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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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July 2011

Window Repairs 'Phase 2' - Summer 2011

Following initial fears that there would not be any funding to continue the repairs, we have been given the go-ahead to have the Stepney Lane (Southern) Evelation windows repaired. Workmen have been busy tackling the year 6 classrooms!
Year 6 window repairs Windows in the end classroom undergoing repairs July 2011 Once again, there is a substantial amount of rotten wood! Inside the main year 6 classroom, the windows are being overhauled completely! Hopefully, these small windows should open for the first time in decades!All the Victorian windows require scaffolding! The top parts of the windows are removed. Note the rotten window sills! Plenty of work to do!
For lots more about the building and recent projects on it, please click here.

A lick of paint !

Railings and bike racks are getting a lick of paint to make them look smart again!
Railings and bike racks are being painted this year as part of our plans to tidy up and modernise the back playground!

Sponsorship !

We have heard that Tesco Express have agreed to sponsor the school for a new football team kit. Many thanks go to Gordon, the manager of the store which is directly opposite from the school.

Window Work!

If you pass the school during the summer holidays, you will notice a forest of scaffolding going up, as the contractors begin to repair all the windows on the Stepney Lane side of the school. There are many that are in urgent need of repair or replacement. As a grade two listed building, they have to be replaced with like-for-like windows - not a cheap option! The timescale is for them to finish before we re-open in September so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Goodbyes !

We have broken up for the summer today and would like to wish everyone a great holiday period. As Mr Browning said to the children today, we hope they all have a safe and enjoyable six weeks off.

As usual, at this time of year, we have had some goodbyes to say. First, we are saying good bye to Mrs McIlwaine. who is leaving Stepney to do some travelling around the world. This will include some teaching in a school in Tanzania. Mrs McIllwaine has taught at Stepney for nine years, after joining the school with Miss Atkinson from Adelaide Primary School. She is a phenomenal teacher, who has inspired both pupils and staff with her brilliance. We are all very sad to see her go and wish her the best. Parting gifts included a specially prepared photo album and a signed autograph book from the pupils.

We have also said goodbye to our two Foundation Stage students from Wilberforce College: Rose and Jodie, who have been fabulous with our youngest pupils.

Trampoline Danger Warning !

We have just received some advice from the Local Authority, warning of the dangers of using trampolines as well as giving sensible safety advice.
Click here to read this...
Click here to read the Trampoline Fact Sheet

Latest School Pupil Council Minutes !
Click here to read the latest pupil council minutes from the last meeting of the year, today, click here to read past minutes.

A Lovely Thank You Letter from Mrs Denholm!

There was no doubt that Mrs Denholm's visit to our school was one of the highlights of our Stepney 125 celebrations this term. Today, Mr Browning received a wonderful letter from her which we copied here to share with you:
Dated 14th July 2011 and received 19.7.11.

"I had a wonderful visit to Stepney and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for making me truly welcome.

I had many little chuckles during the concert and the children played their part and sang splendidly. I was proud to be an ‘old student’ on the day. Although I wasn’t around in 1886, I was an evacuee and could empathise with the presentation of the war years. Perhaps when the subject appears on the curriculum I might have some input to offer.

I was genuinely amazed by the transformation of the buildings. It has created a real family feel now, since the extra rooms have provided closer contacts.

The children’s behaviour was exemplary and I noted some very nice work on display. You and the staff are to be congratulated on the ‘Buzz’ atmosphere which pervaded through the school.

It was a lovely gesture to present me with such an elegant bouquet. Thank you. As far as I was concerned, the lucky selection of raffle ticket for the caretaker was a bonus. I believe the good ones are vital in the smooth running of the school and impression of any building. Yours is obviously a good example and the children responded very well to him.

I am enclosing three personal items which might be of interest. (Names and places) were slightly altered for the Xmas Tree Story.Actually I phoned ‘Kay’ in Cardiff the same evening to describe the events and sights of Stepney 125. It’s amazing that even the area round about has been uplifted.

It is with great pleasure that I thank you all very much indeed for a memorable visit,

Yours sincerely,
Lorna Denholm"

Special Pizza Lunch for Phase 2/3
The year 2 and 3 pupils cashed their attendance cheques in to have a lunch of pizzas from 'Dominoes' as well as other refreshments today. Instead of going down to the school hall, they had a party in their classrooms, which was enjoyed by everyone!

