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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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July 2012

Phase 3 - Summer 2012

Finally, the third year of our repairs and the end of all the work on the windows is in sight at last!
Scaffolding around the hall to repairs the cupola (27.7.12)
Much needed repairs to the hall cupola (27.7.12) TLC for the cupola! (27.7.12) The last phase of the window repairs taking place (27.7.12) The scaffolding is in place (27.7.12) A Scaffolding Jungle! (27.7.12) It's quite a high building to reach so scaffolding is essential! (27.7.12) A view from the phase 2/3 classrooms (27.7.12) A workman cleaning the woodwork in Miss Baitson's classroom (27.7.12) The View from the Library (27.7.12)
To look at the whole three year programme of repairs please click here.

School's Out For Summer !
On behalf of the Governors and Staff of Stepney Primary School, may we wish you a great summer to rest, relax and enjoy yourselves. Who, knows, we may even get some sun and a little less rain. For any who may be going to the Olympics, may it be a truly memorable experience!

A Fond Farewell to Mr Burton !
We bade a farewell to Mr Richard Burton today. Mr Burton trained with us as a Graduate Training Programme (GTP) student and has since been teaching in our phase 2/3 team for the past two years as a qualified teacher. He is moving to teach at Lower Kersal Community Primary School in Salford, which will be nearer to his new home. We are all sad to see him go and we know this feeling is felt by Mr Burton. In the time he has been with us, he has proven to be an inspirational teacher and role model, as well as leading the school football team.

End of the School Year !
Today is the last day of this academic year. Once again, pupils and staff, ably supported by parents and carers, have been working hard to ensure that children make progress and raise attainment. Indeed, the year 6 pupils have had their best SATs results for over three years. Once we have the official figures in the autumn, we will report these to you. At the same time, we are fully committed to providing a broad and full curriculum that is both stimulating and enjoyable for our pupils. After all, it makes learning much easier if it is interesting! While everyone is in need of a very well-earned and deserved summer break, may we ask that some things continue during the six weeks. Reading is a vital part of everyday living as well as school work. If children continue to read during this period, this will be a tremendous help to them. Also, if they can practise writing and maths this would be a bonus to them when they return. Having said that, rest and play are vital too!

Return Dates !
Pupils return to school on Wednesday, 5th September 2012. Staff will be in on the first two days for training and preparing the school.

School Out of Bounds !
Contractors and decorators will be working in the school for the whole of the summer holidays. The school premises are out of bounds to anyone but these workers and staff. Please ensure children do not come anywhere onto the site for their own safety.

Reports to Parents/Carers Comments!
Many thanks to those parents/carers who completed and returned the comments slips from their child's report. Below are the comments we have received so far. On each of these, the child's name and form was included which gave teachers a chance to identify who the child was and to address any issues which were brought to their attention. One or two comments have not been included as these were queries which were particularly confidential. We asked:

How satisfied are you with the education that your child gets at Stepney?

Very Satisfied

Quite Satisfied

Not Satisfied




Any Comments ?
"A big thank you to Miss Baitson and the other staff in 2/3B for the fantastic support that has been given to ??? this year"
"Absence was a problem for us as a newly settled family we assure you that next year this issues will be solved. Thanks"
"I'm hoping that ??? will reach national average by the end of next year"
"I am pleased with the progress that ??? has made"
"Overall, we are very pleased with ??? and this school. It has been a pleasure to put her in this school"
"Very pleased with ???'s experience in nursery. Thank you"
"My ??? has grown so much in confidence since starting at Stepney. Thanks to you all"
"Really pleased with ???'s report and he is doing better than I thought. Thank you"

What could we do to improve our work with your child?
"Nothing. You can't improve on perfection"
"I don't see any reason for improvement"
"I am very pleased with the way all teachers have taught ??? and I don't think anything could be improved"
"Just carry on with how you teach and get the children involved"
"Help them to work on weaknesses"
"I wish the school would have a maths and English learning club"
"Check to make sure he does understand what he's doing. He can sometimes pretend he understands but when asked to explain he cannot"
"Keep pushing him please. Thank you to all the teachers that have helped ??? enjoy nursery"
"What a lovely report. I cried some tears reading it so very proud of ???"
"At the moment I'm happy. Thank you.

