fun-packed and educational morning. In Mr Cameron's classroom, there was a fair amount of cutting and sticking going on,with people making seaside holiday tableaux, while others looked through their children's books and worked in the home corners. Here are all the comments we received in the questionnaires. (Children's names have been replaced by XXX)

What did you enjoy about it?
"I like the children with the family. Everybody will help each other"
"I enjoyed all the different activities. Thought today was well organised - had loads of fun joining in"
"Everything was lovely, set out and explained well. We enjoyed making a packed lunch, chart and looking through XXX's folder. Very nice morning."
"It was great to be able to engage in activities with my child and be able to read and view some of the topics they have been learning in their work book. Really well set out morning and enjoyable for all involved"
"Fun time with children"
"Been able to see what work both have beeing working on and learning. I loved the singing"
"We enjoyed making things and seeing XXX in school"
"Spending time with my child look at their progress and doing fun activities"
"I shared my kid in each corner like we tried to do fire engine and used straw to make building"
"Looking at ? work book, we both enjoyed the ice activity the interaction between the teachers and children was brilliant asking open ended questions and very caring. Thank you for the morning"
"I like making fruit with my son. I enjoyed reading books and playing together"
"Staff were very pleasant. XXX's teacher came across and explained everything. Very nice atmosphere"
"Doing crafts with the children, reading/seeing the child's work"

How could we improve it?
"Make it last a bit longer"
"I wanted more time"
"I couldn't pick any faults"
"Everything was great don't think you could"
"I like it than previous one. Thank you for your effort and time"
"It was great fun. Keep it doing!"
"No need"
"A little more notice this time was needed. Overall very good"

KS2 Sports Day
We had a wonderful afternoon for our KS2 sports afternoon. Pupils from years 4, 5 & 6 took part in team games before competing in the eagerly anticipated traditional running races. There was even time for a parents race and a staff race. Only four of the staff were brave enough to do this, and they were members of the Stepney Sloggers' Rounders Team. Mr Rookyard came first, with Mr Ingram in second, Mr Browning in third and Miss Northen in fourth. Many thanks must go to Miss Northen for her brilliant organisation of this year's event!

Dance Competition Success!
"On Wednesday the 26th of June, Miss Middleton, our lovely dance instructor, took a few of our Stepney Star Dancers out on a trip to Pearson Primary School, down the road to a competition. At this point, Miss Northen felt really competitive and gunning to win. It was a very exciting but exhausting event for our dancers and they all danced their socks off. Against them were Pearson Primary and Clifton. Unfortunately, Collingwood couldn't make it to this event. As they battled for the shiny award our dancers, Pheonix, Niaomi, Lilli, Lottie, Alishia, Jessica, Caitlin and Alicia made an inbelievable amount of friends from other schools during their stunning performance. Also, it wasn't just the children who worked hard. It was Miss Northen and Miss Middleton who also put in alot of effort. Unfortunately, Pearson came last but still they performed incredibly. Coming in second place was Clifton, so that mean't 1st place was... STEPNEY!!! Our dancers were awarded the breath-taking trophy and some lovely medals, 3 certificates for looks, over-all presentation and expression. Also, they were given their own certificates to keep for their participation. Evie unfortunately couldn't come but she was a great audience and a big help, so thank you Evie. As the audience was clapping our dancers did their dance to 'Singing in the Rain' with their designed T-shirts and pure white umbrellas. Great Work Guys"
Written by Alishia (Phase 4/5)

Sports Afternoon
The sun came out to give us a brilliant afternoon for the year 1, 2 & 3 sports afternoon. Ably helping our staff were members of year 6, who received certificates for being wonderful 'Sports Leaders'. These were Lewis, Mawdud, Blessing, Casey, Jola, George, Alice and Julia.
Miss Northen had organised the event and the Master of Operations was Mr Rookyard. Our special thanks go to all the parents/carers who turned up to cheer their children on.

