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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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June 2011

GTP Student Withdraws!
We had surprising news today when Miss Munnings informed us that she is withdrawing from being our GTP student in September. Mr Browning has been in negotiations to secure another student. Hopefully, we should have further news tomorrow.

School Closed Tomorrow
May we remind parents and carers that there is no school tomorrow for pupils. This is due to a planned training day on child protection and safeguarding for all staff.

School As Normal Tomorrow
We have no members of staff who will be on strike tomorrow, so it is business as usual.

Years 1, 2 & 3 Sports
The good weather has still continued for our last sports afternoon of the week. Once again, many thanks go to everyone who attended;
all the staff who helped out; the pupils, who were brilliant; and Miss Northen, for organising it.

Years 4, 5 & 6 Sports
Despite one short period of drizzle, our oldest pupils were able to complete their sports afternoon with the usual round of activities and traditional races. It was a relief to see that we finished before the rain came!

Foundation Stage Sports
Our youngest children enjoyed a morning of games and races, attended by throngs of parents. Miss Northen had done a superb job of organising people and activities so it went wonderfully well! Many thanks go to her.

Football at Pearson
Mr Burton and Mr Browning took the football team to Pearson Primary School. Unfortunately, we narrowly lost both matches, 2 v 1 and 3 v 1, but all the boys and girls competed well. We were slightly hampered by the slippery conditions, caused by a heavy drizzle, and there was a great deal of sliding about, but everyone pulled together as a team and competed well. Many thanks to Mr Burton for organising the event.
May we remind players that their kits are cleaned and returned to school as soon as possible, please.

Year 6 Archaeologists!
Class 5/6 walked down to the Hull & East Riding Museum to take part in activities exploring the past and pretending to be archaeologists. Another interactive and exciting event!

The Hobbit in Hull!
Pupils in years 1 to 6 had a treat this morning. While filming on the new film version of Tolkein's 'The Hobbit' is taking place in New Zealand, we enjoyed an absolutely brilliant performance of it by M&M productions. Complete with a fire-breathing Smaug, the dragon, the four actors kept us entertained for an hour. Once again, it's great to have a company of actors in school. The children certainly enjoy seeing live theatre.

Prison! Me, No Way!
This is an event that is always popular. Each year, our year 6 children follow a programme called Prison! Me, No Way which gives an insight into the prison service and what life would be like as a prisoner. It certainly makes everyone think about the consequences of crime!

Super Police Kids
It was the turn of our year 4 pupils to go out on Patrol this afternoon. As usual, our thanks go to our fantastic PCSOs for another fascinating experience.

Super Police Kids
Our year 4 pupils were out on Patrol this afternoon, thinking about safety issues. This ‘Super Police Kids’ scheme was set up by one of our neighbourhood PCSOs, Lana Walsham, who is also one of our governors. Pupils are taken out by a couple of the PCSOs for a walk around the local area. Once again, everyone enjoyed being the Police for a few hours!

Sex Education Talk for year 6
Just to remind parents and carers that the school nurses will be in tomorrow to talk to year 6 about health issues concerning sex education. This is part of a programme that is run in all schools for year 6 and features a video, which is specially aimed at this age group. If you would like any further information, then please contact the school office.

Many 125 year celebrations!
There have been great comments from lots of people about last week’s celebrations. It is also interesting to note all the other 125 year celebrations! Wimbledon starts today and that is 125 years old. The Statue of Liberty was opened 125 years ago; The Anchor butter company was started in 1886 as well!

New GTP student
We are delighted to announce that Miss Catherine Munnings was been appointed as our new ‘Graduate Training Programme’ student for next year.

Endeavour Staff visit year 6
Our year 6 children were visited by members of staff from Endeavour school to tell them about their transition week in July.

Stepney Certainly has got Talent
Chair of Governors, Mr Lee Morfitt and Governor Mrs Mac Jordan were the judges for the grand final of Stepney’s Got Talent! The hall was full of pupils, parents and staff and they were dazzled by the talents of the finalists. We were once again joined by Councillor Gemmell and his wife, who are now firm friends of the school. As usual they were delighted to be with us and we were equally delighted to have them here.
Thevmini, from phase 2/3, started proceedings with a song and dance number; Gabija (class 5/6) showed us what a great dancer she was; Zintash (class 4/5B) wowed us with a microphone-rap performance; Lilli, Cody, Casey and Pheonix (phase 4/5) may be the next major girl band following their rountine; Mimi (class 5/6) is one to watch for the future, following her song and dance routine. Jakub (phase 4/5) stunned us with his great singing voice and Keegan (class 5/6) complete with trilby hat crooned away to a Michal Buble classic. Taking the judges vote as the best act of the final was Jayden from phase 2/3.

Mr Browning and Mrs Rodgers presented special Stepney 125 medals to the semi-finalists and finalists before the trophy was accepted by Jayden. Conquering stage nerves, he then performed his song again. What a voice!

It has been a magical competition and special thanks were given to Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers for organising it and presiding over the heats and semi-finals; to Mrs Brocklebank for managing the sound system and to the two judges.