Boiler Room Meeting!

Contractors visited the school today to agree final arrangements for the work on the school boilers. All the boilers and pipework in the boiler room are being removed and new plant installed. Together with the repairs to the windows, this should hopefully make the school more energy efficient. Obviously, in a building built in the Victorian Era, it is always a difficult task bringing it up to twenty first century requirements! Mr Browning met with the engineers today. Some work will also be carried out on the 16 metre high chimney, which needs some pointing and relining doing to it.

Free to Anyone !

We will be setting up tables tomorrow to display items we no longer require in school. If there is anything that parents/carers may like to have, we are inviting them to come and have a look and take the displayed items.

IMPORTANT: Reminder About Admissions !

Regrettably, some of our parents have been disappointed recently. They have found out that their younger children have not got places in our Reception class. Even though they may have other children in the school and even though the child has been in our nursery, this is no guarantee that they will be given a place. A few years ago, it was left to primary schools to allocate places but in recent years, this task has been taken over by the admissions team in the Local Authority. They allocate places for all pupil in the school but the Reception class has been particularly affected. According to the Local Authority Admissions Code, higher consideration is given to such factors as home address/catchment areas and children looked after by the local authority. We can only stress that parents/carers must apply direct to the LA either with first applications or with appeals against decisions. Unfortunately and frustratingly, It is out of the school's control or influence.

Interviews !

This morning, Mr Browning, Mr Morfitt and Mrs McDonald interviewed candidates for the part time Attendance and Admin officer post. This person will join forces with Mrs Purkins in September. One candidate, Mrs Zoe Harland was successful and we are looking forward to her joining us in the new academic year.

Decorating Begins !

Only a few days after our year 6 pupils have left us and their classrooms have been stripped of all displays and dust sheets placed down throughout the three classrooms. D & D decorators were in first thing, and began to paint this area of the school. The rest of the building will be painted during the summer holidays. Mr Browning and Mr Morfitt took down Mr Cameron's magnificent model of the 'Angel of the North' plus all the flags and banners from the hall. The dust on the flags was unbelievable but a few hours later and they emerged from the washing machine gleaming clean and ready for September! Meanwhile, throughout the school, staff are preparing their own classes for the big paint!

Transition !
This afternoon, pupils enjoyed an hour with their new class teacher. We are delighted to welcome Miss Hatfield to the staff. She is teaching our nursery class and our GTP (Graduate Training Programme) student this year, Miss Laybourne is taking over one of the phase 2/3 classes. Our new GTP students, Mr Jonathan Ingram and Miss Jenny Hindson, joined their respective teachers: Miss Atkinson and Miss Baitson.

Another Special Visitor !

We've had the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, an ex-Lord Mayor, a former Stepney headteacher visit us this week and today was the turn of another of our good friends. Diane Johnson MP came into speak to Mr Browning about the International Pupil Council. While she was here, Mr Browning took her on a tour of the school with a chance to speak to all the children. Whenever Mrs Johnson comes to our school, she sings our praises and today was no exception. Just as our other VIPS have done, she praised the fantastic ethos and atmosphere we have at Stepney.  

Last Day for Year 6 !

Our fond farewells were sent to our oldest pupils this afternoon. They will be attending transition events at their new schools during next week. No individual 'Star of the Week' awards were given to year 6. Instead, a rousing three cheers was heard. Everyone at Stepney wishes them the very best for the future.

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 93.2%
Class 1: 80%
Class 2/3A: 93.8%
Class 2/3B: 92.4%
Class 4/5A: 93%
Class 4/5B: 95%
Class 6A: 94.6%
Class 6B: 96.7%
The class with the best attendance so far this term is 6B with 97% with 4/5B in second place with 95.4%. The whole school attendance for the year is now 94.3%

Shortlisting !
This morning, Mr Browning, Mr Morfitt and Mrs McDonald were compiling a short list of candidates for the interviews for the Attendance and Administration post. The school had received 108 applications! Nine people have been chosed for interview.