Stepney Sloggers Win Again!
The staff rounders team played another three games this evening at Bude Park playing fields. They lost the first game then convincingly won the next two. So far, they have won 6, lost 2 and drawn 1, massing a total of 19 points and putting them top of the league. However, their close rivals, Newland Kneecappers, who went into the lead last week, weren't playing today as they had a parents' evening tonight.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week, our winners are:
Year 1- Carla & Wiktor
Class 2/3a-Shakira & Megan
Class 2/3b-Scott & Dominik
Class 4/5a- Chief & Andy
Class 4/5b- Alicia & Hollie
Class 6a-Jola & Pzemek
Class 6b-Marek & Emma

Healthy Packed Lunch Box Winners
As part of our Healthy Eating week, we had a competition to design a healthy packed lunch box. The following winners received packed lunch boxes:
Nursery: Kyle & Loula
Reception: Therese & Klaudia
Year 1: Jagoda & Freddie
Class 2/3a: Kerry & Daniel
Class 2/3b: Filip & Klaudia
Class 4/5a: Jessica & Mark
Class 4/5b: Morgan & Patryck
Year 6: Phoenix & Brandon

and these winners reveived healthy hampers:
Reception: Oliver
Year 1: Cara
Class 2/3a: Viktoria
Class 2/3b: Madihas
Class 4/5a: Martin
Class 4/5b: Tabarek
Year 6: Julia

EYFS Sports Day Rescheduled
Owing to the wet weather we have had over the weekend, we have had to reschedule today's Foundation Stage sports day. This will now take place on Friday 28th June in the morning.

Class 4/5B's Noisy Lesson!
Miss Saint's year 4/5 science lesson today had the pupils investigating noise. Some of the pupils were sent on a mission to find volume levels around the school. Using a 'decibel meter' app on the ipads they were able to test every classroom and record their results. Yet another excellent use for new technology in the classroom!

Children's University
Hull Children’s University would like to offer Year 5 & 6 at Stepney Primary School first refusal to join our“Summer Hullyday Club”
The jam-packed 2 day event shall be on Tuesday 30th July and Thursday 1st August. 9.30am – 4.30pm and is free of charge.
The 2 dates shall consist of: A trip to The Deep, a visit to the marina to learn about its history, tour of the old town of Hull, a trip to the Streetlife & Wilberforce Museums’, afternoon tea with the Lord Mayor, educational workshop at the KC Learning Zone with the Hull Daily Mail Journalists, Lunch in Queens Gardens, backstage tour and mini performance at Hull Truck Theatre.. Just to name a few of the activities!
A full itinerary will be distributed closer the date.
If your child can attend, please confirm that you will be able to arrange for your child to be dropped off and taken to the designated spots (will be in the Hull City Centre) on both dates.
We only have 18 places so please return the reply slip on the attached letter to school by Friday 28th June. We hope your child can join us.
Kind Regards
Eve Clark
Commercial, Business & Fundraising Manager
Hull Children’s University

KC Stadium Family Day
Today, we have distributed some tickets for a KC Stadium Family Day on Tuesday 23rd July from 9.30am to 4pm. The activities on offer include: Arts & Crafts, Stadium Tours, Dance Workshops, Pass-it-on-Cooking, Tag-Team Wrestling, Sports Coaching, Dogs for the Disabled, Table Tennis, 5-a-side-football, Reptiles, LIve Music and a Bouncy Castle.
These tickets have gone out to our KS2 year groups.
Attendance Figures !
Reception: 97.67%*
Class 1: 93.45%
Class 2/3A: 96.67%
Class 2/3B: 94.33%
Class 4/5A: 94.29%
Class 4/5B: 91.03%
Class 6A: 98.13%*
Class 6B: 94%
*These two classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.34%. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 97.27%.

Sports Afternoons!
Please note that next week we are having our sports afternoons, weather permitting. We will start with our Foundation Stage pupils on Monday 24th in the morning. This will start on the school field at 9.30am and will continue to approximately 11.30am.The other year groups will be having their sports events in the afternoons, beginning at 1.20pm. These are as follows:-
Yr 1,2 & 3—Tues 25th
Yr 4,5 & 6– Thurs 27th

Assembly Ipads !
Year 6 parents were invited to a special assemblythis afternoon to look at the finished ipad work of app games, superhero reports and ibooks.Truly Inspirational!

