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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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December 2010

Holiday Wishes!
All of the Stepney staff would like to wish our pupils, parents/carers, and governors a great holiday. School starts back on Thursday 6th January 2011.

A Memorable Day!
The shortest day of the year started with the incredible sight of the lunar eclipse and then we were able to share some joyous news with all the pupils. Just before half past one this afternoon, Mrs Heidstra gave birth to a healthy little girl. Weighing in at 8lb 6oz, she and her mother are doing really well. Our very best wishes go out to the family.

St. Mary's Service
This morning, we had another memorable Christmas Service at St. Mary's Church, Sculcoates. Once again this was in the presence of our very good friend, Reverand John Leeman. After each phase group sang traditional and modern Christmas songs and carols and we had some wonderful readings and poetry, Reverand John gave his blessing to the school. Our profound thanks go out to him and also to the parents and carers who were able to join us. Well done to all concerned, especially Mrs Phelps-Jones for organising the programme.

Annual Church Service at St. Mary's
Tomorrow, we will be heading to St. Mary's for a 10o'clock start. We hope to see many parents and carers there. Please come along!

Year 2/3 visit Hull Truck!
Our two year 2/3 classes visited Hull Truck theatre today to see 'A Christmas Carol'. One of our pupils was a little wary about the 'ghosts' in the production. In order to help her, one of the Theatre staff took her and Miss Atkinson up to the gallery. Once there, he showed her stills of the production and explained how the illusions and special effects worked. Ten minutes later, the pupils felt reassured and then was able to completely enjoy the production. We were very impressed by the care and time given by the theatre member. What a star!

Christmas Fayre total!
We raised £460. Many thanks to everyone for their support!

A Great Fayre and good causes!
We had another great fayre, complete with Father Christmas, face painting, stalls and refreshments. Many thanks to Governors and Staff for running this successful event. In particular was the stall selling goods, manufactured by year 6. These were being sold to raise money for the project called "One Hull of a Rainforest", whereby schools in Hull are raising money to purchase an area of Rainforest in Ecuador to support the local indigenous people there. The pupils had made friendship bracelets, Christmas crackers, cards and recycled paper pads. What a good cause!

A great cause! Lots of homemade goods to sell!

Luke's Poster is finally here!
During the summer term, Luke Brodie designed a poster to warn about the dangers of smoking as well as highlighting the need to keep the school litter free. It was finally delivered today. Fortunately, Luke, who is now at Secondary School, was at the Christmas Fayre so saw the workman anchor it to the wall. Well done, Luke!

Luke adjusts his poster! This looks great! Mr Browning and Luke admire the new poster! Luke's Poster

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
How do we celebrate Christmas?

Our two year 2/3 classes produced a 2 for 1 Christmas show today. First, we were treated to a super nativity production, complete with modern and traditional carols. Then the children explored how we celebrate Christmas today. There was plenty of great singing, acting and clear speaking from all the children, Supported by hours of preparation from staff, it really was a very special and magical Christmas performance.

Christmas Fayre
A last minute reminder that our Christmas Fayre begins at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. Father Christmas should be here in his specially prepared grotto, as long as there are no hold-ups at the North Pole! There will be stalls in the hall, as well as refreshments.

Annual Church Service at St. Mary's
As per custom, we will be heading to St. Mary's on Monday morning for a 10o'clock start. If the forecast snow arrives and it becomes too dangerous to walk the children to the church, we will hold it in the school hall. Fingers are crossed that it will take place in St. Mary's. We would like to invite all parents/carers to join us.

The New School Year!
Our last day of this term is on Tuesday 21st December. Children should come to school as normal on that day. School will reopen for children on Thursday 6th.

Whoops-a-Daisy takes Stepney by Storm
We were thrilled and mesmerised by the stunning performance of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel, performed by our Foundation Stage and Year 1 pupils. Directed by Mr Cameron and his team, the pupils shone as they sang, danced and acted out this wonderful show. As an additional element this year, parents and carers were then invited to stay for refreshments and to help their children make calendars and Christmas Party place mats. It was brilliant to see another full house and then classrooms packed with adults.

Year 2 & 3 prepare for their production
Following on from the success of our morning show, the two year 2/3 classes went through their dress rehearsal in readiness for tomorrow's performance. This will again start at 10.15am

Christmas Dinner
It has been a truly festive day, with the Christmas dinner taking place. Everyone certainly seemed to have a wonderful time! Many thanks to Mrs Holmes and her lunchtime staff and also to Mrs Rowe and her kitchen staff for all their hard work! A great team effort!

A look at Stepney Lane in the 1960s
It is amazing to see how things have changed over the years! For instance, look at this photo of Stepney Lane in 1964. Instead of the car park and netball court on the right hand side, there are factory buildings!

Looking East along Stepney Lane in 1964. Note the buildings on the right, where are carpark and netball court are now!
Click here to see more of our archives

Stepney Lane today!

A Christmas Carol at Hull Truck
Years 4, 5 and 6 ventured out to the Hull Truck theatre to see a production of Dicken's 'Christmas Carol'. Mrs Phelps-Jones class thought the specia effects were awesome. It's the turn of years 2 and 3 on Friday.

ADVERT:Rugby Players Needed
Do you fancy playing rugby? You can join Hull Isbergs Under 10s. It is £3 to join and £1.50 weekly subs. Contact Kyran in class 4/5a if you are interested or:
Coaches Phone Numbers
Martin 07581248861
Jamie 07581271863
Secretary 07552388699
Training Boys 6.30-7.30 Tuesday
Sunday from January 10-11.30 at Bude Park
Year 5 pupils

EYFS/Year 1 Christmas ProductionTomorrow!
Just a reminder that the youngest children show their production at 10.15am in the morning!