Leavers' Assembly and Award Winners !

Our year 6s made a big impression as they performed their final telling of the 'Troy Story' to another packed house of parents and their year 4 and 5 friends. We were delighted to welcome former Stepney headteacher, Mrs Lorna Denholm and her husband and Councillor David Gemmell and his wife. Both couples have become close friends and supporters of our school. We also had two other special guests: Daz and Jo, the ladies who had created the impressive 'Wooden Horse', watched as their masterpiece took centre stage. Their colleague, Raveen, was unfortuately ill and not able to attend. Bouquets of flowers were presented to these ladies, as well as to our year 6 staff.
Following straight onto the end of the performance was our official Leavers' Assembly. We celebrated individual achievements of each of our year 6 cohort and Mr Morfitt, our Chair of Governors, presented them with a Leaver's Certificate each.
Finally, we presented six children with our special awards. These have been donated by families and individuals over the years, and we are grateful for their support. This years' recipients were:
Nikola - The Bradshaw Arts Award
Tyrese - The Burhan Achievement Award
Jack - The Shepherdson Achievement Award
Brina - The Playle Shield for Sports
Bartek - The Smith Achievement Award
Aleksandra - The John Leeman Personal Development Award
The pupils have also been busy collecting autographs and goodwill messages from staff and friends to put in their souvenir autograph book (always a treasured momento of their time at Stepney).

Leavers' Prom !
Of course, our year 6 pupils couldn't leave without their prom. The rest of the school were invited to join them, but there was no guessing who the special people were. Each one of them was given a button hole, by Mr and Mrs Morfitt and Mr Fory took photos of them under the special balloon arch. There were one or two tears of sadness at the end of the day!

Terrific Troy Story !

Once again, our year 6 team have shown off their skills. They produced a brilliant performance of 'Troy Story’; complete with catchy songs, excellent acting and a magnificent wooden (cardboard actually!) horse. In front of a packed house, including the Lord Mayor, Councillor Daniel Brown and his wife, Councillor Lynda Brown, our oldest pupils showed their superstar qualities. A tremendous amount of work has gone on back stage. Mrs Wilde, Miss Pattrick, Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Holmes have been working hard all year to prepare the pupils for their SATs and, once these were finished, they then turned their attention to this wonderful production. Ably helped by our resident singing expert, Mrs Phelps-Jones, the pupils have risen to the challenge with passion and energy! While continuing with their day to day school lessons, rehearsals have been squeezed into every possible free moment. Tomorrow, they will repeat their performance and also have their official Leavers' Assembly, which is always an emotional event.

Connections !
While the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress were with us this evening, we discovered more connections with Stepney. They had both been councillors in the area at the time that the school was facing closure due to the problems with its roof. The Lady Mayoress remembers campaigning for the school to remain open and recalled the day in the Council Chamber when the decision to keep it open was announced. In this thank you speech to them tonight, Mr Browning thanked them for their support today and for all their help back in 1998.

Football Match Against Pearson !
Wiith two first half goals by George (year 5), our nine strong team led 2 v1 at half time against our nearest rivals, Pearson Primary School. Unfortunately, as the opposition brought on their year 6s after the interval, our team, which consisted of year 4 and 5 pupils, succumbed to seven goals and eventually lost 2 v 8. As our year 6 pupils were busy preparing for their 'Troy Story' production, it was always going to be a tough match but they can be proud of their achievments this evening.

Reports Out to Parents !
Tonight, reports were handed out to parents and carers. These give details of the pupils' attainment and progress this year, as well as describing other general achievements. If there are any issues parents/carers wish to raise after reading their children's reports then please arrange to see the class teacher.

