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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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August 2011

Latest Updates on the Window Repairs and Foundation Stage Outdoor Area!

Completed office and staff toilet windows (28.8.11) Office Windows (28.8.11) The Music Room windows are finished (28.8.11) Year 6 windows (28.8.11) Foundation Stage Windows (28.8.11) Year 6 windows (28.8.11) A finished fence! (28.8.11) Posts concreted in! (28.8.11) Looking towards the new gates (28.8.11) New Security Gates (28.8.11)We now need to sort the surfacing out! (28.8.11) Looking at the new layout (28.8.11) Looking towards the east corner of the playground and the new equipment (28.8.11) The new glockenspiels start to take shape! (28.8.11) New Glockenspiels (28.8.11)We have had the adventure trail replaced with new equipment (28.8.11) A much improved adventure trail! (28.8.11) A new recycling station has arrived and awaits installation (28.8.11)

More Work on the Foundation Stage Outdoor Area!

Further work has been taking place in the back playground as new fencing has been erected in order to create a different design to the Foundation Stage outside area. We are also having new security gates erected. (Click here to see a page dedicated to these alterations)

We had the fencing moved to expand the area (19.8.11) The fencing looks really tidy (19.8.11) We fenced off the back of the EYFS area (19.8.11) We reduced the grass area, but we this will be developed (19.8.11) A brand new gate on the north side of the area (19.8.11) A new security gate is prepared for the side of the building (19.8.11) The post for the new security gate is erected (19.8.11) We decided to create a new entrance way to the back playground which wouldn't go through the Foundation Stage Pupil's area (19.8.11) The EYFS alterations from the corner of the playground (19.8.11)

We have also replaced the remaining adventure trail equipment as the wood has started to go rotten on the existing equipment.

New equipment awaiting installation (19.8.11) A trendy tiger glockenspiel! (19.8.11) Outdoor bells, just delivered! (19.8.11)Timber for the new adventure trail on pallets before assembly (19.8.11) The rotten slide has been removed and the surface is prepared for the new musical equipment (19.8.11) The adventure trail area is cleared and prepared for the new equipment (19.8.11)

Foundation Stage Makeover !

We have decided to revamp the outside area for the Foundation Stage to improve this area for our youngest pupils. To begin with, we have removed the outside play equipment, much of which has seen better days! Next week, a fencing company will be coming in to install new fences so the area will be organised in a different way, with parent access to the back playground being diverted so that it doesn't go through this area. (Click here to see a page dedicated to these alterations)
We have started clearing the equipment from the Foundation Stage Outdoor area (12.8.11) Removing Old Fittings (12.8.11) Preparing the EYFS area for new fencing (12.8.11)The old playhouse has been removed (12.8.11) The climbing frame has been dismantled (12.8.11)

Work Continuing Apace!

Work is continuing on all the windows on the Stepney Lane elevation. Contractors have been replacing rotten sections of wood, burning off old paintwork, repairing beading and painting.
(Click here to see further details on all our window repairs)

Scaffolding on 11th August 2011 Scaffolding City! (11.8.11) Repairs to the upstairs windows are long overdue! The exposed Stepney Lane elevation with scaffolding (11.8.11) Miss Northen's classroom (11.8.11) Scaffolding in the library (11.8.11) The Foundation Stage Unit windows are being repaired (11.8.11)

Windows' Replacement On Target!

After just one week, the contractors, 'Sangwin's' have started repairs on 14 out of the 40 windows on the Stepney Lane side of the school so, hopefully, they are on target to get all the work completed before we return in September!
(Click here to see further details on all our window repairs)
Year 6 window repairs Windows in the end classroom undergoing repairs July 2011 Once again, there is a substantial amount of rotten wood! Inside the main year 6 classroom, the windows are being overhauled completely! Hopefully, these small windows should open for the first time in decades!All the Victorian windows require scaffolding! The top parts of the windows are removed. Note the rotten window sills! Plenty of work to do!

A History of the last 25 Years!

Over the last twelve months, Mr Browning has been researching and writing a history of the school, covering the last twenty five years. Inspired by the centenary booklet that Mrs Denholm had written in 1986, Mr Browning has used school log books, head teacher reports and staff's personal accounts to put together a potted history. Please click here to see a pdf copy.

Click here to read a history of the last 25 years at Stepney Primary School


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