Attendance Assembly - Summer Term 2011 Results
We had our attendance assembly for the Autumn term.
Certificates were presented to children who have never been late and to those who have had 100% attendance. Here are the actual numbers of children who achieved these:


Never Late

100% Attendance


17 out of 30 (57%)

8 (27%)

Year 1

14 out of 27 (52%)

9 (33%)

Class 2/3A

17 out of 28 (61%)

14 (50%)

Class 2/3B

19 out of 30 (63%)

11 (37%)

Class 4/5A

23 out of 32 (72%)

12 (38%)

Class 4/5B

23 out of 31 (74%)

15 (48%)

Class 5/6

21 out of 30 (70%)

14 (47%)


134 out of 208 (64%)

83 (40%)

Attendance Assembly - End of Academic Year 2011 Results


100% Attendance for the year


1 ( 3%)

Year 1

3 (11%)

Class 2/3A

2 ( 7%)

Class 2/3B

1 ( 3%)

Class 4/5A

4 (13%)

Class 4/5B

2 ( 6%)

Class 5/6

3 (10%)


16 ( 8%)

Well done to all these children and to their parents in helping us support these. It is very much appreciated and is a key component in helping children to achieve and make progress.

New Sports Coaches !

Mr Browning, Miss Northen and Mr Burton met our new football coach for the autumn term. Steve will be joining year 4/5 classes on Wednesdays for football coaching in their games lessons. He will then be staying on to join Mr Burton for School Football team coaching after school.

Transition Afternoon!
This afternoon, pupils went to their new classes. Once again it is amazing how quickly children grow up. Looking at those in the year 6 class, it seems only like yesterday that they were in Nursery or Reception!

Safety Barriers are Repaired!
The Council have eventually sent some workers to repair the safety barriers outside the Stepney Lane gates. These had been broken and buckled for months!

School Meal Prices Back to £1.30!

Over the last month or so, there have been many discussions about the cost of school meals for the next academic year. Head teachers were told that the costs to schools from the caterers were rising. Schools would not be able to keep the price of lunches the same because they hadn't enough funding to make up the short fall, so a joint decision was made to put the cost to parents/carers at £1.60. We are pleased to announce that Hull City Council have now agreed extra funding, which will allow schools to maintain the £1.30 charge. Furthermore, it is their intention to reduce the cost further in time.

Kyran and Miss Northen’s Sporting Successes!
On Friday night, Kyran and his rugby league team, Hull Isbergs, played in a match during the half time slot of the Leeds V Hull FC match at Headingly. While the senior team lost to Leeds, Kyran’s team won 18 points to 6. Furthermore, it was in front of the Sky Sports cameras and televised live.
Then, on Saturday, Miss Northen and her horse, Magenta, travelled up with the East Riding of Yorkshire team to Richmond in North Yorkshire. In spite of the driving rain, which saw all the riders wet through, Miss Northen came second in her class, which was a fantastic achievement. She is now waiting to see if this has secured her a place in the national championships.
Many congratulations go out to both Kyran and Miss Northen.

Miss Northen and Magenta

PE Kits
In today’s assembly, pupils were reminded about the new PE kit that they will need in September 2011. This is going to be a simple mix of plain white T shirt and red shorts. These can be bought cheaply from a range of shops, such as Tesco or Boyes and also from our school office. For £7, a PE bag containing a T shirt and a pair of shorts, can be purchased at school. Any parents/carers wishing to order a PE kit from us, should go to the school office.

Classes for Next Year
Tomorrow, we are having a transition afternoon, when children will be taken to their new classes. In September there will still be one year 1 class; two year 2/3 classes; two year 4/5 classes and two year 6 classes (we have a particularly large year 6 group next year). May we remind parents/carers that the mixed year classes are not grouped according to age or ability; i.e. one class does not have the brighter children in or the older children. It is a pure mix of abilities and ages.

Comic Relief Certificate!
We have just received a certificate for our contributions to Comic Relief. We managed to raise £252.29.

Our 2011 Comic Relief Certificate!

Getting Ready For Next September
Please may we remind parents/carers to let us know of any changes to home addresses and/or telephone numbers, especially if these have altered over the summer holidays. It is vital that we keep these contact details up to date. There are instances, when we need to contact parents/carers quickly.
If you think you may be eligible for free school meals for your child, then please contact the school office as well.

Sweatshirts and Bookbags
You may purchase these from the school office before the summer holidays. For anyone who forgets, the office staff will be setting up tables in the school hall on Tuesday 6th September to sell these.

