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January 2013

A Brilliant Assembly ! 
Our phase 4/5 classes ended the month of January with a wonderful assembly this morning. Their thematic unit this term is all about Mountains so they told us all they have found out so far, including facts such as the tallest mountains in the world are under the sea! They also told us about habitats of different animals and sang us two brilliant songs about adaptations in the natural world. Everyone was certainly impressed by the clarity of the pupils' speaking - we could hear ever child's voice! Also noticeable was the singing - really tuneful we great confidence. There is no doubt that the increased emphasis we are putting on singing with help from Mrs Rice and MASC (Music Academy for Schools and Communities) has already had an impact on pupils' musical abilities.

Basic Skills Mark 5 Awarded ! 
During the first week back to school after the Christmas holidays, we had a Full Basic Skills Review. This was undertaken by Mrs Louise Frazer, who looked through stacks of evidence that Mrs Brocklebank had collated with help from the rest of the staff. Mrs Frazer also interviewed Mr Browning, Miss Atkinson, Mrs Rodgers and Mrs Wilde as well as spending most of the day analysing documents with Mrs Brocklebank. Each year, we have an annual review, then every third year we have a full review. Once again, we were successful and the school was praised for all the work which has been carried out. We consider that basic skills in literacy and mathematics are the bedrock of our curriculum. For pupils to access the rest of the curriculum they need these skills but they are, of course, fundamental for everyday living! We may now add a fifth tick to our Basic Skills posters! Click here to see a full version of our award certificate.

Click here to see the larger version of our award certificate.

An Egyptian Experience ! 
Phase 2/3 visited the 'Hands on History' museum in Hull as part of their thematic unit on the Ancient Egyptians. While one class looked through the Egyptian gallery and took research notes, the other class spent time in the Education room, exploring artefacts. One child was even bandaged up like a mummy, much to everyone's enjoyment! Miss Baitson and Miss Laybourne reported that all pupils were exceptionally well behaved and worked hard, gaining plenty of first hand learning!

Free Football Tickets! 
Pupils are bringing a letter home today from the Children's University in Hull. They have been given tickets for the Hull City v Charlton Athletic match on Saturday 16th Feb. The deadline for replies is 1st February i.e. this Friday so please ensure reply slips are sent back as soon as possible if you are interested. Please click here to view a copy.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Jayden & Zara
Class 2/3a-Honya & Abigail
Class 2/3b-Stelina & Scott
Class 4/5a-Martin & Natalia
Class 4/5b-Lennon & Mohsin
There were no examples from year 6 as they have had intensive Mock SATs exams.

Ofsted Letter! 
We have received a letter from Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of School. It is praising our school for the continued good standards that our pupils are achieving. In our last Ofsted Inspection in 2010, we were graded as a 'good' school, and it is pleasing to hear that Ofsted still recognise the achievements of Stepney Primary School. Please click here to see the letter.

New Governor Visits the School! 
Mr Browning welcomed Mr Peter Bailey to the school today. Mr Bailey, who has been a head teacher of nine primary schools, before he took retirement, was shown around the school and introduced to pupils and members of staff. Mr Bailey is one of the governors, appointed by the Local Authority. We are delighted to have Mr Bailey join our governing body and look forward to working with him, and calling upon his expertise and experience.

Despite the Weather ! 
This week has been a difficult week for getting out at playtimes. Mr Foston has been busy gritting the school playgrounds, but the snow and ice have played havoc with our breaktimes. Pupils have been inside for most of the week. Nevertheless, behaviour and learning attitudes have remained high all week; year 6 pupils have had another week of mock SATs tests with all performing well and making progress. Several pupils did particularly well in their maths tests, dropping only three or four marks out of 100 and securing top level 5a results. As well as their usual studies, they are working on level 6 questions, both with Mr Browning on Fridays and through the 'more able' maths group they attend at Endeavour school, each Tuesday afternoon.

Attendance figures ! 
Our attendance figures have been hit by illness over the last month, first by the sickness bug that affected both pupils and staff before Christmas and now an outbreak of chicken pox as well.
Reception: 90.31%
Class 1: 97.59%*
Class 2/3A: 93%
Class 2/3B: 87.59% 
Class 4/5A: 91.85%
Class 4/5B: 95.86% 
Class 6A: 98.75%*
Class 6B: 94.29%
*These classes has been awarded a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.52%. For the spring term, Year 6A class are in first place with 98.21% and class 4/5B are in second place with 95.20%.

