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December 2013

Seasons Greetings to All Our Pupils, Parents & Friends !
Whether you are celebrating Christmas or enjoying a well-earned winter break, may we extend our best wishes to all of you and wish you well for the New Year. School opens to pupils on Tuesday 7th January 2014.

Christmas at St Mary's !
Christmas just wouldn't be the same at Stepney if we didn't go to our local St. Mary's church in Southcoates for another memorable service. As usual, our classes, led by Mrs Phelps-Jones, sang the hits from their recent Christmas productions and some of our year 6 pupils read passages from the Bible. Of course, our choir, performed a selection of their favourite festive pieces under the able leadership of Mrs Rice. Our thanks go to the Church for allowing us to visit them and hold our service there.

Those Pupils with 100% Attendance this week
Reception: 70.96% (9 pupils didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1: 76.66% (7 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3a: 81.48% (5 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3b: 86.2% (4 pupils didn't)
Class 4/5a: 62.05% (9 pupils didn't)
Class 4/5b: 88% (3 pupils didn't)
Class 6a: 84.21% (3 pupils didn't)
Class 6b: 83.33% (3 pupils didn't)

Class Attendance for the week
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same.
Reception: 89.68%
Year 1: 91%
Class 2/3a: 94.64%
Class 2/3b: 95.71%
Class 4/5a: 85.91%
Class 4/5b: 93.91%
Class 6a: 96.84%                    
Class 6b: 95%
Our attendance during this last week before the Christmas holidays has been much poorer than other weeks. This was particularly affected by Thursday's (18 pupils off) and Friday's (25 pupils off) attendance. May we remind parents/carers that every day is an important one for pupils attending school.
Overall, the attendance for the term is 95.34%.

In our bid to improve attendance our attendance officer Mrs Purkins and attendance assistance, Mrs England are keeping everyone informed with the latest statistics, including the following line graph which shows how this year's figures compare with last year's. Please click here or on the image to show a larger version.

Phase 4/5 Christmas Production
Continuing our theme of different Christmas celebrations, our phase 4/5 pupils took us around the world stopping off in Australia for their beach Christmas day barbeques, in Poland, Canada and India, to name but a few. It thereby gave pupils the chance to tell us about traditions in their native countries as well as rounding off their term-long thematic unit on India. It once again linked in with the traditional Christmas story and it wonderful to hear a selection of well-known Christmas Carols and songs.

Years 4, 5 & 6 see Endeavour Staff Christmas Panto !
This afternoon, the Endeavour School staff entertained Stepney and other primary school pupils with their annual Christmas pantomime. Many thanks go to the school for inviting us to watch.

Attendance Hamper
Many thanks go to Tesco Express for providing the Attendance Hamper. A few weeks ago, we sent out letters to parents of pupils who had achieved 96% attendance or above for this term. There were quite a number who have achieved 100% for the autumn. All these names were put into a prize draw and Mr Foston was asked to draw one name for the hamper. This was for Sakila's mum so congratulations go to her.

Healthy Schools Award !
We have heard today that we have been awarded the latest Healthy Schools Award. Under the outstanding leadership and organisational skills of Ms Saint, we have been working on developing more healthy school meals and packed lunches as well as bringing other healthy elements into the curriculum. We will receive our certificate in the new year. Many thanks to Ms Saint and all concerned.

Little Red Riding Hood !
Our year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils all walked down to the Hull Truck Theatre to see Nick Lane's version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. This has now become a highlight of the Christmas period for our pupils and, once again they loved every minute of it. It was pointed out to Miss Atkinson, that she was wearing her Red Riding Hood coat without her realising that she had made this connection. Many thanks go to Miss Atkinson for organising it, including ice creams for everyone as an extra special treat.

The Choir On Tour !
Mrs Rice and Mrs Brodie took our school choir to a local residential home. With 24 pupils now in the choir and numbers looking to rise in the new year, the residents were treated to a wide selection of songs from our brilliant singers. There was not a dry eye in the house by the end of proceedings and everyone was thanked for providing such a wonderful for them. As usual, we have Mrs Rice to give special thanks to. What a star she is!

Phase 2/3 Extravaganza
What a superb Christmas production from phase 2/3 this morning! We were all treated to a wonderful performance which combined the traditional Christmas story with modern day festivities. We all enjoyed the acting and singing. Our thanks go to all the phase 2/3 staff for a truly memorable event.

