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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
Here is the News...
February 2017

D-Day Tomorrow

Hull City Council Planning Committee will be meeting tomorrow afternoon to consider our planning application for the Stepney Station Statues. We are hopeful that this will go through without any complications.

Shrove Tuesday
The aroma of pancakes filled our Foundation Stage unit this morning as our pupils enjoyed the delights of this treat. To celebrate the traditional last day before Lent, our youngest pupils enjoyed trying different toppings.

Welcome Back

Welcome back for the start of the second spring half term, which is six weeks long. We will break up for the Easter Holidays on Friday 7th April.

Spring Exhibition Dates
Our Exhibition Dates this term are as follows:
EYFS - Thursday 16th March 2017
Phase 1/2 - Thursday 23rd March 2017
Phase 3/4 - Thursday 30th March 2017
Phase 5/6 - Thursday 6th April 2017

Parents' Consultation Days
These will take place during the week beginning 27th March 2017. More details will follow.

Easter Disco
This will be on Thursday 6th April between 3.15pm and 4.15pm.

Heritage Learning Events During the Half Term Holiday

There are a range of different events being organised in the city by the Heritage Learning team. Please click here or on the image below to visit their website page, which lists details of these activities...

Half Term Holiday
Today was the last day of the first spring half term. School reopens on Monday 27th February. The school is closed next week for the spring half term holiday.

Sea of Stepney
We all wore blue today, in order to make our own version of the 'Sea of Hull' by Spencer Tunick. Unlike the actual 'Hull City of Culture 2017' artworks, everyone wore clothes in our version! All the pupils had fun posing in different actions, under the guidance of Mr Cameron. It marked a fitting end to another of our Hull City of Culture 2017 events.

We have put a display up in school showing the results of our artwork for this:

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 90% (3 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 76.66% (7 pupils didn't) 
Year 4: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't)  
Year 6: 93.13% (6 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 87.11% 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 96.77%
Year 1: 97.33%
Year 2: 93.67%
Year 3: 90.00%
Year 4: 97.93%
Year 5: 93.45%
Year 6: 93.13%
Whole School Average: 94.45%

Star of the Week Assembly
This week's winners are:
Year 1 - Shuraim
Year 2 - Kaewan     
Year 3 - Sarkar
Year 4 - Alex           
Year 5 - Fatma
Year 6 - Maleeka

PBS visit Stepney

We have secured the services of PBS construction to undertake the ground work for our statues. The owners of the firm visited our year 3 and 4 classes today as part of our Sculpture Week. Peter Smurthwaite and his son, Glenn have a keen interest in local projects but Peter had more reason to see us today. He had been a pupil at our school in the late 1950s so was keen to share his memories of the school and Stepney station. For the last ten years PBS have occupied the former Stepney Goods Station on bank side. This large warehouse was used to store goods that were unloaded from the railway. This week has been even more successful due to the contacts we have made with people who have had a genuine interest and connection with the local area.

HCOC17 Visit
Cheryl Oakshott, from the Hull City of Culture Creative Communities team popped in this morning. We invited Cheryl in to see the work we have been undertaking this week. Her team are financing the sculpture project. She was impressed with the present work as well as the 'Made In Hull' display we made in the autumn.

Request for Spare Wool
If anyone has spare balls or oddments of wool, our Foundation Stage team would be glad to have them. Our youngest pupils are using wool to weave with at the moment. If you are able to help, please pass the wool to our Foundation Stage staff.

Train Driver Tom

Tom Birch, a train driver with Trans Pennine, spoke to our Foundation Stage pupils about his work. He showed the pupils the key he uses to start his train as well as his special torch. After days of hearing about trains from the past, it was interesting to find out about railways today operate.

Phase 1-2 Creativity Morning
We were amazed by number of parents and relatives who came to our craft session for our year 1 and 2 pupils. The hall was full of pupils and adults constructing Stepney Station models. Such was the popularity of the event that we had to bring in extra tables. It was an overwhelming success. Many thanks to everyone who came.

EYFS Railway Craft Assembly

This morning, our EYFS unit hosted a parents’ and pupils’ craft session, in which everyone was really busy making models of trains and painting pictures of them. What a great event!

Signalman Tales
This afternoon, Mick Nicholson visited our year 5 and 6 classes, talking about his 35 years work as a signalman on the railways of Hull. Mick shared photos of trains and places around Hull, explaining the different jobs that used to be done there. The pupils had many sensible questions to ask Mick. It was a really wonderful way to find out about this work from such an experienced and knowledgeable expert. Many thanks go to Mick for his talk and his photos.

Pearson Park Plans
This morning, Carl Lewis from Hull City Council, joined us for our assembly. He showed the pupils plans for the development of Pearson Park. They are attempting to secure heritage lottery funding to renovate some of the original features, including a bridge which used to cross the lake, the entrance gate way, the park lodge and the bandstand. The conservatory, which houses plants and animals and the bowling club pavilion are also having a revamp. The park is a popular local venue and one that we use for our studies from time to time.