Phase 2/3 Exhibition
Our ever-popular exhibitions started again on Thursday with our year 2/3 pupils. We had another great response from parents/carers. They joined in with activities such as making photo frames from recycled materials and planting seeds. They were also treated to a stunning musical performance with the pupils singing environmental songs with the help of Mrs Rice. We asked our visitors, what they thought about today's exhibition. These are all the comments (we substituted pupils' names with XXX)

What did you enjoy about it?
"Spending time with my children and doing things they enjoy"
"Our favourite part was planting the flowers together and decorating our own flower"
"I enjoyed being able to do enjoyable activities with my son"
"I enjoyed the activities that were in place today, having longer to do each activity was so much better"
"There was more time so it was better"
"I really enjoyed the activities. A lot more space to move around and more time to complete activities. Brilliant"
"I am very enjoying this morning because we are all together meet"
"We enjoy when we do flowers and stickinhg and we enjoy picture what we do"
"Doing some photos because it was really funny when we stick it down"
"She enjoyed. She like everything"
"I always enjoy coming and seeing Megan's work and spending time with her in school"
"Seeing XXX's work and doing the activities"
"I enjoyed planting the flowers and I enjoyed making the picture frame made out from food"
"I enjoyed very well. Plays with children is fantastic time. Teachers were very nice and aways smiling"
"I enjoyed both activities. I felt they were thought out well. I enjoyed juist being able to spend time with my daughter. I also think that only having the two activities was better as we had more time"
"We have enjoyed all of the activities and being able to look at their work"
"Today morning is really very enjoyable and I am really happy with my child and she was very excited her work. Thank you"
"It was fun - making flowers. Fun and learn with children is great! I would like more exhibitions! Thank you!"
"To spend time with my daughter and to look at her work"
"I like plant flowers. I like making frame"
"To spend time with my son and to look at his work"
"I like to do the flower"
"I am enjoy my son activities"
"Enjoyed both activities, more relaxed and had fun with XXX"

How could we improve it?
"I think it's geat that you have reduced the areas but I think one more would have been better"
"I want my child improving - this way"
"She like everythink"
"Everything was fine as always"
"Its fantastic"
"Nothing, just have more"

The Sound of Music, Stepney Style !
Today, our inspirational music expert, Mrs Rice took her illustrious choir to Hull City Hall to join hundreds of other children in a massive singing concert. Our pupils were brilliant, singing their hearts out in this wonderful venue. Mrs Rice had been practising with them, but they also had new songs to learn and sing. However, this was not the only thing they were up to. Walking down to the hall, the girls spontaneously burst into song, when they reached Blundell's corner (opposite the Hull Daily Mail building) and continued singing all the way to the hall. Passers-by stopped in their tracks delighting at this bunch of school children as they walked through the city centre singing the repertoire of songs that Mrs Rice has taught them. While other schools were filing into the hall silently, our choir continued their singing. It was like walking with the Von Trapp Family singers (from the Sound of Music story). Once the concert had ended, the girls did the same again, singing continuously all the way back to the school. The only word to describe this was MAGICAL!

Ipad Games Apps !
Our year 6 staff and pupils have been bowled over by Mr Andrews' work! Today, they were making their own ipad Games App then producing advertisements for them. Brilliant!

Ipads In The Classroom !
We have invested in a collection of ipads in the last couple of months. Already, the Foundation Unit staff are using them to complete their daily pupil assessments on. Today, we had David Andrews working with the year 6 pupils, creating wonderful ibooks with the ipads. Mr Andrews, who is an experienced year 6 teacher himself, will be in for the next two days as well, helping both pupils and staff to develop their ICT skills. We will be using Mr Andrews to work with other age groups in the school during the next academic year. Invites have gone out to year 6 parents inviting them to a special assembly on Thursday to look at the finished ipad work.

Sloggers' Latest !
In the second week of the Hull Schools' Staff Rounders League matches, the Stepney Sloggers drew against Sentamu; then lost to Spring Cottage and finished by beating Ganton, thus adding four hard-earned points to last weeks' clean sweep of nine points from nine. This means, we have moved from 1st to 2nd in the table (there are eight teams in total).

