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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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July 2015

Last Day News & Staff Changes
On behalf of everyone at Stepney, we would like to wish you an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday. It has been another incredibly busy year at our school. Pupils and staff have worked extremely hard again and they have been brilliantly supported by parents and carers. As always, it has been a strong team performance.
This summer, we are saying goodbye to a number of members of staff. For all of them, they have been much respected colleagues and we will certainly miss them all.
Although Mrs Sexton has been working with us for many years, she is actually employed by one of the child support agencies. She has been working with a pupil who is now leaving to go to secondary school. Mrs Sexton will therefore be moving to another school to help specific pupils there;
Miss Pattrick has been one of our outstanding teachers in year 6 for a number of years now. We are delighted that she has gained promotion and will be the new literacy coordinator at Alderman Cogan School in Hull in September;
Mrs McIlwaine has been helping us out on a temporary basis since Miss Northen left. Mrs McIlwaine will be starting at teaching job at Langton Primary School in September;
Miss Johnson and Miss Stephenson have been with us this year as Newly Qualified teachers, working with our school's NQT mentor, Mrs Stimpson. Both have successfully completed this important year for them and are going to continue their careers at Griffin and Bricknell Primary schools, respectively.
Miss Pullen, who has been a teaching assistant and this year a Schools Direct Student teacher, has secured a teaching post at Highlands primary in September.
We wish all six staff the very best for the future and hope they will pop back to see us.
Everyone else is staying but there are a few changes:
Miss Kerry Webb is going to be our new Nursery Nurse in September, following the departure of Mrs Jackson, earlier this year.
Mr Dear is training to be a teacher and will be working with Miss Baitson in year 4.
We have appointed Mr Sam Jones, from Andrew Marvell School as our new PE coach in the afternoons and he will be working with year 5 pupils in the classrooms during the mornings.

17th July 2015

Attendance Figures 
The end of the year has now been reached. After a promising period, in which this year's figures were above last years, we had a dip due to a spate of illness and chicken pox across the school. By the end of the summer, we were roughly at the point we had reached last year.
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.
http://www.stepney.hull.sch.uk/proudparents/proudparentslogo.jpgClass Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the whole year.  
Foundation Stage: 94.35%
Phase 1/2: 95.38%
Phase 3/4: 95.22%
Phase 5/6: 96.05%
Whole School Average for the 2014-15 academic year: 95.34%

Transition Afternoon
This afternoon, we have had our transition sessions for our pupils. They have spent a short spell of time with their class teachers for September. For this academic year, we are going back to single year group classes. Teachers will still be working in phase teams of years 1-2, years 3-4 and years 5-6. There is also a change to the location of some classes, which is due to some fundamental building changes that we hope and expect to happen in the forthcoming year. At present, we can't divulge any more information about this, as it is in the initial planning stages. Year 6 are moving from their rooms at the back of the school hall and they are going upstairs to be with the year 5 class.
In September the classes will be as follows:
Nursery - Mrs Warcup
Reception - Miss Hatfield
Year 1 - Mr Cameron
Year 2 - Mrs Smart
Year 3 - Mr Ingram
Year 4 - Miss Baitson
Year 5 - Miss Atkinson & Ms Saint
Year 6 - Mrs Brocklebank & Mrs Wilde

Stepney Netballers on Top Form
We had a really amazing result this afternoon. Mr Darwood and Mr Dear took some year 5/6 pupils to Hymers College for a netball tournament. This time, they were not just representing our school but had been chosen to represent Hull! This was an amazing privilege in itself! Competing against the best teams in Hull, the East Riding, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire in the Humber School Games, our team came third. Mr Darwood stated that "they were a credit to themselves and the school. It was a great day". Mr Dear reported that "We had a great day with hundreds of children competing in loads of different events. We came third out of eight on the day and performed brilliantly beating the eventual winners. We won 4, drew 1 and lost 2. They behaved well and were a credit to the school. Andy took the role of comedy entertainer but as a team they really helped each other." It is testament to the work of Mr Darwood, Mr Dear and all the pupils concerned that they were successful today. We are proud of all of them. Well done!

Year 5 Mini Music Concert
This afternoon, Mrs Rice led the year 5 pupils in a mini concert for parents, showing off their musical skills. Pupils played a range of recorders, as well as singing their own compositions.