EYFS/Year 1 Assembly !
Our assembly schedule for the spring continued in good form today, with our youngest pupils giving a great production to a packed hall of parents/carers. While Nursery pupils sang their 'Teddy Bear' song and Reception showed us the work they've already done on 'We're Going On A Bearhunt', year 1 told us about the adventures of Barnaby Bear in Paris! It's brilliant to see the confidence that these pupils have, even at an early age! Well done to everyone involved! All the hard work in preparing it was well worth it!

Thanks from the Stanley Gene Foundation!
We have had thanks from the Stanley Gene Foundation for our contribution to their cause and to the photos that we have put on our website. We are already having discussions about other surplus/old resources that we can send to Papua New Guinea to help them out.

Stanley's Stepney Visit !
Stanley Gene, the Papua New Guinea rugby league player and coach visited Stepney today. He spoke to all our pupils about his home village and expressed his thanks for the chairs that we have donated for the school he has set up there. First, Stanley had his photo taken with our Reception pupils by Hull Daily Mail photographers before being shown to the school hall by Mr Browning. He told us about Segu Elementary School (Goroka, Eastern HIghland Province, Papua NG) which they had built and explained what was going on in the photos that we had already put onto this website (scroll further down this page). We asked him how he had made the amazing life journey from a village in the middle of the rain forest to play for Hull Kingston Rovers. It transpired that Stanley had been training to be a teacher before his 'hobby' of playing rugby had brought him to England for the 1995 Rugby League World Cup. He had been spotted by HKR and signed up. Now, he is coaching for HKR and still raising funds and help for his home village. This has also included putting a water supply in. It was a marvellous story! Stanley praised our pupils for listening patiently and asking some excellent questions. He has promised to send us photos of our chairs when they reach his school.

Stanley poses with chairs and children! The Hull Daily Mail Photographers were here to take photos! Handing Over Chairs!Mr Browning introduces Stanley to the school! Stanley tells us all about Papua New Guinea Everyone was enthralled by his speech!Stanley showed us slides, including this one, which shows the water supply he had installed in his home village.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Casey & Janet
Class 2/3a-Ellis & Ahmad
Class 2/3b-Sinead & Stelina
Class 4/5a-Swarvek & Sakila
Class 4/5b-Caitlin & Robert
Class 6a-Cody & Mawdud
Class 6b–Michael & Charlotte

Book Trust at Fenchurch !
Fenchurch Children's Centre are currently involved with the 'Book Trust'. This is available to siblings who are 12months – 2.5 years and in our area. It consists of a couple of visits into the family home or, alternatively, the parents and child could come to the children’s centre to do this. There are free reading resources, finger puppets, song cards, bedroom wall freezes and much more....These sessions are to support language, literacy and communication. If you are interested, please call the staff at the children's centre on 01482 497800

New Pupil Councillors !
Mrs Rodgers has held the first pupil council meeting of the spring term, with newly elected School Councillors. Classes chose the following children as their representatives.
Reception     Callum & Lottie
Year 1          Al-Horr & Maryam
Year 2/3A     Bartek & Kerry
Year 2/3B     Rifith & Klaudia
Year4/5A      Jayden & Charlotte
Year 4/5B     Finley & Amelia
Year 6          Marek & Phoenix 

Celebrating World Religion Day !
Held on the third Sunday in January, every year, World Religion Day is an important day in the calendar. As we are not here on Sunday, we celebrated it today. Each class studied one of the main religions and produced a display for the hall. Foundation Stage looked at Christianity; Year 1 - Hinduism; Class 2/3a - Judaism; Class 2/3b - Sikhism; Class 4/5a looked at common messages across all religions; Class 4/5b - Budhism and Year 6 - Islam. Everyone showed each other the work they had done. It was a truly wonderful day with everyone gaining a great deal more insight and respect for different religions.

Medical Advice Booklet !
Your child will be bringing a booklet home today that is appearing in most schools. It gives information on what to do if your child is ill. Obviously, we don’t presume to be medical experts and our information has been passed onto us from the medical profession. We hope you will find it useful. Please click here to see the booklet.