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week, our winners are:
Year 1- Evie & Muna
Class 2/3a-Ellis & Taran
Class 2/3b-Josh & Kori
Phase 4/5 have been busy taking tests this week so have not produced rainbow writing
Class 6a-Cody & Alishia
Class 6b-Tarek & Charlotte

Wes Magee !
We were delighted to welcome a number of visitors to school today. Year 5 pupils from Chiltern, Clifton and Pearson Primary Schools joined some of our year 4 and 5 pupils in a day long course with the children's author Wes Magee. He spent the day helping them to produce a mini-book each, containing a poem, a story, illustrations and the start of a play. Everyone found it to be inspirational. At the end of the day, Wes held a special assembly for our school and our guests. We all performed two of his poems, 'How to Stroke a Cat' and 'The Boneyard Rap', complete with actions! It was great!

Wes Magee
It was a truly wonderful day: as well as working with Wes Magee it was brilliant to see how the pupils from the different school got on with each other. At playtime, Mr Browning took them all out for a joint playtime on the front yard, and after eating lunch together, Mr Rookyard led them in sports activities on the netball court.

Shine !
Mrs Wilde and Mrs Rodgers took fifteen of our year 6 pupils to York University for an open day, called 'Shine'. They went with some pupils from Pearson Primary School. During the day, they were shown around the campus and given the opportunity to talk to students about life at a university. It was quite an eye-opener for our pupils and some of them were talking about aiming to get to university in the future. It was an excellent day and gave the pupil a taste of opportunities outside of Hull.

Attendance Figures !
Reception: 97.67%*
Class 1: 93.36%
Class 2/3A: 95%
Class 2/3B: 92%
Class 4/5A: 97.86%*
Class 4/5B: 90.34%
Class 6A: 95%*
Class 6B: 87.33%
*These two classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.27%. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 97.17%.

Stepney's Got Talent Starts !
Mrs Rodgers and Mr Rookyard found themselves in the hot chairs this afternoon as they were judging the audition round of the 2013 Stepney's Got Talent competition. There were certainly plenty of courageous pupils who were prepared to stand up and face the audience. Already, the excitement is starting to build.

Ukelele Madness !
It's only the second week of the phase 4/5 pupils getting to grips with the ukeleles, but Mrs Rice has reported that there are some emerging talents as pupils are getting used to these nifty little instruments. Being new, the ukeleles will take a week or two for their strings to bed down and keep in tune. At the moment, as they are still quite new, the strings are still stretching! Some pupils have already got their own ukes and Mrs Rice has been enquiring in local shops to see if they will do a reduction for Stepney pupils.

Healthy Eating Week Competition Reminder !
May we remind you that the competition to design a packed lunch box is Monday 17th June. This should be a parent/pupil project. There will be a hamper, donated by Tesco Express, as the prize.

Healthy Eating Diary Winners !
Sunny and Blessing were the winners of his competition. Both received a football as their prize.

Prison? Me, No Way !
Every year, we have his organisation in to teach our year 6 pupils about what is like to be in prison. While we do not foresee our pupils ending up in prison, it is always an interesting and informative look at how this service operates.

Hull People's Memorial Visit Phase 4/5
“This afternoon, two adults from the Hull People's Memorial came into phase 4/5 to talk to them about different things in World War II. They told them the story of life in Hull during the bombing raids of WWII and how the people looked out for one and another.
First of all, the two men showed us the people who protected Hull. They were: a guard, a person from teh ambulance crew and there was a warden. A guard protected Hull from teh German spies. They asked if there were a friend or a foe. If they were a friend they would have to show the guard an identity card. If there were a foe the guard would shoot them. Another thing they did was make both classes go under a table whilst the man would make loud bangs to see if both classes understood what it was like if an air raid was happening. Finally, the two men showed real artefacts from WWII.
They were lovely visitors and they told the 4/5 phase some new and interesting facts. It would be lovely to see them again.”
Morgan, Class 4/5B

The Sloggers Start in Style !

Resplendent in their brand new kit, the Stepney Sloggers opened their Hull Schools' Staff Rounders League account in fine style this evening. Taking on three other teams, they won all of them, putting them on top of the league. Captain Browning was quoted as saying "The staff were keen to show that it's not only the pupils at Stepney who are sporting stars! Everyone played brilliantly. Miss Hatfield has shown she is our star bowler, delivering accurate balls all night to other batters. There were some brilliant catches from the rest of the team against some quality opposition, and some awesome rounders!"

