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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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February 2016

The details for these diary entries for February 2016 were lost due to errors with this page. We have pieced together key events in February from the newsletters. However, other information, such as the weekly Attendance figures have been lost. Our apologies for this.

Zoo Lab Visits Stepney
Today, a lady from the company Zoo lab brought her bag of small creatures for different year groups to see. These included a hermit crab, a large African land snail and a tarantula. Always one of our more popular visitors, our pupils loved seeing them and discussing them. As year 5 and 6 have recently been studying animal classification systems, they proved to be very knowledgeable on habitats and life processes. It was a great way to start the week!

Mighty Maths Winners
This Week's Winners are:
Year 1 - Harley
Year 2 - Dominik
Year 3 - Taylor
Year 4 - Mohamed
Year 5 - Patryca
Year 6 - Saimah

Our Stars of the Week Winners are:
EYFS Dymitr
Year 1 Krystian
Year 2 Kian
Year 3 Darrel
Year 4 Maliik
Year 5 Sarah
Year 6 Adam

Parents' Consultation Sessions
The following dates and venues have been organised for the spring 'parents consultation sessions'. Letters will be going out for parents and carers to put down their preferences for the times when they would like to meet with teachers. These are valuable occasions and we would urge all parents to return the slips provided. We have staggered the times to allow parents to meet different teachers across the week.

Monday 14th March 1.30pm-5.30pm
Year 3 - Mr Ingram (to be held in Mr Browning's office)
Year 4 - Miss Baitson (in Miss Aktinson's office)
Tuesday 15th March 1.30-5.30pm
Year 6 - Mrs Brocklebank & Mrs Wilde (in Mr Browning's office)
Wednesday 16th March 9am - 12noon
Nursery - Mrs Stimpson & Mrs Warcup (in Mr Browning's office)
Wednesday 16th March 1.30pm - 5.30pm
Year 5 - Miss Atkinson & Ms Saint (in Miss Aktinson's & Mr Browning's offices)
Wednesday 16th March 2pm - 4pm & Thursday 17th March 2pm-4pm
Reception - Miss Hatfield (Pastoral Room)
Thursday 17th March
Year 1—Mr Cameron (in Mr Browning’s Office)
Year 2—Mrs Smart (in the Pastoral Room)

Zoo Lab
As part of our preparation for science week, we have arranged for Zoo Lab to visit the following classes next week on Monday 29th February.
Years 1 and 2 - 'Seasonal Differences' workshops
Years 5 and 6 - 'Classification' workshops
These workshops are costly for the school; therefore we would a appreciate a £2 voluntary contribution for this. The funding that the school receives is limited when it comes to funding visits and visitors but they are certainly valuable experiences for the pupils. We are grateful for your support regarding this matter.

Basic Skills Quality Mark 6
We have had confirmation that we have now been awarded our sixth Basic Skills Quality Mark.

Star Reader Winners
This Week's Winners are:
Year 1 - Marta
Year 2 - Jaylen
Year 3 - Jack
Year 4 - Maryam
Year 5 - Madiha
Year 6 – Katie
Anton from year 5 led the presentation this morning about his favourite author, Andrew Cope. It was a brilliant assembly with an excellent interactive question and answer session. This week's year 5 star reader, Madiha has volunteered to do the next one in two weeks time.

Mighty Maths Winners
This Week's Winners are:
Year 1 - Jazmine
Year 2 - Agata
Year 3 - Lottie
Year 4 - Janet
Phase 5/6 - Kori and Sarah

Attendance Winners
In this morning’s assembly, we had the draw for our half termly attendance prize. There were 107 pupils with 100% attendance since we started back in January. The names of all these pupils were put into the draw and the winner was Yu Tong from year 1. She received a £25 ’Love to Shop’ voucher.

Half Term Holiday
The school is closed next week for the spring half term holiday. School re-opens on Monday 22nd February.

Clubs Confusion
May we apologise for any confusion with the extra-curricular clubs this week. After the half term holiday, the clubs will be on as usual during the first week back.

Our Stars of the Week Winners are:
EYFS Casey
Year 1 Lenya
Year 2 Shushila
Year 3 Labiba
Year 4 Michal
Year 5 Madiha
Year 6 Mohammed

Phase 5-6 Assembly
Our oldest pupils delivered the final assembly of the spring term this morning. In front of a packed hall, they shared their work on Charles Dicken's book 'Oliver Twist.' After giving us facts about Dickens, we then had short enactments of parts of the story, which had been devised by groups of pupils. We had a rendition0 of one of Lionel Bart's songs from his musical version of Oliver, with amazing solos from Edwin and Megan. Then, the pupils told us about their work on the heart in science and displayed the amazing homework they and their parents had produced.