Click here to see the Medical Advice booklet

Attendance figures ! 
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 90%
Class 1: 95.17%
Class 2/3A: 91.67%
Class 2/3B: 95.86% 
Class 4/5A: 88.89%
Class 4/5B: 96.55% 
Class 6A: 97.50%*
Class 6B: 91.43%
*This class has been awarded a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.56%. For the spring term, Year 6A class are in first place with 97.92% and class 4/5B are in second place with 95.02%

Year 6 Assembly !
We were treated to an assembly that was both entertaining and extremely educational. To begin with, everyone had to sit in a totally new formation in the hall. The one missing element was the year 6 class! Then they arrived, from different ends of the hall, singing several the songs that Mrs Rice had taught them, including five different playground games songs and actions. One was a traditional Polish one, sung in the native tongue of that country. Naomi and Brandon both sang brilliant solos - very confident! Then we had the main part of the assembly. As year 6 are busy revising and preparing for their SATs exams, which are not too far away, they also have to get ready for new Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar tests. This assembly was used to tell us about all the different elements of grammar that they need to learn. Helped by the 'Grammar Police' they showed us how to correct poor grammar. They reminded us that we can't use double negatives and that we need to ensure the subject-verb agreement is correct. It was a wonderfully interactive and stimulating assembly, that the year 6 staff had concocted to help their pupils remember all these facts. Many thanks to everyone for such a great assembly.

Assembly Time Reminder!
May we remind parents/carers that morning assemblies commence at 10.30am and the Friday afternoon award assemblies begin at 2.45pm. Owing to the limited space we have in our reception area, may we advise parents/carers not to arrive too early.

A Very Special Visitor !
This morning, Mr Browning showed Vanessa Harvey-Samuel around the school. She is the City Learning & Skills Manager for Adult, Children and Family Services in Hull City Council. Vanessa Harvey-Samuel was impressed with the pupils, their excellent manners (as usual) and the great atmosphere around the school. She was able to talk to staff and discussed some current issues which are affecting this area of the city at the moment, such the admissions waiting lists for all the schools along Beverley Road.

First Aid Course !
There is a First Aid Course at Fenchurch Children's Centre on February 21st 1-3pm. This is open to all families in our area who have a sibling of a child at our school under 5 years of age . There is a crèche attached at a cost of £2 per child and £1 per subsequent child and places are limited. If you need any further information please contact Adele Fairhead on 497800/313850
Locality Children's Centre's Practitioner
Fenchurch Children's Centre
Fenchurch Street
Tel: 01482 497800
Mobile: 07875 143431

The Walking Wounded!
Our year 6 pupils looked as though they had all been in an accident today as they were sporting dressings and bandages as part of the I.M.P.S. (Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools). Instead of the planned visit to the Hull Royal Infirmary, their staff came to school as the weather conditions were so bad. The pupils were able to practise CPR on special dummies and they learned about fractures and broken bones and how to dress them. Then they practised applying dressings to imaginary injuries!

Swimming Lesson Offer !
We have received details of lessons from Kingston Upon Hull Swimming club. Click here for further details.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
This week's winners are:
Year 1—Ellie & Cara 
Class 2/3a- Madiha & Dominic
Class 2/3b- Amelia & Brooke
Class 4/5a-Rifa & Nazia
Class 6a-Alice & Cameron
Class 6b–Lewis & Blessing

Off To Hospital !
Our year 6 pupils are scheduled to be going to the Hull Royal Infirmary tomorrow for a course entitled the 'Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools' (I.M.P.S), which is a health initiative that aims to reduce death and disability from accidental injuries in children & young people. Over 20,500 year 6 pupils in Hull have already taken part in the programme and benefited from learning new life skills. We have taken our year 6 pupils to I.M.P.S. for a number of years now and it is a valuable and enjoyable course. May we remind parents/carers that the pupils will need outdoor winter clothing and sensible footwear for the visit.

A Musical Treat !
Our music specialist, Mrs Rice, led our year 1, 2 and 3 pupils in a selection of songs to entertain us this afternoon. In an elongated Friday Awards' Assembly, they showed us what they had been learning to do during the autumn term. This is a result of the collaboration we have with the 'Music Academy for Schoools and Communities. During the autumn term, Mrs Rice and Mrs Shepherd have been teaching our pupils a range of valuable musical skills. We have also seen the culmination of this with the tudor songs that Mrs Shepherd taught phase 4/5 for their exhibition and their Tudor Christmas production. Along with the community choir and the Stepney Steel Band, it is good to see music flourishing at school.

Attendance figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 92.97%
Class 1: 92.24%
Class 2/3A: 85%
Class 2/3B: 93.53%
Class 4/5A: 92.59%
Class 4/5B: 93.1%
Class 6A: 98.44%
Class 6B: 91.07%
The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.62%, with the Year 6A class in first place with 98.44% and class 2/3B in second place with 93.53%.