Admissions Letter from Hull City Council
The Local Authority (LA) has a statutory duty to ensure each child living in the city has a school place.  The Authority's Net Capacity calculations show there are enough places within the school estate, however without knowing where parent(s)/guardian(s) wish to send their children future planning is difficult.
Parent(s)/guardian(s) are still able to download an application form to complete for a late application which will be considered.There is no guarantee that places can be offered to the preferences made due to a number of circumstances that have to be considered.
Please click here to access the letter from the LA to parents.


Following our successful 'Made In Hull' week before the October half term holiday, we are repeating that with our 'Roots & Routes' week. Our focus is to research the history of Stepney Station, the branch railway line it served and the people who worked and used it. Today, it was packed with activities and very special guests.

John Scotney's Morning Talks
Mr Scotney, who is part of the Hull Civic Society and works as a lecturer at Hull College, spoke to four different classes this morning. John presented an informative powerpoint presentation to years 1, 2, 3 and 4 all about his thirty five years work on the local railways and the history of Stepney Station. Everyone was spell-bound by his anecdotes and photos of life on the railways. This prompted some great work from the pupils which has helped to give them a personal insight into the railway.
Our profound thanks go to John for giving up his morning to spend with us.

Years 5 & 6 Visit Stepney Station
After a weekend of awful weather, it was great to welcome the sunshine as years 5 and 6 visited the Stepney Station site. They looked at the platform, where our sculptures will be located and thought about the different jobs that would have taken place. Armed with pencils, paper and clipboards, there were many good field-sketches taking place and building up their understanding of the station's history.

David R Neave & the History of William Botterill
Local Architecture expert, David Neave, visited years 5 and 6 this afternoon to give them a history of Stepney Station and the architects behind it. He told us the remarkable rise of William Botterill from his lowly beginnings in a Brompton by Sawdon village near to Scarborough in March 1820 to eventually have his own architectural practice in Hull. We learned that Botterill had been Clerk of Works in the building of Paragon Station and the Station Hotel. He had designed the Stepney Station building in the 'Classical' style with his rounded arches as well as designing other buildings in the 'Gothic' style. Later on the firm designed Stepney School in the 'Queen Anne' style. David gave his a history tour of the growth of Hull and its railway system. It was another brilliant talk and years 5 and 6 were able to add to their existing knowledge about Stepney Station. Our most sincere thanks go to David for such a wonderful afternoon of history.

Hull City of Culture 2017 Weekly Challenge
How much do you notice the views in the city you live, work or study in?
For week #7 of Challenge HullHull Children’s University, are challenging you to create:
From memory, or by going to see it, draw, paint or create a landscape of your city. It might be the view of a bridge, or a cultural landmark like The Deep, or just the view from your window wherever you are.
Try looking at the same view at three different times of day, how might you capture the differences? Or why not try taking photos around the city and spend some time drawing them throughout the week.
Did doing the challenge make you notice your city in a different way? Why did you choose the view that you did?
Share a photograph of your drawing, painting or creation within the next seven days.
Use #ChallengeHull and share your challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can then tag Hull 2017 (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) and Hull Children’s University (on Twitter) as we’d love to see your creations.
Check our social media channels or our website here next Monday for your next challenge. And don’t forget to share all the challenges (including your own) with others to encourage them to get stuck in too.
Good luck!

Mighty Maths Assembly
This week's winners were:
Year 1 - Karol
Year 2 - Daniel
Year 3 - Demi
Year 4 - Jackson
Year 5 - Maliik
Year 6 - Anton

Attendance Figures

Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 80.64% (6 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 76.66% (7 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 4: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 90.00% (3 pupils didn't)  
Year 6: 81.25% (04 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 83.12% 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 93.14%
Year 1: 92.33%
Year 2: 94.67%
Year 3: 95.33%
Year 4: 93.45%
Year 5: 96.55%
Year 6: 93.75%
Whole School Average: 94.44%

Stars of the Week
This week's winners are:
Year 1 - Aisha
Year 2 - Nikola     
Year 3 - Jacub
Year 4 - Tony       
Year 5 - Courtney
Year 6 - Kacper

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Smart

We are delighted to announce that our year 2 teacher, Mrs Smart, gave birth to a girl on Thursday 9th February. Isla Harriet Smart weighed in at 5lb 7oz. Both mother and baby are both doing well. Our best wishes go out to the family.

Phase 3-4 WWII Assembly
On Thursday, years 3 and 4 shared a wealth of information that they have been gathering about World War II. This follows on from a visit they made a few weeks ago to Hull Street Life museum. It was another great assembly with loads of facts being told to us. Well done!