Free School Meal & Pupil Premium Letters
In preparation for the new school year, we would like to remind you about registering for Free School Meals for your child/ren. The school receives Pupil Premium funding for all pupils who are accepted for Free School Meals, to support their learning and welfare needs within school.This year, for every child who is accepted to have Free School Meals, we will be supplying them with a free school sweatshirt and free book bag, in September. A form has been sent out today with an accompanying letter. Please will you look at the attached form and return it to the address given on the top of the form. In this way, we will be sent the list of who has been granted Free School Meals. As it may be a few weeks into September before we are sent the list, we have two suggestions:
School sweatshirts and book bags will be on sale on Tuesday 8th September.
1. You may buy them at this point and claim a second ones (free) once we have the list or
2. Purchase them on the day and we will send you your money back after a couple of weeks into September.
If you have any queries regarding this, or with help to fill out the form, then please contact our school office.

Reminder for Year 5s
Tomorrow afternoon, our year 5 pupils will be showing off their musical talents to parents and other classes in the hall. Led by the indominantable, Mrs Rice, this will start at 2pm.

Teddy Bears' Picnic
Our Foundation Stage pupils came to school this morning, accompanied by some VIPs - their teddies! This afternoon, with the sun eventually making its way throught the clouds, our youngest pupils had a truly memorable picnic. Just the thing that summers are made of!

Welcome Back Mrs Warcup
We are delighted to extend a big warm welcome back to Mrs Warcup, who has been off this year on maternity leave. Mrs Warcup has returned to take up the nursery teacher's position.

Rainbow Writers
This week's winners are:
Phase 1-2 Bartek, Esther & Kamil
Phase 3-4 Nikolas, Tallulah & Wiktor
Phase 5-6 Patryk & Shakira

Year 5 Digital Media
Following on from last weeks' exploits by year 6 in the realms of Digital Media, it was the turn of year 5 to travel into the city centre for similar workshop sessions with Chris Williams. The only thing marring the day seemed to be the lack of time, as there the hours evaporated far too quickly. So absorbed were pupils and staff in recording images and then turning them into posters for Hull, City of Culture 2017, that the end of the working day came too quickly. Everyone had a great time. There was a healthy mix of enjoyment and learning going on as well as our usual impeccably good Stepney behaviour. Well done to everyone who took part.

Year 3/4 Football Competition
Staff took some of our footballers for another competition this afternoon. As always, our pupils worked strongly as a team and really showed they have improved as players. Year 3 won 1, drew 2 and lost 1. Unfortunately, Year 4 didn’t win or draw any of their matches but lost by close margins.

Year 6 Transition Days
At this time of year, it is a little manic in year 6 as many of our pupils are out at their secondary schools for transition days. For years, the primary school head teachers have tried to persuade their secondary colleagues to have transition days at the same time. Some do and others don't. This week, pupils are at Andrew Marvell, Kelvin Hall, Thomas Ferens and Trinity House schools and academies. They will back at Stepney for Friday and their very last day as primary school pupils.

Reports to Parents
Along with this newsletter, you will also be given your child’s end of year report. In light of the changes that have been made to the national curriculum in September 2015, we have revamped our report. They are no longer in a booklet form and results are shown in a slightly different way. This is aimed at making it easier to read and more straight-forward. We hope you find this to be the case.

Stars of the Week Awards

This week's winners are:
Phase 1/2—Harlee &Lena
Phase 3/4—Patryk, Reece & Samantha
Phase 5/6—Daniela & Julia

Attendance Figures 
It has been another improved week for the overall attendance. As always, we are grateful for the efforts that parents/carers are making to get their children to school. It gives them continuity in the classroom and really helps their learning.
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100%
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the last week of the school year. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same. 
Foundation Stage: 86.66%↑(4 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Phase 1/2: 90%↑(6 didn't) 
Phase 3/4: 87.08%↓(7 didn't)  
Phase 5/6: 92.98%↑(4 didn't)  
Whole School Average: 89.18%↑(21 didn't have 100% attendance)  

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same. 
Foundation Stage: 94.67%↑
Phase 1/2: 95.29%↑
Phase 3/4: 93.90%↓
Phase 5/6: 98.6%↑
Whole School Average for the 2014-15 academic year so far: 95.37%

Lost Clothing Available
We seem to amass quite a collection of lost clothing over the school year. These are items left around the school and not collected. Next Thursday, we will be putting this out on tables before and after school. Please have a look through this to see if any items belong to your child.

Leavers' Prom & Disco

Once again, Mr Morfitt and staff provided a prom to remember this evening. It is always an emotional event for our year 6 pupils, yet a memorable end to their primary school time.