Attendance & Punctuality Assembly !
Mrs Purkins, Mr Browning and Mr Cameron presented certificates to all those pupils who had never been late during the autumn term as well as those who had not missed a single session.
The results were as follows:

100% Attendance

Reception - 6 pupils
Year 1 - 2 pupils
Class 2/3A - 3 pupils
Class 2/3B - 3 pupils
Class 4/5A - 10 pupils
Class 4/5B - 4 pupils
Year 6 - 4 pupils

Never Lates
Reception - 15 pupils
Year 1 - 22 pupils
Class 2/3A - 23 pupils
Class 2/3B - 13 pupils
Class 4/5A - 15 pupils
Class 4/5B - 11 pupils
Year 6A - 9 pupils
Year 6B - 8 pupils

Free Cycle Marking & Crime Prevention Event!
Our PCSOs have asked us to inform you of the following event:
This coming Saturday (12th January), officers at Pearson Park Police Station will be providing the following services between 10.30am and 12noon:
Cycle Security Advice
Cycle ID Record Card
Unique Cycle ID Number
Unique ID Engraving
Each person having their cycle property marked, will be entered in a FREE prize draw.
To receive online cycle security advice visit:

Family Learning Newsletter January 2013!
We have been asked to attach the new Family Learning News which outlines the new courses that are open access for any learner to attend as well as forthcoming FL activities. 

Click here to see the full newsletter

New Educational Psychologist !
From Monday 11th February, Fiona Daniel will be the new educational psychologist, assigned to our school. Naomi Anderson is leaving the Hull City service to take up a post in different authority. We wish her well and thank her for the invaluable support she has given to Stepney.

Welcome Back!
May we extend a very warm welcome back to pupils, parents and carers. It was pleasing to see how well our pupils returned and settled back into work.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
We have had a few rainbow writing winners from before Christmas so we celebrated these pupils in our first assembly back this morning. It was lovely to start the new term by celebrating the achievements of our blossoming writers. 
Class 2/3a-Bartek & Denver
Class 4/5a-Ellie & Max
Class 4/5b-Mohsin & Paige
Class 6a-Niaomi & Shannon
Class 6b–George & Victoria

Chicken Pox !
Having had a wave of illness before Christmas, it now seems that we have a number of children who have contracted Chicken Pox over the holiday period. May we recommend that parents/carers contact their GP in the first instance so they can be properly advised by a medical professional. The guidance that we have been given is that there should be a five day incubation period from when the rash first appears and then the spots need to have dried out and scabbed over. This is guidance though!

Off to a Good Home !
We are in the process of renewing all our furniture around the school. Each classroom is getting new tables, chairs and cupboards. We are also replacing carpets in most areas of the school and have  had a new audiovisual system installed in the school hall, which will definitely enhance assemblies, exhibitions and productions. We are keen to send some of our old furniture to a good home. Some of our chairs have gone to help South Cave playgroup, which is a registered charity. Another 80 are going to furnish a school and possibly a hospital in Papua New Guinea. This is part of the Stanley Gene foundation. Stanley was a rugby league player who played for Hull and Hull KR. He has been helping his home village in Papua New Guinea, by setting up facilities there and having electricity installed in the village. We had explored the possibility of sending furniture to our partner school in Sierra Leone, but this is practically and financially difficult. Instead, the school is not having to pay anything to have this furniture taken to Papua New Guinea. The charity is sorting all that out for us. It will be wonderful to think we can help out in this very practical way.

Sitting on the floor for lessons! In need of furniture! Segu Elementary School Lessons School staff! The washing facilities! The toilet!

Indoor Kurling Comes to Stepney!
Mr Browning had been watching the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards before Christmas when he spotted something. A couple had received the 'Unsung Hero Award' for setting up a village sports club in Leicestershire. In the film clip, they showed some residents playing an indoor version of the popular Winter Olympic sport of Kurling. The very next day, Mr Browning and Mr Rookyard had ordered a set to use for some of the after school sports clubs. Fortunately, the 'stones' run on ball bearings so we won't have to fill the hall with ice every time we want to play it! In our advert for the PE coach, that we have recently employed, we said we were looking to build on the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics and we are glad to be able to offer some alternative type sports and activities. Mr Rookyard is just raring to go with different ones! 

Happy New Year !
On behalf of Stepney Primary School, we hope that everyone has had a good holiday and our best wishes for the New Year

Pupils Are Back Tomorrow!
Today is a staff training day only. Pupils start back tomorrow morning for the beginning of the spring term.






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