Yr 6 Leavers!
We have bade a fond and tearful farewell to our year 6 pupils, who have left today. They will be in their secondary schools on Monday for a transition week.

At the leavers’ assembly autograph books, prom photos and attendance certificates and leavers’ certificates were given to each of them. Some children received special awards from the school:
Shepherdson Shield for Behaviour
Megan Wilson
Burhan Shield for Achievement
Sanjidah Ali
Smith Shield for Achievement
Konrad Szarek
Playle Shield for Sport
Kinga Later
Bradshaw Shield for Arts
Paulina Kobus
Leeman Shield for Personal
Tegan Abbott

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 90.3%
Class 1: 92.6%
Class 2/3A: 98.2%*
Class 2/3B: 90.7%
Class 4/5A: 92.5%
Class 4/5B: 91.6%
Class 5/6: 98.7%*
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%. In a fitting end to their time at Stepney, class 5/6 won the summer term attendance trophy with 97.1% overall and second place went to class 2/3A, with 96.7%.
Our Sporting Heroes!
Tonight, Kyran from 4/5A will be playing for his rugby league team at Leeds Rhinos’ Headingly ground and it will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.
Miss Northen, and her horse, Magenta, are riding for East Yorkshire at an event in Richmond. She has been in the team once before, when she was at university, so we’re all delighted that she’s back representing her county.
We wish success for both of these sports stars!

Window Repairs: Stage 2 !
This morning, Mr Browning and Mr Foston had a meeting with contractors and Local Authority officials about further repair work to our windows. They will be starting on Friday 22nd July and aiming to finish before we start back in September. All windows on the Stepney Lane side of the building (south facing) will be repaired or replaced. There are many in urgent need of this! As a grade 2 listed building, any windows needing replacing have to be done on a like-for-like basis, such as wooden sash.

Mrs Denholm Returns!
This morning, we had our second performance with a very special guest in attendance. Mrs Lorna Denholm honoured us with her presence. Mrs Denholm was the head teacher at Stepney between 1974 and 1988. As well as being responsible for the centenary celebrations in 1986, she had written the centenary history of the school. This has formed the basis for the play as well as other work that pupils have been doing this summer.

Lorna Denholm, headteacher from 1974 to 1988, returned to an emotional reception at our Stepney 125 play.

After watching the play, Mrs Denholm met pupils whose parents had been at Stepney in the seventies or eighties. Mr Browning then showed Mrs Denholm and her husband around the school and they were amazed at the differences in the school building since she left. It was a fitting end to the Stepney 125 events. As Mr Browning pointed out “if felt as though we have come full circle: Mrs Denholm had started the celebrations in 1986 and she had come back to see us twenty five years on.” Before she left, pupils presented her with a bouquet of flowers, a Stepney 125 wristband and badge.

Leavers’ Disco/Prom
Another super disco included some wonderful buttons holes and corsages from Mr & Mrs Morfitt. Many thanks to them: it really makes the event extra special for our year sixes. Needless to say, there were one or two tears at the end of the evening for the pupils who will be leaving us tomorrow. The rest of the pupils will still be at school next week.

Dress Rehearsals and the Real Thing !

Nerves were at breaking point today as the last minute play rehearsals went ahead for the rest of the school.
Then, in front of a packed hall, the evening performance took place. With our good friends, Councillor David Gemmell and his wife, Moira, in attendance, we were razzled and dazzled by a truly stunning show. The audience was taken through the 125 year history of the school by all the children in years 4, 5 & 6. We heard about the building of the school in Victorian times; learned all about conditions during the first and second World Wars and then travelled through the rest of the twentieth century. Thomas took the starring part of our beloved sites and premises officer, Mr Foston and we heard about the successful campaign by parents, pupils and staff to keep the school open, when it faced closure. As well as superb acting, which had been coached by Mrs Brocklebank, Miss Northen and Miss Saint, we had brilliant singing. This, as usual, was orchestrated by our very own talented singing expert, Mrs Phelps-Jones.
We have had some wonderful end of the year productions, including 'The Blues Brothers' and 'Grease' but this was the best so far. It was all about our school and performed by some wonderfully gifted children. Special mention must be made about our singing soloists, Keegan and Phoenix, who hit the notes and in key!
The morning performance starts at 10am tomorrow!