Attendance & Punctuality Awards
Attendance & Punctuality Awards
This week, we have presented
certificates to pupils for their efforts this term for never being late and for full attendance. The figures are as follows:

Never late
Rec 17 pupils (57%)
Phase 1-2  39 pupils (65%)
Phase 3-4  44 pupils (73%)
Phase 5-6  39 pupils (68%)

100% for Term 
Rec 8 pupils (27%)
Phase 1-2  17 pupils (23%)
Phase 3-4  19  pupils (32%)
Phase 5-6  26  pupils (46%)

We also gave out certificates and special new medals for those pupils who had not missed any time for the whole year.

100% for Year
Rec 1 pupil (3%)
Phase 1-2  4 pupils (7%)
Phase 3-4  7  pupils (12%)
Phase 5-6  8  pupils (14%)

Year 6 Digital Art Module
Today, our year 6 pupils took part in an event organised by Hull Children’s University. This is located in a building near to the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull. Pupils took digital photos of some of the art work before preparing a poster for the Hull City of Culture 2017 events. The staff from the Children’s University commented on the pupils’ behaviour, while Mr Williams from the Digital Art Module phoned us at school to say the pupils had been the best group they had had in a long time—all well behaved, really enthusiastic and interested.

Troy Story Again and Leavers' Assembly

We had another sparkling performance of Troy Story this morning! Once again, the pupils were brilliant. Special thanks go to all the staff who were responsible for staging this. The singing, acting and dancing routines were expertly managed and supported by great props and decorations. Mrs Brocklank, Miss Pattrick, Mrs Rodgers, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sexton and Mrs Wilde did a brilliant job. Then we had our traditional Leaver's Assembly. Mr Morfitt, our chair of governors, presented 'Leavers' Certificates' to each of the year 6 pupils, while Mr Browning described the achievements of each of them as they came up to the front of the stage. Following this, we had the presentations of our special shields to six pupils who had made particularly worthy contributions during the year.
The Shepherdson Behaviour Shield, which had been donated by our very own, Mrs Shepherdson was presented to Natalia;
Jessica received The Bradshaw Arts Award;
Patryk received The Burhan Achievement Award;
Morgan received The Smith Achievement Award, with a special mention about his amazing SATs results this year;
Ellie received The John Leeman Personal Development Award;
and Andy collected The Playle Shield for Sports. As each shield winner was presented with the awards, the teachers explained why they had been chosen.

Troy Story At Stepney
Today, we have been entertained by pupils in our year 5/6 classes with their production of 'Troy Story'. As a warm up, they had undertaken their dress rehearsal for our younger children in years 1 -4, just to iron out any teething problems. Luckily there were few of these, apart from a few dodgy wireless microphones and a heart-stopping moment when the mixing desk didn't seem to be working. This was all in preparation for the big evening event, when parents, family members and honoured guests joined us. We were delighted to welcome back Mrs Lorna Denholm (an ex-head teacher of Stepney) and her husband as well as David & Moira Gemmell. David used to be a Hull Councillor for many years and they have been firm friends of our school for a long time now.
The pupils performed brilliantly. Despite having the usual back-stage nerves, they hid these when they were on stage. There was plenty of action, plenty of brilliant singing and acting plus quite a few laughs along the way. A truly dazzling show and one we hope our year 6 pupils will remember in future years. Many thanks for all who attended.

Change of Time Tomorrow
The Troy Story morning performance is scheduled to start a little earlier tomorrow at 9.30 instead of 10am. The production is lasting longer than we initially calculated so we don't want to rush this or the leavers' assembly before we have to set up for lunch. An email has been sent out as well.

Year 3 Football
Mr Ingram took our year 3 footballer to a mini-competition at Pearson today, playing our usual rivals of Clifton and Pearson. We lost our two matches against Pearson and drew with Clifton. As their first turn out in Stepney colours, it was a creditable performance by the boys and girls taking part.

Star Readersl
This week's winners are:
Phase 1-2 Gracie May
Phase 3-4 Sarah, Zara & Vaishali
Phase 5-6 Jakub, Josh & Seraphimna

Scatterball At Stepney
Following on from yesterday's successful event, we hosted an event for the year 4 pupils of Clifton, Collingwood, Pearson and Stepney on our school field. In beautifully hot weather, there were half a dozen different games taking place around the field. Another great event and one in which our school team emerged victorious. Well done to everyone who took part.