Christmas Fayre
We raised a total of £567 from our Christmas Fayre last Thursday. A further £84.45 is going to the 'Save the Children' charity, which came from the Christmas Jumper Day on Friday.

Brilliant Nativity !
Year 1 and the Foundation Stage started the round of Christmas festivities with a brilliant nativity this morning. Playing to a packed hall, they sang and acted their hearts out. A great production resulting from the hard work put in by both staff and pupils. Many thanks to everyone concerned. 

In our bid to improve attendance our attendance officer Mrs Purkins and attendance assistance, Mrs England are keeping everyone informed with the latest statistics, including the following line graph which shows how this year's figures compare with last year's. Please click here or on the image to show a larger version.

Attendance on 13th December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day !
What a brilliant fundraising day we had with everyone wearing Christmas jumpers or their school sweatshirts with lots of decorations on. It certainly put a smile on people's faces. We've never had so many people walking around schools with reindeers on their tops!

Those Pupils with 100% Attendance this week
Reception: 83.87% (5 pupils didn't achieve 100%)
Year 1: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3a: 81.48% (5 pupils didn't)
Class 2/3b: 93.1% (2 pupils didn't)
Class 4/5a: 95.83% (1 didn't)
Class 4/5b: 84% (4 didn't)
Class 6a: 100%
Class 6b: 94.44% (1 didn't)

Class Attendance for the week
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same.
Reception: 95.81%
Year 1: 93.33%
Class 2/3a: 91.79%
Class 2/3b: 97.86%
Class 4/5a: 95%
Class 4/5b: 94.35%
Class 6a: 100%                    
Class 6b: 98.89%
Our attendance this week has been much better than our illness-affected last week. Overall, the attendance for the term is 95.53%.

Stars of the Week! 
Class 2/3a Zainb
Class 2/3b Mahdiyah
Class 4/5a Luke
Class 4/5b Honya
Class 6a George
Class 6b Patryck

Distinction Awards! 
Class 2/3b Glebs & Cara
Class 4/5b Sinead & Edwin
Class 6a Hilal

Christmas Fayre & Other
Christmas Events' Dates !
Today, we had our annual Christmas Fayre, which was successful and enjoyable for all concerned. As usual, we had Father Christmas join us to give out presents to pupils plus stalls galore in the hall. We are indepted to everyone who helped out and everyone who visited.

Mighty Maths Winners !
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Maria & Lena 
Class 2/3a Kori & Sarah
Class 2/3b Deborah & Richard
Class 4/5a Declan & Seraphimna
Class 4/5b Adam & Edwin 
Class 6a  Paige & Martina
Class 6b Mark & Patryck

Christmas Production Dates
Next week, we are having our Christmas productions. These all begin at 10.30am on the days listed below. We hope you'll be able to join us, including our service at St. Mary's Church on Friday, which starts at 10am.
- EYFS/Yr 1 Production - Mon 16th
- Phase 2/3 Production - Tues 17th
- Phase 4/5 Production - Thurs 19th
- Christmas Service at St. Mary's Sculcoates - Friday 20th

Hull Truck Theatre Next Week
Next week, we are also taking pupils from years 2,3,4,5 & 6 to the Hull Truck Theatre for their Christmas production of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We will be walking to and from the theatre, leaving School at 9.30am and returning at approximately 1.30pm.  Your child will need a packed lunch with them as we will be too late for a school meal on our return (no fizzy drinks, glass bottles or high energy drinks please.)  If your child is entitled to free school meals a packed lunch will be provided.ur child
Pupils will need a waterproof coat and sensible walking shoes in case of bad weather.  Please also ensure your child is wearing the correct school uniform as they will be representing Stepney Primary School.

Christmas Dinner
A great time was had by all with our Christmas dinner. With Mr Morfitt as DJ for the lunch everyone enjoyed this annual festive event. Our thanks go to Mrs Rowe and her kitchen staff at St. Charles Primary for catering for us yet again.

