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January 2010

Today, parents/carers will receive a copy of our latest school's Ofsted report. We are delighted to say we have been graded as a 'good' school. Under the harder inspection criteria that Ofsted have been operating under since September 2009, this is indeed an extremely pleasing result. Many schools throughout the country have found that they have been moved from good and outstanding categories, in previous inspections, into satisfactory or inadaquate grades during the last few months. Reading the report (see Ofsted & Reports link), there are many things we are doing well, which is a reflection of all the hard work that is going on at Stepney. There are also area we need to improve, which we will be addressing. The inspectors' judgements are ones we can all feel justly proud of. Our motto states that we are a small school with great expectations and this inspection reinforces that this is still true.

In our morning assembly, Miss Atkinson's and Miss Baitson's year two/three classes told us about the skills for life that they have been following, plus facts about polar regions. Everyone was impressed by their descriptions and literacy skills. A massive thank you goes out to all those concerned.

The following message has come from the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, the Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, who today saw the first school Energy Display Meter in action as part of a £12 million energy efficiency initiative to help schools and pupils to become more aware of energy use.

From today, all primary and secondary schools in England can apply for a free energy display meter which will provide an accurate real-time reading of how much electricity a school building uses which can be displayed via the school's computer network.
In a visit to Pimlico Academy in Westminster, London, the Secretary of State spoke to pupils and teachers about how the new technology, which gives real-time information about electricity use in their school, will help them to understand more about how simple changes in behaviour can make a big difference to the amount of energy consumed in their school. Please click here for the press release.

We have registered for a meter and now we're just waiting more instructions about how to obtain one.

We have had details of the Hull Polish Community School, which is held at Bricknell Primary School, every Saturday between 9.30am and 12.30pm. It is open for children between ages 4 and 18. With a host of activities taking place, the head of the organisation, Monika Davison, is keen to welcome new members.
Contact 07526144246 or email: mondavison@googlemail.com

We were visited by staff from the Hull Dental Access Centre. In total, they saw seventy eight pupils (these had parental approval for this) and out of these, half had letters home to say they needed further treatment. As a schoo that promotes healthy lifestyles, we would recommend to all parents/carers that children see dentists at regular intervals.

Today, we officially start our Stepney Shop. This has been the first job of our new school councillors. Pupils in years one to six have been allocated times when they can visit the school shop. This is located at the old playground door, which has not been used since we had the lift fitted. The area behind the doors is now ready to sell a range of items from. The school council have decided to start with packets of dried fruit and some stationery items. Francis and Harry, the year six councillors, will work with Mrs Rodgers to select classmates to sell the produce at morning breaks. In the event that it is a wet playtime, they will set up shop in the hall or another area of the school.
The rota for the shop is:
Monday - Miss Northen's class;
Tuesday - Years Two and Three
Wednesday - Year One;
Thursday - Year Six;
Friday - Mrs Phelps-Jones' class.
Prices will vary but won't be extortionate. For instance, a pen may be 30p, while a bag of dried fruit may be 10p. If children want to purchase something they need to bring their money on their allocated day.

We were delighted to welcome Mustapha, from the Gambia into our school this afternoon.
Mustapha talks to year 5 pupils

This is part of some work linking schools between the two countries. Miss Northen's class enjoyed asking Mustapha questions about life in his home country.

Two of our year six pupils had a special treat when they visited the Lord Mayor's parlour for refreshments. This is now the third year that the members of the Wyke Area Pupil Council have been awarded this exciting privilege, in recognition of the hard work they do for the local area. Accompanied by Mrs Rodgers, the children also sat in the council chamber in the Guildhall, and then each of them was presented with the Hull City Council's 'three crowns' lapel badge.

We have presented all our Autumn term pupil councillors with certificates. We are grateful to them and Mrs Rodgers for all the hard they do for the school. All the children were chosen by their classmates. We have had some new elections within classes so that other children will now get the opportunity to meet and represent their friends.

Unfortunately, we have heard today that Mrs Audsley will not be continuing with us to support year 4. This is totally unexpected, but we are pleased to announce that Mrs K Hudson will be joining us for the next few weeks to teach the class on Wednesday and Thursday.