Attendance and the Olympics !
Today, we had our end of year attendance and punctuality assembly. We awarded certificates to the many children who always get to school on time; certificates and badges to those who have had 100% attendance for the summer term and very special certificates to those who had been at school every single day this year. Amongst these children were three sets of family pairs. Mr Browning asked Connor in phase 2/3 how he managed it and did he have any days when he didn't feel well? Connor, whose sister also got 100%, replied that "he just kept on coming to school no matter what". This is just the attitude we need!
As an extra special treat, it was announced that the school had received sets of tickets to two of the Olympic football matches, both of which will be played at Manchester United's Old Trafford Game. The names of those who had achieved 100% attendance for the year were put into a hat and two lucky winners drawn. These were Brina and Jordan, both from year 6. Mr Browning delivered the tickets to both sets of parents who were delighted!

Transition Afternoon !
Next Monday afternoon (16th July) the pupils will visit their new classes. They will be told on the day, who they are going to be working with in September. The classes will be as follows:
Nursery: Miss Hatfield
Reception: Miss Pullen
Year 1: Mr Cameron
Class 2/3A: Miss Laybourne
Class 2/3B: Miss Baitson
Class 4/5A: Miss Atkinson & Ms Saint
Class 4/5B: Miss Northen
Class 6A: Miss Pattrick
Class 6B: Mrs Wilde

Croda Follow Up !
Beryl Turner, former head of St. Nicholas Primary School (Cottingham Road) had led the recent Croda visits. Today, she visited school for the post visit follow up session. As well as presenting prizes to children who had answered their worksheets correctly, Mrs Turner lavished praise on their behaviour and the wonderful atmosphere around the school.

Visit from Vancouver !
Pat Naidoo, a lady who specialises in teaching EAL children (English as an Additional Language) in Vancouver, Canada, visited the school today. First, she spoke to Mr Browning and Miss Atkinson, and heard about all the work the school does to welcome and educate children who arrive at Stepney with little or no English. She then observed a lesson in phase 2/3 and one in phase 4/5 as well as watching our phonics sessions. Mrs Naidoo commented on the wonderful progress that these children make at Stepney and the commitment from the staff to ensure a good education is provided to them. She also shared some of the techniques and strategies that they use in British Columbia.

Site Meeting for the Window Repairs !
We had a meeting with the local authority and the building company 'Sopers' today to plan the final phase of repairs and replacements for our windows. This will take place throughout the summer holidays. At the same time, the inside of the school is being painted by D&D Decorators and we are getting new boilers for the central heating system. It's going to be a busy six weeks!

Rain Stops Play!
It is with deep regret that we have had to cancel the sports day for our year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. Despite managing to get two afternoons of sports for our other years, we seem to have been beaten by the relentless rain. While hopes were high that the previous night's weather forecast of cloudy but dry would persist, this morning showed that these hopes were dashed!

The Show Must Go On !
However, despite the sports day disappointment, rehearsals are nearing their climax for our year 6 performance of 'Troy Story'. All being well, our evening performance tomorrow night will be seen by the Lord Mayor and his wife. This will be the sixth Lord Mayor on the run to visit our school. Councillors Brenda Petch, Karen Woods, Elaine Butler, David Gemmell and Colin Inglis have been at Stepney over the last five years for our year 6 shows or Stepney 125 celebrations. Indeed, Councillor Gemmell and his wife have now become firm friends and supporters of Stepney and will be joining us again. There is an evening performance on Wednesday 11th at 6pm and at 9.30am on Thursday 12th. The latter will also be followed by the Leaver’s Assembly.

Training Dates announced for 2012-2013!
Every school has five training days during each academic year. The following are the ones selected for Stepney. These are days when pupils are not in school. For a full list of dates for the next school year, click here.
Monday 3rd September 2012
Tuesday 4th September 2012
Monday 7th January 2013
Friday 24th May 2013
Monday 22nd July 2013

Class 4/5B Croda Visit !
Miss Northen took her year 4/5 class to the Croda factory this morning. This was the second of the visits that had been arranged and paid for by the Hull Children's University. Once again, the pupils had a brilliant time, learning all about the work of Croda and looking at their wind turbine.

School Sports Afternoon for years 4, 5 & 6 !
All being well, the weather will be kind to us tomorrow for the rearranged sports afternoon for the oldest pupils in the school. Activities begin on the school field at 1.15pm.