Many thanks go to Mr Miah, who donated a mobile phone for our raffle. Mr Miah, who is one of our parents, is store manager of Phones 4U in Princes Quay. As usual, Mr Miah's generosity is much appreciated.

Leavers' Events Reminder!
We have our Leavers' disco on Thursday night from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
On Friday morning, the Leavers' assembly will start at 10.30am. Parents of our year 6 pupils are invited to attend, to see certificates, trophies and autograph books being presented.

More Work in the Park!
Miss Atkinson and Mr Burton took their 2/3 class to Pearson Park today, and had a equally great time. They certainly enjoyed their time over there and learned quite a lot about different trees in the Park and Avenues area.

New Parents' Evening at Endeavour!
A message from Endeavour High School:
" Please can you remind all Year 6 students that are coming to Endeavour High that it is our Parents Evening Thursday night, 6pm-7pm.  We are having our Induction week starting Monday 18th until Thursday 21st July. 8.30am until 3pm daily. Thank you for your assistance and have a lovely summer holiday! Regards Jo Branton, Endeavour School"

Budding Botanists !

Miss Baitson's year 2/3 class went for a walk to Pearson Park this morning. Taking clipboards and worksheets, they had to identify and label different plants and flowers. They then had a tour of the park's conservatory, with a talk from the park warden and a look at the reptiles and creatures they have there. We're lucky to have this resource, right on our doorstep! Tomorrow, it's the turn of the other year 2/3 class.

Last week for year 6!
This is the last week for our year 6 pupils. They will shortly be given their Leaver's autograph books to start adding comments and memories to take away with them. Before they leave, we've got our Stepney 125 play and awards ceremonies. We hope parents and carers will be able to attend.

Countdown to the Stepney 125 play !
There were anxious faces today as the last rehearsals have been taking place for our very own Stepney 125 play, which has been specially written for us. A host of staff have been taking the children through their paces and preparing scenery and props for the shows, which take place this Wednesday and Thursday.

Health & Safety
The school has an annual Health and Safety inspection. We had another brilliant report. Apart from a couple of minor issues, such as some extra ventilation in the computer server room, everything was deemed to be good. Many thanks go to Mr Foston for keeping the place running well and Mrs McDonald, who organises and administers maintenance and contractors, as well as preparing the paperwork for the inspection.

Following the positive response we have had from parents and carers with regard to our whole school uniform drive, we have also been listening to comments and suggestions about PE kits. From September 2011, pupils will need to have a specific PE kit. We’ve kept it really simple so it can be easily purchased and cheap. Boys and girls will need to wear a plain white T shirt and red shorts. They will also need to bring a change of footwear: either sandshoes or trainers. Pupils will not be allowed to turn up for PE wearing shoes, boots or sandals. PE kit can be purchased cheaply from shops, such as Tesco or Boyes, or from our school office. We are selling a kit of white T shirt and red shorts in a PE kit bag for £7. If you would like to order one then please complete the order form slip that will be coming home with your child. Alternatively, go to the school office to order.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 90%
Class 1: 89.6%
Class 2/3A: 97.5%*
Class 2/3B: 93%
Class 4/5A: 93.4%
Class 4/5B: 94.1%
Class 5/6: 94.7%
*This class received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%, with Class 5/6 in joint first place with 97% and Reception in second place with 96.5%.

Phase 2/3 Exhibition!
In front of fifty parents/carers our year 2 and 3 pupils introduced their exhibition with a rousing singing of the song 'Milk Bottle Tops.' They then were split into groups by Miss Atkinson and showed the adults their portfolios of work. Some groups used chalk to draw flowers on the playground; there was a big Eco-display and a chance to show off their writing skills from this term. Once again, we asked for comments but this time, we asked the children for their views as well.

French Cafe
"On Thursday, 7th July at 2.15pm, class 5/6 took part in a fun and fantastic event called the French Café! There was a variety of food and drinks for the visitors and pupils. They had to speak in French. The visitors were really excited when they were told that we were going to sing for them. Then they played the children’s home-made games, which we equally fun. They had so much enjoyment and wanted to go again. The event finished at approximately 3.10pm."
Amber & Courtney