Mr Darwood's Challenge
Our new PE Mentor and Teacher, Mr Darwood took our assembly this morning. Mr Darwood is employed by Clifton, Pearson and Stepney Primary and works across all three schools to develop the teaching of PE. This morning he led the assembly and talked to the pupils about setting themselves challenges. It was interesting to hear the pupils' responses about the challenges they set themselves and heartening to hear again how they are keen to make progress both in their academic studies and in outside school pursuits. We had swimmers, footballers, boxers, guitar players, rugby players all talking about the targets they set themselves.

Another Highly Successful Elephant Decorating!
We had the second afternoon of our creative events in phase 4/5 with parents joining their children to produce some excellent decorated elephants.

The Parents’ and Carers’ VOICE
We asked our adult visitors to the phase 4/5 creativity afternoons what they thought about the activities. All comments have been recorded. XXX has been used to substitute people’s names. We appreciate the time that people have taken to complete these and we will follow up on suggestions, ideas and comments made. Thank you.

What did you enjoy about it?
"I really enjoyed it with XXX"
"I enjoyed spending time with XXX doing something creative that he was focussed on and good at"
"I enjoyed making the elephants"
"Helping child and making elephant"
"Enjoyed all the afternoon, very relaxed and lots of room to work. Brilliant craft theme. Had fun with XXX"
"I enjoyed help XXX and spent time doing funny stuff"
"Yes I'm very enjoy just little to small time. I hope for future or can make more job and meet often FANTASTIC TIME"
"Yes was fantastic and funny"
"I enjoyed being able to do an activity with my son"
"It was wonderful"
"I enjoy it all we have a lot longer now which is better"
"I enjoyed the creativity I saw the life of the kids the colourful elephant"
"I enjoyed working with XXX"
"Enjoyed making the elephants and spending time with XXX"
"Everything was enjoyable the children worked really well and seeing all the different elephant was awesome all credit to the teachers"
"As usual the activity was very enjoyable as it always is when I come to school"

How could we improve it?
"Maybe more time"
"Don't know. Nothing to improve"
"Keep doing sessions like this"
"You could not improve this afternoon as all was perfect"
"Could have made Christmas crafts for fair"

"Nothing, well thought out ande really enjoyed myself"
"More time"
"I think you guys are doing great job for now"
"Nothing to improve"
"Don't know. Nothing to improve"
"Bit longer"
"There could be more things like this"

A Message from Jakki Metcalfe, our School Nurse
It’s that time of year again when coughs colds and viral illnesses become more common. With a couple of basic infection control tricks you and your family can reduce the risk of infections or reduce the AMOUNT of infections dramatically

Don’t cough /sneeze into your hand UNLESS you have a tissue
Cough /sneeze into your elbow area (see below)

Good hand washing
Wet hands with warm water use soap to make a lather rinse and dry well

Key Message this winter
A virus does not usually require antibiotics. Treat the symptoms with over the counter medicines from the chemist.
Follow the two TRICKS!

Creative Afternoons Begin !
14 adults joined their children in the first of the phase 4/5 afternoons creative afternoons. There was a definite excited buzz in the classrooms as everyone became immersed in producing some stunning decorated artwork on Indian elephants in their jewelled costumes.

My Maths Password has Changed !
We have been asked to change our password to get onto the My Maths website. The user name is the same and the pupils' individual login codes and passwords remain unchanged. Teachers will be informing pupils of the new password but please feel free to check with staff if you are unsure.

Rainbow Writing Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Labiba & Matthew
Class 2/3a Alanta & Jagoda 
Class 2/3b Al-Horr & Carla
Class 4/5a Adam
Class 4/5b Viktoria & Lauren
Class 6a Hilal & Charlie
Class 6b David & Rhiannen

Creative Afternoons !
Responding to popular demand from our parents, phase 4/5 are delighted to put on some Indian Creative Afternoons, to link in with their thematic units. Parents and carers of pupils in these classes should already have received details. Please contact the school office if you have any queries about this.

Proud Parents' Festival !
Please click here or on the image below to see a larger image of this poster.

Click here to see a larger version of this poster

Secret Shop !
Many thanks to Mr Morfitt and his helpers for running our Christmas Secret Shop today. Once again, it proved ever popular with our pupils.