Summer Activities in Hull Libraries !
We have just received the following lists of activities that are taking place in Hull Libraries this summer. Click here to see a full version of this.

Click here to see this document

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 91.6%
Class 1: 88.7%
Class 2/3A: 89.7%
Class 2/3B: 90.3%
Class 4/5A: 89.7%
Class 4/5B: 95%
Class 6A: 92.7%
Class 6B: 98.3%*
This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week.The class with the best attendance so far this term is 6B with 97% with 4/5B in second place with 95.7%. The whole school attendance for the year is now 94.4%

Safer Recruitment !
Today, Mr Browning and Miss Atkinson went on a course to update their 'safer recruitment' qualifications. This follows our chair of Governors, Mr Morfitt, who has also recently undertaken this same course. Whenever we recruit new staff, at least one member of staff needs to have had completed this training. This is to ensure that at every stage of the recruitment process we follow strict procedures and employ stringent checks to verify applicants' past histories. Safer Recuitment procedures were significantly updated following the Soham case in 2002. Our staff have had training in the past and this recent training was part of our scheduled training update programme. If anyone has any queries about our safer recruitment procedures, please contact Mr Browning or Mr Morfitt.

Stranger Danger !
About a week ago, one of our year 5 pupils had requested some guidance on stranger danger. This had followed reports that had appeared in the Hull Daily Mail several months ago about attempted abductions around other schools in Hull. Although, we had covered this issue in circle times and PSHCE lessons in school, this request immediately prompted us to contact our local Police officers. PCSO Burnham (who is also a new school governor) came in today to give an excellent talk and answer questions, posed by phase 4/5.

Year 6 Preparing to Leave!
We now have only a week to go before  our year 6 leave us. They will be spending their last day with us on Friday 13th July and then spending the next week at their secondary school. In the meantime, our oldest pupils will be performing their end of year production, ’Troy Story’, complete with Wooden Horse. There is an evening performance on Wednesday 11th at 6pm and at 9.30am on Thursday 12th. The latter will also be followed by the Leaver’s Assembly.

Year 6 Prom & School Disco!
Our year 6 prom, which is also a disco for Reception to year 5 as well, will take place next Thursday. The cost is 50p, which includes a drink. Year 6 get in free. All pupils should bring extra money if they wish to buy further refreshments. The disco will finish at 4.30pm. Children must be picked up at this time.

Sunny Summer Fayre
This afternoon's school summer fayre was blessed with beautiful sunny weather, free from the rain we've been having over the last few months. Mr Morfitt and his team of willing volunteers had ensured that we had plenty to sell and this was reciprocated with hordes or people wishing to buy things. It was a great event! Many thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who came. We raised £342.16 for school funds.

Phase 4/5 Exhibition
Our phase 4/5 area was packed with pupils and their adult relatives this morning. They started off in the hall with a science song about forces then moved upstairs. In one room, they were making windmills, in another, writing about their swimming experiences, in another there were maths activites on meaure and capacity and, finally, there were activities on the computers in the ICT suite. Miss Atkinson explained to everyone that changes had been made to the morning, as a result of parents' suggestions from the last exhibition and asked for parents to give their views on these. We always welcome both the positive comments and ways forward so we have a good idea what parents and carers value from these sessions. Our sincere thanks go to everyone who attended.
We asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???, and we've included all the comments).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"Was nice to spend the time with our children seeing their work"
"I enhoyed doing the activities with my child"
"Seeing all my child's work and loads of fun"
"I liked every thing"
"It's all been fun today. Enjoyed it better than last time. Brilliant!"
"I like everything. I loved everything"
"I enjoy coming to ???'s exhibition. I get to see her work and how she is coming along"
"Enjoyed ICT, Maths"
"Enjoy about what children learning"
"There was more time to finish things with ??? and enjoy what we did with her"
"Working with my son, talk with teacher, see his work level"
"I enjoy working with ??? and getting to see her work too. I think it was bettetr with just four activities. There was more time to finish things"
"Enjoyed all the activities especially the arty/crafty ones"
"I enjoyed looking at ???'s work and also joining in with the activities with her. I think they enjoy it working with parents but also doing school work at the same time"
"Everything was brilliant. Well prepared and organised staff. Kind and friendly atmosphere"
"I very much. I liked everything and I like the idea of take close look at our children and the progres they are having"
"Computers, maths"
"Looking at the work which my daughter has done"
"I enjoyed all the activities and I loved to see the kids showing how things work"
"I enjoyed alot of aspects, a good hands on display"
"Seeing what ??? has been doing. Joining in with activities"
"Seeing the work my son done over the last few months (and spending time with him)
"Thought it was a lot better having longer sessions, this is especially handy when you have more than one child"
"Interaction with ???. Seeing how they work in the classroom"

