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January 2012

Gate Openings !
We wish to apologise for any inconvenience being caused in the morning with locked gates. Unfortunately, Mr Foston is not well at the moment and we are having relief caretakers in from other schools. This has resulted in gates not being opened on time for the Breakfast club. Although the delays have only been five minutes we hope this has not kept people waiting.

Fire Door!
The fire door, which leads from the mezzanine landing into the cloakroom area is being replaced. Our pupil council have been voicing their concerns over the weight of this door during the past months. The door works perfectly well as a fire door and fulfils all the safety requirements but it is rather heavy for small children. Just when the new door arrived today, complete with a much better opening mechanism, the fitters discovered that it had been made too short: by about 6 inches! As this one had taken three weeks to construct we are hoping that the next one will not take as long.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 85%
Class 1: 95.5%
Class 2/3A: 90%
Class 2/3B: 96.2%
Class 4/5A: 93.8%
Class 4/5B: 98.6%*
Class 6A: 90.5%
Class 6B: 100%*
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.7%, with class 6B in first place with 99.3% and class 4-5B in second place with 98.2%. Congratulations to 6B on achieving 100% this week.

Class 6B - Another IMPS visit!
The rains came down for the second visit of the week to Hull Royal Infirmary, just as they had on Tuesday! Nevertheless, the pupils in Mrs Wilde's class had a great time on their IMPS course. As usual, reports on pupils' behaviour and involvement were first class!

Phase 4/5, Mrs Nerg and Rotten Romans !
Parents, pupils and staff were treated to a slick assembly from our year 4 and 5 children. They told us about the work they have been doing in science on the seven life processes, which are remembered by name, Mrs Nerg. Although this sounds a bit strange, the letters in it stand for the life processes - movement, reproduction, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, respiration and growth. As well as telling us about these, we listened to two songs about the human body. The children also told us about their work on newspaper reports plus feedback on last week's visit to the Hull and East Riding museum to find out about the Romans. Our thanks go to the phase 4/5 pupils and staff for today's impressive production.

The School Council Hard at Work !
Under Mrs Rodgers careful guidance, our student councillors met again today to discuss issues. One of their decisions was about a possible souvenir gift for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Click here to see today's minutes as well as past ones.

Class 6A - the Perfect IMPS Class !
As Aleksandra reports:"On Tuesday 24 of January ,Y6A walked to Hull Royal Hospital to do the IMPS, and we learned how to helped when someone choked . And also when you see an accident what to do, to help the person.We learned lots of important things.The IMPS stand for Injury Minimazation Programme for Schools. We came back with plasters on our faces and plaster cast on our fingers. It was very very good trip. On Thursday Y6B are walking up to Hull Royal."
We have received feedback from the organisers of the IMPS training that 6A are the best class they have had in terms of behaviour and interest and participation. Well done to everyone!

Year 4 Basketballers !
It was the turn of our year 4 children to walk to Endeavour Sports Hall to take part in an inter schools basketball competition. One of our teams won but we didn't win the overall competition. Miss Northen reported that everyone played fantastically and Konrad won a certificate from one of the sports leaders for his amazing team work skills. Well done!

Chinese New Year !
In assembly today, Mr Browning reminded everyone about the start of the Chinese New Year today. It is the year of the Dragon, or more specifically, the Water Dragon. As water is one of the five elements, it is represented by the colour black. We can therefore say that it is the year of the Water Dragon or the Black Dragon or the Black Water Dragon. In the Foundation Stage unit, Mrs Carmichael was helping her pupils to make Chinese lanterns. These are now adorning this area and look wonderful!

PE Kit Reminder !
Since coming back after Christmas we seem to have many more children not wearing the school PE kit. Please may we remind you that children should bring a kit of white shirts and red shorts to school for their PE lessons.

Environmental Conference !
Six pupils went with staff to the Environmental Conference today at Beverley County Hall. Mrs Holmes reported that they were all utterly brilliant. Instead of reporting back today about all they said and did, they are preparing a powerpoint presentation to feedback to everyone at the next year 6 assembly on Thursday 2nd February. Mrs Holmes couldn't stop telling us how well behaved all our pupils were and how they contributed to the discussions. More next week...

Food Tasting!
On Friday the 27th of January our school will be receiving a few portions of a fish curry in addition to our normal meals. These have been developed and put onto the menu at Pearson Primary School.  The Headteacher at Pearson requested this to try and cater to some of the pupils from ethnic minorities. We will be sampling these and sending back our responses to the dishes.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 86.3%
Class 1: 96.2%
Class 2/3A: 96.3%
Class 2/3B: 94.3%
Class 4/5A: 95.9%
Class 4/5B: 97.9%*
Class 6A: 92.7%
Class 6B: 97.9%*
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.7%, with class 6B in first place with 98.9% and class 4-5B in second place with 97.3%.

Crafty Fridays for Year 6 !

Raveen Ghuman, a Youth and Community Worker based in the Wyke area  is working in partnership with Fenchurch Children's Centre to offer an arts and crafts programme called ‘Crafty Fridays’ for 10 - 12 year olds. The sessions will take place on Friday afternoons at 3.30pm - 5pm and starts on 3rd February. The project is a 6 - 8 week pilot. Similiar projects have been launched in the Gypsyville and Ainthorpe which have attracted young people.

