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In 2011, Stepney Primary celebrated 125 years since it was built!
Commencing on Monday 13th June, we had a special week of events, including a 'Stepney's Got Talent' competition; art and craft afternoons; a summer fayre; a Stepney 125 disco and a party. Special guests included the Lord Mayor, Councillor Colin Inglis, and ex-pupils from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Immediately below, you will be able to see a pdf presentation of photos from the week. After this, there is a copy of the week's events, taken from the 'Daily Diary' pages. You may also read about the Stepney 125 play and the return of Mrs Lorna Denholm, who was head teacher at the time of the 1986 centenary celebrations.

First: A History of the last 25 Years!
Over the last twelve months, Mr Browning has been researching and writing a history of the school, covering the last twenty five years. Inspired by the centenary booklet that Mrs Denholm had written in 1986, Mr Browning has used school log books, head teacher reports and staff's personal accounts to put together a potted history. Please click here to see a pdf copy.

Click here to read a history of the last 25 years at Stepney Primary School

Now, our week of celebrations:.

Click here to see images from our special Stepney 125 week in June 2011

A Lovely Thank You Letter from Mrs Denholm!

There was no doubt that Mrs Denholm's visit to our school was one of the highlights of our Stepney 125 celebrations this term. Today, Mr Browning received a wonderful letter from her which we copied here to share with you:
Dated 14th July 2011 and received 19.7.11.

"I had a wonderful visit to Stepney and enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for making me truly welcome.

I had many little chuckles during the concert and the children played their part and sang splendidly. I was proud to be an ‘old student’ on the day. Although I wasn’t around in 1886, I was an evacuee and could empathise with the presentation of the war years. Perhaps when the subject appears on the curriculum I might have some input to offer.

I was genuinely amazed by the transformation of the buildings. It has created a real family feel now, since the extra rooms have provided closer contacts.

The children’s behaviour was exemplary and I noted some very nice work on display. You and the staff are to be congratulated on the ‘Buzz’ atmosphere which pervaded through the school.

It was a lovely gesture to present me with such an elegant bouquet. Thank you. As far as I was concerned, the lucky selection of raffle ticket for the caretaker was a bonus. I believe the good ones are vital in the smooth running of the school and impression of any building. Yours is obviously a good example and the children responded very well to him.

I am enclosing three personal items which might be of interest. (Names and places) were slightly altered for the Xmas Tree Story.Actually I phoned ‘Kay’ in Cardiff the same evening to describe the events and sights of Stepney 125. It’s amazing that even the area round about has been uplifted.

It is with great pleasure that I thank you all very much indeed for a memorable visit,

Yours sincerely,
Lorna Denholm"

Mrs Denholm Returns!
This morning, we had our second performance with a very special guest in attendance. Mrs Lorna Denholm honoured us with her presence. Mrs Denholm was the head teacher at Stepney between 1974 and 1988. As well as being responsible for the centenary celebrations in 1986, she had written the centenary history of the school. This has formed the basis for the play as well as other work that pupils have been doing this summer.

Mrs Lorna Denholm returns to Stepney!

After watching the play, Mrs Denholm met pupils whose parents had been at Stepney in the seventies or eighties. Mr Browning then showed Mrs Denholm and her husband around the school and they were amazed at the differences in the school building since she left. It was a fitting end to the Stepney 125 events. As Mr Browning pointed out “if felt as though we have come full circle: Mrs Denholm had started the celebrations in 1986 and she had come back to see us twenty five years on.” Before she left, pupils presented her with a bouquet of flowers, a Stepney 125 wristband and badge.

Dress Rehearsals and the Real Thing !

Nerves were at breaking point today as the last minute play rehearsals went ahead for the rest of the school.
Then, in front of a packed hall, the evening performance took place. With our good friends, Councillor David Gemmell and his wife, Moira, in attendance, we were razzled and dazzled by a truly stunning show. The audience was taken through the 125 year history of the school by all the children in years 4, 5 & 6. We heard about the building of the school in Victorian times; learned all about conditions during the first and second World Wars and then travelled through the rest of the twentieth century. Thomas took the starring part of our beloved sites and premises officer, Mr Foston and we heard about the successful campaign by parents, pupils and staff to keep the school open, when it faced closure. As well as superb acting, which had been coached by Mrs Brocklebank, Miss Northen and Miss Saint, we had brilliant singing. This, as usual, was orchestrated by our very own talented singing expert, Mrs Phelps-Jones.
We have had some wonderful end of the year productions, including 'The Blues Brothers' and 'Grease' but this was the best so far. It was all about our school and performed by some wonderfully gifted children. Special mention must be made about our singing soloists, Keegan and Phoenix, who hit the notes and in key!
The morning performance starts at 10am tomorrow!