How could we improve it ?
"Nothing, was really good"
"It was bang on!"
"Just perfect"
"Good enough for me"
"Tea! (we are grandparents i.e. old!)
"No need to improve. Everything was fine"
"It's better to have more time for each section and I would love to check her maths works and I did not get a chance to look at it"
"We need more time to see the children's work books"
"You have improved with more time"
"Can you give daily homework and inform parents about child's level and what they have to do at home"
"It was lovely. Can't fault it"
"If can get more time if possible"
"Everything was fine"
"Have more time"
"Good job. Is my first exhibition, and I really enjoyed it"
"During the singing at the start, it would be better to have smaller children at the front and taller children at the back so parents can see their children"
"By making a science area and it longer"
"ICT was pretty poot - each time ?? tried to log on it took too long so we ran out of time when it did so we never got to do anything in that room. Other than that it was good"

Phase 4/5 Croda Visit !
Miss Atkinson took her year 4/5 class to the Croda factory this morning. The visit, which had been arranged and paid for by the Hull Children's University, coincided with the pupils' work on wind turbines. As well as seeing the gigantic wind turbine at the factory, the children were given presentations on what the firm does. They saw how rape seed oil is grown, processed and used for a host of applications including 'slippage' on screw-bottle tops. Few people realise that a special coating is applied to bottle tops to enable them to be unscrewed from bottles and then reused over and over again. Miss Atkinson reported that the children were exceptionally well behaved and, despite the powerpoint presentations taking over an hour, they sat spell bound, listening to every single word.

Summer Fayre Tomorrow!
Just to remind everyone that our school summer fayre starts at 2.45pm tomorrow.

Allerthorpe Adventure!
For the second year running, we took our year six students to Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, near Pocklington. In the wettest summer since records began, we were hoping that we would have a decent day. As forecast, the rain didn't come until half past three, when we were leaving! We were blessed with great conditions and wonderful hosts. All morning, pupils and staff spent time in kayaks, canoes and pedalos. As they were fully protected with buoyancy aids, the children felt very much at home. Everyone got thoroughly soaked but everyone had smiles on the faces!
After changing into dry clothes, we had lunch then embarked on land-based activities. Each group took it in turns to 1) go on an orienteering course around the woods and lake shore; 2) don blindfolds and go on a night-line assault course and 3) listen to an expert tell them how to identify different plants, habitats, and learn survival skills in woods. It was an action packed day that left everyone tired but extremely happy!

Welcome to Parents of our New Children !
Back at school, Mr Cameron and his team welcomed parents/carers of new children starting in Nursery and Reception in September 2012. They were given a wealth of facts and sensible suggestions to help their children settle into school. If there is anyone who missed this and would like to hear this information, then please contact Mr Cameron, Miss Pullen or Mrs Carmichael. We were also pleased to welcome Miss Hatfield, our new nursery class teacher to join us.

Rainbow Writing Winners !
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Ellis & Malika
Class 2/3a-Agnieska & Natalia
Class 2/3b-Mia and Luke
Class 4/5a-Casey & Niaomi
Class 4/5b-Rifa & Julia
The year 6 children were away today on their outward bound trip but are preparing work for next week's rainbows.