First, our visitors' views:
We asked 'What did you enjoy about it?'
"I enjoyed everything about the exhibition. Well done, teachers and pupils."
"The children singing and the artwork."
"Lots to do. Looked at lots of work."
"Yes, thank you very much. I did like it. It's nice and gave a big idea about our child and the work he had done."
"All of it was fab, well done."
"Enjoyed the wide variety involved in the exhibition."
"Participating rather than sitting, interacting with the child. Some work is seen at home of course, but a lot is not, so a lot to see."
"It was fantastic, we really enjoyed the quiz pieces. ??? loved showing us her work."
"How enthusiastic ??? was to show us and teach us about what she's doing this term."
"For me is very nice and good for kids."
"I enjoyed the childrens' singing and their input, their work was very good."
"The quiz, trademark symbols and the absoluteness of parents involvement."
"A lot more organised than last time, and more space too. I felt last time the stations were a little long, but the timings were spot on this time. A lot more enjoyable all round."
"Drawing & the singing."
"I enjoyed everything. Really was very nice."
"I'm enjoying looking at exhibition. Was really very nice."
"Everything. Spending time with ???"
"All the activities were fab. Enjoyed everything."
"I enjoyed everything today. It was fun."
"I enjoyed looking at the children's work and also the activities. Thank you."
"Getting to see what ??? has been up to."
"Organised well."
"Seeing all the hard work ??? and the children have been doing and interacting during activities."
"I like to see portfolios with kids work in it that you can see what they done and that exhibition was divided on groups then we can see all!"

We also enquired 'How could we improve it?'
"More liaison with parents and getting more involved."
"You couldn't, it was just right. The kids loved it and so did we."
"I would have liked more time."
"May be additional 1 minute on each session."
"Excellent good work."
"Very good."
"It was all good."
"Everything was fine."
"A little less time on each activity so that we can spend longer looking at work."
"Everything was nice! Thank you!"

Next, our pupils' views:
We asked 'What did you enjoy about it?'
"I like drawing on the floor with chalk. I like looking at our folders."
"I have enjoyed our singing heal the world song."
“We enjoyed drawing with chalk outside.”
“I enjoyed everything, especially the raffle.”
“Doing the quiz, making the flowers, chalking, drawing, singing, raffle, moving around with parents.”
“We liked the raffle and the fact that parents came in looking at the portfolios. We liked the chalking because we have never been outside chalking before.”
“Doing the flowers. I enjoyed doing the chalking.”
“I enjoyed the raffle and the singing, also when we were taking our parents around.”
“I liked it when we were taking our parents around. I liked it when we got to see our parents.”
“I enjoyed the quiz.”
“I enjoyed it when we did the chalk marks. I enjoyed singing ‘Heal the World’ with all the actions. Also, I enjoyed the raffle, the flowers and the quizzes.”
“Singing, because it was fun.”
“I liked the way we had an outside drawing area where we drew our own big flowers or bees. We also liked the quizzes. It was fun because you got to go around with your relatives and show them all our work.”
“I liked doing the chalking and showing all my work and doing the raffle and I liked colouring the flowers.”
“The raffle, the chalk, singing, making flowers. Mainly, I liked it all. I loved it the best exhibition ever.”
“When we drew pictures with chalk. Designing the flowers.”
“We enjoyed chalking on the playground which we liked the most.”
“We enjoyed doing the flower drawings on the back playground because we saw all the different drawings which all the children made.”
“We enjoyed the raffle and the green fingers quiz in the hall. Also, the songs.”
“The raffle, the chalk, the singing, making flowers.”
“We enjoyed the raffle and chalk drawing on the floor in the playground. And we enjoyed cutting and drawing and the songs.”
“I liked ‘Milk Bottle Tops’”
“Making a flower, singing, folders, chalking, talking about climate change.”

We also enquired 'How could we improve it?'
"Next time we should hold our posters up."
"We could have more time on each section."
"More songs, more parts, space."
"Could sing nice."
"We could sing our song a little louder so they can hear us."
“Put flowers on the tables for the adults and do more quizzes for them.”
“You could put flowers on the table for adults to look at.”
“More singing and different stations.”
“It was perfect.”
“By having more stations and more refreshments for adults and kids in case of hunger.”
“More activities, showing the people.”
“We could improve the music.”
“Sing more songs. Have more fun things.”
“More time and some different activities. Also, more singing.”
“We could improve putting a bit more space to chalk.”
“More activities. More presents.”
“It wouldn’t be fair if someone got two things on the raffle so whoever go chosen twice they were nice because they let someone else have a go.”
“More activities and more songs.
“More colours so we chalk different colours.”
“You could let each child have a raffle ticket as well.”
“We could improve it by going on the field and playing exciting games.”
“Have a little more time on every station. Have some more singing time.”
“We could improve it by going on the field and doing activities.”
“Painting, everybody’s work up next time, reading.”

