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The Stepney Star Daily Diary
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April 2013

Rainbow Writing Winners!
There were some excellent adventure stories from phase 2/3 and some interesting information texts from year 6 that were presented in our assembly this week
The winners are:
Year 1- Karolina & Juma
Class 2/3a-Sinead & Ellie
Class 2/3b-Edwin & Abigayle
Phase 4/5 - The winners from last week had missed the assembly last week so came up in assembly this week.
Class 6a-Paulina & Shannon
Class 6b-Lewis & John Robert

Trusts' Consultation Report to Governors
As we reported last week, the school received the report from the Trusts’ consultation. This has now been presented to the Full Governing Body tonight for them to decide on our next steps. Governors have agreed to the proposal for the school to become part of the West Hull Cooperative Learning Trust. The next step is for another statutory consultation period to go ahead. If there are no issues with this, then the school will become part  of the Trust from September 1st 2013.

STEM Torches!
Nicola Wallis spent the whole afternoon, working with Miss Northen’s year 4/5 pupils as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) curriculum. They explored using and making electrical circuits before moving on to construction LED torches. It was a resounding success with pupils enjoying every minute of the session.

ICT Course for Parents at Fenchurch Children's Centre !
We have been sent details of an 'Introduction to Computers course, which is being held at Fenchurch Children's Centre at only £1 a session. Please click here to see a larger image of the one shown below.

Click here to see the full image

Attendance Figures !
It has been a much better week for our attendance with figures for this week being:
Reception: 96%
Class 1: 93.10%
Class 2/3A: 98.66%*
Class 2/3B: 92.76%
Class 4/5A: 98.57%*
Class 4/5B: 93.45%
Class 6A: 97.50%*
Class 6B: 90.67%
*These three classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.13 %. Class 2/3A are currently in the lead this term with 96.73%.

Mr Rookyard's Sporting Star of the Week 

PE Kit Reminder
Over the last few weeks, we have had issues with the number of pupils forgetting to bring their PE kit or not bringing the correct one. Each week, on the back of the newsletter, we publish the dates when PE is required for each class. It is a requirement that all pupils undertake PE. Only a note from parents with a genuine reason will be accepted for pupils to be exempt.
Our school PE kit is a plain white T shirt and red shorts. No other kit should be brought to school. When we introduced the kit a couple of years ago, we ensured it was simple plus cheap and easy to purchase. Please note: we sell the PE kit plus a bag at our school office for £7 (this is a non-profit making venture!)

Year 6 Assembly
Our oldest pupils kicked off the summer term round of assemblies with a great one this morning. Linked to their thematic unit of Groovy Greeks, but with a heavy emphasis on all that they are learning in preparation for their upcoming SATs exams, we were all once again impressed by the standard of speaking! Well done to everyone concerned.

Cancer Research Fundraising Day
Just a reminder that we have a fundraising day for Cancer Research on Friday 3rd May. This is a charity that is close to the heart of staff. In the staffroom, we have many different charity raising activities for cancer research, and this includes members of the staff taking part in sponsored activities in the city. On Friday 3rd May, we are having a 'Crazy Hat' day. Pupils and staff are invited to come to school in the craziest hat they can manage. There will be a prize for the craziest hat in each class plus pupils will get the chance to vote for the craziest hat, worn by a member of staff. Everyone needs to pay 50p for the privilege of wearing their hat. If a 'crazy' hat cannot be managed, then any hat will do!
There will also be a 'Table Top' sale on the day and a 'Pamper Hamper' will be a prize on offer. Please make a note in your diary!

School Council Minutes & Stepney's Got Talent !
Mrs Rodgers is continuing to run the school pupil council. Two pupils from each class represent their peers and discuss and decide on a whole range of issues that affect them. Today, Mr Browning joined the group and fed back to them on queries they had.
We raised £25 from the Easter Disco for Francesca Dale who has gone to work in Africa. Francesca had approached the International Pupil Council and asked if schools could help her. Mr Browning and Mrs Hindson (the head teacher at Pearson) are sending money from both schools to Francesca.
Other things they discussed included: the playground rota, which has now been sorted and some year 6 children will make sure the equipment bags are out each day.
Mr. Foston is sorting out some repair work to the toilets and playground clock, which pupil councillors had noticed.
Mrs Rodgers announced the exciting news that it is nearly time for Stepney’s Got Talent competition (This will be the third year it has been run - it was initiated as part of our Stepney 125 celebrations in 2011)
Audition forms will be available from Mrs .Rodgers from Monday 3rd June. Auditions will take place on Friday 14th June, semi-finals on Friday 21st June and the final on Friday 28th June.
One query the pupils raised was why do we not use coaches for visits when they are in Hull town centre? There are a few reasons for this: We are fortunate to be within walking distance of the city centre, which holds a number of attractions and venues that are useful to us. These include Hull New Theatre and Hull Truck Theatre and we often visit these for productions, workshops and Christmas pantomimes. Also, the Museum's Quarter and the Hull History Centre are rich resources of artefacts and information. For many other schools in the city, it is time consuming to get into town to use these on a regular basis. There is also the cost. The most expensive part of any educational visit is the transport cost. Most museums etc are free or charge very little, but we often are faced with high coach fees. For example: visiting Eden Camp, near to Malton, is a brilliant trip for pupils studying WWII but it takes an hour or so to get there and is very expensive for a coach. We always try and minimize costs or eliminate them entirely. If it is feasible to walk (i.e. not too far and the weather is likely to be good plus it is practical to walk a whole class of pupils) then we will take advantage of this. We always consider hazards, the ages of the children and walking conditions and undertake detailed risk assessments. Finally, we consider that it is also good exercise for pupils to walk, rather than being transported around.
As always, we are impressed by the mature ideas, suggestions and questions that are raised by our pupil councillors. They do a brilliant job!
If you want to see more of the minutes from our pupil council then please click here or go through the kids zone tab at the top of this screen.

