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April 2012

Councillors visit Appleton
This afternoon, our Wyke Area Pupil Councillors, Harry, Lili and Brandon went with Mr Browning to Appleton Primary School to meet with pupil councillors from other schools in the area. Appleton have had a £10,000 grant to help them develop outdoor areas of their school. Some trees had been cut down and made into log benches, complete with animal carvings and they had a wildlife/outdoor classroom area in the middle of a copse of trees. All the children had the opportunity to suggest further improvements to help their friends at Appleton and then came away with wildflowers that they had planted. This council has now been going for years and proves to be a great way for children in engage with other schools.

Rainbow Writer’s Homework
As part of their new rainbow writing work at school, pupils will be bringing a prompt sheet back home with them each week. They need to think of
ideas and discuss them with adults at home so that when they return to school, they will be more prepared for their writing in school.

Assembly & Exhibition Dates!
Our phase assembly and exhibition dates for this term are as follows: Please note there has been a slight change from last week’s newsletter. The scheduled year 6 assembly has been cancelled and the phase 2/3 one altered. This is entirely down to the arrangements for year 6 SATs tests.
May 2012
- Phase 4/5 Assembly – Thurs 10th
- Phase 2/3 Assembly – Thurs 24th
- EYFS/Yr1 Assembly – Thurs 31st
June 2012
- EYFS/Yr1 Exhibition – Thurs 21st
- Phase 2/3 Exhibition—Thurs 28th
July 2012
- Phase 4/5 Exhibition – Thurs 5th
- Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly—Thurs 12th

Attendance/Punctuality Awards
This Thursday we presented certificates to those children who were never late to school and those with 100% attendance during the whole of the spring term. Across the school we had 52 children who had full attendance and the never lates read as follows:
Reception— 18 out of 30 (60%)
Year 1— 16 out of 27 (59%)
Class 2/3a- 19 out of 30 (63%)
Class 2/3b- 14 out of 30 (47%)
Class 4/5a– 17 out of 30 (57%)
Class 4/5b– 25 out of 30 (83%)
Class 6a – 13 out of 22 (59%)
Class 6b— 16 out of 18 (89%)

School Crossing Patrol
We have been asked to inform parents and pupils that the School Crossing Patrol who operates at Beverley Road/Sculcoates Lane junction, will not be on duty until further notice…

Crafty Mondays at Fenchurch !
Before Easter we had some extra craft sessions for our year 6 pupils. Fenchurch Street Children’s Centre are now hosting more of these sessions for this age group of children from 3.30pm to 5pm on a Monday evening. The activities proved highly popular when they were held at school. If you would like further details, please phone Raveen Ghuman on 01482 331238.

Please click here for pdf version

Radio Interview !
Back on 5th March 2009, Mr Browning and year 6 pupil, Oskar Lasocki, were invited to be guests at the official Guildhall banquet for the Queen’s visit to Hull. They were introduced to Her Majesty before the meal. As part of their coverage for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, BBC Radio Humberside have been interviewing people who have met the Queen. On Wednesday, Andy came to interview the two again.

First Rainbow Writer's Assembly
We had our first assembly celebrating our weekly writers on Tuesday morning. This follows the introduction of our new 'Rainbow Writing' scheme. Mrs Wilde welcomed our winners and made sure their writing has been displayed on the hall display board.
Year 1—Junior & Madiha
Class 2/3a-Rhiannen & Jayden
Class 2/3b-Patryc & Connor
Class 4/5a-Gosha & Shannon
Class 4/5b-Kamil & Fatoumata
Class 6a-Sam & Amelia
Class 6b– Bartek & Harry

New Teaching Appointment !
We are delighted to announce that we have appointed a new teacher to fill the post left by Mrs Hudson. Miss Katy Hatfield will be joining us in the Nursery class at the start of September.

Charlotte's Web!
E.B. White's famous book "Charlotte's Web" was brought to life today by M&M Theatrical Productions as the four actors entertained us with their brilliant acting skills. All our pupils were entranced by the exploits of Wilbur the pig and his amazing spider friend, Charlotte. We have even booked the company for the 21st May 2013, when they will be performing "Oliver Twist" for us and staying to do a stagecraft workshop with some of our children.

Dinner Money Is Now Collected On Mondays!
May we remind you that dinner  money will be collected on the first day of the school week. Children will need to bring their total dinner money for the forthcoming week. This can be in any combination. For Example: if you wanted your child to stay for dinners on Monday. Tuesday and Thursday they would just need to bring £3 on the Monday of that week. At the end of the week, letters will be sent out reminding parents if they still owe money. Dinner prices are £1 per day, unless children are eligible for free school meals.

Attendance Figures !
Our attendance figures for this week are:
Reception: 92%
Class 1: 97.7%*
Class 2/3A: 91.7%
Class 2/3B: 87.9%
Class 4/5A: 92.9%
Class 4/5B: 91.7%
Class 6A: 95.5%
Class 6B: 94.4%
*This class was awarded a virtual cheque for getting over 97% attendance for the week. The overall attendance for this school year is now 94.4%. Year 1 have started this term in front!