Next Thursday (16th December) we are holding our Christmas Fayre. This will start at 3pm. As usual there will be stalls and Father Christmas’s magical grotto. We still need donations to help make the fayre a storming success. In particular, we need items for our tombola. These can include bottles of wine, chocolates, perfume and other toiletries  etc
If you have any unwanted games, toys, jigsaws or similar then these would be appreciated for our jumble sales.

The Great Class 5/6 Exhibition!
Class 5/6 treated us to a wonderful exhibition this morning! First, the pupils performed a 'cat walk' display of their Venetian Masks, then parents were able to join their children in classroom activities, before finishing with a great 'Science' song!

Marvellous Masks! The Cat Walk Begins! Pupils strut their stuff!
A birds eye view! Parents and pupils survey the term's work! Busy in the classroom!
Discussing Our Work! Maths activities in the classroom! Looking Great!

Once again, we asked parents what they thought:

Forty one adults attended.
Out of the responses, we received back:
2 preferred to have assemblies
20 preferred to have exhibitions
When asked if they felt the exhibition gave a clear picture of what their child has been doing in school everyone replied, ‘yes’.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the event?
“Would be better if there were less queues to wait for activities”
“You should have the tall pupils at the back. I found it hard to see the small pupils”
“No, it’s really good”
“Make it shorter, as some parents have work to get to, unfortunately”
“More time allocated to child’s study”
“I think you have done a great job”

Any Other Comments
“I loved the exhibition”
“It was excellent”
“Very good, the children were great”
“Consideration for working parents. Possible after school exhibitions”
“It is nice to get more interactive with your child”
“No maths games!”
“I enjoyed all of it”
“Well done, this event has been well organised”
“Very informative and well presented”
“Very lovely morning, enjoyed!”

Christmas 1963 at Stepney !
Here are some more of our archives, this booklet was produced to show the Christmas activities in 1963 at Beverley Road Infants School (Click on the image below)

Click here to see how they celebrated Christmas in 1963.

Class 5/6 Exhibition Tomorrow !
Don't forget that year 5/6 are showing their Exhibition tomorrow morning!

Class 2/3B receive a letter from Buckingham Palace !
As part of their work on London, Miss Baitson's class wrote letters to the Queen. We have just received a very special letter from the Palace. This comes from Her Majesty's Lady-in-Waiting. The children were also sent information sheets about the Queen.

Click here to read the letter and see the other information sheets that were sent from Buckingham Palace

Secret Shop
Many thanks to Mr Morfitt and his team for once again hosting our Christmas Secret Shop. Always a popular event for our pupils and a resounding success as they flocked with their money to buy gifts for family and friends.

Christmas 1964 at Stepney !

Looking back at some of our archives, these booklets were produced to show the Christmas activities at Beverley Road Infants in 1964 (this school eventually became part of Stepney Primary).
Click here to look at Beverley Road Infants School Christmas Nativity 1964. See how our school hall looked all those years ago! Click here to look at their Christmas Party Celebrations in 1964.

School Open Again!

New Year’s Resolution Coffee Morning!
Have a renewed desire to look for work?
Come along and have a coffee and a chat about what you want to achieve this year.
9am till 10am in the PPA, Stepney Primary School
Thursday January 13th 2011.

(This is a coffee morning dedicated to helping parent’s find employment, training and volunteering opportunities. It’s tone will be in the spirit of New Year’s Resolution. There will be a Job Centre Advisor there, dedicated to helping people in the local area. It will be an informal affair, just seeing who is interested and discussing peoples goals over a coffee and some biscuits. There will also be some information available – such as useful employment agencies and FREE training schemes in and around the area).

Class 5/6 Visit to Hospital Postponed !
Owing to the terrible conditions of the pavements, class 5/6's planned visit to the Hull Royal Infirmary on Thursday has been postponed until the New Year.

School Open Again!
It is just as well that we cleared the snow yesterday, as the plummeting temperatures have turned it all to ice! The school was once again in operation. Many thanks to everyone's patience today. We realise it wasn't pleasant waiting for children on the icy and snowy playground!

Class 5/6 Exhibition !
Last Thursday, class 5/6 were going to present their exhibition. They were all prepared to show you their fantastic work. This will now take place this Friday morning.

School Opening Tomorrow!
It was a case of all hands to the shovels this morning. Staff have cleared the car park and the principal paths into the school. We will be open tomorrow.

Clearing the car park! Staff, busy on shovelling duty! Lots of snow to clear! All hands to the shovels! The Snow Clearing Task Force Miss Atkinson tackles the fire escape! Clearing a way to the kitchens! The path to the front door! Path Clearing

School Closure Updates!
We're taking stock of the conditions over the weekend. At the moment all heads are reporting that access to their schools is severely hampered by the snow! While we have grit for paths etc, we cannot cater for the roads, car parks adjacent to the schools. We aim to reopen as soon as physically possible!

School Closed Today!
Regrettably, we are having to close the school again today. We have been constantly reassessing the situation but, regrettably, will not be able to reopen until Monday 6th December.

School Closed Today!
Regrettably, we are having to close the school today, due to the atrocious weather conditions . Please tune into Radio Humberside to hear the complete list of schools that are closing.

School Closed Today!
Owing to the adverse weather conditions, we are having to close the school today and tomorrow. Please tune into Radio Humberside to hear the complete list of schools that are closing.


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