Those Pupils with 100% Attendance this week 
Reception: 87.09% (4 pupils didn't achieve 100%) 
Year 1: 90% (3 pupils didn't) 
Class 2/3a: 81.48% (5 pupils didn't) 
Class 2/3b: 86.2% (4 pupils didn't) 
Class 4/5a: 91.66% (2 didn't) 
Class 4/5b: 76% (6 didn't)
Class 6a: 77.77% (4 didn't)
Class 6b: 72.22% (5 didn't) 

Class Attendance for the week
The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. The arrows show whether this is higher or lower than last week or they stayed the same. 
Reception: 94.52%
Year 1: 96.67%
Class 2/3a: 92.14%
Class 2/3b: 96.79%
Class 4/5a: 95%
Class 4/5b: 90.43%
Class 6a: 88.89%
Class 6b: 90.56%

Our attendance this week has been affected by illness as 22 pupils and several staff succumbed to viral infections and sickness. We hope everyone is feeling better now. Overall, the attendance for the term is 95.47%.

Year 6 Exhibition !
We finished our autumn season of assemblies and exhibitions with a brilliant one from our oldest pupils. Everyone was treated to a catwalk with the pupils showing the beautiful Venetian masks they had been designing, making and decorating. Then, there were three main activities. In the hall, Mrs Brocklebank was helping pupils and parents to make paper Venetian Masks, Miss Pattrick was leading ipad work programming electronic games and Mrs Wilde was teaching a science session making lava lamps and showing the adults the 'My Maths' website.

E-safety Message !
As part of our exhibitions this autumn, we have also had the chance to tell parents and carers about e-safety. At the start of today's year 6 exhibition, Mr Browning spoke to the 29 adults who had joined us and gave a presentation about e-safety and the measures that we take at Stepney to protect our pupils.

The Parents’ and Carers’ VOICE
We asked our adult visitors to the phase 6 exhibition what they thought about this morning’s activities. All comments have been recorded. XXX has been used to substitute people’s names. We appreciate the time that people have taken to complete these and we will follow up on suggestions, ideas and comments made. Thank you.

What did you enjoy about it?
"I enjoyed helping XXX and seeing all her work"
"All the activities and interaction"
"Doing the activities"
"The science and the masks"
"It was all very interesting, although I seem to switch my brain off when a computer is turned on! The infinite variety of a child's performance was reflected in the catwalk"
"Spending some time with my son in the school environment"
"Everything had a good time"
"Really enjoyed it"
"Making the masks"
"Really enjoy it"
"Seeing how they can create games on the ipad"
"Enjoyed looking at the children's masks and have a go together. Well organised"
"Making masks and spending time with children"
"I enjoyed spending time with the children making things and getting to see there work"
"Both craft activities were brilliant, very impressed with lava lamp. Full of glitter with mask making. Catwalk was fun to watch. Teachers and staff work hard to make morning enjoyable"
"I almost enjoyed everything. Thank you."

How could we improve it?
"Everything was fine"
"Have some time to look at the books"
"Don't know"
"Nothing to improve"
"Best one I've been to, not as rushed as usual"
"It is so good"
"Time could be better spent i.e. no talking more doing"
"Love these exhibitions, would only want them to be longer"
"I think you don't need to improve just need more time"

What did you find useful about the e-safety information & training?
"All of it"
"Very informative and my mind at rest"
"E-safety information was very useful"
"The internet information safety"
"Very interesting"
"I find e-safety don't no"
"Seeing how the school is protecting the children and making them aware both at school and at home"
"Information regarding 'whistle blowing' on emails and internal access to internet"
"Understand more about it"
"What the school are doing"
"Parents and children need to know the dangers and school reinforces the dangers. Well done"
"About internet issue it was very good and useful information"

What further information would you like (if any) about e-safety at Stepney?
"Nothing. Everything was really helpful"
"Everything was covered to a good standard"
"None all covered"
"Don't no"
"You guys covered a lot of thing. Thank you very much"

Christmas Dinner !
Just a reminder that we are all having our school Christmas Dinner next Wednesday lunchtime.