Winning 125 T-Shirt Designs
Former governor, Mrs Jean Morton and her husband chose the winning Stepney 125 T-Shirt designs. These will be made up into actual T-shirts and given to the winners, next week:
Maleeka (Reception) David (Year 1) Ellie (Class 2/3a) Jayden (Class 2/3b) Mikolay (Class 4/5a) Harry (Class 4/5b) Paulina (Class 5/6) Mrs Kobus (Parent)

A poem for Stepney 125 by Jessica Brodie
Jessica had written a special poem for the event. With microphone in hand, she read it out perfectly to the packed hall of pupils, staff and visitors this afternoon. Well done, Jessica, a masterpiece!

My School
At Stepney, we have lots of teachers and helpers,
I can’t name them all,
So I’ve chosen a few to tell you about,
Whilst I’ve got you all trapped in the hall.

Miss Atkinson, she is our deputy,
So kids, mind your manners, please,
Mr Cameron’s gone off for his dinner,
Cos, we all know how he loves his cheese.

At lunchtime, it’s all out for dinner,
Served by ladies, it’s so nice and hot,
Miss Holmes tells us all to eat up our veg,
Whether we like it or not!

Miss Richardson’s really athletic,
We think she’s just like Sporty Spice,
Miss Bielby is having a baby,
And we all think that she’s really nice.

Mr Morfitt is back in the office,
With Summer Fayre items to sell,
Mr Burton’s got dead trendy clothes on,
And he’s got pointy shoes on as well.

Mrs Bayley has got some green fingers,
I mean from the garden of course,
Mrs Smith and Mrs Precious may have to help out,
Cos, Miss Northen just fell off her horse!

I must close now with Miss Baitson,
Filling classrooms with artistic flair,
And last but not least,  Mr Browning,
Wow! Has he got some big, curly hair!

So let’s all have a big celebration,
For one hundred and twenty five years,
Of Stepney School being open,
Please join me in giving three cheers!

The Lord Mayor
His worship the Lord Mayor, Councillor Colin Inglis, addressed the crowded hall and gave a speech. He spoke to the children about the school and how he been involved when the school had needed a new roof, many years ago! Councillor Inglis also remarked how special it was for the school to be celebrating this wonderful event and he cut the main cake to a round of applause and cheers. He then led everyone in a hearty rendition of the Happy Birthday song.

Tucking In!
All the pupils then had drinks and refreshments before leaving to go outside for an extra playtime. Meanwhile, staff took the cakes to cut up! Some of our year 6 pupils took the ex-pupils on a guided tour of the school. Mr Browning, along with former Stepney head teachers, Mrs Megan Murray and Mr Amraz Ali, escorted the Lord Mayor around the school.

Parting Gifts
In addition to the commemorative wrist band that they had received on Monday, everyone received a special enamel lapel badge and feasted on a slice of delicious cake! A great end to a superb week of celebrations!

The Stepney 125 enamel lapel badge

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.7%*
Class 1: 91.9%
Class 2/3A: 100%*
Class 2/3B: 92%
Class 4/5A: 96.6%
Class 4/5B: 96.3%
Class 5/6: 98.3%*
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. Congratulations to 2/3A for achieving 100%!
The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%, with Reception in first place with 97.8% and class 5/6 in second place with 97.1%.

Stepney’s Got Talent Semi-Final
In front of our Foundation Stage and year 1 pupils the following pupils performed their acts to Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers, who had the difficult job of selecting finalists…
Esther, Megan
Year 1
Honya, Shakira, Saimah
Year 2/3
Jessica, Jayden, Thevmini, Millie, Caitlin, Paige, Alicia
Year 4/5
Jack, Jakub K, David M, David, Alexandra, Jakub, Bartek, Julia, Victoria, Bethany, Noami, Lilli, Cody, Casey, Phoenix, Monta, Julia, Cody, Charlotte, Paulina, Ashleigh, Zintash
Class 5/6
Mimi, Emma, Megan, Milana, Sharmina, Gabija, Keegan

Stepney 125 Disco
A free disco was held from 3.30pm – 4.30pm to celebrate Stepney 125 week. The hall was packed with party goers; the refreshments stand was busy with pupils seeking drinks, sweets and ice pops and everyone had a great time!

Commemorative 125 Photograph
We now have the special Commemorative colour photograph for sale at £6 each. These are unframed but have been professionally produced. The size of the photo, including borders is 16’ by 12’. If you would like a copy please see Mr Browning or the school office.

Another Successful Summer Fayre !
The general feeling was that this year’s summer fayre was better than ever. Parents and pupils enjoyed the many stalls, which included a fantastic bun/cake stall, face painting, tombola, bottle staff, penalty shoot out and Mr Browning in the stocks! In total we raised £634! Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Stepney 125 Photo Shoot!
Pupils and staff went onto to the front playground this morning for a special photo shoot. One of our parents, Colin Fory, climbed on to the roof above our year 6 area to take a whole school photograph. With the sun glaring in our eyes, it wasn’t the easiest of shots and difficult for everyone to keep still, especially our nursery children. Nevertheless, some great shots were taken! Copies of the photos will soon be ready for purchase!