Date Error !
Please note that on last week's newsletter, there was a date error given. The Phase 2/3 assembly will take place on Thursday 16th May, not on the 2nd as originally advertised. This was a typing error! The newsletters on this website have been corrected.

Phase 4/5 Sample WWII at Streetlife !
Pupils in phase 4/5 visited the Hull Streetlife museum this morning as part of their thematic unit on World War II. They looked at the exhibits and took part in workshops about the war. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learn lots to help them with their thematic unit.

Rainbow Writing Winners!
There were some brilliant 'Witch's Brew' poems that were presented in our assembly this morning, plus year 6s letters to Zeus! (as part of their ancient Greek thematic unit)
This week's winners are:
Year 1- Muna &Karolina
Class 2/3a-Denver & Stelina
Class 2/3b-Junior & Maleeka
Class 4/5a-Therese & Charlotte
Class 4/5b-Emilia & Mohsin
Class 6a-Alice & Bethany
Class 6b-Emma & Shaunna

Trusts' Consultation Report to Governors

Following the month-long consultation period in February/March, the school received the report from today. This will be presented to the Full Governing Body next Monday for them to decide on our next steps. The proposal is for the school to become part of the West Hull Cooperative Learning Trust, alongside Chiltern, Pearson and St. Georges' primary schools. One aspect we can report to you at this point is that of all the responses to the questionnaires that were handed out at the four schools, those from Stepney amounted to 75% of them, all of them positive about our school. Once again, we would like to thank everyone who attended a consultation meeting and/or returned a questionnaire.

Security Work Delayed
The work to the new locks on our doors and gates has been delayed a week, due to problems with the contractors schedule, so will commence on Monday 29th April.

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 98.33%*
Class 1: 89.67%
Class 2/3A: 95.86%
Class 2/3B: 94.83%
Class 4/5A: 98.57%*
Class 4/5B: 91.72%
Class 6A: 93.75%
Class 6B: 92%
*These classes were awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.04 %. Class 4/5A are currently in the lead this term with 95%.

Mr Rookyard's Sporting Star of the Week 
Glebs & Aurimas were the latest recipients of our PE coach’s weekly award. This week, everyone's focus has been on long jump techniques and these two pupils have been rewarded for their efforts in this athletics event.

Spring Term Attendance Awards
The assembly this morning was devoted to celebrating and rewarding those pupils who were never late for school during the spring term and the children who had 100% attendance:

Never Lates
Reception 18 pupils
Year 1 25 pupils
Class 2/3A 13 pupils
Class 2/3B 20 pupils
Class 4/5A 15 pupils
Class 4/5B 9 pupils
Class 6A 12 pupils
Class 6B 10 pupils

100% for the term
Reception 3 pupils
Year 1 8 pupils
Class 2/3A 5 pupils
Class 2/3B 7 pupils
Class 4/5A 10 pupils
Class 4/5B 8 pupils
Class 6A 4 pupils
Class 6B 5 pupils

Why Good Attendance is Important
We are delighted with those pupils who have good attendance. Research supports this message:
"One day of missed school = as many as three days of catch up for a
child to learn all the missed information and skills;
Pupils with high levels of absence from score on average score 15 – 20% lower than pupils who attend school more regularly;
The earlier a pupil begins to have attendance problems, the greater
the impact on achievement.
Pupils with poor primary school attendance rates, missing 10 days or
more, gained roughly 14% fewer literacy skills than their peers with
average attendance rates.