Click here to see a larger image

Phase 2/3 Assembly !
Today, we saw the first of our spring term phase assemblies with the two year 2/3 classes telling us all about their thematic unit for this term: ‘Poles Apart’. It was clear from their brilliant assembly that they have already thought of questions they want to find answers for as well as facts about the different continents. Well done to everybody concerned!

Year 6 on Sculcoates Website!
Our year 6 children are featured on the Sculcoates website. You may recall that before Christmas their help was enlisted to plant trees along the banks on Barmston Drain. Their work is featured on: http://www.sculcoates.info/stepney-schoolchildren-help-with-the-annual-barmston-drain-tree-planting/

Phase 4/5 Sample Life in Roman Hull !
This morning, the two year 4/5 classes walked into town to visit the Hull & East Riding Museum, where they had a morning exploring the Roman artefacts. Pupils and staff all said they thought it was one of the best visits they had been on. While they were there, they looked around the Roman market, buying things with Roman coins. Eveyone looked at the wonderful mosaics that are kept in the museum; they had to build an arched bridge, without it falling down and employed archaeologists skills to uncover Roman items. The guide even showed them a ball, which had been stuffed with horse hair! As usual, all the children were a credit to the school. A truly successful day!

Phase 2/3 Assembly Tomorrow !
We have the first of our spring term phase assemblies tomorrow at 10.15am with the two year 2/3 classes leading the way. Parents and carers of these children are invited to join us in the school hall at this time.

Year 3 Basketball !
Our year 3 children went to Endeavour for their afternoon of Basketball and had a great time. Although they didn’t win, they played well and enjoyed every minute of the event.

Basketball Tournament !
The school was represented by our year 5 children as they participated in a three school basketball tournament at Endeavour School. After a morning of closely fought matches, Collingwood were crowned Champions with Stepney in second and Pearson in third. The skills shown, together with the team spirit and sportsmanship were second to none. Well done to all those who took part.

Sculcoates Open Spaces !
We have received the following poster about the work going on in Sculcoates. Our friend, David Longthorn is leading this. David recently enlisted the help of our year six pupils to plant trees along Barmiston Drain.

Click here to see a pdf version of the poster

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: Owing to technical problems we are not able to give figures for this class at the moment
Class 1: 97.3%*
Class 2/3A: 91.7%
Class 2/3B: 92.9%
Class 4/5A: 90.3%
Class 4/5B: 98.3%*
Class 6A: 94.5%
Class 6B: 100%
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. Congratulations to Class 6B for their 100% result this week.

Attendance Assembly
During this week’s Thursday assembly, we celebrated all those with perfect attendance and punctuality for the autumn term.
54 children (25%) had 100% attendance during the term:
Reception: 5 pupils
Year 1: 6 pupils
Class 2/3A: 10 pupils
Class 2/3B: 6 pupils
Class 4/5A: 7 pupils
Class 4/5B: 6 pupils
Class 6A: 8 pupils
Class 6B: 6 pupils
154 pupils (72%) were never late to school:
Reception: 21 pupils
Year 1: 18 pupils
Class 2/3A: 20 pupils
Class 2/3B: 17 pupils
Class 4/5A: 19 pupils
Class 4/5B: 22 pupils
Class 6A: 20 pupils
Class 6B: 17 pupils

Real Aid Making a Difference!
We received a phone call from Chris Sahin at RealAid. In total they managed to send 3,938 Christmas Gift Boxes to Easten Europe and and further 2,216 to Sierra Leone. There is always the problem that aid sent to African countries doesn't reach the people it's intended for. As Real Aid has an office and staff in Freetown, this process is much simpler and more straightforward for them so they can guarantee that aid gets there. We are hoping to work more closely with Real Aid both from a school perspective and through the International Pupil Council.
In the meantime, they have once again expressed their gratitude for all the boxes that were assembled and donated by Stepney.

New Active Hull Website Online !

We're delighted to inform you about a brand new website all about being active in Hull, hence the title Active Hull! It has a wealth of features and articles about opportunities for sport and other activities in Hull. Go to http://www.activehull.co.uk/

Spare Bicycles !

We have just received the following poster, asking if anyone has any old bicycles that they would like to donate to be sent to Africa. If you would like be involved in this, please contact the address on the poster, rather than bringing them into school. Click here for larger image

Extra Curricular Clubs start next week !

There have been no extra curricular clubs this week. They begin on Monday.

A New Music Teacher in Phase 4/5 !
We are delighted to welcome a Mrs Susan Shepherd, who will be coming into teach music in the two year 4/5 classes this term. The children are studying a thematic unit on the Romans and Mrs Shepherd's music will be fitting in with this. Mrs Shepherd came in for her first session with us today and the pupils were really excited by this. They enjoyed the chance to play a wider range of instruments.

School PE Kit!

We have had a fantastic response from parents and carers in the autumn term with the vast majority of pupils now wearing the school PE kit of a plain white T shirt and red shorts for PE lessons. If you haven't already purchased a kit for your child, please will you make every effort to do this as soon as possible.

School Starts tomorrow!

Just to remind you that it is business as usual in the morning. School starts at 8.55am

New Year Wishes !

On behalf of everyone at Stepney, we would like to wish pupils, parents & carers and all our friends a Happy New Year. School starts again for pupils on Thursday 5th January. Tomorrow is a staff training day.




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