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week our winners are:
Year 1- Carla & Michal
Class 2/3a-Sunny & Viktoria
Class 2/3b-Amelia & Adam
Class 4/5a-Jessica & Mark
Class 4/5b-Andrew & Cailey
Class 6a-Brandon & Cameron
Class 6b-Casey & Michael

Papua New Guinea Update !
We have had an email from the Stanley Gene Foundation to report that they almost have a full container to send to Stanley's school in his home village, deep in the rainforest. Once it has been shipped over there, we should hear news of the arrival of our donated furniture and, hopefully, some photos.

KS1 Moderation
This afternoon, we had three representatives from the Local Authority who had come into school to moderate the assessment procedures and accuracy of assessments carried out by our Key Stage 1 staff for the year 2 SATs. The praise given by the LA to the phase 2/3 teachers: Miss Baitson and Miss Laybourne was high praise indeed. Mr Brooke stated that the accuracy, the wealth and clarity of evidence was ‘exemplary’ and the best he had seen. He acknowledged the problems that are caused by the high mobility of our pupil population, which has once again affected our targets and results. When we set targets at the start of the year and submit these to the LA, these are obviously based on the pupils we have at that time. Since then, we have had high mobility with a number of pupils leaving and quite a number arriving (mostly from European countries and with no spoken English). The picture we have been able to give to explain the effect of this was very clear, honest and truthful, according to our moderators. Thanks must also go to Miss Atkinson who undertakes KS1 moderation in other schools. Her advice and support for the phase 2/3 team has, once again, been useful in preparing detailed and appropriate evidence.

Year 6 Kwik Cricket Result !
Our oldest pupils played a hard fought game of cricket today and finished third out of four teams. Everyone worked really hard, despite the end result.

Mr Burton Visits !
Mr Burton, who used to teach at Stepney until he moved to Salford last summer, visited us today. Salford schools have longer half term holidays and shorter summer ones, so he was able to pop in for the afternoon. We were all glad to hear he has settled into his new school and is enjoying work.

Attendance Figures !
Reception: 97.67%*
Class 1: 92.5%
Class 2/3A: 98%*
Class 2/3B: 96%
Class 4/5A: 95.71%
Class 4/5B: 88.28%
Class 6A: 100%*
Class 6B: 97.33%*
*These three classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. Congratulations to 6A for their 100%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.26%. Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 97.45%.

Choir Assembly !
Mrs Rice popped in this morning to lead the choir in a special assembly for the rest of the school. Even though they performed infront of a large audience the other week, it is often just as daunting when singing to your friends, especially when you have to do a solo. Precious, Seraphina, Deborah, Alishia, Caitlin, Thevmini, Alicia, Megan, Jessica, Cara, Morgan, Paige, Michelle, Stelina, Evie, Denver, Narelle, Evie and Blessing have been doing a fine job all year. They help and support each other and a credit to themselves and the school. Mr Browning was also able to present certificates that had been sent by the Alzheimer's Society. Yvonne Watts, wrote to say:
"On behalf of the Hull and East Riding Alzheimer's Society I would like to thank you for allowing the children from Stepney Primary School to participate in our Evening of Musical Memories. Please could you pass on our thanks and the enclosed certificates to the children who helped make the event such a success?"

School Pupil Council Discusses Trust !
At today's pupil council meeting, Mr Browning spoke to the representatives about the Trusts' Consultation that the school is engaged in. As he explained, this statutory period involves discussions with pupils. This was the first meeting that the pupils have been told about it. Although there were some questions today, Mr Browning promised to return next week to answer any further queries they have and to listen to ideas and suggestions that the pupils may have. Please click here to read the minutes.

International Pupil Council !
Our two year 6 IPC representatives joined friends from Thoresby, Bellfield, Pearson, Collingwood, Priory and Thorpe Park primary schools at the Priory Centre for another meeting. Hosted by the co-founders of the IPC, Mr Browning and Mr Francis Mason, from Sierra Leone, they discussed what they were all doing for international projects as well as hearing what Mr Mason had to say about life in Freetown and the priorities for the future there. Mrs Kathleen Guthrie hosted the event and showed the pupils a range of the artefacts that the centre has in stock. These may be borrowed by schools on request. The afternoon was a resounding success. This was the first time that Mr Mason has visited the IPC in Hull. He usually chairs the IPC in Freetown, while Mr Browning runs the one in Hull. There is now a third branch of the IPC in Hastings. Mrs Guthrie now coordinates the global partnership of schools in Hull and, with Mr Browning leading the IPC, the two of them are hoping to develop closer links with their colleagues in Hastings. Please click here to see today's minutes and previous ones.

