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January 2011

National Landmark Day is on its way!
Pupils were informed about the upcoming National Landmark Day in assembly by Mr Browning. Miss Atkinson also told children about the competition to research information about different National Landmarks. Meanwhile, in the year 1 classroom, Mr Cameron's version of the Angel of the North is slowly taking shape!

Angel's Head! Angel's Body

Forthcoming Football Fixture!
Mr Burton, our very own ex-Bridlington Town player, reports that the football team's training is shaping up well. With a match planned in the very near future, the boys and girls are making the most of the lighter nights! It'll soon be a case of dusting off the football kit and getting on with the important stuff! Watch the daily diary for more details!

Attendance figures
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 96%
Class 1: 96.8%
Class 2/3A: 95.9%
Class 2/3B: 97.7%*
Class 4/5A: 94.2%
Class 4/5B: 91.9%
Class 5/6: 96.1%
*This class received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 93.1%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term (96.6%) and class 5/6 just behind them with 95.8%.

Excellent Egyptians!
With an audience of 52 parents and carers, pupils and staff were serenaded, entertained and educated by Phase 2/3 in their brilliant class assembly this morning. First, they reminded us of the highlights from their Autumn activities, such as their exhibition and their Christmas Production. Then they told us about the Egyptian themed unit they're studying this term. We were also reminded of the special afternoon last week, when they and their parents researched this subject. As usual, absolutely brilliant!

Landmark Day Approaches!
During this academic year, we have been making a concerted effort to make our pupils aware of areas in Great Britain. We are continuing this theme next Friday, with a special ‘Landmark’ Day. Each teacher is planning work on a significant landmark, and pupils will be moving between teachers to learn about the different features. Mr Cameron is already planning a large scale model of the ‘Angel of the North’. Watch this space!

New Web Pages !

We are always proud of the 'extra' things that our pupils do. We have children who are members of the Stepney School Pupil Council and discuss and decide on important activities for the school. There are others who are part of the Wyke Area Pupil Council: they meet with councillors and other local officials to improve the Wyke Area. Mrs Rodgers takes pupils to the Hull Youth Parliament and Mr Browning has established the International Pupil Council in Hull which links in with a similar one in Freetown. Our pupils belong to this as well. Now, under the Kids Zone tab, you can look at past minutes of all four of these councils.
Well done to all the children who represent us with so much maturity on these groups.

Mr Foston's lighting the way!

Mr Foston is being very busy at the moment, replacing fluorescent light tubes around the school. At the moment, we have a mixture of 'natural' light ones and high brightness bulbs and what a difference they make! Many thanks to him for this much needed work.

Job Training Help and a Coffee Morning!

Matt from Fenchurch Children's Centre is running fortnightly coffee mornings at Stepney, starting on Thursday 27th January. These will be held in our PPA room from 9am till 10am. Please feel free to come along for a quiet chat and a coffee. Young children are welcome; there will be a few activities as well. (Matt is a qualified family support worker, who will be pleased to give assistance with job training and volunteering opportunities). Please click here for further details.

Dance Class Members Urgently Needed !
Our Monday evening dance class for adults is desperately needing more members, or it will have to finish. If you are interested, please see Miss Northen.

Book Sale !
Starting on Tuesday 25th January, there will be books for sale in the hall at playtime, run by the librarians. The cost will be 20p per book. To avoid congestion the rota will be as follows:
Tuesdays - Years 2/3
Wednesdays - Year 1
Thursday - Year 6
Friday - Years 4/5

Holocaust Tree !
We have heard that the Traveller Education Service are sending us a tree to help us remember and think about the atrocities of the Holocaust. Click here to see the letter we received.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 97.3%*
Class 1: 90%
Class 2/3A: 95.5%
Class 2/3B: 95.6%
Class 4/5A: 98%*
Class 4/5B: 97.4%*
Class 5/6: 97.9%*
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 92.9%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term (96.1%) and class 5/6 just behind them with 95.7%.