Why is it so important to attend school every day?
Research has proven a high correlation between regular school
attendance and successful academic performance;
Absence from school is the greatest cause of poor academic
Learning is progressive. Students who miss school miss out on
carefully planned sequences of lessons. Each day’s lessons build on
the previous days.
Lessons, discussions, learning activities, and social interactions cannot
be made up!
Regular school attendance encourages the development of
Absenteeism hurts all students in the class! Students who are absent
require more of the teacher’s time and attention which takes away
from regular learning;

How can parents help?
Parents must model the value of education INCLUDING the importance
of regular education;
Arrange family trips, activities and vacations during school holidays so
that children miss as little school as possible;
Schedule doctor and dental appointments in hours either prior to
school or after school;
Establish good routines at home to ensure on-time arrival at school
every day;
Make sure your child understands that you do not approve of missing
Take an interest in your child’s school work and be ACTIVELY involved
in the school. Your child will value school more if you do;
Ensure healthy habits at home to decrease the likelihood of illness;
Make sure children are regularly eating nutritious meals and drinking plenty of fluids, and encourage good hand-washing"
(Douglas D. Ready, Columbia University,
Why Early Absences Hit Low-Income Kids Harder, November 2010)

BBC Newsround for 4/5B
Miss Northen's class have been busy producing some posters to send them to the CBBC 'Newsround' programme. This is the email that they have just received:
"Thank you for sending your elephant posters and leaflets to Newsround. We loved reading them all and they’re now on our wall, brightening up the Newsround office. We really appreciate the work you have put in during your own time and there are some talented artists in your year. We love to hear from the people we work so hard to make Newsround for – (that’s you!) – and it’s fantastic to hear that a story we reported has inspired you to learn more and create these beautiful posters. I have attached a photograph of your work on our wall with Newsround reporter Joe. We also showed the display in our Newsround bulletin on 5. April 2013 – we hope you saw it!
Thank you for writing to Newsround.
Chris Bailey-Foxx
Researcher for Newsround"
Well done to Miss Northen's pupils - it's great to know that Stepney pupils care about such important issues.
Click here to see larger image

Rainbow Writing Winners!
We had another brilliant set of writing today, including letters and 'Wanted' posters describing favourite fictional characters.
This week's winners are:
Year 1- Cara & Maliik
Class 2/3a-Mahdiyah & Bartek
Class 2/3b-Junior & MIchelle
Class 4/5a-Lauren & Jayden
Class 4/5b-Bradley & Shaheed
Class 6a-Niaomi & Przemek
Class 6b-George & Julia

Parking Warning!
Outside the school and in the short section of Stepney Lane between the pub and the school, there is a double parking bay, that is often used by parents dropping off children. Today, a parking warden issued a £60 fine to someone who had parked in the middle of this, rather at one end. We would urge anyone using this bay to take heed and make sure they are parking at one end or the other.

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 92.69%
Class 1: 92.17%
Class 2/3A: 94.55%
Class 2/3B: 94.14%
Class 4/5A: 91.43%
Class 4/5B: 92.07%
Class 6A: 95%
Class 6B: 90%
Class 6A are currently in the lead this term with 95%.

Change to Tuesday Basketball Club!
The Tuesday evening basketball club will not be taking place for a few weeks. Instead, Mr Rookyard and Miss Middleton are working with eighteen pupils towards a dance competition. 

Extra Security!
During the week beginning Monday 22nd April, there may be some disruptions to the Stepney Lane main entrance to the school. We are having new ’magna’ locks fitted to all our outside doors plus the Stepney Lane gate is having a new locking system, with intercom fitted. This will make the entrance to the school more secure as well as the front playground. We apologise in advance for any problems this may cause. It is estimated that the work should take 3-5 days to complete.

HoneySuckle Visit!
Both days have been a roaring success with many children seeing farm animals for the first time! As well as having the chance to feed goats and chickens, they were pulled in a cart by a shire horse and allowed a play on bales of straw. A wonderful experience!

SATs Preparation!
We are approaching a week of SATs exams for our year 6 pupils. All year, they have been gearing up for this event, which will start on Monday 13th and last the week. The pupils are tested on Reading, Writing and Maths. Last year, a level 6 paper was introduced for the more able pupils and we have four pupils who will be sitting this test in mathematics.

At the Farm !
Taking full advantage of the sunny weather, half of our Foundation stage pupils visited Honeysuckle Farm in Hornsea. Tomorrow, the rest of the pupils go!

Successful Writers!
Four of our year 6 pupils had pieces of writing entered into a competition being judged by the author, Wes Magee. Today, Casey, Phoenix & Lewis were presented with a certificate and dictionary plus Mawdud, whose entry was one of five from Hull which made it through to the regional final, had a £20 gift voucher. Two members of the Rotary Club handed over the awards.

Welcome Back!
We hope everyone has had a good Easter break. We have a long summer term ahead of us, which is packed with events and activities, including visits, sports days, productions, a summer fayre, and SATs exams.

New Look!
We are nearing the completion of the facelift for the school. The decorating has been completed, new carpets laid, new tables and chairs purchased for pupils and staff, both in their classrooms and in the ICT suite. Today, Claughtons delivered new cupboards and bookshelves. We’re just waiting for the new filing cabinets to arrive and we’re about finished.

Phone Numbers and Addresses!
We realise we are always mentioning this, but it is imperative that parents and carers notify us of changes to their phones numbers and addresses. Sometimes, we have to contact parents during the day. Unfortunately, this could be to report that a pupil has had an accident which requires a hospital visit. There have been occasions in the past when we have had to call an ambulance and take a pupil to HRI and we haven’t been able to contact anyone, so please help us to keep your details up-to-date.








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