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December 2011

Festive Wishes !

The term has now finished! On behalf of everyone at Stepney, we would like to wish pupils, parents & carers and all our friends a Very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful holiday.

Autumn Term Attendance figures !
Our final attendance figures for this term are:
Reception: 90.9%
Class 1: 95.6%
Class 2/3A: 94%
Class 2/3B: 95.9% (3rd Place)
Class 4/5A: 93.2%
Class 4/5B: 95.2%
Class 6A: 96.3% (1st Place)
Class 6B: 96.2% (2nd Place)
Miss Pattrick's Year 6A class are to be congratulated on winning this term as they narrowly beat their next door neighbours, 6B by 0.1%!
The overall attendance for this term is 94.8% There has been a fall in the total over the last few weeks which is mainly due to sickness, so we hope that everyone will make a big effort in the new year to raise this figure again.

The Elves & The Shoemaker !
This morning, pupils in years 2 to 6 had their Christmas treat at Hull Truck Theatre to watch a superb version of 'The Elves & The Shoemaker'. Director Nick Lane's productions are now a stalwart of the Hull Truck scene and have been going for many years now. Once again, the actors delivered a top notch performance and once again, our pupils behaved themselves impeccably during the walk there and back and throughout the show.

Christmas At St. Mary's !
Another memorable morning was spent at our local church, St. Mary's in Sculcoates. With a host of new carols for this year and songs from the children's Christmas productions we had a rousing service. Year 6 provided readers, narrating the Christmas story and a group of them played carols on flutes and clarinets. Mr Browning reminded everyone about the Good News theme, concentrating on the 125 celebrations that have taken place this year. It was poignant that one of the main purposes of the school in 1886 had been to provide education to children in a place other than the workhouse (this had been on the site now occupied by Endeavour School) and that many Christmas' have been celebrated in the school since then. We were delighted to have Father John Leeman with us, to give us his blessings as well as a sizeable congregation made up of parents and friends of the school.

The Scaffolding Reappears !
More scaffolding has been erected on the Beverley Road elevation of the school. We have been having some leaks in the first floor classrooms. We think this is coming from the gulley between the two dutch gables but we are having this investigated.

Congratulations !
We are delighted to report that Mrs Brocklebank gave birth to a baby girl at 6.18am this morning. Both mother and daughter are already back at home and doing well.

Cracking Christmas Concerts !
This week we have been entertained with some truly memorable Christmas productions, performed by the pupils and, as usual, supported, directed and encouraged by school staff. It has been one of those special weeks of the year, when we can all celebrate the many singing, speaking and acting talents of the pupils.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 88%
Class 1: 98%*
Class 2/3A: 88.3%
Class 2/3B: 95.7%
Class 4/5A: 94.5%
Class 4/5B: 95.5%
Class 6A: 95.5%
Class 6B: 95.8%
*This class received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.9%, with the class 6A in first place with 96.4% and class 6B in second place with 96.2%.

Year 2 and 3 Nativity
Our season of concerts was rounded off  by phase 2/3. With some catchy songs and acting we all enjoyed this Christmas treat. With another packed hall, parents and carers were not left disappointed.
It is clear that all the hard work, undertaken by pupils and staff has ensured that we have had a great end to our autumn term.

Around the World at Christmas !
Today, it was the turn of our year 4 and 5 pupils who took us for a spin around the world. In a singing spectacle, we learned how Christmas is celebrated in Britain, India, Australia and Poland amongst others. Well done to everyone who took part. 

A Special ‘Wiggly’ Nativity !
We were astounded by the number of parents and carers who came to watch the nativity from the Foundation Stage and Year 1 pupils this morning. So unexpected were the numbers that we had to take some classes out to make room (the pupils then came in later to watch it, so no one missed out!). It was a truly magical production!

Fayre Funds !
After collecting in all the proceeds from last week’s fayre we had made £750, which was a terrific response. This has gone straight into school funds, which will be used for subsidising activities such as school visits costs.

Christmas Productions !
Pupils in Nursery up to year 5 will be performing their Christmas Productions next week in the school hall. Year 6 will not be involved as they will be staging their end of year show in the summer. During the last few weeks, pupils and staff have been busy preparing for these so we hope everyone will enjoy this special time of the year. Please see below for specific details about the organisation for these events:
The productions start at 10.30am
Foundation Stage/Year 1 - Tues 13th
Phase 4/5 - Wednesday 14th
Phase 2/3 - Thursday 15th

Christmas Service at St. Mary's
Monday 19th December - 10am start

Tuesday 20th December - Pupils in years 2 - 6 will be going to Hull Truck Theatre to watch ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’

Creche Facilities & Buggies !
We understand that parents often have younger children with them for the productions. In order to make it easier for you, we will be running a crèche for the three productions next week. This will be available for children who are below school age and will take place in the Foundation Stage area. If you are bringing a buggy, these will not be allowed in the hall due to health and safety issues and space. We will provide an area in the staff PPA room (next to the staff room) for buggies. If you wish to take up this offer, then please come to the school office 15 minutes before the start of the production i.e. 10.15am

Mobile Phones !
May we remind you that all mobile phones should be put on silent or turned off during the productions.

