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Foundation Stage Outdoor Area &
Back Playground Alterations 2011

Phase 1 (Summer Holiday 2011)
In 2011, we decided to the revamp the outdoor area that the Foundation Stage pupils use
. Some of the furniture was starting to show wear and tear, with rotten wood evident, so we took the opportunity to redesign the complete area. We started by clearing the old plants and furniture first. Then we had a fencing company change the position of the green metal fence and add some new sections. This was to create a separate 'corridor' to enter and exit the main playground by.
We have started clearing the equipment from the Foundation Stage Outdoor area (12.8.11)
Removing Old Fittings (12.8.11) Preparing the EYFS area for new fencing (12.8.11)The old playhouse has been removed (12.8.11) The climbing frame has been dismantled (12.8.11) We had the fencing moved to expand the area (19.8.11)The fencing looks really tidy (19.8.11) We fenced off the back of the EYFS area (19.8.11) We reduced the grass area, but we this will be developed (19.8.11)A brand new gate on the north side of the area (19.8.11) A new security gate is prepared for the side of the building (19.8.11) The post for the new security gate is erected (19.8.11)We decided to create a new entrance way to the back playground which wouldn't go through the Foundation Stage Pupil's area (19.8.11) The EYFS alterations from the corner of the playground (19.8.11) A finished fence! (28.8.11)Posts concreted in! (28.8.11) Looking towards the new gates (28.8.11) New Security Gates (28.8.11)We now need to sort the surfacing out! (28.8.11) Looking at the new layout (28.8.11)

Phase 2 (October Half Term Holiday 2011)
By the time we reached the half term holiday in October, we had a contractor scheduled in to resurface our Foundation Stage playground.

A mini-digger appeared on site! (24.10.11) Removing the existing surface! (24.10.11) Finally having the access area to the playground resurfaced! (24.10.11) A contractor is busy in action! (24.10.11) Breaking up the surface!(26.10.11) The rubber surfacing has gone! (26.10.11)The old storage shed has been removed (26.10.11) A cool roller! (26.10.11) The base is laid for the access area (26.10.11) The mini-digger at rest! (26.10.11) A mini-dumper truck as well! (26.10.11) A new surface! (28.10.11) Apart from the water from last night's rain, it's looking great! (28.10.11) Very Smooth! (28.10.11) This will be much better! (28.10.11)The last section to finish! (28.10.11) All finished! (28.10.11) The sheds are delivered! (2.11.11) Ready for assembling! (2.11.11) In just 20 minutes, the sheds have been assembled! (2.11.11) The sheds are in place! (2.11.11)All of the sheds are now in place! (3.11.11) We now have our new Foundation Stage playhouse! (3.11.11)

Phase 3 (November 2011)
We continued to improve the look of the area when the Prince's Trust provided students from Hull College to paint a wall mural and floor decorations.

The farmyard mural takes shape! (23.11.11) It's starting to look good! (23.11.11) The roadway has been chalked out (23.11.11) A snake is being painted! (23.11.11) A rocket is starting to take shape! (23.11.11) The existing mural is having a name change! (23.11.11)Road Marking! (24.11.11) The Stepney Rocket! (24.11.11) Nearly finished! (24.11.11) Lots of paint! (24.11.11)

Phase 4 (February & March 2012)
All that was needed to complete the project was the planting of shrubs and trees and some astro turf!

Green Fingers !
On Wednesday 29th February, David Longthorne arrived bright and early to help us plant the shrubs and trees that he had brought from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Caitlyn, Martina, Dawid, Michael, Shannon, Mohsin, Charlie and Milenna from phase 4/5 were there to dig and suggest where they could be planted. Amongst the items were a birch tree, willows, ivy and box. They also planted bluebells and snowdrops. Once these get established, we should have a colourful and varied border to our outdoor area. We were all grateful to David Longthorne for his invaluable support and encouragement.

David Longthorne explains why we are planting up the area (29.2.12) David asked us how the plants would benefit humans and animals (29.2.12) Everyone was eager to help position the plants (29.2.12)The children couldn't wait to get digging! (29.2.12) The Birch tree went in first! (29.2.12) David showed us how to tie it up properly (29.2.12) Everyone was involved! (29.2.12) Snow drops and blue bells were planted to give a variety of colour (29.2.12) Everyone took it in turns to dig the holes, plant up and then secure the shrubs (29.2.12)

Astro Turf!
On Monday 5th March, our Foundation Stage area saw the removal of the old turf and the arrival of some high quality astro turf! In less than a day it was transformed. Instead of becoming a muddy mess, we should have many years of authentic looking grass for our youngest pupils to enjoy!

The grass is cleared and sand laid down 5.3.12 The area has been prepared for the arrival of the astro turf! 5.3.12An arial shot! 5.3.12 Rakes and machines are used to compress the sand 5.3.12The astro turf comes on a roll, just like a new carpet! 5.3.12 ... and it's fitted like a carpet! 5.3.12The workmen have to cut around our outdoor furniture 5.3.12 All finished! 5.3.12

Playground Equipment (Summer Holiday 2011)
During the summer holidays, we also replaced the remaining adventure trail equipment as the wood had started to go rotten on the existing equipment.

New equipment awaiting installation (19.8.11) A trendy tiger glockenspiel! (19.8.11) Outdoor bells, just delivered! (19.8.11)Timber for the new adventure trail on pallets before assembly (19.8.11) The rotten slide has been removed and the surface is prepared for the new musical equipment (19.8.11) The adventure trail area is cleared and prepared for the new equipment (19.8.11)Looking towards the east corner of the playground and the new equipment (28.8.11) The new glockenspiels start to take shape! (28.8.11) New Glockenspiels (28.8.11)We have had the adventure trail replaced with new equipment (28.8.11) A much improved adventure trail! (28.8.11) A new recycling station has arrived and awaits installation (28.8.11)The surfacing around the glockenspiels has been completed (2.9.11) The safety surfacing has now been laid around the adventure trail (2.9.11) The new adventure trail is ready for action! (2.9.11)Our brand new recycling bin! (6.9.11) The Drums are fitted (13.9.11) Our new musical equipment is complete! (13.9.11)




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