Cam Toys
Parents and Carers joined our year 5 pupils this afternoon to help them construct the CamToy models that they have been designing in D&T. They were using wooden Cams and Axles to make moving models. The classroom was a veritable hive of industry! We are starting to put videos0 of the working models on Kidblog. Please visit this site to see the pupils' models and feel free to add your own comments.

Attendance Matters!
Please will you ensure that if your child has a medical appointment out of school that they come into school if it is later in the day and/or return to school after the appointment. They should not be having a whole day off for this. Similarly, if children or parents sleep in, please bring the children into school for the rest of the day.

EYFS's Own Emails
The Foundation Stage Staff have set up a new service with their own email address at EYFS@stepney.hull.sch.uk. We have had some lovely emails from parents, sharing the accomplishments that their children achieve at home. Please ask members of our Foundation Staff for further information about this.

Rainbow Writers Winners
This Week’s Winners are:
Year 2 - Kamil
Year 3 - Mohammed
Year 4 - Maryam
Year 5 - Sunny
Year 6 – Jakub

Might Maths Winners
In assembly this morning, Bartek, Dominik, Edwin, Josh, Lewis and Rifath explained to the school about the more able maths classes that they have been attending on Wednesday evenings at Kelvin Hall School. Mr Browning has been taking them to these extra sessions, which are delivered by the maths teachers at the high school. They have done 6 lessons on algebra and probability as well as number sequences. It has been a worthwhile course.
This Week's Winners are:
Year 1 Malaika
Year 2 Keyshia
Year 3 Blake
Year 4 Patryck
Phase 5/6 Dani and Sarah

Phase 1/2 Assembly
Today’s assembly was hosted by phase 1/2, telling us about traditional stories.

Our Stars of the Week Winners are:
EYFS Karol
Year 1 Kawther
Year 2 David
Year 3 Nahim
Year 4 Samantha
Year 5 Madiha
Year 6 Seraphimna

Phase 3/4 Assembly
Today, it was the turn of phase 3/4 with a detailed presentation about mountains.

School Audit
It has been an extremely busy first half of the week. Auditors from the Local Authority have been in from Monday to Wednesday undertaking a full and detailed financial audit of the school. The team wanted to look through all our documentation to ensure we are doing everything correctly; that all accounting is accurate; procedures are in place; policies are up to date and that the school is working within all legal and official boundaries. It is testament to Mrs Codd, our highly organised and efficient School Business Manager, and her equally able admin team, that the auditors praised the wealth of information that was prepared for them. A full report will be sent to the school in due course, but the initial feedback was that it went well.

Basic Skills Review
While the auditors were in our staff meeting room looking through one set of folders, we had a different team in another classroom. This team consisted of another head teacher and a deputy conducting a Basic Skills Review. This was for the renewal of our Basic Skills Quality mark. They spoke to members of the school leadership team as well as a school governor and pupils. Pupils' books were examined, data was looked at and they walked around classrooms. Once again, we won't have the officiaL outcome until we receive the report but they were impressed with the work ethic around the school and our focus on improving the basic skills of our pupils.

Mrs Metcalfe Visits Year 5/6
Mrs Metcalfe, our school nurse and Stepney Governor was in school this morning for her usual Wednesday surgery. She found time to pop upstairs to talk to our oldest pupils about the work they have been doing this half term on the heart and blood. Mr Browning had shown her the wonderful work that the pupils have been doing on Kidblog for this and she was keen to find out what they knew. Mrs Metcalfe was suitably impressed withthe answers she heard and complimented the pupils on how much they have done. She was equally generous in her praises for the exciting and imaginative learning opportunities that the staff have provided. This has included dissecting sheep hearts and making 'fake blood'. Please look on our kidblog site and add your own comments on the pupils' work.

Star Reader Winners
This Week’s Winners are:
Year 1 Kaewon
Year 2 Shuzila
Year 3 Nikola
Year 4 Franek
Year 5 Alanta
Year 6 Julia

Mighty Maths Winners
This Week’s Winners are:
Year 1 Nicola
Year 2 Sofija
Year 3 Maria
Year 4 Michal
Year 5 Bartek
Yaer 6 Adam






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