Attendance figures!
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 92%
Class 1: 93.7%
Class 2/3A: 94.1%
Class 2/3B: 93.2%
Class 4/5A: 95.2%
Class 4/5B: 94.5%
Class 6A: 97.3%*
Class 6B: 97.9%*
*These classes received a virtual cheque for achieving over 97%. The overall attendance for this school year is now 95%, with the class 6A in first place with 96.5% and class 6B in second place with 96.3%.

A Fantastic Fayre !
Once again we have had an enjoyable and successful Christmas Fayre We had a special visitor in the guise of Father Christmas as well as stalls in the hall. Many thanks to everyone who attended and to Mr Morfitt and staff for organising, arranging and running the stalls. The winners of the hampers were Harry in year 6 and Jayden in Reception. Tabarek won the large pink flamingo while Jack in year 6 won the storytelling bear!

No Clubs Next Week !
There will be no more extra curricular clubs next week. We will resume with these after Christmas.

Christmas Fayre !
Just to remind you that the Christmas Fayre begins at 2.45pm tomorrow.

Late Arrivals !
Each week the list of late arrivals into school is getting longer. May we
remind you that school starts at 8.55am and children are required to be in classrooms at this time. If there is a medical appointment that children have had to attend first thing in the morning, then we need to have
confirmation of the appointment from the doctors/hospital etc. Your appointment card will suffice.

NPowered Year 6 !
This morning, our year 6 pupils had an NPower sponsored event, in which they were involved in activities about respect for others. Using role play and freeze-frame techniques they acted out situations showing how they treat others. As part of the activities, they had to complete a questionnaire, which will be entered into a competition. The winners will receive tickets to a Hull City match. A good incentive!

Packed Lunches on School Visits !
When we take pupils on school visits which involve a lunchtime away from school the following applies:
1) If you usually pay for a school cooked meal for your child, then you need to provide them with a packed lunch from home. You cannot buy a school packed lunch and they will not be provided with a free one from school;
2) If your child usually brings a packed lunch to school, then they need to bring a packed lunch from home;
3) If you child is entitled to a Free School Meal, they are entitled to have a packed lunch that is provided by school. Of course, your child may bring a packed lunch from home, if you/they prefer this.

The Countdown Begins !
Today, Mr Foston has been very busy, putting up the Christmas tree in the hall and setting up the staging. Classes have been taking turns to practise their Christmas Productions. May we remind you that the Christmas Fayre starts at 2.45pm on Thursday and we still need donations for our stalls. Many thanks to those of you who have already brought in items. It is very much appreciated.

Big Maths !
School is closed today for a staff training day devoted to a new maths strategy called Big Maths.

Phase 6 Exhibition !
We completed our autumn season of phase exhibitions with a great morning of work and activities from year 6. With over 40 parents and carers, everyone was able to enjoy sharing the 'Science' themed work, including some great singing, sensational dancing and David and Jonathan's clarinet duet. Once again, we asked our guests what they thought. (We've substituted children's names with ???).

What did you enjoy about it ?
"I enjoyed everything"
"Been hands on. Enjoyed the dancing and making the plants, also the zappy zoomer"
"We enjoyed the music and dancing. Also sat with the children making their planet and tea cakes. Thank you"
"I enjoyed making all the things and the dancing and the chocolate cake"
"We've enjoyed this morning's programme. It has been a wonderful exhibition and we're looking forward to attend another one"
"The special effects on digital images and the art work"
"I am happy with the work of all children. I really enjoy it"
"??? enjoyed making the Zappy Zoomer and dad did too. The kids had freedom to show us their skills and really enjoyed themselves"
"The Zappy Zoomer, ??? showning us his work"
"Enjoyed the interaction and the hands on work ie paper mache!"
"Everything. Also enjoyed making things with ??? and watching the dancing"
"I enjoy all of it today. Very happy about it"
"Gluing planets"
"I enjoyed all aspects of it and mainly enjoyed the dancing and drama"
"Everything about it was the best"
"I really enjoyed it, there is nothing bad about it"
"Singing performances very good and the joining in the activities most interesting"
"I enjoyed all the activities. It was nice to meet ???'s classmates and their parents. We had lots of fun with the Zappy Zoomer. It was good that it started earlier and the cup of tea was very nice"
"Making the planets and Zappy Zoomer"

How could we improve it ?
"It's good how it is"
"I don't think you could"
"It will be more likely if the pupils use a microphone"
"Can't, it was great fun"
"It was good"
"You can't improve perfection"
"There is nothing I could improve"
"No need. Everything good"
"Everything was enjoyable"

Christmas Secret Shop !
Many thanks to our Chair of Governors, Mr Morfitt for organising another successful secret shop. This is always one of the more popular events we have before Christmas and we had another good selection of gifts for parents and carers, that the children could choose from.




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