Year 6 vi
sit to HRI !
Our oldest pupils visited the Hull Royal Infirmary as part of the I.M.P.S. (Injury Minimization Programme for Schools). While they were at the hospital they learned about CPR, the recovery position and how the A&E department works. All came back sporting 'fake' butterfly stitches and plaster casts (easily removable!) on their fingers. Needless to say, everyone was brilliantly behaved and had a great and informative time, as they learned about avoiding injuries that can happen in the home. More details can be found at the following website:

Miss Northen's Class link with Stockwell !

Miss Northen had two classes in her room today, as our link-partners from Stockwell Primary School were guests at Stepney. We were delighted to see the pupils and both classes had a great day, working together. Here are reports from two of Miss Northen's pupils.

“First, on Wednesday, Stockwell Primary School came and Miss Northen told us what we were supposed to do. Group 1 was going down stairs to dance and we were making biscuits. We were putting goodies on it. I made two friends then we all had our lunch then group 1 went with Miss Inmans and we went to dance. Stockwell had to learn the dance: it was really good and funny. Then we showed the teachers. They said it was great. Next, Miss Northen and Miss Pearson gave out some certificates, some to Stockwell and some to Stepney. The best part was when we made biscuits and made friends with Stockwell Primary School.”

“When Stockwell arrived Miss Northen and Mrs Inman split the children in half so some people did dance and the others made biscuits. After  that (11 o’clock) we went outside and had some fresh air with Stockwell. When Rebecca came out she met a new friend called Chelsea. At the end of the day Miss L. Northen and the Stockwell Teaching Assistant, Miss Pearson, handed out the certificates to people that were good friends.”

Parent's Galore !
Phase 2/3 had twenty nine parents in this afternoon. Pupils and adults researched facts about Ancient Egypt on the netbooks and from non-fiction books to produce posters and other resources. What a great turn out! Many thanks to all who attended and helped.

Acting out the NO SMOKING message in style!

The hall was out of action for most of the school today, as the Rhubarb Theatre Company worked in there with class 5/6. Their aim was to produce and perform a spectacular show with an extremely strong 'NO SMOKING message'. The children danced and acted brilliantly in sketches which highlighted the dangers of smoking. Our profound thanks go out to the four actors who worked so wonderfully with our pupils on their lines, their actions and their props, today!

Our Actors join in the Rhubarb Theatre message about Not Smoking

Commentaries from some of our pupils:

"Rhubarb Theatre came in to help year 5/6 do a mini play. First, in the morning, they told us our groups and we got about thirty minutes in each station. We all got a chance to go in each one but different acts. In the afternoon, we all practised as one big play. Then years 4/5 classes came to see the play. It was a big success! All different grown ups too... Kirsty and Philip (Drama), Yvette (Dance), Nadia (Artist)"

"The Rhubarb Theatre came to our school this week on Tuesday 18th, January. Year 5/6 had a great time but everything was about not smoking and the effects of smoking. Only year 4/5 got to watch the year 5/6 play. They only had one day to rehearse the performance and again it was a really good day for year 5/6."

"When the Rhubarb Theatre came, I actually didn't know they would come, but when they did it was really fun. I was in group four and my favourite room was the music room. My group worked really well and our dance teacher was called Yvette. The best thing was that we did it in one day!"

Helping Appleton Primary School

Our Wyke Area Pupil Councillors, Emma, Courtney and Jonathan, joined other children from the Wyke schools to help their Appleton Primary School colleagues today. They helped to think of ideas for developing the school's grounds. The pupils had to work collaboratively in small groups to share ideas from their own schools. It was great to see them working so well together.

Attendance Assembly - Autumn 2010 results
We had our attendance assembly for the Autumn term.
Certificates were presented to children who have never been late and to those who have had 100% attendance. Here are the actual numbers of children who achieved these:


Never Late

100% Attendance




Year 1



Class 2/3A



Class 2/3B



Class 4/5A



Class 4/5B



Class 5/6






Well done to all these children and to their parents in helping us support these. It is very much appreciated and is a key component in helping children to achieve and make progress.

Dance and Gym Coaches in School
The hall was ablaze with music, dance and gymnastics today. This morning, Mr Burton's pupils were put through their dance paces, while the Foundation Stage and Year 1 had some great gymn classes with another coach this afternoon.