Many thanks go to Mr Miah, who donated a mobile phone for our raffle. Mr Miah, who is one of our parents, is store manager of Phones 4U in Princes Quay. As usual, Mr Miah's generosity is much appreciated.

Stepney Certainly has got Talent
Chair of Governors, Mr Lee Morfitt and Governor Mrs Mac Jordan were the judges for the grand final of Stepney’s Got Talent! The hall was full of pupils, parents and staff and they were dazzled by the talents of the finalists. We were once again joined by Councillor Gemmell and his wife, who are now firm friends of the school. As usual they were delighted to be with us and we were equally delighted to have them here.
Thevmini, from phase 2/3, started proceedings with a song and dance number; Gabija (class 5/6) showed us what a great dancer she was; Zintash (class 4/5B) wowed us with a microphone-rap performance; Lilli, Cody, Casey and Pheonix (phase 4/5) may be the next major girl band following their rountine; Mimi (class 5/6) is one to watch for the future, following her song and dance routine. Jakub (phase 4/5) stunned us with his great singing voice and Keegan (class 5/6) complete with trilby hat crooned away to a Michal Buble classic. Taking the judges vote as the best act of the final was Jayden from phase 2/3.

Mr Browning and Mrs Rodgers presented special Stepney 125 medals to the semi-finalists and finalists before the trophy was accepted by Jayden. Conquering stage nerves, he then performed his song again. What a voice!

It has been a magical competition and special thanks were given to Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers for organising it and presiding over the heats and semi-finals; to Mrs Brocklebank for managing the sound system and to the two judges.

Winning 125 T-Shirt Designs
Former governor, Mrs Jean Morton and her husband chose the winning Stepney 125 T-Shirt designs. These will be made up into actual T-shirts and given to the winners, next week:
Maleeka (Reception) David (Year 1) Ellie (Class 2/3a) Jayden (Class 2/3b) Mikolay (Class 4/5a) Harry (Class 4/5b) Paulina (Class 5/6) Mrs Kobus (Parent)

A poem for Stepney 125 by Jessica Brodie
Jessica had written a special poem for the event. With microphone in hand, she read it out perfectly to the packed hall of pupils, staff and visitors this afternoon. Well done, Jessica, a masterpiece!

My School
At Stepney, we have lots of teachers and helpers,
I can’t name them all,
So I’ve chosen a few to tell you about,
Whilst I’ve got you all trapped in the hall.

Miss Atkinson, she is our deputy,
So kids, mind your manners, please,
Mr Cameron’s gone off for his dinner,
Cos, we all know how he loves his cheese.

At lunchtime, it’s all out for dinner,
Served by ladies, it’s so nice and hot,
Miss Holmes tells us all to eat up our veg,
Whether we like it or not!

Miss Richardson’s really athletic,
We think she’s just like Sporty Spice,
Miss Bielby is having a baby,
And we all think that she’s really nice.

Mr Morfitt is back in the office,
With Summer Fayre items to sell,
Mr Burton’s got dead trendy clothes on,
And he’s got pointy shoes on as well.

Mrs Bayley has got some green fingers,
I mean from the garden of course,
Mrs Smith and Mrs Precious may have to help out,
Cos, Miss Northen just fell off her horse!

I must close now with Miss Baitson,
Filling classrooms with artistic flair,
And last but not least,  Mr Browning,
Wow! Has he got some big, curly hair!

So let’s all have a big celebration,
For one hundred and twenty five years,
Of Stepney School being open,
Please join me in giving three cheers!

The Lord Mayor
His worship the Lord Mayor, Councillor Colin Inglis, addressed the crowded hall and gave a speech. He spoke to the children about the school and how he been involved when the school had needed a new roof, many years ago! Councillor Inglis also remarked how special it was for the school to be celebrating this wonderful event and he cut the main cake to a round of applause and cheers. He then led everyone in a hearty rendition of the Happy Birthday song.

Tucking In!
All the pupils then had drinks and refreshments before leaving to go outside for an extra playtime. Meanwhile, staff took the cakes to cut up! Some of our year 6 pupils took the ex-pupils on a guided tour of the school. Mr Browning, along with former Stepney head teachers, Mrs Megan Murray and Mr Amraz Ali, escorted the Lord Mayor around the school.