Government Adviser
We had a government adviser in school today, looking at the school meals. This is part of a nationwide analysis of the uptake of the Universal Free Meals for KS1 pupils. The adviser is visiting fifteen schools in Hull and spent four hours in Stepney, yesterday. He spoke with Mr Browning for an hour, then with Mrs Codd, our school business manager, before spending time over lunch in the dinner hall, talking to kitchen staff and pupils. He was very impressed with the school and thanked Mr Browning for the warm welcome and hospitality of everyone at Stepney.

Star Of The Week Awards
This week's winners are:
EYFS—Sofia & Rubaiya
Phase 1/2—Agata, Mohammed & Zelan
Phase 3/4—Helin, Lileana & Narelle
Phase 5/6—Jacob + All year 6

Attendance Figures 
It has been another improved week for the overall attendance. As always, we are grateful for the efforts that parents/carers are making to get their children to school. It gives them continuity in the classroom and really helps their learning.
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100%
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the last week of the school year. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same. 
Foundation Stage: 80%↓(6 pupils didn't achieve 100%)  
Phase 1/2: 85%↓(9 didn't) 
Phase 3/4: 90%↑(6 didn't)  
Phase 5/6: 89.56%↑(6 didn't)  
Whole School Average: 86.14%↓(27 didn't have 100% attendance)  

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same. 
Foundation Stage: 94.33%↓
Phase 1/2: 93.88%↓
Phase 3/4: 95.91%↑
Phase 5/6: 97.02%↑
Whole School Average for the 2014-15 academic year so far: 95.36%-

The Giant Tetrahedron Comes to Stepney

Year 5 had a special treat today as Ruth Spackman joined them in the school with a bag, brimming full of sticks and elastic bands. The pupils had to tie them together in tetrahedron shapes. These were then joined together into bigger tetrahedrons before these linked to form a giant one, towering up to the ceiling. It was a great practical way of exploring 3D shapes in maths.

Year 6 at Allerthorpe
For many years now, we have been taking our year 6 pupils to Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, near Pocklington. While other schools take their pupils on residential visits we do something different at Stepney. The first part of this is a visit to London in the autumn, which includes visiting the Houses of Parliament and going on the London Eye. In the summer, we go to Allerthorpe for a day of exciting water-based activities. Today, with beautiful weather conditions, they sailed dinghies on the lake and paddled kayaks around it. Also, they took part in adventure and orienteering exercises in the lovely grounds surrounding the Lake. The tired travellers returned to Stepney having had a truly wonderful day! Another Success!

Foundation Stage Meeting
Mr Cameron led our usual summer meeting for parents of pupils who will be joining us in the nursery and reception classes, this coming September. Information was given out as well and items such as our book bags were on sale. Many thanks to everyone who attended. The really good turnout was very much appreciated. For those who may have missed the meeting, please contact the school office for any information you may require or queries that you have.

Scatterball At Pearson
Miss Baitson took the year 3 students to Pearson Primary School for a Scatterball competition. This is similar to rounders but involves more than one ball being used in the game at any point. Great fun to play and yet another alternative sporting event for our pupils to experience. We are certainly proud of the many varied sports that we offer to our pupils as well as the chance to compete against other schools.

Mr Browning is Back Full Time
Today, Mr Browning has returned to his full time schedule at Stepney. Since the start of November, he has been working as the Executive Head teacher at Stoneferry Primary School. This has entailed him being physically based at Stepney for two and half days a week and at Stoneferry for the other half of the week. Having said this, he has been responsible for both schools at all times so it has been quite a challenge. Miss Harrison, the head teacher of the Stoneferry, has been off on adoption leave but has returned today. Two weeks ago, Stoneferry Primary had a successful Ofsted Inspection, which is the second one that Mr Browning has been responsible for in the last two years: we had ours at Stepney last year. Mr Browning has said "it has been a wonderful experience and privilege to take on this role. I am grateful to the governors at both schools for giving me this opportunity. I must thank Miss Atkinson for stepping up to be the Acting Head at Stepney on the days that I have been at Stoneferry. She has done a brilliant job and has been fully supported by our equally brilliant staff. I have had many Stepney parents and pupils wishing me well over this time and I have truly valued the support that has been shown to me. It has made me appreciate what an excellent school we have! I have been head teacher here for nine years and still regard Stepney as a magical place to work in. That's down to pupils, parents, staff and governors! Despite enjoying working with a whole new set of adults and children at Stoneferry, it is most definitely good to be back!"



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