Dance Coaches for Adults
May we remind you that we have a dance coach for adults after school on Monday nights. If you are interested in joining Mrs McIlwaine, Miss Northen and Mrs Lewis, under the instruction of a professional dance coach then please see Miss Northen or enquire at the school office.

Deputy Head Post

As our deputy head, Ms Johnson, has now taken over the substantive headteacher's post at Westcott Primary School we are advertising for a substantive Deputy Head. Please click here to look at the job advert.

Dance Club

Do you want to get fit and have fun? A new dance class for adults is starting on Monday 17.1.11 at 3.30pm-4.30pm in the school hall. The cost is £1 and the theme is ‘Michael Jackson’. Please let the school office or Miss Northen know if you are interested.

NB The class assembly for Year 4/5 classes on 20th January is being postponed until a later date as the pupils are engaged in swimming lessons at this time.

Attendance figures suffering from the snow!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 96.9%
Class 1: 94.7%
Class 2/3A: 93.6%
Class 2/3B: 98.6%*
Class 4/5A: 95.2%
Class 4/5B: 95.5%
Class 5/6: 95.7%
*This class received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%.
The overall attendance for this school year is now 92.7%, with class 2/3B in the lead this term. The overall attendance figures have been severely been affected by the atrocious weather conditions at the end of November and start of December plus very poor attendance on the last two days of the Autumn term, which were on a Monday and Tuesday. This weeks figures are much better but we would like every class to be over the 97% mark!

Class 5/6 Assembly

This morning we were all entertained and enlightened by class 5/6 who told us about their visit to the Croda factory. It was very informative and told us all the uses that are made from the plastics and other synthetic products that they manufacture. To complete another exemplary assembly, the pupils gave us all a rendition of a science – ‘materials’ song they have been learning to help them with their revision.

Click on here to see the powerpoint slides that accompanied class 5/6s assembly

Click here to see the powerpoint slides that accompanied class 5/6's assembly

Animal Magic

Todday we had a visit from ‘Animals In-Tuition’. All our pupils had the chance to look at and hold a range of great animals, including a bearded lizard, a snake, cockcroaches and a rabbit. There was even a Tarantula, which remained safely in its box!
Many thanks to Mrs McIlwaine for organising this: a brilliant experience! It really gave children the chance to experience the animals first hand, rather than just having to look at them on a computer or in a book.
Toad! Rabbit! Bearded Lizard!

Poster Winner!
There has been a poster competition for the Sculcoates Park Area. This time, our year six pupils were asked to design one telling people not to bring alcohol into the area. There were many staggeringly beautiful designs: our current year six are certainly a very artistic group! Please look on our website to look at all of them. Councillor Mike Ross came into school at lunch to judge them and pick two runners up, Mimi and Kinga, and one winner, Paulina.

Councillor Mike Ross looks at Paulina's winning design Councillor Mike Ross looks at more  of the great designs

Her design is being made into proper signs to put in the park. Well done to all concerned.
This is Paulina's winning design. Click here to see all the designs.

Class 5/6 Visit to Croda

Class 5/6 visited the Croda factory, where they heard about the history of the business and learned about the products they produce. They also stood at the base of the huge wind turbine and were told how it was constructed.

News Parent Governor Wanted!
We now have a vacancy for a new parent governor. Please click here for a copy of this letter in word form or as a pdf. The Closing date is Tuesday 18th January.

New Basketball Club

We have a new Basketball Club starting on Wednesday 19th January at 3.15pm It is for children Years 3,4,5 &6. Please call at the office for a form if your child would like to attend.