Parting Gifts
In addition to the commemorative wrist band that they had received on Monday, everyone received a special enamel lapel badge and feasted on a slice of delicious cake! A great end to a superb week of celebrations!
The Stepney 125 enamel lapel badge

Stepney’s Got Talent Semi-Final
In front of our Foundation Stage and year 1 pupils the following pupils performed their acts to Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers, who had the difficult job of selecting finalists…
Esther, Megan
Year 1
Honya, Shakira, Saimah
Year 2/3
Jessica, Jayden, Thevmini, Millie, Caitlin, Paige, Alicia
Year 4/5
Jack, Jakub K, David M, David, Alexandra, Jakub, Bartek, Julia, Victoria, Bethany, Noami, Lilli, Cody, Casey, Phoenix, Monta, Julia, Cody, Charlotte, Paulina, Ashleigh, Zintash
Class 5/6
Mimi, Emma, Megan, Milana, Sharmina, Gabija, Keegan

Stepney 125 Disco
A free disco was held from 3.30pm – 4.30pm to celebrate Stepney 125 week. The hall was packed with party goers; the refreshments stand was busy with pupils seeking drinks, sweets and ice pops and everyone had a great time!

Commemorative 125 Photograph
We now have the special Commemorative colour photograph for sale at £6 each. These are unframed but have been professionally produced. The size of the photo, including borders is 16’ by 12’. If you would like a copy please see Mr Browning or the school office.

Another Successful Summer Fayre !
The general feeling was that this year’s summer fayre was better than ever. Parents and pupils enjoyed the many stalls, which included a fantastic bun/cake stall, face painting, tombola, bottle staff, penalty shoot out and Mr Browning in the stocks! In total we raised £634! Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Stepney 125 Photo Shoot!
Pupils and staff went onto to the front playground this morning for a special photo shoot. One of our parents, Colin Fory, climbed on to the roof above our year 6 area to take a whole school photograph. With the sun glaring in our eyes, it wasn’t the easiest of shots and difficult for everyone to keep still, especially our nursery children. Nevertheless, some great shots were taken! Copies of the photos will soon be ready for purchase!

Hull Daily Mail Article
The Hull Daily Mail included an article about our Stepney 125 celebrations. Please click here to see a larger image .

Click here to see a larger image of the article

Stepney 125 Art & Talent sessions continue!
Art and craft sessions for pupils and parents continued again this afternoon. Phase 2/3 staff started piecing together their flag.
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers continued the heats for our talent competition. Today, it was the turn of our year 4, 5 & 6 pupils. Councillor David Gemmell and his wife, Moira made a surprise visit to see the heats. Councillor Gemmell has just completed his year as Lord Mayor of Hull. Last summer, the couple came to see our ‘Blues Brothers’ show and Councillor Gemmell had mentioned Stepney in his closing speech the other week in the Guildhall.

Yorkshire Post Article
The Yorkshire Post had an article today about our Stepney 125 celebrations. It was great apart from saying we opened in 1866 rather than 1886. Nevermind! Please click here to see a larger image.
Yorkshire Post Article 14.6.11

Hovis Celebrates with Stepney
Our Stepney 125 celebration week commenced with the arrival of the Hovis vintage van and delivery bicycle this morning. Eighteen pupils had dressed up as Victorian children and they received prizes from the Hovis people. Two photographers turned up: one from the Yorkshire Post and the Hull Daily Mail. The articles will be in the papers in the next few days!
The rest of the classes came out to see the van and have their photos taken with it.

In addition to the van, a modern Hovis delivery van turned up to deliver mountains of Hovis loaves, pancakes, crumpets and muffins. Every child took home a loaf and the other goodies were being consumed by pupils and parents during the afternoon craft sessions.

Stepney 125 T-shirts & Another Flag
This afternoon, classes had art and craft sessions for pupils and parents. Phase 2/3 started work on another of their famous flags. Mrs Bayley had sewn together a large banner and everyone else started work on decorative 125 felt numbers.
Meanwhile, each pupil produced a T-shirt design. A winner from each class will be chosen at the end of the week and these will be made into T-shirts for them.

Stepney’s Got Talent Heats
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Rodgers started the heats for our talent competition this week. This event was requested by the school’s pupil council. The stage was set up by Mr Foston and the lights rigged up by Mr Browning. Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Phase 2/3 heats took place today.

Special Gifts
To commemorate Stepney 125, all pupils and staff are being given special gifts this week. Today, everyone received a celebratory wrist band.

The front of the wrist band reads "Stepney School 125" The back of the wrist band says "1886-2011"



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