The IPC on 6th June 2013. Co-founders Francis Mason & Paul Browning with the councillors

Ukulele Excitement !
Mrs Rice introduced our phase 4/5 pupils to the new ukuleles. Pupils started this afternoon to practise tuning the instruments and to learn the chord of C. They have also begun to learn the popular tune "Run, Rabbit Run" which links in with their WWII theme. It wasn't just the pupils. Staff, including Mr Ingram and Mrs Smith were spotted strumming instruments as well!

A Bollywood Finale !
Our two-day Indian experience finished in fine style this afternoon. Mrs Singh had worked with years 4,5 and 6 throughout the day then had chosen children from each class to take part in a Bollywood Style Fashion Cat Walk in front of the whole school at half past two. Mrs Singh reminded everyone about the Indian cooking they had sampled as well as traditional Indian customs.

Latest Trust's News - Statutory Consultation Period Starts
The governing body of Stepney primary school is considering becoming a foundation school and joining the West Hull Co-operative Learning Trust with 1st September 2013 as the proposed implementation date. The governing bodies of Pearson Primary School, St George’s Primary School and Chiltern Primary School are also considering becoming foundation schools and joining the same Trust. Today, we are entering into the month-long statutory consultation period. Please click here to view the page devoted to this.

An Indian Experience !
We continued our Healthy Eating week with a series of wonderful workshops from Kamlash Singh, who is from 'Gvants Lakh Kushia'. Pupils in Reception to Phase 2/3 were able to sample healthy Indian food, dress up in traditional Indian costumes and practise 'Bollywood Style' dancing. The feedback from staff and pupils was that it was 'absolutely brilliant!'. Tomorrow, the oldest pupils in the school will have the chance to be involved.

New Instruments Arrive !
This afternoon, we received new instruments into school. These are eighteen brand new ukeleles. Our musical expert, Mrs Rice, who has already transformed the choir as well as the teaching of music through our school, runs a ladies ukelele/singing group, called the 'Ukeladies' outside of school. She will now be teaching our pupils how to play the instruments. Starting with phase 4/5 this half term, the pupils will be learning to play and sing WWII songs as part of their thematic unit on the subject. We are hoping that this will provide the stimulus for more pupils learning to play instruments. The ukeleles are easy to play and cheap to buy. As schools, we have got a good reduction in the normal cost price. If any parent/carer wishes to buy one for their child, they will cost £20.40 (usual price £25). Please contact school if you are interested.

Welcome Back
We trust everyone has had a good half term holiday. Another seven weeks, packed with events, including sports days and year 6 productions awaits, but we are starting with...

Healthy Eating Week
Starting today, we are taking part in Healthy Eating Week. Launched by the British Nutrition Foundation, the aim of the week is to promote healthy eating, being active, learning about where food comes from and cooking. Your child will be taking part in lots of activites that will promote healthy lifestyles including an Indian Dance and food workshop . Your child will also be bringing home a 'Healthy Diary', please support your child to complete this at home. In addition, the school council will launch a competition to design a healthy packed lunch. We hope you will support us in this important week.

Today, Mr Rookyard has been taking the different phases through a fitness programme as part of the week's activities.

Eco Conference
Mr Ingram and Miss Simmonds took six of our year 4/5 pupils to County Hall in Beverley for an Environmental conference. During the morning, they listened to presentations about living in an environmental way - thinking about recycling, reducing and reusing; carbon footprints etc. In the afternoon, pupils worked in groups comprising different schools to debate and discuss a scenario. They had to imagine they were one of the interest groups involved in a proposed motorway through a rainforest. They had to produce a presentation stating their views and suggestions. Staff reported that our pupils were brilliant (no surprise there!) and they brought back a wealth of ideas from the experience.









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