Wearing Blue - An Homage to the 'Sea of Hull'

On Friday 17th, we are asking everyone to come wearing blue. You may recall that the artist Spencer Tunick has produced photos entitled ‘Sea of Hull’ in which people wore nothing but blue paint as part of the ‘Made In Hull’ season. We are having our blue day to link in with this but we definitely want everyone to come fully clothed! As well as blue clothing, pupils may have blue hair and blue face paint designs if they wish!

Hull City of Culture - Stepney Scultpture Week is Coming

Next week, all year groups are going to be busy researching different aspects of the history of Stepney Railway Station and the railway it served. We are looking forward to different visitors coming into school to tell our pupils about the history of this local feature. John Scotney and Mick Nicholson will be talking about working on the railways in the past;   David R Neave is the foremost authority on local architecture so will be able to tell us about the history of the station buildings. EYFS are having Tom Birch, a modern day train driver visiting them. It promises to be an exciting week. By Friday, we should have written work, pictures, designs and models about the railways which will lead into the design stage of our statues. You may have seen on the BBC Look North about the Trawlermen’s Memorial at St. Andrew’s Quay, which was designed by Peter Naylor. We have been inspired by his previous work to create something special ourselves! It may be a few months before our statues are ready but this stage is crucial for getting the designs underway.

Parents' HCOC17 Sessions
Two of our phases are hosting parents’ craft      sessions next week as part of our sculpture work. On Tuesday, our nursery and reception class parents are invited to join pupils in making models and on Wednesday, year 1 and 2 would also like their parents in for a model-making workshop.

Hull City of Culture 2017 Weekly Challenge

The first Challenge Hull of February encourages us to think about nature, and the beautiful world around us. Whether you are a nature lover or not, join in with week #6 challenge from Humber Mencap.
Give old nature new life. Find some objects in nature, like leaves or branches or stones and then make something beautiful out of them. Maybe a collage, a mobile, or a picture? Whatever works for you.
Can you experiment with the materials you use? Is it possible to make prints from natural resources, press flowers, or draw something you’ve seen?
Did you see nature in a different way? How would you describe the term ‘nature’ to an alien who has never encountered it before?
Share a photograph of something you have created or found within the next seven days.
Use #ChallengeHull and share your challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can then tag Hull 2017 (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) and Humber Mencap (on Twitter) as we’d love to see your creations.

Attendance Figures
Last year, we were not able to get out attendance over 95%. We started the term with less than 95% so we need to keep working hard to improve this.  
Please click here to see the line graph which shows the attendance patterns.

Those Pupils with 100% this week 
The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.  
Foundation Stage: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't have 100%) 
Year 1: 83.33% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 2: 80.00% (5 pupils didn't) 
Year 3: 76.66% (7 pupils didn't) 
Year 4: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't) 
Year 5: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't)  
Year 6: 90.32% (3 pupils didn't) 
Whole School Average: 86.20% 

Class Attendance !
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. 
Foundation Stage: 98.75%
Year 1: 95.33%
Year 2: 94.14%
Year 3: 95.00%
Year 4: 97.93%
Year 5: 94.33%
Year 6: 95.48%
Whole School Average: 94.50%

Star of the Week Assembly
This week's winners are:
Year 1 - Kai
Year 2 - Jayden        
Year 3 - Maja
Year 4 - Denisa        
Year 5 - Casey
Year 6 - Mia

NSPCC Number Day 2017
We have had a brilliant day, with pupils and staff dressing up as
numbers or their favourite coloured counters to raise £184.25 for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Number Day.

Phase 1-2 Assembly

Our Key Stage 1 classes have been enjoying their new thematic unit on Africa. Mr Cameron and Mrs Smart have created work which explores this magical continent through the focus of the Madagascar film. What a great assembly today!

Holidays & Fines
We have to remind everyone about the fines procedures for absences from school. If a pupil is taken out of  school during term time for a holiday, it is the school policy not to authorise this. If a parent/carer decides to do this, s/he or they are likely to incur fines, issued from the Local Authority. For 10 or more sessions (a session is defined as being either a morning or an afternoon), the fine is worked out as £60 per pupil and £60 per parent/carer of that pupil. For example: if there are two pupils and two parents then this would be £60 x 2 pupils + £60 x 2 parents = £60 x 4 = £240.
It is imperative that pupils do not miss time for holidays during the term time to ensure they continue to make progress.

Free Course - Food, Activity, Balance
Following on from the NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme) completed by the school nursing team, any child or young person who is above a healthy weight has been sent a letter explaining their results and offering them free support from a local weight management service, FAB (Food, Activity, Balance). FAB is a FREE 8 week programme, which helps children and young people eat healthier and be more active. FAB is delivered by a company called ABL Health is a GP led organisation and is commissioned by Hull City Council.





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