Class 5/6 Outward Bound!
Despite a torrential storm during the morning, all our year 5/6 pupils had an amazing time at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park Watersports Activity Centre near Pocklington. The class was split into three different groups, with Mrs Brocklebank and Mr Browning joining them. Each group made rafts from logs and barrels; they practised their kayaking skills and sailed a dingy. Everyone learned many new skills and had a great time. Probably the highlight of the day was the chance to jump off the end of the jetty into the lake. There wasn't a dry item of clothing to behold. (Luckily everyone had brought spare clothes). It certainly was an experience that they will not forget. Very different from being in the classroom! Click here to find out more about the visit.
Click here to find out more about the visit

Phase 4/5 at Stockwell
Miss Northen's class journeyed to Stockwell as part of their Schools' Linking project. Once again, a highly successful day!
They even had a special T-shirt made for the occasion!
Click to see a larger image of the Stockwell-Stepney Linking T-shirt

New Parents' Meeting
Mr Cameron and the Foundation Stage staff met with parents for our new Reception and Nursery pupils. They had a tremendous response and hopefully answered many queries. Please click here to see a copy of the powerpoint presentation that was shown today.
Please click here to see the powerpoint presentation from today.

Phase 4/5 Exhibition
We had another wonderful exhibition of work today from our two year 4/5 classes. It even included a tour around the school, with children giving a verbal tour guide in French. Fantastic! But don't take our word for it. Here are the views of the parents and carers who joined us...

We asked 'What did you enjoy about it?'
"I enjoyed the tour around the school today. It was excellent."
"Everything was good."
"Catching up on the children's progress through the year."
"Looking at ???'s portfolio and literacy book."
"Spending time with ??? and seeing everything she has learned. Finding out what subjects she likes the most."
"I enjoyed seeing ???'s work and the effort she had put into it."
"Had expected to look at ???'s work and stuff. I liked helping her make a map but do not see how that is an exhibition."
"Working with my child"
"I enjoyed seeing the work ??? has done over the year. It was a great way to see how far she has come during the year."
"It was nice to spend time with ??? and get to see the classrooms and his work that he has been doing through the year."
"That the children tell you all about what they do"

We also enquired 'How could we improve it?'
"Some things you can change. How amazing was the hall, coz it was so colourful"
"Change colours, decoration."
"The hall can be improved by colour."
"Nothing that I can think of."
"Call it what it is!"
"Not sure if you could, both children and parents enjoyed it"
"I thought it was better last time when we moved around to see different things. But I still enjoyed today."
"It does not need much improvement."

Stepney 125 Play
Pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 are busy rehearsing the Stepney 125 play, which has been specially commissioned for us. Performances will be on Wednesday 13th July at 6pm and Thursday 14th at 10am.

School Nurses' Information - Summer 2011
Please click here to see a list of the services that are being provided by the school nurses during the summer.

Football Tournament !
Our footballers were in action today with a home 'Round Robin' tournament that Mr Burton had organised. The other two teams were Pearson and Clifton. We won one of the matches and finished second. Many thanks to all our supporters - there was a good turn out!

Phase 4/5 Exhibition !
It's the turn of phase 4/5 for their exhibition tomorrow. Please come and see what they have been up to this term.

Mrs Bielby's New Baby!
We are delighted to announce that Mr & Mrs Bielby now have their first baby. A little girl, called Elsa, was born at 5.25am today, weighing 4lb 9oz. On behalf of everyone connected with Stepney Primary, we would like to extend our congratulations.

Training Day Today !
The school will be closed to pupils today as there is a staff training day. School reopens on Monday as usual.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.6%*
Class 1: 94.5%
Class 2/3A: 99.5%*
Class 2/3B: 87.1%
Class 4/5A: 94.6%
Class 4/5B: 96%
Class 5/6: 95.2%
*Each of these classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%, with Reception and class 5/6 in joint first place with 97.1% each.

A New GTP student !
Following yesterday's surprising news that out prospective Graduate Training Programme (GTP) student, Miss Munnings, has withdrawn, we are pleased to announce that our new student will be Miss Natalie Laybourne. Miss Laybourne has been into school today to discuss her placement in September and is delighted to be coming to Stepney.


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