Stepney's Certainly Got Talent !
After the audition round and the semi-finals last week, it was the grand final of Stepney's Got Talent 2012 today. Mr Browning introduced it by reminding everyone that this event had been specifically requested by the pupils and their representatives on the school council. Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Holmes had organised it and Mr Morfitt and Father Malcolm were the governors who volunteered to be the judges.
Once again, we were entertained and enthralled by the talents of our pupils. Each was very special! We began with a song from our youngest contestant: Ellie from year 1. Then Casey (phase 4/5), Brandon (phase 4/5), Ellie (phase 2/3), Jenny (phase 2/3) and Thevmini (phase 4/5) showed us that they are powerful singers. Martin (phase 4/5) produced an exquisite piece of modern dance; Alisha and Morgan (phase 2/3) sang a duet; Jessica (phase 2/3) performed a mime to the 'Entertainer' music; then we had three more stunning songs from Phoenix (phase 4/5), Lilli (phase 4/5) and Lottie (phase 4/5). While the judges discussed and debated their decisions, Jayden (last year's winner) sang us another song. We then came to the announcement of the winner. All of our finalists received a medal from Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Holmes and then the winner was named as Jessica, with her mime. As she held the beautiful new silver trophy aloft, the pupils, parents, carers and staff gave a resounding cheer. A brilliant event! Long may it continue!

Jessica wins 'Stepney's Got Talent' 2012

EYFS/Year 1 Exhibition
Over fifty parents and carers attended today's exhibition by Nursery, Reception and Year 1. The area was packed with adults and children enjoying working together on a host of activities and parents looking at their children's work. While some were playing in the home corners (the most popular being the underwater themed tableau), others were helping out in the work areas. Once again, we have had many favourable and complimentary messages from parents and carers. Our sincere thanks go to everyone who attended.
We asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???, and we've included all the comments).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"Enjoyed being able to see ???'s work and how well he is progressing and to be able to see the brilliant atmosphere in the class"
"I enjoy coming to ???'s exhibitions. It lets me see what she has been doing"
"I enjoyed the activities, being able to get involved with what ??? is doing in school is great"
"I am really enjoyed this exhibition today. ??? was very excited. This very good"
"Fish cutting and viewing my daughter's work"
"The activities"
"Watching ??? make a flag and what he does at school and who he plays with and how he is getting on with school and his work"
"Seeing my child's progress from the start of the year to now. Seeing how my child learns"
"I enjoyed seeing and watching ??? my grandaughter being enthusiastic about showing me what she does at school and I really think it is good for them too. I certainly enjoy it, seeing how they progress"
"Making things with my daughter"
"I do enjoyed about everything. Kids are happy and that's more important that kids enjoyed their time in school"
"I love spending time in the school environment with my son. Also, love seeing his progress and playing with him"
"Enjoy getting to see the children's work in more detail, the folders are great to read and give more of an insight into what it is being done at school"
"Watching Callum make a flag and watch what he does at school and he plays with and how he is getting on at school with his work"
"Learning with the children and seeing what they do. I think the children also enjoyed showing parents what they do"
"Very. Enjoyed making the flag with my child. I really have fun today. Looked at her file - it was very interesting loved it"
"I enjoyed everything. Its good chance to us to get close look at our children's work and how they are improving their writing and reading skills"
"I enjoyed about everything, all activities were brilliant and the children were happy with their teacher and friends. Many thanks to your team"
"Having attended year 2/3 exhibition last week, it was enlightening to see the contrast between the EY children's behaviour and that of the older children. Looking at the work folders, one gets a good idea of progress made in the last nine months. It's easy to lose track without a record"
"Seeing ???'s folder that he has been doing. Interacting with others and is happy and enjoying himself"

How could we improve it ?
"No need for improvement, excellent morning!"
"Nothing, everything was great"
"Don't know"
"All the teachers are doing a good job"
"I think if you ask the children about the more things they like to do"
"You're doing great job. Keep it up"
"Everything is great"
"Having a grandparents day would be nice and overall I think its a very good idea and have enjoyed being with ???"
"There is nothing to improve on. Everything was fine"
"I think you all doing just fine"
"I think it is great as it is"
"Not much space available"
"Make the school decoration very nice"


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