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Wyke Area Pupil Council

This is the badge that was designed for the council by a pupil from Sidmouth Primary

Before the Local Authority changed the groupings within the city and before schools became part of Trusts and Academy chains, we were part of the Wyke area. This was the smallest area in the local authority but we had an energetic and enthusiastic pupil council. For many year the headteachers met as a group and, at one of their meetings, it was decided to set up a council, just for the pupils. Children came from Appleton Primary, Bricknell Primary, Kelvin Hall Secondary, Sidmouth Primary, Stepney Primary and Thoresby Primary. A pupil chaired the meeting, and they usually invited a guest speaker, such as a City Councillor, or a representative from a Council Department. Scroll down to read the minutes of their meetings. Click on the links below to see copies of the minutes.

Wyke Area Pupil Council 30th April 2012

Wyke Area Pupil Councli Discussions January 2011

Wyke Area Pupil Council 8th November 2010

Wyke Area Pupil Council 15th June 2010

Wyke Area Pupil Council discussions 18th January 2010

Wyke Area Pupil Council 9th June 2009

Wyke Area Pupil Council 24th March 2009
Additional Sheet 1 (24.3.09)
Additional Sheet 2 (24.3.09)

Wyke Area Pupil Council 8th November 2007

The Wyke Pupil Councillors have also been on special visits to the Lord Mayor's Parlour, where they have enjoyed the hospitality of the incumbent Lord Mayors and then had chance to look around the Council Chambers and Court Rooms:

With Lord Mayor Karen Woods With Lord Mayor David GemmellWyke Area Pupil Council Visit to KC Stadium 14th March 2011





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