News from the Disability Services
The Disability Services information pod at Community Junction, Hull Interchange is no longer staffed on a Tuesday or Thursday from 10am-2pm.
Families can still visit to browse at leaflets or take away leaflets until 31st March 2011 if they wish too.The information pod based within Community Junction, Hull Paragon Interchange, will close to families and professionals on 31st March 2011.
May we thank those that visited the pod and supported it since it opened in March 2010, to the public to provide information, support and advice.Should you require any information in the future with regards services for disabled children please contact Michaela Marriott (Hull City Council, Children and Young People’s Disability Services Information Officer) based within Hull City Council’s Family Information Service.
Tel: 01482 616359/318318
Email: michaela.marriott@hullcc.gov.uk

New Club
A new ‘Junior Club’ is starting soon at Stepney after school on Thursdays.
The programme is a fun, free programme for children (aged 7 – 11) and  runs for 8 weeks. It  focuses on encouraging increasing activity; decreasing time spent doing sedentary behaviour and helping the families make healthier food choices. The programme has been developed to meet the needs of the local community and has been successfully piloted in North Hull. This has been organised by Sarah Goodwin, a Dietician from the ‘Eat Well, Do Well’ team, working for the Local Authority

Discover Science Workshop
Calling dads, granddads and male carers! Get experimenting and explore weird science together with your child in school.
At this friendly workshop you can:
· Create exploding volcanoes;
· Build bio-domes from plastic bottles;
· Investigate the strength of eggs;
· Share mind boggling and messy science together!
· Meet other parents and children and find out more about Family Learning opportunities.
Monday 31st January 2011
1.10 – 3.10 p.m. Please see Mrs Bayley for more details, ask at the school office, or download and complete the application form (available in word or pdf format)

Key Dates to remember:
Curriculum summaries/ target sheets for pupils will be sent out on 14th Parents afternoons/evenings will take place on 16/02/2011 for Foundation and year 1,2 & 3 children and the 17/02/2011 for 4,5 & 6 children.

This Year’s School Dates:
(All dates are inclusive)
Spring Term
Thursday 6th January 2011 to
Friday 15th April 2011
Spring Half Term Holiday
School Closes  Friday 18th February
Re-opens:      Monday 28th February
Summer Term
Wednesday 4th May 2011 to
Friday 22nd July 2011

Please note:
We have an additional training day this year on Friday 1st July, when the school will be closed for pupils.

Class Assemblies for this half term:
As you know, we have had class assemblies and very popular ‘exhibition’ events during the Autumn. We will be continuing this pattern during the spring with assemblies in the first half term and exhibitions in the second period.
Year 6— 13th January
Year 4/5 classes —20th January
Year 2/3 classes—27th January
Foundation Stage— 3rd February
Year 1—10th February

Welcome Back!
Everyone at Stepney Primary would like to wish you all a very happy new year for 2011.
It will certainly be a very special year for us! We are calling this year Stepney 125

This is because we are celebrating 125 years of education on these premises. Although the first pupils didn't start until May 1887, the dates on the side of the building clearly show that it has been here since 1886. In 1986, the headteacher, Mrs Denholm and her staff celebrated the school’s centenary so we have decided it is well worth while to continue the tradition.
There will be a special celebratory day on:
Friday 17th June.
Staff are already planning their lesson themes for the summer which will be based on different aspects of the school’s history. These will lead up to the celebrations. While we have not got exact details yet, we definitely know a party is on the cards! In 1886 the centenary cake was a ‘yard square in size’ so we may need to outdo this!!!!!

Are you a former pupil yourself or know anyone who was?
We have been starting to put old photos and copies of old year books on this website. If you click on the tab which says ‘Buildings History’ you will be able to find links to take you to the history of the school and photos. This is gradually being added to. We have already had some parents coming up to staff to tell them about their time at our school, including some who were here for the 100 years party! We would love to hear more!
If you have any old stories, photos, mementos from those days then please contact Mr Browning.

Year 4 Swimming Reminder
This term, the year 4 children will be having swimming lessons at Ennerdale Leisure Centre, each school morning from Friday 7th January through to Friday 28th January. Please will you ensure your child brings a swimming costume, a towel and goggles in a plastic bag each day. A coach will be provided to transport the children to and from the leisure centre each day. All children need to be at school for 8.50am and the coach leaves   promptly at 9.00am  The coach will not wait for any children who are late.

New Year Greetings!
All of the Stepney staff would like to wish our pupils, parents/carers, and governors a happy New Year. School starts back on Thursday 6th January 2011.


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