Stranger Danger !
Last night, three of our year 6 pupils had been to Pearson Park, after school. They were walking back along Beverley Road at around 4.30pm, when a green car with three men stopped near them. The men started looking at them and getting out of the car so the children headed up Cave Street towards their homes. The car had turned around and started to follow them but the children had reached home. Their parents contacted the police. We have spoken to all the children about the dangers of going with strangers and what to do if they were approached. Please will you reinforce this message with your children and make sure all necessary precautions are taken for their safety.

Rainbow Writing Arrives at Stepney !
We are just starting a new initiative at Stepney to help children to improve their writing. As well as ensuring that each week we have one morning devoted to ‘extended writing’, we are linking this into ‘Rainbow Writing’. In ‘Rainbow Writing’, we start with a basic sentence, such as ‘The boy ran to the shop’ which is not particularly interesting or detailed. We call this a ‘grey sentence’. The idea is to make this into a rainbow sentence. Pupils can add ‘Red’ words (which are  verbs i.e. doing words); then ‘Purple’ words (adjectives/adverbs i.e. descriptive words); then ‘Orange’ words (sentence openers);  ‘Blue’ words (Connectives); and finally, ‘Green’ words (interesting clauses). By the time they have done this, they have constructed a detailed sentence. Even in the initial days of doing this, we are finding that children are finding it easier to write better sentences. Also, we are raising the profile of writing in general. Each week, children will bring a letter home asking them to think of ideas for the ‘extended writing’ that they will be doing in class. During every Tuesday morning assembly, we will be celebrating examples of brilliant writing and displaying them around the school. To support your child in this, please take time to look at their letters and talk with them about the present week’s ‘extended writing’ assignment.

Library Furniture Arrives !
We had a delivery of new shelving for our school library today. We are enhancing the provision of reading materials throughout the school, and this furniture will help us to revamp our library.

Dinner Money Is Now Collected on Mondays !
Owing to changes to the school's banking arrangements, we have altered the way we collect school dinner money.  May we remind you that dinner money will be collected on the first day of the school week. Obviously, this will mainly be on a Monday, unless this is a holiday or training day. Children will need to bring their total dinner money for the forthcoming week. At the end of the week, letters will be sent out reminding parents if they still owe money. May we also remind you that dinner prices are £1 per day, unless children are eligible for free school meals. Therefore, a week's dinners for one child would be £5, which is excellent value for a whole meal, with dessert, salad and a drink.

Cheer Leaders' Club !
Our new Cheer Leaders’ Club started on Tuesday. Miss Middleton, the sports and dance coach we employ, took twenty girls onto the front playground to start learning some Cheer Leading routines. Everyone seemed delighted to be involved.

Year 6 SATs timetable !
Our year 6 pupils are now on the last stages of their preparation for their SATs. Here is the schedule for the week.
Monday 14th May - Reading Test
Tuesday 15th May - Long Writing Test
Wednesday 16th May - Maths Paper A & Mental Maths Test
Thursday 17th May - Maths Paper B
Friday 18th May - Short Writing Test & Spelling Test

Hull's Big Splash Weekend !
The following is an advert, sent by the local authority:
"On 28th and 29th April people up and down the country will be taking part in the nation’s biggest ever swimming event – the Big Splash Weekend.  Swimming is fun and we want children to think so too! That’s why here in Hull we’re celebrating by putting on a range of fun games and activities and dying our pools bright pink! Each session costs just £1 per person so we’d really appreciate it if you’d support this event by encouraging your children to get involved and make their own big splash! We’ll be circulating some posters and flyers to all schools shortly but in the meantime here are the details of our Big Splash sessions.
East Hull Pools
Large pool
Saturday 28 April, 9.30am -12.30pm
Sunday 29 April, 12noon - 3pm
Small pool
Saturday 28 April, 9am - 12noon

Woodford Leisure Centre
Sunday 29 April, 9am – 12noon (family swim)
Sunday 29 April, 12noon – 4pm (public swim)

Ennerdale Leisure Centre
Large pool
Saturday 28 April, 11am - 4pm (public swimming)
Sunday 29 April, 9am - 4pm (public swimming)
Small pool
Saturday 28 April, 12.30 - 3.30pm (fun session with floats)
Sunday 29 April, 9.30am - 3.30pm (family swim)

Albert Avenue Pools
Large pool
Saturday 28 April, 9.30am - 12.30pm
Sunday 29 April, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Small pool
Sunday 29 April, 9.30am – 12.30pm

Beverley Road Baths
Saturday 28 April, 12.30pm - 4pm
Sunday 29 April, 8.30am - 4pm

Decorating Starts !
As we have mentioned before, the school needs completely redecorating. Having had years of constant repairs to the roof (due to dry rot problems), then the alterations (including the lift), and then the ongoing window repairs, the painting of the school has had to take a back stage. We have started this Easter with redecorating the library, main stair well and cloakrooms/toilets on the mezzanine floor. 'D and D Painters & Decorators' have gained the contract for the whole of the building, and they will recommence in the summer holidays.

Looking a mess at the moment, while the library is decorated! (10.4.12) The landing shows the new 'blue and calico' colour scheme (10.4.12)Stairwell (10.4.12) The Main Stairs (10.4.12)

Easter Holiday Events !
We have received details of events that are taking place in the Wyke Area over the next couple of weeks. Please click on the links below:
Easter Timetable 1
Easter Events



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