Christmas Events' Dates !
May we remind you that the first of our Christmas events takes place this Friday with our Christmas Secret Shop. Pupils may buy 'surprise presents' for their friends and relatives. Organised and run by Mr Morfitt, our chair of Governors, the prices start at and are mainly £2. This is a non-profit making venture for the school. Each class will get a chance during the day to go to the school hall so that pupils may choose a gift if they wish. The shop will also be open at the end of the day when parents arrive to collect their children but we can't guarantee what will be left. We have a limited stock for the day.
December 2013
- Christmas Secret Shop - Fri 6th
- Christmas Fayre - Thurs 12th
- Christmas Service at St. Mary's Sculcoates - Friday 20th

Christmas Production Dates
- EYFS/Yr 1 Production - Mon 16th
- Phase 2/3 Production - Tues 17th
- Phase 4/5 Production - Thurs 19th

Mighty Maths Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Matthew & Labiba 
Class 2/3a Alanta & Owen  
Class 2/3b Maleeka & Junior
Class 4/5a Taran & Abigayle
Class 4/5b Connor & Jakub
Class 6a Cailey & Kallum
Class 6b Callum & Therese

Be Careful On The Bus !
We realise that some parents allow their children to travel by themselves on the bus. If you do, will you please ensure that pupils have the correct fares. We had to remind two of our pupils about this as a member of staff found them asking strangers for bus fares money. Both pupils have been told that they need to ask at the school office if they have lost their fares and definitely not ask strangers!

Rainbow Writing Winners ! 
Our weekly winners are:
Year 1 Lottie & Mohammed
Class 2/3a Helin & Jagoda 
Class 2/3b Ayaan & Ellis
Class 4/5a Lewis & Finlay
Class 4/5b Saimah & SInead
Class 6a Cailey & Robert
Class 6b Alishia & Ellie

Swimming Successes ! 
We are always extremely proud when our pupils are successful in events outside of school. As well as celebrating our Rainbow Writers this morning, Mr Browning also praised Caitlin and Jessica from year 6 for a highly successful weekend. Both girls were swimming for Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club at a gala in Chesterfield. Each of them notched up Personal Best times in their events. Caitlin had brought in some brilliant official photographs of her in action for us all to see.

Advent Wreath ! 
For many years now, Mrs Carmichael has been making a special Christmas Wreath for the school. This morning, Mr Browning lit the first of the advent candles. Many thanks to Mrs Carmichael for yet another truly wonderful creation.

Stepney Choir Sing At Hull City Hall!
Mrs Rice took 11 of her choir to join 450 other children on the stage of Hull City Hall this evening. They were taking part in the city-wide Festival Of Carols. Unfortunately, numbers per school were restricted by the event organisers so not all of our choir could attend. This follows on from our pupils' recent appearance on the Beatles stage in St. Stephen's shopping centre. Mrs Rice now has over 20 girls and boys singing with her choir and membership numbers are rising on a weekly basis. Their next gig will be at one of our neighbouring Residential Homes. We are all delighted with both the success and popularity of our Choir. It's all thanks to the talented Mrs Rice, who has been an inspiration since she joined us so we do all appreciate her enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise.

Tree Planting Again ! 
Last Friday, our year 6 pupils were busy planting trees with David Longthorne along Barmston Drain. Today, it was Mr Morfitt's turn! Actually, it wasn't a case of planting as putting up! Our Christmas Tree was erected in our school hall by our Chair of Governors and decorated. It signifies the start of our preparations for the festive season! Many thanks to Mr Morfitt. The tree looks great!

PGCE Students Start at Stepney ! 
We are delighted to welcome two PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) student teachers to Stepney. Mrs Openshaw is going to be working in our year 1 classroom and Miss King in year 4/5. Both are currently studying at Hull University. We hope their time with us will be both enjoyable and successful for them.

A New Addition to the Office Staff ! 
Many of us have noticed a new member of our office staff. A very large cuddly teddy bear can be seen sitting in various places around the school's admin office these days. In fact, he is being raffled as part of the Christmas fayre by our admin team. Mrs Purkins may be seen in the playground every morning before school, selling tickets. If you don't catch her there, then tickets may be purchased at the Reception Desk.

Dr Barnardo's Assembly! 
Our Monday Assemblies are turning into 'special guest' events over the last three weeks. Today, we were delighted to welcome Bev Moriarty from this famous charity to explain to our pupils what they do and why they were set up. If you would like more information on this charity, which sets up homes for vulnerable children, then please click here.

Christmas Jumper Day!
We are having a special fundraising day on Friday 13th December. For £1, pupils and staff can come in their Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. If  pupils don’t have a jumper, there will be resources to decorate their sweatshirts for the day (these won’t be permanent of course!)






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