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On 4th February 2011, we had one of our very special days.
Each teacher had prepared activites about a famous landmark in this country. Pupils spent time in each classroom so they had the opportunity to find out more about these fascinating features on our landscape. Pupils researched, explored science and technology and created art work. Scroll down this page and click on the images to see larger versions.

Competition Winners
We held a competition asking pupils to draw a picture and research key information about a landmark. There were dozens of brilliant entries but these are the winning ones:

Ellis (Reception) Josh (Year 1) Alishia (Year 2/3) Amelia (Year 4/5) Tegan (Year 6)

Our Landmarks
1. Blackpool Tower

Our Foundation Stage pupils worked in their area to produce models of Blackpool Tower using a range of construction kits and scrap materials.

Putting the top of the tower on! Blackpool Tower made of bits n bobs! Another version of the famous tower!

2. The Angel of the North

Mr Cameron's giant model of The Angel of the North has been made from cardboard. During their sessions, pupils made smaller models of the Angel and created Andy Warhol-type images to add to the larger model.

Angel's head! Angel's Body! Taking over the classroom! It's going to be big! The Angel's torso and legs start to take shape! In the paint shop! It's starting to look really good! It's even getting a Stepney School Sweatshirt! Andy Warhol-type faces are prepared! Lots of Activity! The Stepney Sweatshirt takes shape! The Wings are Waiting. Note the Andy Warhole-type images!Mr Foston puts the wings on the Angel! The Angel Spreads her wings! The Angel is certainly tall!

3. The London Eye

Mr Burton's class used Mary Tempest's picture of the London Eye as the basis for their own versions of the famous new landmark.

Mary Tempest's brilliant picture of the London Eye was used as the inspiration for the work on this landmark! Creating their own pictures in the style of Mary Tempest Guidance! A different perspective on a famous new landmark!

4. Buckingham Palace

Miss Baitson's activities focused on researching facts about the Palace.

Researching facts about Buckingham Palace! Good research! Sharing our facts!

5. The Humber Bridge

Mrs Phelps-Jones activities had pupils exploring the science and technology of the Bridge. They made 'human' suspension bridges to understand how they work.

Pupils acted out being the bridge! Understanding how suspension bridges work! All age groups got to grips with the workings of the Humber Bridge!

6. Big Ben

Miss Northen had pupils making models of Big Ben and practising telling the time!

Designs for Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament A miniature Big Ben! A Whole Street of Big Bens
Loads of Clocks! A Big Ben Facts Clock!

7. Stonehenge

Mrs Wilde and Mrs Brocklebank allowed pupils to make models of Stonehenge from a variety of different materials, as well as learning important facts about the landmark.

A Modern Stonehenge! Team working to produce a stonehenge model! Progressing well!The finished stonehenge! Constructing stone henge from Lego Legohenge!




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