Hull Daily Mail Article
The Hull Daily Mail included an article about our Stepney 125 celebrations. Please click here to see a larger image .

Click here to see a larger image of the article

Stepney 125 Art & Talent sessions continue!
Art and craft sessions for pupils and parents continued again this afternoon. Phase 2/3 staff started piecing together their flag.
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers continued the heats for our talent competition. Today, it was the turn of our year 4, 5 & 6 pupils. Councillor David Gemmell and his wife, Moira made a surprise visit to see the heats. Councillor Gemmell has just completed his year as Lord Mayor of Hull. Last summer, the couple came to see our ‘Blues Brothers’ show and Councillor Gemmell had mentioned Stepney in his closing speech the other week in the Guildhall.

Yorkshire Post Article
The Yorkshire Post had an article today about our Stepney 125 celebrations. It was great apart from saying we opened in 1866 rather than 1886. Nevermind! Please click here to see a larger image.
Yorkshire Post Article 14.6.11

Fifth International Pupil Council
We had our fifth IPC meeting today, in which we pupils from the various schools showed powerpoints they had made about waste issues around their schools. Please click here to see the minutes.

Hovis Celebrates with Stepney
Our Stepney 125 celebration week commenced with the arrival of the Hovis vintage van and delivery bicycle this morning. Eighteen pupils had dressed up as Victorian children and they received prizes from the Hovis people. Two photographers turned up: one from the Yorkshire Post and the Hull Daily Mail. The articles will be in the papers in the next few days!
The rest of the classes came out to see the van and have their photos taken with it.

In addition to the van, a modern Hovis delivery van turned up to deliver mountains of Hovis loaves, pancakes, crumpets and muffins. Every child took home a loaf and the other goodies were being consumed by pupils and parents during the afternoon craft sessions.

Stepney 125 T-shirts & Another Flag
This afternoon, classes had art and craft sessions for pupils and parents. Phase 2/3 started work on another of their famous flags. Mrs Bayley had sewn together a large banner and everyone else started work on decorative 125 felt numbers.
Meanwhile, each pupil produced a T-shirt design. A winner from each class will be chosen at the end of the week and these will be made into T-shirts for them.

Stepney’s Got Talent Heats
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers started the heats for our talent competition this week. This event was requested by the school’s pupil council. The stage was set up by Mr Foston and the lights rigged up by Mr Browning. Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Phase 2/3 heats took place today.

Special Gifts
To commemorate Stepney 125, all pupils and staff are being given special gifts this week. Today, everyone received a celebratory wrist band.
The front of the wrist band reads 'Stepney School 125" The back of the wrist band says "1886-2011"

Attendance figures!

Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.3%*
Class 1: 95.6%
Class 2/3A: 93.3%
Class 2/3B: 93%
Class 4/5A: 93.8%
Class 4/5B: 98.1%
Class 5/6: 91.7%*
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.3%, with Reception in first place with 97.9% and class 5/6 in second place with 96.8%.

Hovis Bakers began in 1886 as well and on Monday 13th June, they are sending an old vintage van and delivery bicycle (pictured here) to our school with lots of Hovis products for our pupils. They are also keen to involve the children so are running a competition. They are giving two prizes per class for the best Victorian Costumes that children can come in. This may be achieved quite simply. Boys could wear waistcoats, short or knee length trousers with a flat cap (They could even have dirty faces!) and girls could wear Victorian style pinafores or dresses. We realise this is a last minute announcement but this has only been arranged this week with Hovis.

Kid Alert
Our year 6 pupils walked into town to Kenworthy House to take part in the annual Kid Alert event. This is a showcase where the emergency services and other agencies tell pupils about a variety of safety issues.

GTP Interviews
At school, Mr Browning, Miss Atkinson and Mr Morfitt conducted interviews with perspective Graduate Training Programme (GTP) candidates. They have had some brilliant candidates. The final decisions regarding which Hull schools will be having which students will take place on Monday 20th June. Mr Browning will be on the panel that allocates these students. We hope to be able to tell you who our student is shortly after this date.

Please may we remind you that children should not be coming to school wearing leggings, whether by themselves or under skirts.

Stepney’s Got Talent !
We know that many children are already practising their routines for the Stepney’s Got Talent competition. There will be heats during the start of the week (Foundation, Years 1, 2 & 3 on Monday and Year 4,5 & 6 on Tuesday) and then a grand final on Friday 17th June. This will be judged by some of our governors. All children who get through to the final will receive a special Stepney 125 medal! We are encouraging as many children as possible to participate so they can show us all their hidden talents. We would ask that children be careful about the groups they work in. Pupils should not bring their Talent costumes for the heats on Monday and Tuesday

Summer Fayre Products Needed!
To ensure we have a successful summer fayre we are now desperate for products for the Tombola and Bottle stalls. If every child brought one item in we would have lots of items to sell. Please will you help—every little donation is appreciated!

New Member of Staff
We are delighted to announce that we have appointed a new member of staff to our teaching team. Miss Pattrick will be joining our year 6 teachers in September.






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