Another Inspection!
Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the inspection process go smoothly over the last two days. Notably, the pupils were well behaved and worked hard (as usual) throughout the period.
Today, we have had another inspection (we knew this one was coming several months ago!). This our three yearly basic skills review. You may have noticed that we have the Basic Skills Quality Mark on the side of our building. This latest review, which was successful, has gained us our fourth red tick, to put on these signs. Once more, the inspector looked through our data to see how well we teach basic skills at Stepney. Mrs Walker was suitably impressed by our thorough practices. Special thanks must go to Ms Johnson and Mrs Wilde for organising and collating the information.

Ofsted Day 2!
We had a good day, yesterday with the inspection. Lessons were observed throughout the school, with particular attention being paid to our child protection and safeguarding procedures. This morning, the inspection team will be continuing to find answers to their questions, so that by mid-afternoon, they'll be in a position to begin writing their final report. While, the headteacher, governors and school leadership team will be told the outcomes of the report it will not be available to everyone else for another ten days.

As part of the day's events, our Nursery and Reception children presented their class assembly. This was the tale of the little Gingerbread Man and was performed, brilliantly. Many thanks to all those concerned for our an inspiring assembly!

Ofsted Day 1!
Today, we start our Ofsted Inspection. Rajinder Harrison is the lead inspector and she is being accompanied by Roberta Mothersdale and David Pattinson. During the next two days, they will be observing lessons, interviewing staff and governors and studying our data in meticulous detail. The inspectors will also be talking to parents and pupils to find out their views on the school.

Welcome back! The boilers are back on, school is warm again and it's business as usual. We have heard that tomorrow and Thursday, we will be having another Ofsted Inspection. The last one we had was in February 2007 (click on 'Ofsted & Reports' tab for the last inspection report). Please make every effort to ensure your child is present at school tomorrow. We have very little notice that an inspection will take place, so it relies on all the good work we have been doing over the last months and years.

Your child will be bringing home an Ofsted questionnaire. Please complete this and return it to the school, tomorrow. This is taken very seriously by the inspectors and your views on the school form a significant part of the inspection process. If you would like to see one of the inspectors on a one-to-one basis, then speak to the office staff who will be able to make an appointment with them at approximately 2.45pm tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we have arrived at school today to find that the boilers are not working. We are closing for the rest of the day but will be back as normal tomorrow.

Despite the weather this week, our attendance figures have been very good. Every class managed to get over 90% with three over 95% and several others near to this. Our overall attendance for the year is 94.2%. Our target is still to get it over 95%.
In our awards assembly we were able to give out certificates to all those children who have been participating in our extra-curricular 'Martial Arts' club. This club has had a tremendous response so a big thanks goes out to Gary for running it and the pupils who took part.

We must again ask for parents/carers' cooperation in picking up children on time. On Friday, some children were not picked up until 40 minutes after the end of school. Unfortunately, it was the same set of children as usual. It is the school's policy to ensure that every child is picked up before the last member of staff leaves. On Friday, with the extreme weather, this had a significant effect on staff, whose travel time home was delayed even longer than necessary. Please help us by ensuring you are at school to meet the children at 3.15pm. If, for any reason, you are delayed then we must be informed by a phone call.

We have some new faces to the staff for this term. Ms Thomas and Mrs Stephenson are with us on teaching practice up to the half term holiday. Ms Thomas is on the PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) course at Hull University and will be doing her second teaching practice with us in Miss Northen's class. Mrs Stephenson is on the GTP (Graduate Teaching Programme) at Dorchester Primary School. As part of her year 'on the job' training she has to work at another school. Therefore Mrs Stephenson has swapped places with our Mr Burton until half term. We wish both ladies the best for the next few weeks.
Mrs Audsley will be teaming up with Mrs Phelps-Jones to teach the year 4 class and we would like to welcome her to our team.

Welcome back to everyone for the Spring Term. The playground is extremely icy so we are closing it today. Please will you ensure children are brought to the main entrance on Stepney Lane and then picked up from there at the end of the day. We will continue to do this while the snowy conditions continue.

May we remind all parents/carers that school starts on Tuesday 5th January. Monday 4th is a staff training day.

Happy New Year to everyone from all at Stepney Primary School.


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